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Printemps School


Fam (School) (ファム(学園))

See Grimms Notes Attackers


    Ludwig Grimm 

Ludwig Grimm (School) (ルートヴィッヒ・グリム(学園))

See Grimms Notes Shooters

    Erunoa Lynrace 

Erunoa Lynrace (School) (エルノア・リィンレース(学園))

See Grimms Notes Attackers

    Little Red Riding Hood 

Little Red Riding Hood (School) (赤ずきん(学園))


Ex (School) (エクス(学園))


Ephemero (School) (エフェメロ(学園))


    Jacob Grimm 

Jacob Grimm (School) (ヤーコプ・グリム(学園))

    Chaos Alice 

Chaos Alice (School) (カオス・アリス(学園))

See Grimms Notes Attackers

    Shakuna Lilyveil 

Shakuna Lilyveil (School) (シャクナ・リリィベール(学園))

See Grimms Notes Healers

    Chaos Litte Red Riding Hood 

Chaos Little Red Riding Hood (School) (カオス・赤ずきん(学園))

See Grimms Notes Shooters


Ether School

    Jeanne d'Arc 

Jeanned D'Arc (School) (ジャンヌ・ダルク(学園))

See Grimms Notes Attackers


Clovis (School) (クロヴィス(学園))

See Grimms Notes Defenders


Juliet (School) (ジュリエット(学園))

See Grimms Notes Healers

    Gilles de Rais 

Gilles de Rais (School) (ジル・ド・レ(学園))

    Nick Bottom 

Nick Bottom (School) (ニック・ボトム(学園))


Puck (School) (パック(学園))


Romeo (School) (ロミオ(学園))

    William Shakespeare 

William Shakespeare (School) (ウィリアム・シェイクスピア(学園))

See Grimms Notes Healers

Autumn School


Phantom (School) (ファントム(学園))

See Grimms Notes Healers


Dorothy (School) (ドロシー(学園))

See Grimms Notes Shooters

    Chaos Cinderella 

Chaos Cinderella (School) (カオス・シンデレラ(学園))

See Grimms Notes Attackers

    Fairy Godmother 

Fairy Godmother (School) (フェアリー・ゴッドマザー(学園))

    Puss in Boots 

Puss in Boots (School) (長靴をはいた猫(学園))


Cinderella (School) (シンデレラ(学園))


Princess Aurora (School) (オーロラ姫(学園))

    Charles Perrault 

Charles Perrault (School) (シャルル・ペロー(学園))

See Grimms Notes Defenders


Morrigan (School) (モリガン(学園))

    Charlotte Grimm 

Charlotte Grimm (シャルロッテ・グリム)

Seasonal Evil Spirits


Summer Evil Spirit Portulaca (夏の悪精・ポーチュラカ)


Winter Evil Spirit Primula (冬の悪精・プリムラ)


Spring Evil Spirit Anemone (春の悪精・アネモネ)


Autumn Evil Spirit Momiji (秋の悪精・モミジ)


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