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Character sheet for Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy characters who worked at Seaside Health and Wellness.

For Addison Montgomery see the Grey's Anatomy Former Main Characters page. For Amelia Shepherd see the Grey's Anatomy page.

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    Naomi Bennett 

Dr. Naomi Bennett (Portrayed by Audra McDonald)

Appeared in Private Practice (S1-4, S6); Grey's Anatomy (S3, S5)

An OB/GYN and reproductive and endocrinologist specialist, she has an on-off relationship with Sam. One of Addison's best friends, and a majority owner of the practice. Previously portrayed by Merrin Dungey, for the Backdoor Pilot.

    Sam Bennett 

Dr. Samuel "Sam" Bennett (Portrayed by Taye Diggs)

Appeared in Grey's Anatomy (S3, S5); Private Practice (S1-6)

One of Addison's best friends from college and her next door neighbor in LA, he married Naomi twice. He is a certified cardiothoracic surgeon but pursued a career in Internal Medicine. He has asthma and was hospitalized at Seattle Grace after an attack.

  • Amicable Exes: Naomi, the two are still good friends and co-managers/owners of Oceanside Wellness. So much so the two reconcile their marriage by the end of the series.
  • Papa Wolf: Over Maya. When he learned her boyfriend got her pregnant, he drove to the basketball court he was playing and angrily confronts him.

    Violet Turner 

Dr. Violet Turner (Portrayed by Amy Brenneman)

Appeared in Grey's Anatomy (S3); Private Practice (S1-6)

Violet is a psychiatrist working largely with the pregnant women coming through the practice as this is its specialty. She has a son with Pete, but he was born through traumatic c-section and delivered by a patient having a schizophrenic delusion after she attacked and paralyzed Violet. After this Violet went into post-partum depression but eventually recovers and reconciles with Pete and Lucas.

  • Alone with the Psycho: Her schizophrenic patient Katie drugs her and rips her baby out of her body. But before that, Violet begs her not to do it and tells her where to cut her belly so she doesn't kill her baby. Yikes...
  • Missing Mom: For a moment, she gives Lucas to Pete's care and is too distraught by her experience with Katie to even look at her son. She eventually subverts this thanks to seeing another psychiatrist and decides to embrace her role as Lucas' mother.
  • Nice Girl: Probably the nicest of the cast. She's even surprisingly forgiving towards the crazy girl who cut her baby out of her, a she realizes said girl is completely insane.
  • Rape as Backstory: Violet said she was raped in her college years and her best friend helped her through it.
  • The Shrink: Along with Sheldon.
  • Widow Woman: After Pete's death where she has to raise Lucas alone.

    Charlotte King 

Dr. Charlotte King (Portrayed by KaDee Strickland)

Appeared in Private Practice (S1-6)

Charlotte is the Chief of Staff at St. Ambrose Hospital, and an attending who visits at the various private practices even though she despises private practices. She is a urologist and sexologist, showing a contrast to her rough Southern girl upbringing. After discovering her husband cheating on her, the other woman attacked her and she became addicted to pain medication for a period, at one point causing a terrible crash — this makes her further unsympathetic, but she is developed from her antagonist role after joining the private practice. She is married to Cooper, with whom she has three daughters. Though she considered naming a daughter after her old horse, Marjorie, she instead went with Southern States for Georgia and Caroline, and the traditional Rachel.

  • Broken Bird: After being raped in her office.
  • Daddy's Girl: She was close of her father Big Daddy, and his death broke her.
  • Dr. Jerk: She's the chief off staff of St-Ambrose, but she's one despicable bitch. Thanks to Character Development, she slowly subverts this trope.
  • Good Stepmother: Towards Cooper's son Mason, she treats him very well, and grows to love him as her own, especially after his mother Erica passes away. Mason eventually asks if he can call her Mama, which she, with tears in her eyes, agrees he can.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Starts out as a flat-out Jerkass, but as the series go on Charlotte is shown to be not as bad as she seems, and she really takes her job seriously and cares about her patients.
  • Lady Killer In Love: She enjoyed quick feelings-less sexual encounters in the past, but ends up falling in love with Cooper and marrying him.
  • Parental Substitute: She ends up as Mason's second maternal figure after the death of his mother.
  • Rape as Drama: A crazy patient follows her to her office and violently beats and rapes her there.
  • Really Gets Around: Before meeting Cooper. Even then, they were only Friends with Benefits.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Starts to genuinely fall in love with Cooper and ends up marrying him.
  • Stereotype Flip: Despite being from the South she's a pretty big jerk.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: She was a pretty big bitch in the first season, but starts mellowing around Season 3. Dating Cooper also helps.

    Cooper Freedman 

Dr. Cooper Freedman (Portrayed by Paul Adelstein)

Appeared in Grey's Anatomy (S3); Private Practice (S1-6)

A pediatrician and Charlotte's husband.

  • Berserk Button: After Charlotte's rape, when one of his young patients tell him he doesn't want to be touched anymore, Cooper then proceeds to beat the living shit out of the kid's father, thinking he was the one molesting him (when actually it was his mother).
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: He physically fought with Sheldon over Charlotte due to knowing they were sleeping together. And it was when they were broken up.
  • Friend to All Children: Due to being a pediatrician, Cooper loves children and wishes to have some of his own.
  • Papa Wolf: Over his kid patients, and eventually his biological son Mason.
  • Understanding Boyfriend: After Charlotte's rape, Cooper supports her emotionally through the whole thing, even if he sometimes let his emotions and protectiveness get the better of him.
  • Unrequited Love: He was in love with Violet, but she only viewed him as her best friend, and eventually he fell in love with Charlotte.
  • Unstoppable Rage: When one of his patients tell him he's getting fat to protect himself from being molested, Cooper snaps and beats up the kid's dad. Unfortunately for Cooper, it was not the father the culprit: it was the mother.


    Sheldon Wallace 

Dr. Sheldon Wallace (Portrayed by Brian Benben)

Appeared in Private Practice (S2-6)

Sheldon was a psychiatrist at the private practice but quit when he got cancer. He had previously worked at a veteran hospital during an Iraq war, and is a friend of Amelia Shepherd despite her being romantically interested in him and his ignoring her during the death of her baby.

  • Alone with the Psycho: Well, he is a shrink, so it's justified. Doesn't make the scenes less chilling to watch.
  • Gag Penis: According to Violet and Charlotte. And he knows how to use it.
  • The Shrink: Along with Violet.

    Jake Reilly 

Dr. Jacob "Jake" Reilly (Portrayed by Benjamin Bratt)

Appeared in Private Practice (S4-6)

Addison's husband, that she marries at the end of Private Practice. He replaced Naomi as endocrinologist at the practice when she left LA.

    Dell Parker 

RN William Dell Parker (Portrayed by Chris Lowell)

Appeared in Grey's Anatomy (S3); Private Practice (S1-3)

Dell was a young nurse and midwife, who worked at the private practice and briefly at St. Ambrose. He had a tumultuous upbringing, being addicted to heroin and getting his girlfriend, Heather, pregnant at 17. They formed a loving family for their daughter, but Heather still struggled with drug issues. One night she was trying to cook meth and blew up their house, burning the baby. She and Dell fought, and Dell took their daughter away, but regretted this when Heather then died. He shadowed his friends at the practice to aid him in his pursuit of becoming a doctor whilst he worked as a receptionist, being accepted to medical school at UCLA but dying before he could start after he was involved in a car crash and the doctors didn't get a head CT to check the bleeding. His daughter was adopted to Naomi when she left for New York.

  • Dark and Troubled Past: His parents were abusive and he grew up with his grandparents, and had suffered from addiction. He was able to kick the habit, but his daughter Betsy's mother Heather wasn't.
  • Disappeared Dad: He dies on the operation table during a surgery following a car crash, leaving his daughter Betsy orphaned.
  • Mr. Fanservice: His introduction in the pilot is walking shirtless in slow motion.
  • Papa Wolf: Towards his daughter Betsy, and all children, due to his abusive upbringing. He recognized one of Cooper's patience as an abuse survivor, and he instinctively jumped upon Violet's court appointed pedophile the moment he saw him talking with Naomi and Sam's daughter Maya.
  • Unrequited Love: He was in love with Naomi, and though she was attracted to him, she in turn found him too young to consider anything serious. She did treat him very affectionately from then on, and when Dell died, she took in his daughter Betsy.

    Pete Wilder 

Dr. Peter Wilder (Portrayed by Tim Daly)

Appeared in Grey's Anatomy (S3); Private Practice (S1-5)

Pete worked in critical care and alternative medicine, and an infectious disease specialist. He suffered from heart problems and on the day of his court trial for medical malpractice — he took a patient who wanted to die off life support even though they couldn't legally consent — he went for a jog and suffered a fatal heart attack. Violet went to him even though they had been consistently having relationship issues.

  • Disappeared Dad: Unfortunately becomes this to Lucas when he has a heart attack on a job and dies alone.
  • Dr Feel Good: Not as extreme as most examples, but Pete does recommend marijuana as medicine for some of his patients.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Towards the end of his tumultuous marriage with Violet, Pete was being a major dick to her even if Violet was trying her best to keep their marriage from crumbling and be a good mother to Lucas.

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