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This is the Character Page for Blackwave's Great Interstellar War series. The page is divided into two main sections: one fr comic characters, and one for RP characters.

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     Wester Federation 

Major General Engels Shan

Commander of the 101st Shiva Veteran Infantry. Shan leads the 1st Combined Arms Division of the Polaris Joint Task Force during the Polaris Cradle campaign. A defector of the Red Alliance.
  • Character Development: During Shan's first appearance he was a skilled but arrogant and insubordinate officer who's Red Army style attacks created friction with the other officers. Over the course of the campaign he was placed on the other side of the command chain himself and developed into The Chessmaster.
  • Dangerous Deserter: He signaled his desertion from the Red Alliance by delivering an entire planet to the Wester Federation with his defection. His list of crimes against the proletariat only continues from there.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Not himself, but backstabbing disorder seems to develop wherever he goes.
  • Fighting the Lancer: Steave Boston and Engels Shan despise and constantly attempt to undermine each other. However, they do have respect for the other's ability as a soldier.
  • It Is Pronounced "Tro-PAY": Due to being a Red all his allies think his name is pronounced with an accent when it's actually not. He never calls them out on it despite no one being able to pronounce his name correctly half the time.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Engels Shan is playing everyone.
  • Mother Russia Makes You Strong: Besides being the most capable of the Wester commanders in personal combat, his training with the Red Army makes him more willing to take hard decisions, along with giving him a greater understanding of his adversaries.
  • Properly Paranoid: As if fighting in the Great Interstellar War wasnt bad enough for his life expectancy, as a defector he's been specifically marked for termination by the Red Alliance. And thats not even going into his own conspiracy laden relationship with the Wester establishment.
  • The Strategist: And extremely good at what he does.
  • The Chessmaster: One of his strength's is his ability to analyze other people, both ally and enemy, and predict their actions.
  • Turncoat: It's practically his second name among those that dont know him! Alternatively the Reds call him 'The Traitor' or 'That Bastard'

Major General Steave Boston

Of Irish-Wester stock, Boston is leader of the 7683rd 'The Rough Riders' Armored division.

Boston is a man who's muscled, macho and totally full of himself. Acts cool (sometimes) and certainly thinks of himself as suave, though in truth he is also a largely comical character. He is a joker who doesn't know how to keep his mouth closed and can only take things seriously when killing Reds (if even).

Only Shan, whom Boston seems to slightly fear (when he's in evil mode), can make him shut up (sometimes). Despite this, he is a skilled young officer and former commander, who still considers himself a rival to Shan (who he both hates and respects) for the position.

He is played by user deathscompaion1.

  • Casanova Wannabe
  • General Failure: Overlapping with Military Maverick. Boston is a good officer, but he repeatedly fails to understand (or care about) basic Wester military doctrine, in favor of a more traditional style of armored warfare, which is destructive but wasteful.
  • General Ripper: Does not like Reds. At all.
  • Frontline General: Has a love/hate relationship with his tank.
  • Jerkass: Mostly to Starace and those of the female gender.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: Minus the lovable part. The second a female officer (Starace) is introduced to the Wester officer corps, Boston transforms from a Jerkass into an annoying pervert.
  • Military Maverick: Despite the above, he is genuienly good at his job. Though it does get him in trouble with Internal.

Colonel Julius Manthei

  • Only Sane Man: General Boston is a sexist Jerkass General Casanova Wannabe. Major Jaeger is an idealistic rich boy who takes the propaganda hook, line and sinker. Shan is a seclusive enigma. Starace worships Berlusconi. And Petra just doesn't care.
  • Straight Man: Frequently has to remind Boston to do his job, and also serves as the voice of reason to the Wester task force in general to prevent them from getting all killed.

Major Lucrezia Starace

Leader of the 2,121st Marine Battlesuit Battalion, more commonly known as the "Bersaglieri." Starace is an Italiano-Wester, someone who grew up learning the Italian dialect of Wester. While she is usually professional and is cool under fire, she tends to make wisecracks at inopportune times. She already has some animosity with General Boston because of his perverted semi-infatuaton with her. She is played by user wiiguy.

Major Luke Jaeger


     Red Alliance 

Major General Feng Bao-Lin

Commander of the 4th Polaris Army Group. Reoccurring opponent of the 1st Combined Arms Division, and vice versa. The 89th Armored Division is his personal tank unit.

Colonel Dimitri Sergoff

Commanding officer of the 3134th Infantry Regiment.

Senior Captain Ruslan Kean

Engineering officer.

Captain/Major Nikolaev (Zenya)

Spetsnaz officer. He belongs to the Red Alliance's elite Kom-23 commando forces.
  • A Father to His Men: A different take on the trope, being apparently a neglectant and PTSD suffering father, who never wanted kids in the first place, to his men. Oddly, he's actually rather decent to everyone when he's not in a position of authority.
  • General Failure: Only a special forces captain rather than a general, which is part of the problem when he tries his hand at creating battle plans. He gets lucky sometimes though.
  • Handicapped Badass: His prosthetic arm badly slows him down in combat, but he only has himself to blame for losing the original arm in the first place. Still, no one stands a chance against him in combat.
  • Indy Ploy: Zenya is not especially good at stealth. He is however good enough to fight his way out of most situations he finds himself in. Becomes a bit awkward when his first reaction in non combat situations is to go nuts.
  • Knife Nut: He doesnt like swords, so prefers a knife as his weapon of choice.
  • Majorly Awesome: After his promotion.
  • Mother Russia Makes You Strong
  • Sociopathic Soldier
  • The Neidermeyer: He's an extremely skilled soldier and a competent tactician, but a HORRIBLE team leader.

Colonel Ma Hujiang

1st Lieutenant Selvaria Bles

Battlesuit pilot. Resident Ms. Fanservice


     Wester Federation 


(Insert your description here)

     Red Alliance 

Marshal Vostrikov

New leader of the Red Alliance. Seized power in a coup with the unwitting help of Wester soldier Battlesmere.

Marshal Tanya Amasova

The leader of the Red army during the Vhogsh campaign. Notable as being one of the few Red flag ranked officers who cares about her troops.

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