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This is a partial character sheet for the Video Game Grand Theft Auto V. Visit here for the main character index. Subjective tropes and audience reactions should go on the YMMV page.

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  • Adam Westing: Applies to virtually all of the D Js who are fictionalized (and sometimes self-spoofing) versions of the actors and performers doing their voices.

Voiced by: Cara Delevingne

The DJ for Non Stop Pop FM. An English fashion model and actress, she branched out to DJing for a chance to experience sunny Los Santos. And to get the latest Righteous Slaughter before the rest of Europe.

  • Big Ol' Eyebrows: Are they ever! She's self-described as the "girl with the eyebrows." A Google Image search of real life photos of the actress will show she's not exaggerating.
  • Casting Gag: Her real life job as a fashion model is invoked in one line:
    Cara Delevingne: There's nothing wrong with advertising. Trust me, I know.
  • Foreign Cuss Word: By way of Separated by a Common Language, she delights in the fact she can say "wanker" on US radio because it's not rude there.
  • Gamer Chick: Often spends Weasel News breaks playing the ultra-violent game Righteous Slaughter.
  • Girly Girl
  • The Heart: Cara is one of the only characters in the entire game who has a positive outlook on life and just wants people to be nice to each other.
  • I Am Very British
  • Valley Girl

Voiced by: Kenny Loggins

The host of Los Santos Rock Radio. A former rock legend living in the twilight end of his 70s and 80s boom. Seems to think his radio station is a boat cruising over the ocean, and he's the captain.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Very much so. Holds an extremely cynical view of Los Santos altogether.
  • The ’80s: His station is utterly filled to the brim with 80s records. Even Don Johnson's short-lived music career is present on display.
  • Nostalgia Filter: Has this on tightly, looking back in the past and reminiscing about it while looking down on present day Los Santos.

    DJ Pooh 
Voiced by: DJ Pooh

DJ for West Cost Classics, the home of the original gangster rap from the 90's.

    Big Boy 
Voiced by: Kurt "Big Boy" Alexander

Radio Los Santos, the other rap station, if you prefer more modern hip hop. DJ'd by radio host Big Boy, who's not as big as you think (anymore).

  • The Big Guy: Big Boy used to weigh over 300 pounds before he underwent surgery in 2003.
  • Gangsta Rap: Though not as overt as West Coast Classics, which borders closer to...

    Pam Grier 
Voiced by: Pam Grier

The host of The Lowdown 91.1, the home of all things soul, jazz and funk. Former Action Girl extraordinaire, "Mama G" settled for a more chill southern west-coast vibe to bring us children some real soul.

    Jesco White 
Voiced by: Jesco White

Rebel Radio's host, the home of "non-conformist" (read: really redneck) country music.

  • The Cameo: Sort of. You can find a Expy of him up at Blaine County doing his famous dance.
  • Eagleland
  • Hipster: No, really. He gives shit to any country musician who "sells out", and frequently looks down on Los Santos. Like Trevor, Jesco himself could be considered something of a "proto-hipster."

    Flying Lotus 
"Wow, psssh. What the hell, man."

FlyLo FM, hosted by FlyLo himself playing mostly his own music. That's pretty much all that needs to be said, right? Apparently though, his radio station isn't officially sanctioned by Los Santos and is instead broadcast through a pirate signal coming somewhere from Vespucci Beach. Various other characters appear on the station as well, such as Hannibal Buress, Tyler, The Creator and David Firth.

    Keith Morris 
Voiced by: Keith Morris

The founder and former front-man for Black Flag, he now hosts Channel X, the home of true and tried punk. Seems to be a lot less angry than he used to be, but is still certifiably cynical.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Very cynical about San Andreas as a whole and life in general.

    Instituto Mexicano del Sonido 
Voiced by: Don Cheto and Camilo Lara

The hosts for East Los FM, a love letter to Vagos and cholos everywhere. The guys themselves are...weird and exciteable to say the least, but the station plays legit traditional Latino music, Mexican hip hop and electronica.

  • Big Eater: They sometimes talk and sing about food in their interludes.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: They'll regularly song-along (poorly) as they play their jams.
  • Hot-Blooded: These guys love their jobs a bit too much.

    Bootsy Collins 
Voiced by: William "Bootsy" Collins

A famous funk bassist and former member of P-Funk, Bootsy Collins hosts Space 103.2, bringing the classic sounds of funk to your life.

    Gilles Peterson 
Voiced by: Gilles Peterson

The DJ king of Europe, and host of BBC Radio 6 series World Wide, he's now brought his show exclusively to Los Santos (and even Blaine County) for a little bit of European sensibility to a much-too plastic San Andreas.

  • I Am Very British
  • Department of Redundancy Department: "Electronic sound, electronic song."
  • Hipster: While Gilles himself is far from a hipster, folks who find Radio Mirror Park too mainstream usually switch to this station. It doesn't help the fact that Gilles is acclaimed worldwide as a music taste-maker.
  • Verbal Tic: Tends to pause often in-between his sentences.

    George Lewis Jr. 
Voiced by: George Lewis Jr., aka Twin Shadow

See all those other stations and their hosts above? Well, you are so over them now. Radio Mirror Park is where it's at and is everything all the cool people listen to, that is until you tell your friends about it, they start listening to it, and suddenly it's become too mainstream for you. Indie musician George (aka Twin Shadow) has it all post-ironically covered.

Voiced by: Uncredited

David and Stephen Dewaele, Belgian house musicians, lead Soulwax FM, Los Santos' main electronic station, apparently from the top of Mt. Chiliad. However, neither of the two actually speak, instead using sampled voices to communicate to the listeners.

    Nate & Steve 
Voiced by: Nate Williams and Stephen Pope of Wavves

Nate and Steve, members of surf-rock/grunge band Wavves, are the two hosts of Vinewood Boulevard Radio, keeping rock and roll alive for those of you who have had reality kicked into your dreams and don't have the effort to do anything productive.

    Lee "Scratch" Perry 
Voiced by: Lee "Scratch" Perry

Lee "Scratch" Perry, an influential reggae and dub producer, is the host of The Blue Ark FM. Bringing both the classic and new sounds of Jamaica to Los Santos.

"The Lab: Getting supernatural with science. Like a spaced-out woman walking around with big-ass crystals around her neck and shit. You are live! You are like made of elements like planktum and helium and goat-teeth and shit! If you could travel at the speed of light, trust me it could very difficult to read traffic signals. So just close your eyes, and give in to the science of this music."
Voiced by: The Alchemist & Oh No

Rappers & record producers The Alchemist and Oh No host The Lab, a radio station consisting of music coming out on an album entitled "Welcome to Los Santos". They believe that their station is a hub for anything and everything science-related, and that they're scientists, when, in actuality, they're really not.

    Cliff Lane & Andee 
Voiced by: Ed McMann (Cliff Lane) & Shelley Miller (Andee)

The former hosts of Lips 106 who now host Self Radio, the radio station tailored to your music tastes. They seem to be a lot less enthusiastic than they were 15 years ago (which is saying something), with them making sarcastic comments regarding the players and their tastes in music, the events transpiring in Los Santos, Los Santos and San Andreas in general, and, well... everything, really.

It should be noted that both hosts appear if the player sets Self Radio to the "Radio" option.


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