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This is a partial character sheet for the Video Game Grand Theft Auto V. Visit here for the main character index. Subjective tropes and audience reactions should go on the YMMV page.

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Voiced by: Jackie Long

A Ballas OG who Franklin and Lamar attempt to kidnap for ransom only to end up letting him go because Lamar called in the ransom on his cellphone, letting the Ballas and the Feds alike identify them. Later, he arranges an ambush to take down the duo, only to get his head blown off by Stretch.

    Harold "Stretch" Joseph
Voiced by: Hassan Iniko Johnson

A high-ranking member of the Chamberlain Gangsters Families who, while being considered a friend by Lamar, constantly endangers both Lamar and Franklin by sending them on jobs that tend to go horribly wrong. He and Franklin have a strong dislike for each other.

  • Arch-Enemy: Serves as the most personal foe for Franklin and Lamar. Ironically, in order to avoid Franklin getting fingered as a known associate, Michael is the one to ultimately do him in.
  • Devil in Plain Sight: Everyone in Franklin's neighborhood knows that Stretch is setting Lamar up to die. Even Tanisha knows that and she doesn't even live there anymore. The only one completely oblivious is Lamar.
  • False Friend: To Lamar, he acts like he has Lamar's best interests at heart, but in reality he looks down on him and wants him dead.
  • Gang Banger: Like Lamar he's a member of the Families.
  • Hate Sink: He has no characterization outside of being a pathetic Smug Snake who thinks his big-shot status in the families means he controls Franklin and Lamar's lives.
  • I Warned You: To be perfectly fair to the man, he did warn both Franklin and Lamar that in order to prevent a war between the Families and the Ballas, he may well have to offer Franklin and Lamar up as sacrificial lambs. He expects them to go along with it without question; Franklin, of course, will have none of it, and Lamar, ever the optimist, simply dismissed the possibility of it coming to that.
  • Jerkass: He believes that his veteran status in the gang and prison time gives him the right to boss Franklin and Lamar around and treat them like crap.
  • Karma Houdini: In both the "Kill Michael" and "Kill Trevor" endings he never gets his comeuppance. Both endings have been since rendered non-canon
  • Killed Off for Real: At Michael's hands in the "Deathwish" ending. As of the Diamond Casino and Resort update, this is Stretch's canon fate.
  • Manipulative Bastard: He never once physically attempts to kill Franklin or Lamar, preferring instead to trick them into getting killed by the Ballas.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: An optional objective in "The Third Way" is to kill Stretch with a melee attack.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Is only called "Stretch" in all of his appearances and mentions in the story except for "The Third Way", where Franklin gives Lester his real name so he could track him down.note 
  • Plot-Irrelevant Villain: Compared to the other antagonists, Stretch's effect on the plot is almost non-existent. He does three things throughout the game; luring Franklin and Lamar into a trap, luring Franklin, Lamar and Trevor into a trap, and luring Lamar alone into a trap, none of which have long term consequences. Despite not having the kind of clout or number of appearances the other villains do he's still killed alongside Steve, Devin and Wei Chang in the Option C ending. His irrelevance is lampshaded by Franklin, who's surprised when Trevor lists Stretch as one of the loose ends that needs cleaning up (although to be fair, killing Stretch saves Franklin the trouble of saving Lamar's ass again and again).
  • Punny Name: "Stretch" is introduced after doing a "stretch" in the penitentiary.
  • Prison Rape: Mentions them when arguing with Franklin during his (re)-introduction in "The Long Stretch":
    Franklin: Shit, I’m doing just fine.
    Stretch: That’s what I hear. But I know some 'sweet boys' up in the pen that got bigger balls than you!
    Franklin: Oh, you been doing your time looking at sweet boy balls?
    Lamar: Umm…
    Franklin: It’s good to have confirmation.
  • Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: In Ending C, when Michael comes to kill him, the Ballas refuse to help him out.
  • The Sociopath: He's manipulative, self-centered, and shows no compassion or remorse for his actions.
  • Stupid Crooks: In his first post on Lifeinvader, Stretch brags that he "broke a chump's face for dry snitching". In his second post on Lifeinvader, Stretch admits that he got sent to "the hole" and openly wonders if discussing his activities online was a bad idea.
  • Uriah Gambit: Franklin suspects the cocaine deal that went south was intended by Stretch to leave both Franklin and Lamar dead. Later on, Stretch confirms this by tricking Lamar into falling into the Ballas' clutches.

    Martin Madrazo
Voiced by: Alfredo Huereca

A "legitimate businessman wrongfully accused of leading a Mexican narcotics gang", Michael finds himself owing Madrazo a lot of money after he made a hasty mistake. After Michael repays him, Madrazo contacts Michael again to do a “favor” for him. The relationship turns sour again when Madrazo refuses to pay Trevor for his services, and Trevor kidnaps his wife in retribution, forcing Michael and Trevor to hide out for a while.

  • Affably Evil: When he's not being psychotic, he comes off as surprisingly friendly. He's polite to Franklin at the end of "Marriage Counseling" despite being obviously (and understandably) furious at the time. Towards the Online Protagonist, he's downright chummy.
  • Alliterative Name: Martin Madrazo.
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: Threatens Michael's life in order to get Michael to pay Madrazo back for a house of his that Michael destroyed. He does the same sort of thing to the Online Protagonist, asking him/her to do work for him, or else.
  • Ax-Crazy: Michael calls him "psychotic". Judging by his serious anger problems, this is probably true.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Martin Madrazo is, in a lot of ways, the traditional GTA gangster that defines the Big Bad throughout the games. The big difference is, Martin Madrazo is what you get when two of your playable protagonists are a short-tempered former bank-robber who tears down million-dollar houses belonging to your mistresses just to get at a guy that was sleeping with his wife, and the other a homicidal maniac who falls madly in love with your wife after he kidnaps her (and tears out your ear when he sees how you've been mistreating her). With his resources, he was pretty close to having been the Big Bad of the whole story. Sadly, he simply can't catch enough of a break to be a proper antagonist.
  • Break the Haughty: After Madrazo refuses to pay Michael and Trevor for a job, Trevor gives Madrazo a lesson in humility that he won't soon forget.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Madrazo had no idea just how dangerous of an individual he was messing with when he refused to pay Trevor for services rendered.
  • The Cartel: Is the leader of one.
  • The Don: He's the absolute kingpin of Los Santos, to the point that when he expels Michael and Trevor from Los Santos, they cannot return until they are on good terms with him again.
  • The Dreaded: Martin Madrazo is clearly highly feared, in that Franklin, who is usually the calmest of the three protagonists, shows visible unease and fear when Michael repeats Martin Madrazo while mocking Natalia. When introducing Martin's backstory to Michael, Franklin is visibly nervous when in Madrazo's presence. This comes back to bite him later when Trevor turns out to be his Dreaded, after the latter cuts off one of his ears and will come back for the other one if he ever mistreats his wife again...
  • Ear Ache: When Trevor brings Patricia home Martin is minus one ear, and he is warned that if he abuses Patricia again Trevor will come back for the other one.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: He finds the Lost's treatment of prostitutes disgusting and will send the Online Protagonist to rescue one from a brothel they've set up in a run down motel.
  • Genre Savvy: Given how spectacularly it tends to end for an antagonist who tries to kill a GTA protagonist, backing down from Trevor was most likely the smartest decision he could have made.
  • If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her...: Is on the receiving end of this by Trevor when he returns Patricia. See Ear Ache above for more details.
  • Karma Houdini: Downplayed. While he's sufficiently intimidated by Trevor to stop antagonizing the protagonists, he's still with his wife and in charge of his criminal empire, except being minus one ear, and in mortal terror of Trevor Philips for the rest of his life. So maybe he didn't get COMPLETELY off the hook.
  • Minor Major Character: Madrazo only appears three times in the game. His main purpose was to get Michael back in the game, and tip off Trevor that Michael was still alive..
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Surprisingly for a representative of a major drug cartel. When he confronts Michael about his mistress' house he destroyed, he just roughs him up and tells him to repay him rather than kill him (since dead men can't repay their debts).
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He had every reason to want Michael dead for tearing down a house worth 2.5 million dollars. However, when Michael explains that it was a mistake, Martin becomes more understanding and just lets Michael know what he expects to be paid. Upon payment, he instead compliments Michael for staying true to his word and if anything, the two would've had a professional, if not cordial, relationship had Trevor not kidnapped his wife over a stiffed paycheck. He's very prompt in paying the Online Protagonist though, and only becomes irate with him/her if you ignore the tasks he sends you.
  • Smug Snake: At least until Trevor cuts off his ear and kidnaps his wife. Then he becomes very polite and accommodating.
  • Starter Villain: Introduced as a major figure in The Cartel who Michael needs to repay for the destruction of one of Madrazo's houses, then later on as a criminal Michael flees town to avoid following Trevor kidnapping his wife. He's not the main threat of the game though, and he ultimately ends up so afraid of Trevor that he never bothers the protagonists again.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Kind of. After Trevor takes one of his ears, Martin is understandably terrified of him and his associates and decides to stop antagonizing them. He even seems to treat Patricia with a bit more respect. Again, probably because of Trevor.
  • The Unfought: Despite his backstory of being a influential mobster, and even kicking Michael's ass in one scene, he is never actually fought in the game. Trevor tortured him off screen before kidnapping his wife. He ends up so scared of Trevor that he refuses to retaliate or even contact the protagonists again.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: He decides to refuse paying Trevor for doing a job for him. Martin pays for this decision dearly when Trevor savagely mutilates him.
  • Wicked Cultured: Martin clearly has a love of the Aztecs, possessing several imitations of Aztec art in his home. When Michael and Trevor steal an actual Aztec artifact from Merryweather, Michael uses it to end the feud with Martin.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Martin cheats on his wife constantly, and the events of the game are set in motion by Michael destroying a house owned by one of Martin's lovers.

    The O'Neil Brothers 
Voiced by: Matt Carlson (Elwood)

A family of redneck brothers who produce meth in Blaine County. They are Trevor's chief rivals in the drug trade.

  • It's Personal: Later in the game Elwood and his two remaining brothers try to kill Trevor in revenge for Trevor killing all of their other siblings.
  • The Leader: Elwood seems to be the one in charge of the operation and the one whom his brothers defer to.
  • Massively Numbered Siblings
  • Nothing Personal: Elwood tries to reason with Trevor that it wasn't anything personal when the O'Neils went into business with Wei Cheng. Trevor, being Trevor, does not see it this way.
  • Siblings in Crime: The brothers Elwood, Walton, Wynn, Ernie, Earl, Dale, Doyle, Daryl, Dalton and Don all work together in their drug distribution and meth production business.
  • Sibling Team: Of Drug Dealers.
  • We Will Meet Again: Elwood says this after his remaining brothers are killed by the protagonists. Franklin and Chop kill him pretty much immediately afterwards.

Voiced by: Hector Ramos

The head of the Aztecas, a gun smuggling gang connected to various Mexican cartels. He is Trevor's chief rival in the arms trade.

  • Gang Bangers: Is the leader of the Varrios Los Aztecas in Blaine County.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: If you spare him in "Mr. Philips", he just comes back to try to kill Trevor.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Trevor has the option of killing him in "Mr. Philips" - and if he isn't killed there, he leads a suicidal charge against Trevor and Chef in the next mission, and then gets killed.

    Steve Haines
"You're my boy now, amigo. My career depends on this, and that's very important to me. So seeing as we're all boys now, that makes it important to you."

Voiced by: Robert Bogue

An FIB agent who works as Dave Norton's handler. He is also the host of CNT's reality TV show "The Underbelly of Paradise". Later in the story, he asks Franklin to kill Trevor.

  • Amusing Injuries: During the Mexican Standoff in "The Wrap Up", he gets shot in the leg... the exact same leg he shot himself in to let Michael and Dave escape in the earlier mission "Monkey Business". He even cries out "Same Goddamn leg!", as if to say "What are the odds?"
  • Asshole Victim: Trevor shoots him in the head with a sniper rifle in the "Deathwish" Golden Ending.
  • Ax-Crazy: He's extremely homicidal when things aren't going his way: this is notable in his first in-game appearance, where he nearly strangles Michael to death just for not taking him seriously.
  • Basement-Dweller: According to a Los Santos Meteor report, he still lives with his mother. Well, lived, considering that the announcement revealing this fact is the same one that reports his death in the Golden Ending.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: Along with Weston, he's the antagonist that drives most of the story by blackmailing the protagonists into committing crimes for him.
  • Boom, Headshot!: How he meets his end at the hands of Trevor in the C ending. Although, headshotting him is technically optional, but it's one of the things necessary for getting a gold medal in that mission.
  • Buffy Speak: After Devin Weston is introduced in the mission "By The Book", Steve tells Trevor to show Devin some respect, because "that guy gets more tail than a... than a Tail Catcher!"
  • Cool Shades / Sinister Shades: He wears them in his profile picture seen online and on the characters' contact lists, as well as in the setup scene for "Blitz Play".
  • Cold-Blooded Torture / We Have Ways of Making You Talk: He's got no problem using any means necessary to get people to talk.
  • Dirty Cop: He frequently blackmails the protagonists into committing crimes so he can get the edge over his IAA rivals. Norton tries to assure Michael that despite appearances, he and Haines are relatively less corrupt than most other FIB divisions.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: After serving as one of the game's main antagonists, Haines is killed instantly when Trevor shoots him from long range. There is no final confrontation between him and the protagonists.
  • Establishing Character Moment: His introduction in the opening cutscene of the mission "Three's Company" firmly establishes him as an egotistical asshole who clearly has little respect for others, even grabbing Michael in a chokehold just for making some wisecracks. If that doesn't get across that he's not exactly a pleasant guy, the mission "By The Book" (where he has an unfortunate man savagely tortured by Trevor, even though said man is both innocent and willing to cooperate) certainly does.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Subverted. He certainly took issue with the IAA's plan to unleash a dangerous nerve toxin on a populated metropolitan area, killing tons of people in order to stage a terrorist attack and increase their funding. However, his primary concern was more towards the IAA getting increased funding over the FIB, rather than the safety of citizens.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: He thought he could goad Franklin into killing Trevor in exchange for taking all the heat off his ass, just as Devin tried to browbeat him into killing Michael. If you pick Option C, you can prove him and Devin Weston spectacularly wrong.
  • Evil Has a Bad Sense of Humor: In his first appearance, he almost chokes Michael to death for making a few jokes at his expense, and is shown to have a very low tolerance for mirth in general. It also extends to his own attempts at wisecracks - due to his snide, arrogant personality, most of them fall flat.
  • Evil Redhead: He's a red-haired, evil person.
  • Faux Affably Evil: He always has a cheery disposition and acts chummy with the protagonists, but underneath the facade is a total sociopath who has no qualms ordering innocents to be tortured or rival agents put to death just to further his own career in the FIB. And his affable demeanor fades when he's pissed off - just ask Michael, who got throttled just for making some smartass remarks.
  • For the Evulz: Mr K was perfectly cooperative from the moment he was strapped into the chair, and considering how Steve deliberately interrupts him when he spills the beans in favour of more torture shows that this was less about the information and just him venting his absolute sadism behind closed doors.
  • Foil: To Trevor. Both are sadistic, eccentric psychos that happen to play for opposite teams, Haines for the FIB and Trevor working as a career criminal. However, while Trevor is shown to genuinely care about the people close to him, Haines cares for no one but himself.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Instantly snaps at anyone who he thinks isn't showing the proper amount of respect.
  • Hate Sink: His most notable action when you first meet him is that he almost throttles Michael because he stood up to him. He becomes more and more of a dick as the game goes on.
  • Icy Blue Eyes: Which make his outbursts all the more intimidating.
  • Inter Service Rivalry: Really, really doesn't like the IAA.
  • It's All About Me: His entire motivation revolves around how he can better his career and image.
  • Jerkass: If you want an accurate picture of his personality, imagine a sadistic gym teacher who pretends he's an FBI agent. He's such a dick that it's the reason why Trevor leaps at the chance to be the one to personally kill him in the "Deathwish" ending.
    Trevor: SHOTGUN! I've wanted to ice that fucker since the moment I met him!
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Los Santos really is overrun with gangs and needs some drastic reforming... but he's at least as bad as the criminals he's fighting and the world is probably better off without him.
  • Karma Houdini: He lives in the "Kill Michael" ending, but it's most apparent in the "Kill Trevor" ending where he gets exactly what he wants.
  • Karmic Death: For the final mission he orders Franklin to kill Trevor. If you pick Ending C, he meets his end at the hands of Trevor.
  • Killed Off for Real: In the "Deathwish" ending along with all of the other major villains.
  • Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique: He skips straight to ripping out teeth, jumper cable electrocution, wrench, and waterboarding, when Mr. K, by all appearances, is totally cooperative and frightened from the moment he was bound to a chair.
  • Limited Wardrobe: He dresses almost exclusively in polo shirts and slacks, like a model from a low-end fashion catalog. Michael, unwisely, mocks him for it.
  • Nice Character, Mean Actor: On his show The Underbelly of Paradise, he comes off as a pleasant, charming guy. But as soon as the cameras stop rolling, his true colors shine through.
  • Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist: Haines repeatedly claims to be a patriot and that he would do anything for his country, but its evident that he is only concerned about advancing his own power and career, just see Even Evil Has Standards.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Like Devin Weston, he's very impulsive, repeatedly claims to be a patriot (when he's only a self-serving scumbag), and is very sadistic.
  • Sadist: Just look at the Cold-Blooded Torture scene.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: He introduces himself to Michael like he's a household name and flips out when Michael snarkily makes it clear that he's never heard of him.
  • The Sociopath: After he finishes a session of Cold-Blooded Torture, he happily skips off to go play racquetball.
  • Stupid Evil: During "By the Book," Haines repeatedly cuts Mr. K off whenever he provides details about the man they're after and never asks him any direct questions that would make getting answers easier. Haines just skips to torture that makes it harder for the poor guy to talk or even remember specifics, and that has a good chance of killing him.
  • Totally Radical: A somewhat mild example. If you play as Steve Haines in GTA 5's Director Mode, some of his dialogue includes phrases like "Bummer!", "Drag!", and "Major Drag!".
  • Ungrateful Bastard: He verbally abuses Norton, Michael, Franklin, and the rest of his underlings no matter how much they risk to help him (with no reward). Eventually culminates in trying to kill Norton and Michael and frame them for the crimes he masterminded.
  • Villainous Friendship: With Devin Weston. We only see them on screen together once (at the beginning of "By the Book"), but they're clearly quite chummy with each other, and Devin is clearly one of the few people Steve shows any sort of respect towards.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: He tries to project this image, judging by hosting a CNT show which claims to show the dark side of Los Santos. Though not everybody buys into his good-guy facade, as one Balla gangster caught on camera makes it clear to him.
  • You Can't Thwart Stage One: Instead of letting players get Non-Standard Game Overs to take out their frustrations, pointing a gun at him just makes him say, "Get that thing out of my face!"
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Tells Trevor to kill Mr. K immediately after torturing him. Trevor takes him to the airport instead. Later on in the game, he wants to have both Michael and Trevor killed to cover up all his loose ends. However, Norton is able to convince Haines that Trevor is the only one they need to kill.

    Andreas Sanchez
Voiced by: Abdel Gonzalez

An FIB agent who acts as Steve Haines' right-hand man.

  • Boom, Headshot!: How he's killed by Haines for his betrayal.
  • The Dragon: To Steve Haines, except not really.
  • Dragon with an Agenda: May have tried to become a Dragon Ascendant when he exposes Steve to an FIB division, but he gets shot in the face for his troubles.
  • Foil: To Franklin, in some ways. Both act as accomplices to two older professionals, one of them fairly level-headed (Michael, Dave Norton), the other very antisocial (Trevor, Steve Haines). He also foreshadows Franklin's possible betrayal of Trevor or Michael when he betrays Haines (and by extension, Norton) for his own benefit.
  • The Mole: He's been ratting out Haines and Norton's dirty secrets to a rival FIB team.
  • Punny Name: His name, read last-to-first, is a play on San Andreas.
  • Satellite Character: He almost never appears without Haines, and has little characterization outside of being Haines's subordinate. Even when he's revealed to be The Mole for a rival FIB team, we have no clue what his motives were.
  • Your Head A-Splode: Part of Sanchez' brain is blown out after Haines kills him.

    Wei Cheng
Voiced by: George Cheung

The leader of the Los Santos Triads who is trying to expand his drug dealing operations into Blaine County. He eventually comes into conflict with Trevor when he decides to ditch Trevor’s "business" and partner with another criminal enterprise. After Trevor causes him significant difficulties, he eventually decides enough is enough and plans to deal with Trevor personally.

  • Affably Evil: It's not much, but he's very professional with Trevor, even while threatening to kill Michael (who he believes to be Trevor's lover). He only ever refers to him as "Mr. Phillips."
  • Arch-Enemy: Trevor. Ironically, in order to avoid Trevor getting fingered as a known associate, Franklin is the one to ultimately do him in.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Is mentioned early on as a Chinese connection interested in expanding his business into Trevor's territory. Trevor earns his ire when he ruins Cheng's dealings with the O'Neil brothers and Cheng appears late in the game intent on revenge.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: He loves his son, and they can both die in the "Deathwish" ending, although Tao Cheng's appearance in the Diamond Casino DLC, including a line where he mentions "almost having died once" at the place Wei Cheng is killed implies the latter survived the attack on his father.
  • I Have Your Wife: Later on in the game he takes Trevor's "lover" hostage in the hopes of intimidating Trevor into giving up his businesses. The hostage in question is Michael, whom he's Mistaken for Gay. Since at the time Trevor just found out that Michael sold out him and Brad, directly leading to Brad's death, the threat doesn't have the impact Cheng anticipated.
  • Karma Houdini: Only in the "Kill Michael" and "Kill Trevor" endings; however, the Diamond Casino and Resort update in 2019 renders this non-canonical.
  • Killed Off for Real: At the hands of Franklin in the "Deathwish" ending. The Diamond Casino and Resort update confirms that the "Deathwish" ending is canon.
  • Too Dumb to Live: The only possible way he can still believe Michael and Trevor are lovers, despite the mounds of evidence to suggest otherwise.
  • The Triads and the Tongs: He's the leader of the Los Santos Triads.

    Devin Weston
"Because, frankly, I'm rich enough to do whatever the fuck I want, and you're poor enough not to ask me any goddamn stupid questions."

Voiced by: Jonathan Walker

A corrupt and influential billionaire, who owns various businesses. He has a private army in the form of the Merryweather Security Consulting firm, and he blames Michael for interfering with his businesses. Late in the story, he tells Franklin to kill Michael.

  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: When his own neck is on the line and his Merryweather guards aren't there to protect him, suddenly he takes back everything he said previously.
  • Asshole Victim: In Ending C, Trevor has him Bound and Gagged in the trunk of his own car, then it gets thrown over into the sea and explodes, but not before being taunted by the main trio for thinking he can get away with screwing with them. To add insult to injury, no one seemed to think too much of him, the trio get away scot-free with killing him because he was merely listed as missing, and even his closest ally, Don Percival, seems glad to see him go.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: He gets everything he wants in the "Kill Michael" ending.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: He comes across as an eccentric goofball of a billionaire, but don't let that fool you. He's more than willing to sic his private army on your loved ones if you get on his bad side.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: With Steve Haines, Weston is one of the two closest things this game has to one as main antagonist. He's also the final antagonist that the group faces in the "Deathwish" ending.
  • Bigger Is Better in Bed: He has a 9 inch long penis. According to his website, anyway.
  • Bound and Gagged: In the C Option ending.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Weston thought that because he's so rich and powerful, he could screw Franklin and Trevor out of payment for a job and then put out a hit on Michael without retaliation. In Ending C, he was wrong.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Devin has absolutely no loyalty to anybody. He refuses to pay Franklin, Trevor and Lamar for stealing the high-end cars. He tries to screw both Michael and Solomon Richards by shutting down their movie before it finishes. He even admits that he consider Steve Haines to be a "clown" and in Ending B he gets Steve fired from the FIB. In Ending C, this is Deconstructed since Franklin, Michael and Trevor decide that enough is enough and end up putting him down. Additionally, his lack of genuine loyalty to anyone means that all his remaining connections just lets the protagonists get away with killing him since even they were sick of him.
  • Clasp Your Hands If You Deceive: His profile photo on his LifeInvader and Bleeter has him doing the "namaste" greeting pose. It makes him look more sinister and megalomaniacal than anything else.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: We don't see any of it, but his introduction in the mission "By the Book" makes it pretty clear that he's just had a go at torturing FIB captive "Mr. K", for shits and giggles.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Why let little things like morality and legality get in the way of a quick buck?
  • Dirty Coward: Most obvious when Trevor kidnaps him in the "Deathwish" ending. At first he tries to bargain with Trevor, offering him money and employment in exchange for his life. He grows exceedingly desperate when it begins to dawn on him Trevor isn't the type to spare someone he hates.
  • Dying Declaration of Hate: At the denouement of Ending C, Bound and Gagged and mere minutes away from being thrown to his death off the cliffs of Paleto Bay, Devin can only mutter out a muffled, impotent fuck-you to Franklin as the latter taunts him over not only having defied his orders to have Michael killed, but even teaming up with both Michael and Trevor to completely screw him over.
  • Eccentric Millionaire: A rather dark version.
  • Establishing Character Moment: He's first seen having just happily tortured an FIB captive for fun.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Subverted. While he genuinely is pissed at Michael for Molly's death, he didn't actually care about her, and is only upset at losing a valuable asset.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Or more like jet black cannot comprehend dark gray. He thought he could goad Franklin into killing Michael in exchange for taking all the heat off his ass, just as Haines tried to browbeat him into killing Trevor. If you pick Option C, Franklin can prove him and Haines spectacularly wrong by not only reconciling with Michael and Trevor, and the trio then proceed to destroy their enemies.
  • Fatal Flaw: His ego. Devin believes himself to be completely invincible to the point where he screws over many of his connections in favor of keeping/making more money. Also, he gloats about it to the point of being really annoying. So when he tries screwing over the player characters he is just asking to be thrown off a cliff. Michael even lampshades this in a "The Reason You Suck" Speech in Ending C.
    Michael: You paid a private company to do your dirty work for you. And then you underpaid that company because you thought you were big enough and bad enough that you didn't have to play by the rules.
  • Faux Affably Evil: He is flamboyant, eccentric, funny, and has a great ability to make others trust him. However, he's an utter prick in every single way.
  • Fiction 500: The list of his significant holdings on his website includes virtually every major brand in the GTA 'verse, plus "the country of Greece."
  • Final Boss: While he is a Non-Action Big Bad, he is still the final major antagonist dealt with in the "Deathwish" ending.
  • For the Evulz: He's a billionaire, so the profits from running a hot car ring (even a high-end one) are a drop in the bucket compared to the money he already has, but it's fun, so why not? A lot of his actions come across as this, since he could just buy his way out of a lot of problems (including just paying for services rendered) but doesn't, mostly because he feels like being a dick.
  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: He wears glasses, but only in the scene where he tells Michael he sent his goons after Amanda and Tracey.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Apparently, even Donald Percival, head of Merryweather, doesn't think too highly of him, if Franklin is right in his statement that Devin overestimates his role in Merryweather so much he underpays any agent unlucky enough to work for him. In fact, in one post-credits scene following Ending C, Donald even texts Michael, expressing some gratitude for getting rid of Devin and offering to bury the hatchet. Molly Schultz seems to like Devin, in more ways than one, and Steve Haines calls him "a good friend", but that's about it.
  • Hate Sink: Like Steve Haines, he's one of the most despicable characters of the GTA series. Sure, there's a lot of jerkasses around, but he's so narcissistic and obnoxious that he manages to attract a certain level of hatred, both in-universe and out. He is also a Dirty Coward who betrays just about everyone and has pulled a lot of jerk moves on Franklin and Michael. He only gets worse when he sends Merryweather to Michael's family. And when he's killed off for good in Ending C, nobody even gave a damn about him as the protagonists face no consequences for their involvement in his murder, the FIB simply labels him as "missing" when his body doesn't turn up, and most of his former allies seem to be glad that he's gone.
  • Hypocrite: When Lester discovers that Weston owns 11% of Merryweather Security, he will comment on how amusing it is that a "pseudo-liberal" like Weston would be a major shareholder in a Private Military Corporation.
    • He also thinks that he can persuade Franklin to turn on and kill Michael by implying that Michael would betray him eventually, even after Devin stiffed Franklin on the car job.
  • It's All About Me: As Devin himself says in a Bleet, "Before you ask, I follow no one. Humility is for the humble". Steve Haines calls him a friend, but late in the game, Devin blows him off as a "clown" he wouldn't even employ in one of his shopping malls. Devin does get really angry when Molly is killed, but it's clear that he only cared about her because she was a good lawyer, and the main reason he's pissed is because Michael "made a fool of him" (as he says if you call him right after "Legal Trouble").
  • It's Personal: When he asks Franklin to kill Michael due to the latter ruining one of his business ventures and inadvertently causing the death of his Number Two.
  • Jerkass: Oh boy, is he ever. After the first couple of meetings with him you'll be itching for one of the protagonists to kill him.
  • Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk: When Molly Schultz dies, he's absolutely furious, which may lead the player to believe he does have a heart, black though it might be. But as he later admits, he didn't really care for Molly as a person, he was just upset at losing her legal expertise.
  • Karma Houdini: He gets off with no negative consequences in the "Kill Trevor" and "Kill Michael" endings.
  • Karmic Death: In the "Deathwish" ending, he dies within the trunk of one of his many luxury cars and at the hands of people he either screwed over in the past or tried to kill.
  • Kick the Dog: Has a lot of these moments.
  • Killed Off for Real: Only in the "Deathwish" ending where he's locked in the trunk of his car and pushed off a cliff.
  • Laughably Evil: He's fairly entertaining despite ultimately being a really repulsive man.
  • Large Ham: He's always very energetic and larger-than-life, even when he's angry. Perhaps the best example is when he shows up at Franklin's house and presents the Sadistic Choice, introducing himself with "Hey Slick, it's me!" in a really hammy fashion, and presenting Franklin's options as if he were a game show host.
  • Lonely at the Top: Besides his Hopeless Suitor and Dragon Molly Schultz and his equally deplorable "good friend" Steve Haines, nobody appears to care for Weston very much. After his death in the "Deathwish" ending, the protagonists face no consequences for their involvement in his murder, the FIB simply labels him as "missing" when his body doesn't turn up, and most of his former allies seem to be glad that he's gone.
  • Man of Wealth and Taste: Weston shows up in one mission wearing a tuxedo before boarding a private jet. He is also an enthusiast for very rare exotic cars. Considering that previous GTA villains have been either crime lords or corrupt law enforcement officials, Weston's status as a well-connected billionaire businessman with his own private army makes him seem more like a James Bond villain than a Grand Theft Auto villain.
  • Millionaire Playboy: He loves to brag about his sexual conquests, both on his website and his LifeInvader page.
  • Money Is Not Power: He acts like it is all the time, and to be fair he does have his own small army of mercs in the Merryweather company. Then Trevor goes One-Man Army on his estate, kills his guards, then kidnaps him. Suddenly all the money in the world can't save him from the wrath of the three protagonists...
  • The Nicknamer: He addresses almost everybody as "Slick", usually to make them feel like his friends or to belittle them. During ending C, Trevor has a lot of fun calling him "Slick" in return during the trunk ride just to drive the point of how fucked he is.
  • Non-Action Big Bad: The closest the player gets to actually fighting him is when Trevor attacks his property and kills his Merryweather guards, in the C ending.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: All his humorous quirks go out the window when he sics a squad of Merryweather hitmen after Michael's family, borderlining on OOC Is Serious Business.
  • Pretty Fly for a White Guy: He definitely comes off as this in his interactions towards Franklin and Lamar, to the point of being condescending and borderline racist.
  • Private Military Contractors: Owns significant shares in Merryweather which entitles him to employ contingents of them as his own personal army.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Very immature, usually coming across less like a respectable businessman and more like a teenage boy who just happens to have a lot of wealth and power. It's even evident on his website, which boasts about how big his dick is. And then there's his tendency to basically throw a temper tantrum when he doesn't get his way.
  • Punk in the Trunk: In the C Ending.
  • Revenge by Proxy: Following the ruination of one of his schemes and the death of his dragon, Weston sends Merryweather goons to kill Michael's family.
  • Sadistic Choice: The final mission is triggered by Devin showing up at Franklin's house and essentially giving him three options: A, kill Trevor for Steve Haines; B, kill Michael for him; or C, "try and be really stupid and save those two idiot mentors of yours, and have everybody in the goddamn state crawlin' up your ass". (Needless to say, Devin presents option B as the way to go.) Depending on Franklin's choice, Devin either doesn't get what he wanted but still gets away with everything, gets exactly what he wanted, or pays dearly for ever messing with Franklin, Michael and Trevor in the first place.
    • Franklin secretly alludes the option C by insulting Devin Weston angrily, when Devin is going out for a triathlon.
      Franklin: Man, you know what? *opens door* Man, fuck you.
      Devin: Genius answer, pal. Total genius, but time is running. You think about it. Me? I got a triathlon coming up, and I am in deep training. Buh-bye!
      Franklin: Man, fuck you!
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: See his character quote. That being said, he seems to rely more on his other defining aspect (see directly below), as despite his wealth, actually paying the protagonists off never seems to occur to him.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!: Claims the President lets him finger his wife. In fact, this is why he's confident Franklin will be intimidated by him instead of the FIB. This is also how he initially got Michael to work for him in the first place, by introducing Michael to one of his Vinewood idols.
    • However, as is implied by the "Deathwish" ending, it seems that Devin doesn't have as many connections as he thought, since none of the protagonists ever face repercussions for their role in his death, the police and FIB simply label him as disappeared when his body doesn't turn up and don't carry out any further investigations and his closest ally, Don Percival of Merryweather, is glad to see him gone so he can buy out his shares at a low price.
    • Of course, that tends to happen when you make your connections via money, coercion and blackmail, as opposed to inspiring loyalty. Once you can no longer pay people, or keep them under your thumb, they have little reason to remain "loyal".
  • Shadow Archetype: To Michael, representing what he could become if he lets his treacherous tendencies overwhelm his good sense and redeeming qualities.
  • Smug Snake: He's an obnoxious ass who treats everyone like dirt and believes that all of his problems can be solved through either his money or his connections. Once he's faced with people who can't be bought or intimidated by these things, like Trevor for example, he goes down easy.
  • The Sociopath: Less so than Steve Haines, but it's still there.
  • Spoiled Brat: It's very, very obvious that it's been a long time since he hasn't had everything he wanted handed to him on a silver platter. It doesn't even occur to him that anyone (even badasses like the protagonists) would actually stand up to him and, when they do, he responds with temper tantrums.
  • Trrrilling Rrrs: Does this when he meets Trevor at the beginning of "I Fought the Law". "Ah, you must be the crrrreepy one!"
  • Undignified Death: Very much in ending C. He's kidnapped by Trevor, specifically by being Bound and Gagged and forced into the trunk of his car. Trevor drives the captive Weston to a cliff where he meets with Franklin and Michael, who open the trunk just to mock the terrified man for thinking he could get away with all the shit he pulled. Following this, his car is pushed off the cliff, Weston still in the trunk, which explodes upon contacting with rocks below, finishing him off once and for good.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: After Franklin puts in the time and effort to steal all of the cars Weston had asked for, instead of paying him, Weston puts all of the payment in an account which only Weston has access to.
  • Villain Ball: He screws Franklin, Trevor, and Lamar out of their cuts from the hot car deal for no particular reason other than that he can (and because it gives them a reason to dislike him). To top it off, Michael initially supports Weston's decision and tells Franklin that he and co. will get their money eventually, and then Weston promptly tries to screw Michael and Solomon Richards over.
  • Villain Has a Point: It's hard to argue with his claim that the fallout from being an associate of Michael and Trevor will be trouble for Franklin.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: It's implied that he has a strong public image, despite being a flat out asshole.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Slips into this as he realizes that he can't negotiate with Trevor. After being stuffed in the trunk of his car, he tries to offer Trevor money, power and a high position in his company. Trevor's response? Insult Devin for thinking that "rational" offers can placate an "Irrational" guy like him who just really wants to kill the bastard.
  • Villainous Friendship: With Steve Haines. They're very chummy with each other in their only appearance on-screen together at the beginning of "By the Book", and it's strongly implied that a big reason Devin is so untouchable is because of his relationship with Steve and the FIB. However, while Steve seems to genuinely like Devin, Devin later blows Steve off to Franklin as a "clown" he wouldn't employ in one of his shopping malls, further driving home his whole attitude.
  • Villains Want Mercy: After being stuffed in the trunk of his car, he tries to reason with Trevor, but Trevor simply ignores him. Trevor drives the captive Weston to a cliff where he meets with Franklin and Michael, who open the trunk just to mock the terrified man for thinking he could get away with all the shit he pulled. Following this, his car is pushed off the cliff, Weston still in the trunk, which explodes upon contacting with rocks below, finishing him off once and for good.
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?: Directed at Devin, that is. He only ever appears with one or two bodyguards (who aren't Merryweather PMCs, but plainclothes security guards), sometimes not even that. The only reason Franklin and especially Trevor don't plug him is because of his connections. Come the ending C postgame, it turns out they probably would have gotten away with it at any point.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Downplayed. Post-Ending B Devin tells Franklin that he's no longer useful but he doesn't have Franklin killed, instead he leaves Franklin with a parting insult and cuts off all contact with him.

    Molly Schultz

Voiced by: Elizabeth Mason

The Senior Vice President and General Counsel to Devin Weston's businesses who acts as the corrupt billionaire's right-hand woman.

  • Amoral Attorney: Pretty unavoidable, considering her client is Devin Weston.
  • Brainy Brunette: Her knowledge of the law and her boss's business gives her the edge to exploit them to Devin's satisfaction.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Getting sucked into a jet turbine and being reduced to nothing but a severed hand and a bunch of gore splattered on the floor is a really nasty way to go, especially for someone who wasn't really all that villainous.
  • The Dragon: To Weston.
  • Drives Like Crazy: Holy shit, does she drive like a maniac trying get away from Michael at the airport. She weaves around active airplanes (including one that's landing at the airstrip) to shake him off, which gets most of her police escorts killed and she drives so insanely fast that Michael can barely keep up with her. It gets so bad that the police go from escorting her to trying to arrest her just so she can just stop driving. She makes Trevor, who has the lowest starting driving stat, and by extension, the player, look like professional drivers.
  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: It adds to her demeanor as a cold lackey to a corrupt businessman.
  • Girl Friday: Pretty much dotes on Devin without question.
  • Hello, Attorney!: Quite easy on the eyes.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: She's much more logical and down-to-earth than her quirky boss.
  • Hysterical Woman: Has a gigantic Freak Out when she sees Michael is chasing after her, probably for good reason... And runs right in front of a running plane turbine trying to get away from him.
  • Ignored Enamored Underling: Franklin also believes that her boss will never return her affection, which is also shown to be true if Michael calls Devin right after her death. He apathetically states that "Legal counsels come and go." and is more annoyed that Michael actually stood up to him and ruined his plans for the studio.
  • Satellite Character: She has very little characterization outside of being Devin Weston's Girl Friday, other than being an efficient lawyer who seems to be in love with her boss. Her profile page on Devin's website even says outright that she has no hobbies outside of working for Devin.
  • Sexy Secretary: She fulfills the same narrative role despite being Devin's lawyer.
  • Smug Snake: Albeit not as bad as her boss. She acts calm, collected and condescending in most of her appearances, but as soon as she's faced with actual danger she flips her shit.
  • Subordinate Excuse: Franklin believes she's in love with Weston and the reason she works so hard is to impress him. The evasive way she responds lends some credence to this, as do the comments she leaves on his LifeInvader wall.
  • Too Dumb to Live: It's probably not a good idea to run in front of an active plane turbine...
    • It's a wonder she got that far, what with her driving extremely fast and recklessly around moving jumbo jets, getting at least a few members of her police escort killed. It's no surprise that said cops went from trying to escort her to trying to arrest her.
    • And on top of that, the only reason she died in the first place was she was trying to escape from Micheal under the assumption that he was coming to kill her instead of just taking back the film reel she stole.
  • Turbine Blender: Her fate when running away from Michael. There is no Gory Discretion Shot by the way. What is left of her could be cleaned up with a mop.
  • White-Collar Crime: While being chased by Michael, she'll yell at the police to apprehend him, stating that she only does white collar crime while he's a "real" criminal.


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