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Here are the characters that appeared in Dimensional Chaser. Tropes regarding the Grand Chase in the original games go here.

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Dimensional Chaser New Characters

"Sword Saint in Training"
Voiced by: Sim-Kyu Hyuk (KR), Kōhei Amasaki (JP)
Type: Assault

One of two starting heroes. He lived in Abbey in Kricktria and one of two students of Grandiel, however, he is lazy on studies and prefers using a sword and aims to be a Sword Saint.

  • Becoming the Boast: When he is fully evolved, Kyle's outfit is called "Sword Saint".
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Kyle has a strong moral center and the innate ability to do anything well if he wants to. Emphasis on the "if"—he lacks interest in studying, so he finds learning magic to be impossible, in sharp contrast to his interest in being a Master Swordsman, which shows when he focused on and improved his stance just from being told that his movements are too big.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: He received one in Abbey where Belile defeated him in one blow, though he survived, not without side-effects, however. He returned the favor in their second encounter in the Forest of Life when Nephilim possessed Kyle and defeated Belile in one strike. The demon managed to escape, however, yet he is badly injured.
  • Darker and Edgier: In Underworld, he becomes Dark Kyle when he got exposed to Tristan's memory-restoring energy. He starts seeing Cindy as Baldinar's deceased-lover and when he became Dark Kyle, he overflows with Astaroth's energy that Sieghart attempted to murder him on the spot.
  • Farm Boy: He and Cindy are raised in Abbey, a mountain village. Upon reaching Elyos through the Demon World Station at the beginning of the Crimson River chapter, he amazed by it and acted like a country bumpkin so much to Ley's chagrin.
    Ley: Stop that! You look like some farm boy who just seen the entrance of the station.
    Kyle: But I AM a farm boy.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Kyle personally prefers using a sword because he thinks it is cooler than using magic.
  • Heroic Wannabe: Always speak out loud at how he wants to be the Sword Saint and often had the It's All About Me mentality in regards to several situations, much to the chagrin of everyone else.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: At least to the people back at his hometown. Mandragora, Pepe, and Rocco all collectively hate him. Kyle doesn't really care though.
  • Idiot Hero: Kyle is introduced in Dimensional Chaser as this trope to a T, along with a lot of Fearless Fool. In journeying with the Grand Chase across the dimensions, however, he starts to wisen up to actual threats, improve his swordsmanship, and Know When to Fold 'Em despite still retaining his narcissistic behaviour.
  • Living Macguffin: The Kounat chapter reveals he is a clone of Baldinar who contains one of his soul fragments and one of the only two missing to complete Baldinar's ascension to True Creator.
  • Moveset Clone: Subverted, in that one of his Active Skills is named Critical X, which is functionally similar to one of Elesis's signature skills in the original game, though strangely it has a similar animation with Elesis's Mega Slash skill instead, and is functionally different from Elesis's own Critical X skill in Dimensional Chaser.
  • Multicolored Hair: His hair is orange in front and brown behind.
  • Power Tattoo: He had been hiding some strange tattoo and when everyone found out about it, he acted like a Chuunibyou. This is later revealed to have been Kyle slowly dying because he has yet to completely heal from the injuries he received from Belile and Marjoram's curse, he is only able to make a full recovery after Nephilim decided to aid him.
  • Running Gag: Played for Drama in Kounat, when both Elesis and Kanavan remarked on separate occasions that his movements in combat are too big. He takes their common advice in stride and used it to improve his technique, which surprises Cindy since she has never seen him refine his skills that intensely.
  • Secret Art: Kyle developed his own variation of Critical X, an attacking move that was rediscovered by Elscud and passed down to Elesis. However, his variation is based on Grandiel's description of the move, thus it is imperfect; neither Elesis nor Elscud think too highly of it, although in one of Elesis's Likability side stories, Elscud appreciates the amount of effort Kyle took to develop his own variation of the move.
  • Stepford Smiler: If his attempts to hide the tattoo is any indication or hiding his condition from the group all the way to the tree of life.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: Downplayed in that he pales in comparison only to the likes of Elesis, Kanavan, and Elscud. During the events in Kounat, all of them have provided constructive (if sometimes cryptic) feedback on shortcomings in his techniques, but it is quite telling that their comments overlap (Elesis and Kanavan feel that Kyle's movements are too big, and the two Siegharts are not too impressed with his variation of Critical X), yet none of them have ever dissuaded him from taking up the sword as his fighting style.
  • Vague Age: He and Cindy look younger than most of the Grand Chase. However, they are "born" before the Kounat Explosion, miraculously survived it, and then raised by Grandiel within the Wizard's Labyrinth until they settled in Kricktria. They are at least 12 years younger than fellow Kounat escapee Mari.

Model Student
"Grandiel's Apprentice Magician"
Voiced by: Park-Go Woon (KR), Kaede Hondo (JP)
Type: Mage

The other starting hero. She is born in Abbey and became Grandiel's students and unlike Kyle, she is a genius magician. She routinely nags Kyle for his crazy antics.

Grand Chase

    In General 
The titular group of heroes, the Grand Chase started out as Power Trio of heroines hailing from different sides of the Bermesiah continent in the world of Aernas, tasked by the Queen of Serdin to pursue the evil witch Kaze'aze, who had instigated a bloody and devastating war between the Kingdoms of Serdin and Kanavan. Following Kaze'aze's first defeat, the Chase faced down other threats to Aernas, and grew into a band of diverse and highly skilled warriors as a result.

The prophecy of the Twelve Disciples supposedly revolves around twelve members of the Chase, who would sacrifice their lives in the process of stopping the Asmodian, Veigas Terre, from destroying Aernas, and ensuring lasting peace. This prophecy's connection to the Chase was ultimately disproved, and revealed to be a front for Kaze'aze's return as a stronger being.

After their final encounter with Kaze'aze at the Tower of Disappearance in the original game, the Chase was swallowed by a dimensional chasm that opened at the center of the tower, and ended up in a dimensional gap, where they faced a massive army of Asmodians in battle, which ended abruptly when the leader of the Asmodians, Belile, and Grand Chase's leader, Elesis, directly clashed with two extremely powerful attacks, causing an explosion that scattered the members of the Chase across multiple dimensions, kicking off the plot of Dimensional Chaser.

  • Badass Crew: This is the team that has saved Aernas countless times in their Origin Story from everything that the forces of evil sent to destroy the world, and it shows—all characters who were once part of the Chase in the original game, permanent or temporary regardless, are SR Rank heroes at their base level, the highest hero rarity in the game, and thus putting them on a starting level that outclasses virtually every other character in Dimensional Chaser.
  • Bag of Spilling:
    • In-universe example: Several members of the Chase experienced difficulty wielding their weapons in the dimensional gap. As it turns out, dimensional travel causes side-effects, including temporary depowerment.
    • Meta-example: in the original game, aside from having multiple attacks, each character had at least 10 to 20 skills to choose from. In addition, most of them changed weapons across job advancements. In Dimensional Chaser, they are reduced to 2 active skills, a passive skill and a Limit Break. They are also no longer Multi-Melee Master or Multi-Ranged Master like they used to be.
  • Beauty, Brains, and Brawn: The original trio with Lire as the beauty who is the most feminine and acts as the mediator, Arme as the brains being a (self-proclaimed) genius magician, and Elesis as the brawn being a warmongering Lady of War.
  • Calling Your Attacks: Most of them yell their skill names at random chance but only do so if the skill triggers a maximization. They are the only playable heroes who do it, however.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Like in the original game, each of the Chase members has their designated color scheme.
  • Depower: The loss of power as a side-effect of dimensional travel is a Drama-Preserving Handicap for many members of the Chase, who have never travelled between dimensions during their adventures back in the original game. There are notable exceptions, such as Rufus, who may have done it previously, being able to go toe-to-toe solo with Decanee after she delivered a Curb-Stomp Battle to Arme, Lass, Ronan, Ryan, Grandiel, Kyle, and Cindy, and Elesis, who likely learned how to travel between dimensions after The Reveal her father gave to her during their unseen fight at the Tower of Disappearance.
  • Disc-One Nuke: Because every member of the Chase starts at SR Rank, their base stats are extremely high compared to other heroes, even at base evolution level. Many of them are top-tier heroes in their respective type, so prioritising their growth, despite being costlier at the outset, gives more long-term returns as well as better Adventure progression.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: Downplayed; although most of the male members are blade-wielding Assault or Tank heroes, and many of the female members are ranged-oriented Ranger, Mage, or Healer heroes, there are exceptions: Rufus is a Ranger hero and attacks from afar, while Veigas and Grandiel are Mage and Healer heroes respectively who attack at range. At the other end of the spectrum, Elesis and Edel are Assault heroes who specialise in close-range attacks, while Lime, despite being a Healer, can also Drop the Hammer on enemies while simultaneously healing allies.
  • Party Scattering:
    • The prologue ends with the Chase scattered across multiple dimensions, with a considerable number of them being Put on a Bus:
      • Arme, Mari, Lass, Ronan, and Ryan are at Kricktria; Sieghart briefly appeared due to a summoning ritual Gone Horribly Wrong but then disappeared when he interrupted the ritual before it was completed.
      • Jin, Ley, and Amy were in Mouspia.
      • Lire has been moving around the dimensions on her own to look for Elesis.
      • Elesis herself was moving around the dimensions on her own to look for Elscud.
      • Rufus was with the Dimensional Traders' Kiwi and Apple, who move across dimensions as part of their duties.
      • Sieghart, Dio, Lime, and Zero were in Elyos.
      • Veigas was implied to have his rule overthrown in the Underworld and was trapped in Purgatory until Sieghart and Dio rescued him.
      • Rin, Asin, and Edel were sent back to Bermesiah.
      • Uno is unaccounted for.
    • Kyle and Cindy were separated from rest of the Chase upon entering the Time Rift in Kounat. However, they were shortly discovered by Ronan, Ley, Mari, and Lire, while Grandiel, Ryan, Lass, Jin, Arme, and Amy are in a separate group and had an off-screen encounter with Serdin before she comes to get the first group to join them.
  • Rare Random Drop: All of Grand Chase members are SR Rank heroes, which is the highest rarity rank in the game. Beyond guaranteed summons and rewards, obtaining any one of them from a summon or fusion is exceedingly rare.
  • Retcon: Dimensional Chaser's prologue does this to Episode &, which was intended to be the ending to the original game. In Episode &, the party scatters when Elesis orders Arme to teleport everyone to safety, while she faced down Elscud alone in a dimensional chasm at the center of the Tower of Disappearance, and arranged to meet up with the rest years later. In Dimensional Chaser, the entire Grand Chase fall into the dimensional gap that appeared in the Tower of Disappearance and were subsequently scattered when Elesis and Belile clashed directly—Elscud does not make an appearance until the Siege of Teroka is resolved. A promotional video released for Dimensional Chaser Hand Waves this by setting the prologue of Dimensional Chaser two years after the events at the Tower of Disappearance, implying that the events of Episode & did happen, and the events of Dimensional Chaser followed almost immediately after the conclusion of Episode &.
  • Sixth Ranger:
    • For their efforts in Putting the Band Back Together, Kyle and Cindy were given—and accepted—the offer to join the Grand Chase as they travel the dimensions in search of their other members and, later on, thwarting Decanee's plans.
    • Initially, Rufus, Zero, and Veigas did not consider themselves to be part of the Grand Chase; after the events in the Tower of Memory, Veigas is the only one maintaining this point of view.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: While this may seem obvious due to their name being in the game, this is actually downplayed as it takes several worlds for it to develop; for much of Kricktria, the game is played from Kyle and Cindy's perspective. It is only after Elesis rejoins the Grand Chase in Bright Forest that the perspective of the game starts to heavily shift towards the Grand Chase members, and even after that, there are still some parts of the plot where Kyle and Cindy take centerstage.
  • Strong and Skilled: Gameplay and Story Segregation aside, Dimensional Chaser portrays nearly all members of the Chase at the peak of their power, a culmination of the boxing lessons they took in the form of the first game.
  • Super Move Portrait Attack: While all higher rarity heroes do this when using their ultimate skill, the Grand Chase members (except Arme and Mari) have a second one that focuses on their eyes or face.
  • Walking Swimsuit Scene: A number of them have summer-themed Rare Avatars which depicts them in beachwear.

    Arme Glenstid
Violet Mage
Grand Mage 
Elemental Master (Limit Break) 
"Violet Mage Guild's Genius Magician"
Voiced by: Lee-Myung Hee (KR), Tomoyo Kurosawa (JP), Fernanda Bullara (BR)
Type: Mage

Born with magical powers far beyond her control, Arme was called the "Cursed Child" due to all the destruction she caused to her hometown. Her parents eventually had enough of her Power Incontinence and left her at the steps of the Violet Mage Academy, where she was raised by the teachers and mages of that organisation. Due to the faculty being a Parental Substitute, Arme grew up to be bright and cheerful despite Parental Abandonment. Although she was perceived by some to be Brilliant, but Lazy, this is (largely) due to a side-effect of her having such latent magical talents.

In Kingdom Year 1459, Arme was chosen to form the Grand Chase and pursue Kaze'aze. At Trial Forest, she met Elesis and Lire, the other two founding members of the Chase, and together, they had many adventures across the world of Aernas.

Arme was separated from the rest of the Chase during the clash between Elesis and Belile in the dimensional gap, and was transported to the forests near Abbey, where she was discovered in a comatose state and rescued by Kyle and Cindy from Rocco. Although Elesis remains the leader of the Grand Chase, this series of events resulted in Arme serving as the focal point for the Chase to fully reunite following the Party Scattering.

  • Alleged Lookalikes: Arme bears a striking resemblance to Amenias, the goddess of wisdom and harmony. Whether this is a coincidence or not remains to be seen.
  • Badass in Distress: Arme begins the prologue already comatose and had to be roused by Sieghart. Shortly after, she gets knocked out again when Elesis and Belile clashed, dropping her into the forests around Abbey, where she was discovered by Rocco and would likely have been taken away by him if not for Kyle's timely arrival. She remains out of action and largely incapable of fighting for the whole of Act 1 due to her injuries...which resulted in her almost surrendering herself to Belile, who had both her and Grandiel surrounded with nowhere to run.
  • Bag of Spilling: On top of the examples that apply to the Grand Chase as a whole, this trope applies specifically to Arme in one more way: she is introduced in the original game has being able to harness the powers of black and white magic at a young age, while her job advancements also give her mastery over the elements (ice, fire, and wind). Dimensional Chaser seems to retcon this backstory in favor of Arme being able to master the powers of elemental spirits when she was young, completely omitting any mention of her being able to use black and white magic, as well as changing the elements that Arme is able to control (fire, wind, sand, and water).
  • Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: She has tsukkomi moments in the Airship and Temple of Time portions of Mouspia towards Kyle, Jin and Ley's antics, mostly because the resident tsukkomi, Cindy, is temporarily absent there.
  • Black Mage: Arme is a straight-up offensive Mage hero, with all her skills focused on delivering as much hurt to the enemy as possible.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: If her in-game quotes are any indication, she actually has shades of this despite her backstory indicating she is Talented, but Trained. This could also be due to her having a Photographic Memory.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Purple hair with mostly purple eyes, although the latter also have occasional turquoise sparkles.
  • Death from Above: Two variations.
    • Flaming Meteor: Her Active Skill, Meteor, drops a few of these (or a single large one) on a small area, dealing high impact and residual burn damage over time.
    • Colony Drop: Her Special Skill, Planet Impact, drops an absolutely massive meteor onto the screen, with an appropriately large area of effect. This skill does damage equal to nearly 15x her Magic Attack stat, which is enough to one-shot most regular mooks.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Chaining Arme's other skills to her second Active Skill, Blizzard Storm, can be challenging to consistently pull off since all of Arme's skills consume moderate amounts of SP, but executing it properly allows her to deliver spectacular amounts of damage.
  • Does Not Like Spam: She does not handle spicy food well.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: In-universe, demonstrating any one of Playing with Fire, An Ice Person, or Shock and Awe is considered a huge achievement, and most mages either specialise in one of these three elements or another single element. Arme is the only hero whose Active, Special, and Chaser Skills are these three elements combined, and she can chain their effects into each other for insane alpha damage.
    • An Ice Person: One of her Active Skills, Blizzard Storm, creates an area of cold winds that damages enemies over time, slows their movement, and increases the damage they take.
    • Playing with Fire: Her other Active Skill, Meteor, not only drops fireballs on a target area but also leaves trails of fire at the impact area that do additional damage over time.
    • Shock and Awe: Her Passive Skill, Shockwave Force, which is depicted as a lightning bolt coursing through a block of ice, causes enemies slowed by Blizzard Storm to occasionally take extra damage when hit, while her Chaser Skill, Lightning Bolt, fires a short-ranged lightning bolt that does damage up to 21x her Magic Attack stat.
  • The Gift: Born with immense magic power and trained by some of the greatest magicians in Aernas, Arme subsequently harnessed her latent powers and used them in the service of the greater good.
  • Glass Cannon: This is a hallmark she carries over from the original game, having one of the highest DPS ratings, but falling quickly to attacks if she is not properly covered by a Healer, Tank, or Party Skill. This is exacerbated in that, unlike the original game, where she can at least cast a protective barrier to nullify some damage, she has nothing similar in Dimensional Chaser.
  • Idiot Hair: This one is a Mythology Gag to her base job in Grand Chase, where she also had (a much less obvious) one.
  • Kawaiiko: Downplayed compared to her appearance in Grand Chase, although she is still the self-proclaimed Cute Witch, and it reflects in her quotes and dress style.
  • Legendary Weapon: Arme's unique equipment, the Violet Mage Staff, is the strongest conduit of magic in the Violet Mage Academy, being an Amplifier Artifact.
  • Painfully Slow Projectile: Her normal attack is essentially her Magic Circle attack from Grand Chase coloured purple. It has a long attack animation, since Arme has to draw all five strokes of the star in the pentagram, as well as a very slow bullet speed, but it hits multiple times, has a limited area of effect (most normal attacks only hit one enemy), goes through enemies, and pushes them back a little.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Purple hair, purple eyes, and mostly purple outfits, and one of the most talented mages in Aernas, being capable of harnessing the powers of multiple elemental spirits simultaneously.
  • Sensei-chan: The backstory of her Time Instructor Premium Costume depicts Arme in an alternate continuity where she becomes a teacher in Violet Mage Academy. She was largely ignored by her students for overrunning her lessons into lunchtime until an accident occurred, which resulted in many summoned monsters rampaging. The same students who ignored her tried to stop one of the monsters, but their magic attacks did nothing against it, and they stood a serious chance of being killed if not for Arme, who arrived on the scene in the nick of time, and one-shot the monster by freezing it solid with a concentrated Blizzard Storm. Amusingly, Arme showed traces of the Genius Ditz, because she did not realise how impressive being able to focus all the power of an area spell onto a single target was to the students, who had a newfound respect for her.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Elesis, and the feeling is mutual. Despite the both of them frequently arguing with each other like there is no tomorrow, deep down, both of them know that they can rely on each other in times of need. This is reinforced by the indication of their Connection relationship, which is "Very Close" for the both of them.

    Mari Ming Onette
Magic Engineer 
Artes Machina (Limit Break) 
"Ancient Kingdom's Last Princess"
Voiced by: Lee-Ji Young (KR), Ari Ozawa (JP), Jussara Marques (BR)
Type: Mage

Born from the ancient Kounat Kingdom's royalty being the daughter of its last king's brother, Mari is a survivor of the kingdom after it got destroyed by an explosion caused by a failed attempt by Minister Baldinar to control the Aernas Hammer. She joined the Grand Chase when she crossed paths with them to find a way to restore her kingdom. She is one of the Twelve Disciples.

After disappearing like the other Chase members, she is found when she saved Kyle and co. from the hands of mad scientist Merken in Beroiah and turns out to be the professor who created Lydia's invisibility potion.

  • Absolute Cleavage: In the closed beta version of her upgraded form, she exposes a lot of her front like Decanee's. This is changed in the official launch as it is very out of character for Mari.
  • Badass Bookworm: She wears glasses and carries a book for the part.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: She is barefooted in her Magic Engineer form, though she is levitating anyway.
  • Magitek: Mari is a technology-based hero but she summons her gadgets through magic.
  • Meganekko: She wears a pair of glasses like she did in the original game.
  • Mismatched Eyes: Her eyes are red and blue, this is due to her being a celestial. She refers to them as "Odd Eye".
  • Kill Sat: She has one which she commands in her ultimate skill Eraser to fire a laser from space to deal high magic damage. She gains another one with her Chaser Skill, Deadly Test.
  • Living Relic: She escaped her kingdom's destruction and had put to sleep for hundreds of years until she awakened in the time of Grand Chase.
  • Power Floats: She constantly levitates in her Magic Engineer form.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Her backstory states how she was born over 1500 years ago but was brought to the present to escape the destruction of her kingdom. Her official age is 14 but it was before the Kounat Explosion.
  • Rei Ayanami Expy: She is mostly emotionless and has a mysterious background.
  • Retcon: The manner how she ended up in present time in her backstory changed from "she had been put to sleep for hundreds of years" in the original game to "her escape pod flew through a time portal and sent to hundreds of years later" in the sequel.
  • Robot Buddy: She summons KORMET to assist in battle.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Mari is a princess from the Royal Family of Kounat and she is someone you do not want to mess with.
  • Semi-Divine: She is a Celestial.
  • Scary Shiny Glasses: One of her expressions is this.
  • Shock and Awe: Her Final Decision skill lays an electric field in a small area that deals damage over time and empowers KORMET with it.
  • Single Tear: Despite usually being The Stoic, Mari was moved by seeing the Kingdom of Kounat in all its glory to shed a single tear.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: What she realized in hoping to prevent the destruction of her kingdom when they had traveled back in time before said fate. They are days too late to prevent the Kounat Explosion and even if they somehow found a way, it would only lead to major consequences. However, it turns out that it's still possible to save her kingdom's people even if they can't save her kingdom.
  • Worf Had the Flu: Mari is prone to being debilitated by anything related to time travel or Kounat, and because Cindy usually helps her to recuperate, it means the main party ends up being two members down.
    • In the presence of an artifact that enabled time travel, Mari's latent powers triggered on their own, sending the rest of the Grand Chase into the future for a brief moment and sending her into a Power-Strain Blackout.
    • Grandiel's mention that the Great Explosion of Kounat must come to pass put her out of action for a while because she had to come to terms with and accept that her kingdom, and her homeland, must be destroyed for The Needs of the Many.

    Lass Isolet
First Blade (Limit Break) 
"The Silver Assassin with a Dark Past"
Voiced by: Kang Sue-jin (KR), Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (JP), Alfredo Rollo (BR)
Type: Assault

Lass is a half-demon born from a demon father and a human mother. He was abandoned by his mother after the ostracism she had taken, and he was found by a circus and used him as an attraction until the time his demonic powers awakened and destroyed the circus. He wandered Aernas, and learned the ways of assassination and founded the Assassin's Guild. However, Kaze'aze used him as a vessel until the Grand Chase defeated her and freed Lass from her control. Lass joined the Grand Chase to atone his dark past. He is one of the Twelve Disciples.

Lass briefly appeared in the prologue of Dimensional Chaser where he and others fought the demons appearing from a dimensional rift before disappearing. He found himself in the Imp Empire and he tracked the demons' actions until he is caught by a lamia and saved by Kyle and co. from it.

  • Badass in Distress: He was held captive by Nagia before Kyle and others saved him.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Being abandoned as a child, being an attraction of an evil circus and becoming a vessel of an evil witch, this guy sure had it rough.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: His ultimate skill Phantom Blade delivers rapid strikes to the enemies in the targeted area.
  • Everyone Is Related: He is Rufus's younger half-brother. Underworld chapter revealed that they are full brothers as their mothers happened to be the same person, with Lass's human mother being a reincarnation of Rufus' Haros mother.
  • Flash Step: His Laser Cutter skill.
  • Gender-Blender Name: Who would think a male character is named ''Lass''?note 
  • Half-Human Hybrid: He is half-human and half-Haros demon.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: His weapon of choice is a katana which based on his Striker job in the original game.
  • Master Swordsman: He is one of the best sword fighters among the Grand Chase when it comes to pure swordsmanship. Kyle once asked Lass to train him but Lass refused due to their difference of swordplay and instead referred him to Elesis.
  • Mystical White Hair: His white hair seems to have a connection with his Haros blood.
  • Sword Beam: His Giga Slash skill shoots sword energy.
  • Vague Age: While there are numerous members of the Grand Chase whose ages are unknown, this only applies to the demon characters. Lass is the only human note  whose age is unknown and it has been a question in the community for years.

    Ryan Woodguard
Nature's Guardian 
Mother Nature's Will (Limit Break) 
"The Druid, Nature's Guardian"
Voiced by: Hong Bum-ki (KR), Hiro Shimono (JP), Ulisses Bezerra (BR)
Type: Tank

Ryan is a young elf boy born from a tribe of elven druids. Picking up the tribe's passion on nature, he aspires to protect nature and when the Elven Forest in Eryuell Island is damaged upon the war instigated by Kaze'aze, he joined to Grand Chase to defeat forces of evil and protect more forests.

After disappearing from a dimensional rift like the other Chase members, he also ended up in Kricktria and he investigates the world's Forest of Life and meets with Kyle, Cindy and other Chase members they met.

  • An Axe to Grind: His weapon is a giant axe which is ironic for a nature guardian to wield such weapon used for chopping down trees.
  • Blow You Away: When in Nephilim form, his basic attacks change to gusts of wind.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different: His Halloween alternate costume is him as an exorcist werewolf who protects a village from the shadows.
  • Nature Hero: He is a dedicated protector of the forest and very friendly towards its creatures and fellow nature lovers, however, he shows no mercy towards anything that threatens nature, be it people, monster or invasive plant.
  • The Paladin: He is a tank unit who can also heal allies and himself. He can also form a link to his teammates that will transfer a part of their damage taken to himself. His ultimate skill Guardian Nephilim not only deals damage but also heals party members and increase their attack power.
  • Rockers Smash Guitars: In his band-themed costume where he is a guitarist. He trades his axe with a guitar which he both plays and smashes enemies with. Guitar-ax indeed.
  • Swiss Army Hero: In the original game, he can transform into a werewolf, a Nephilim or the druid champion Magnus Dan. However, in this game, he can transform into the Nephilim only (or the werewolf in his alternate costume).

    Ronan Erudon
Soldier of Kanavan 
Guardian (Limit Break) 
"General of Kanavan"
Voiced by: Ayumu Murase (JP)
Type: Tank

Ronan is the firstborn son of the Erudon family, one of the prestigious families of the Kanavan Kingdom where most Royal Guards hail from. He is the Royal Guard of the current queen of Kanavan who had been manipulated by Kaze'aze to declare war against the Serdin Kingdom. After freeing the queen with Serdin queen's help, Ronan tries to find who instigated the war until he crossed paths with the Grand Chase who happened to have the same goal. He is one of the Twelve Disciples.

After the dimensional rift incident, he is found by the heroes leading the Terokan soldiers in their defense against the demons' siege on the city.

  • And Man Grew Proud: Ronan describes the Kingdom of Kanavan as "a country of knights with a shining 1500 year history" to Kanavan, when the Grand Chase travelled back in time and rescued her from being executed. Keep in mind that this comes from the very same general who was brainwashed and fought a bloody and destructive war with the neighbouring Kingdom of Serdin, which Kanavan herself had also helped to build shortly after the Kingdom of Kanavan was founded.
  • Blade on a Stick: He uses a giant lance to attack enemies and weaken their magical defense.
  • Dracula: His alternate costume from Halloween event.
  • For Want of a Nail: Ronan's And Man Grew Proud description of the Kingdom of Kanavan to Kanavan herself, followed by him mentioning that she became the kingdom's first queen, caused her to fully drop her Screw Destiny stance, perform a series of actions that resulted in the Great Explosion of Kounat, and escape to Bermesiah to found the Kingdom of Kanavan, and assist Serdin in founding the Kingdom of Serdin.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: Ronan is very knightly especially when compared to fellow Kanavan knight Chase members Elesis and Sieghart who are more like warriors than knights. He wears armor in his upgraded form to play this more literally.
  • Magic Knight: He is skilled in both sword and magic. One of his jobs in the original game is named "Magic Knight".
  • No-Sell: He can grant the party temporary invulnerability and debuff immunity through his Magic Defender skill.
  • One Steve Limit: He shares the title "General" in his base form with Kanavan's base form.
  • Real Men Cook: He can cook, though he claims it is something that can be learned over time. This is also the only thing that Lass and Jin can say about him.
  • Retcon: He is implied to be killed or at least critically injured in the climax of Tower of Disappearance in the original game, though the sequel changed his fate to being gone missing like the rest of the Chase.
  • Stone Wall: While this trope is a given as he is a Tank hero, it is worth noting that his Sword Lancer Active Skill gives permanent Body Armor as Hit Points to all team members equal to a fraction of his (very high) health, essentially turning them into stone walls of their own respective hero types.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Literally.

    Rufus Wilde
Bounty Hunter
Soul Hunter 
Soul Reaper (Limit Break) 
"Bounty Hunter from Underworld"
Voiced by: Kosuke Toriumi (JP)
Type: Ranger

A bounty hunter hailed from the Haros tribe of demons in the Underworld. He was abandoned by his father who was a great hunter of souls. He resented him for this, yet aspires to become like him. He crossed paths with the Grand Chase as he got attracted toward some of their members, such as his half-brother Lass, and the soul of a demoness that escaped the Underworld and possessed Ley.

After the dimensional rift incident, he later works with the Dimensional Research Traders Kiwi and Apple. He appeared again in the Burning Canyon chapter.

  • Adaptational Dye Job: His complexion changed from demonic purplish on original game to lighter, more human-like one in the sequel.
  • Aloof Big Brother: He is this to Lass.
  • Everyone is Related: He is Lass's older half-brother.
  • Face–Heel Turn: He briefly turned against the Grand Chase in Underworld Train, though he became an ally again later on.
  • Guns Akimbo: He wields two guns in battle.
  • I Work Alone: He did not tag along with the heroes after he saved them and he prefers working by himself, most likely because Ley wasn't with them when he first meets them.
  • Kill Steal: He appeared in Siege of Teroka where he finishes off Turmeric when he attempted to retaliate on the heroes after they defeated him.
  • More Dakka: His ultimate skill has him barraging enemies using his arsenal of firearms.
  • Only in It for the Money: His original purpose as a bounty hunter is to hunt down souls that escaped the Underworld, though he accepts any other job should he get paid right for it.
  • Our Demons Are Different: He and other demon characters hailed from the Underworld lacks a demonic horn, unlike most Asmodian demons.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: His one eye is always covered by his hair.
  • Power Dyes Your Hair: His hair turns blonde on his Limit Break form.
  • Sixth Ranger: He is not officially a member of Grand Chase like in the original game. This changes after the events of the Tower of Memory Epilogue.

    Ercnard Sieghart
Legendary Swordsman 
Prime Knight (Limit Break) 
"History's Legendary Genius Gladiator"
Voiced by: Junji Majima (JP)
Type: Assault

Simply referred to as Sieghart. A legendary gladiator of Kanavan descended from the founder of Red Knights Eckhart Sieghart and an ancestor of Elesis. He is famed for defeating 100 goblins in one night and the event became a tale told to children. However, he mysteriously disappeared when he is sent to investigate the ruins of the ancient kingdom of Kounat. It turns out he was killed by powerful monsters on his way to the ruins, though the Highlander gods found the dying Sieghart and revived him to be one of them. However, the Highlanders are found by the evil Astaroth and they are massacred, leaving no one surviving except Sieghart who was not with them at that time. Finding out about this, Sieghart vowed to avenge them and wandered Aernas for hundreds of years until he meets the Grand Chase and his descendant Elesis. He is one of the Twelve Disciples.

After the dimensional rift incident, he briefly appeared in the Chilly Mines in Kricktria where he is accidentally summoned by sorcerers in their attempt to summon Balzac, though he disappeared shortly when he killed his summoners before they completed the ritual. He is encountered again in Elyos in the Crimson River chapter.

  • Art Evolution: His artwork's proportions are adjusted in later releases to match his Biseinen-ness.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: He used to be a human until the Highlander gods revived him by turning him into one of them.
  • Berserk Button: Astaroth. Feeling his energy from Dark Kyle alone makes Sieghart go rampage and want to kill him.
  • The Berserker: His true strength lies in his Rage.
  • Biseinen: Self-proclaimed a handsome guy despite his age.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: He is both a great fighter and a genius, however, he prefers lazing around and have others do the work for him.
  • Coat Cape: He wears his coat like a cape-like in his Gladiator job iteration in the original game.
  • Exact Words: When the demons keep chanting "Immortal being" in an attempt to summon Balzac, they accidentally summoned Sieghart instead, who is indeed an immortal.
  • It's All About Me: He is quite proud of himself and keeps talking how "perfect" he is. Arme refers to him as an "arrogant grandpa" or "mean old man" for that.
  • Last-Name Basis: He is referred by his last name. He even insists to be called "Sieghart" instead of his first name "Ercnard".
  • Launcher Move: His skill Grinding Punisher knocks enemies upward.
  • Living Forever Is Awesome: He keeps pointing out the perks of being immortal, and he even looks forward to the time he sees Elesis as an old grandma.
  • Old Soldier: Old gladiator, being a long-living ancestor of the Sieghart family and a major ass-kicker.
  • Really 700 Years Old: His profile states he is over 600 years old due to being a human-turned-god living hundreds of years before the time of Grand Chase.
  • Sole Survivor: He is the last Highlander god remaining after his fellow Highlanders are massacred by Astaroth.
  • Spin Attack: His skill Mortal Impact has him spin-slash enemies and gathers them in one spot.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: He is not really fond of cooperating with demons. After finding out the truth about Kyle, he also doesn't want him on his sight as much as possible.
  • That Man Is Dead: He claims the human named Ercnard Sieghart is long dead and he is now a Highlander named Sieghart.
  • Unstoppable Rage: He is normally cool and lazy but once he gets mad, things get bad. His in-game ability is also centered on his rage.

    Ley von Crimson River
Lady of Darkness 
Evil Lord (Limit Break) 
"The Demon World's Representative Summoner"
Voiced by: Lynn (JP)
Type: Mage

The current chief of the Crimson River tribe, one of the Asmodian demon tribes of Moderate faction opposing the Extremist faction tribes. Born with a weak body, her father desperately sought a wizard's help to save her. The only way to do so is a forbidden ritual which the soul of an ancient demoness who perished during the First Demon Wars, infused to the young Ley. During the time of her rule, the Extremist factions get stronger so she went to Aernas to find a fellow Moderate faction leader Dio who last seen there and she met the Grand Chase during her search.

After the incident in Tower of Disappearance, she ended up in Mouspia along with Jin.

  • Awesome Mc Coolname: Say, Ley von Crimson River.
  • Battle Butler: Her loyal butler Jeeves who she summons in combat.
  • Blood Knight: Ley loves the thrill and entertainment of battle.
  • Childhood Friends: With Dio. She even would bully him back in the day by putting him in a guillotine chokehold until he would pass out.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Along with Jin, Ley is a wanted criminal in Mouspia that her presence alone terrorizes the civilians in the Airship and tightens security. This is because she is simply a demon. The same happens again in Kounat that the citizens panic at seeing Ley, especially when Duel was found rampaging in the outskirts. Some of her own servants and the harpy leader in Burning Canyon all hates Ley for being a bully to them.
  • Horned Humanoid: Being an Asmodian, she has a horn although having only one makes her angsty about it.
  • Ill Girl: She was born with a very weak body until Oz and her father performed a forbidden ritual on her to extend her life and make her stronger.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Her base outfit doesn't leave much to the imagination. Downplayed in her Distinguished Lady of Darkness form and even further in her Evil Lord, however.
  • Lady of Black Magic: Offensive magic, sexy, elegant, and an heiress that comes from a prominent family, sums her up pretty nicely.
  • Noble Demon: Being a Moderate faction Asmodian, she is against the actions of Extremists who seek destruction. However, she is not as noble as Dio as she finds peace boring and casually blurts out stuff like "beat them up and torture".
  • Power Floats: Ley is levitating by default even back in the original game.
  • Puny Humans: Like most demons, she has low opinions towards humans though she is not malevolent and she does praise the ones who are worthy.
  • Rapidfire Fisticuffs: Jeeves's standard attack.
  • Summon Magic: In combat, she summons Jeeves and Haunt alongside the party.
  • Sharing a Body: Besides her own soul, the soul of the ancient demoness Edna Vervidad is within her after it was infused in her by a forbidden ritual.
  • Unrealistic Black Hole: Her ultimate skill Center of Gravity casts a black hole to suck enemies and explode.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: When she was younger, she liked to bully people by making them submit to wrestling holds. Dio was her favorite target.
  • You Remind Me of X: The mere sight of her to Duel reminds him of his long lost lover Edna, whose soul lies within Ley. In Underworld chapter, Edna's soul within Ley is awakened by Duel and the Grand Chase must save her in Tower of Memory Epilogue.

    Jin Kaien
Silver Land Fighter
Military Officer (Limit Break) 
"Silver Land's Martial Artist"
Voiced by: Showtaro Morikubo (JP)
Type: Tank

One of the Silver Knights, a band of martial artists that protects the Silver Land. Born without any God-given talent, he used his hard work and passion to gain strength to be able to become a Silver Knight. Unfortunately, its last leader Victor caused the demise of the knights and Jin is one of few left surviving. He crossed paths with the Grand Chase on their adventures to Silver Land and found him struggling to defend what is left on the knights. He is one of the Twelve Disciples.

After the incident of a dimensional rift in the Tower of Disappearance, he ends up in Mouspia along with Ley.

  • Bare-Fisted Monk: He fights using nothing but his fists.
  • Bare Your Midriff: His default form.
  • Does Not Like Spam: He dislikes beans and red pepper that much it ruins his mood every time he sees them on his food.
  • Fan Boy: He is a big fan of Amy even back in his Silver Knight days.
  • Fiery Redhead: His hair is crimson and his fighting spirit is always burning.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Along with Ley, Jin is a wanted criminal in Mouspia that his presence alone terrorizes the civilians in the Airship and tightens security. It is because of his connection with the Mouspia gang and with Ley herself being a demon.
  • Hot-Blooded: He's a red-haired hero who burns with passion.
  • Irony: He absolutely hates Thanatos the Ascendant God, yet his Limit Break form is based off Thanatos.
  • Playing with Fire: His attacks are imbued with ki flame bursts, and one of his skills buffs the party with an aura that allows them to shoot flames.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Red Oni to Asin's Blue. He is a straight-up heroic fighter, his martial art is mostly using his sheer power and his ki are fire-based, contrasting Asin.
  • Sole Survivor: He is the last Silver Knight remaining after Victor's betrayal.

    Amy Plie
Oracle Dancer
Idol Star 
Cosmic Fairy (Limit Break) 
"Silver Land's Top Idol"
Voiced by: M•A•O (JP), Kira Buckland (EN)
Type: Healer

Amy is a dancer and priestess once serving the Xenian gods. Born from Silver Land, she had the potential to become an Oracle of gods. She is also an idol who the Silver Knights are devoted to. However, dark forces appeared, spawned powerful monsters and corrupted the gods in Xenia. During the attack on Silver Knight, she travels north to Xenia to seek help from any uncorrupted Xenian god where she crossed paths with the Grand Chase who freed one of them from corruption. She is one of the Twelve Disciples.

She ended up in Temple of Time in Mouspia after getting separated from the rest of the Grand Chase where she infiltrated the Cult of Creators, though she cannot leave until Kyle, Arme, and Jin rescued her.

  • Deliberately Distressed Damsel: When the traders in Mouspia show the Grand Chase footage of Amy being held "captive" by Creator's Morning, Jin becomes worried, and the gathered members of the Chase set out to rescue her. Arme points out on several occasions, however, that Amy appeared to be enjoying the attention of the cultists. This suspicion was confirmed by Amy herself once the Chase infiltrated the cult and met her—it turns out that she infiltrated the cult to be a priestess because she has no place to go and she misses being idolized, although she cannot leave. Amy enjoys the act but she admits that it is not as interesting as being with the Grand Chase.
  • Genki Girl: The biggest one in the entire Grand Chase.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Hers are very long.
  • Gratuitous English: "Are you ready?!!"
  • Magic Idol Singer: She is an idol who sings and dance. Jin is one of her biggest fans.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Look at her page image.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her Cosmic Fairy form, her hair is so long it goes past her hips.
  • Rings of Death: Her weapon of choice is a pair of chakrams, which is what her Dancer job in the original game uses. However, her Healer class in-game makes her a ranged unit, contrasting her melee fighting style as Dancer.
  • Super Mode: Her Ultimate greatly buffs party with increased attack speed, cooldown reduction, SP gain and heals over time.
  • Support Party Member: Being a Healer unit, her skills are focused on healing and buffs.

    Lire Eryuell
Arch Ranger
Sun Piercer 
Divine Bow (Limit Break) 
"Eryuell Island's Peace-Loving Elf"
Voiced by: Maaya Uchida (JP), Kira Buckland (EN)
Type: Ranger

Lire is a member of the Elven Corps, a tribe of elves living on Eryuell Island who seek peace and avoid conflicts at all costs. These elves initially distanced themselves from the human war caused by Kaze'aze, but ultimately backed Queen Serdin's plan of forming the Grand Chase to pursue Kaze'aze by choosing to send one member of their tribe away from the island to be a founding member.

Despite resistance from her brother, who held a large influence over the Elven Corps and had hoped to dissuade her from doing otherwise, Lire volunteered to leave the island and be a founding member of the Grand Chase. Consequently, she travelled to Trial Forest, where she met Elesis and Arme, the other founding members of the Chase.

When the Chase was scattered following the clash between Elesis and Belile in the dimensional gap, Lire travelled the dimensions on her own, attempting to locate the former. Eventually, Lire got a lead on Elesis appearing at the Temple of Time in Mouspia and travelled there, appearing just in time to destroy a Temple Guardian that was battling the gathered members of the Chase. Subsequently, she rejoins the group.

  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Zigzagged, and overlaps with Mythology Gag. Although Lire's hair color in Grand Chase is usually bright yellow, it is pale blonde only when she advances to her third job, Arch Ranger. In Dimensional Chaser, Lire's design is based on the latter.
  • Alleged Lookalikes: Lire bears a striking resemblance to Lisnar, the Aernas creator goddess of love and spirits. Her name is based on this, but whether the similarities in appearance between her and Lisnar is more than a coincidence remains unknown.
  • Archer Archetype: Zigzagged; while Lire is a Long-Range Fighter and can move around on her own, she appreciates the company of others.
  • Big Damn Heroes: The Chase encounters a Temple Guardian in the Temple of Time at Mouspia which, after a severe beatdown, was not only still operational, but also gained enough speed to dodge all their attacks. Cue Lire making an off-screen Invocation and proceeding to one-shot it with her Improbable Aiming Skills.
  • Compliment Backfire: Lire does not respond well to being called "pretty", assuming that this is just the player's greeting to every girl they meet, and not an actual compliment.
  • The Heart: Just like the original game, Lire is the one who routinely (but not always) breaks squabbles between Elesis and Arme, and she is usually the one who chews them out for doing something she deems inappropriate. However, she is always concerned for the both of them, as well as the other members of the Grand Chase, and if she is aware of anyone who has sustained injuries in battle, she will usually treat those wounds during down-time.
  • The High Queen: In her Queen costume's backstory. In an alternate timeline where Lire returned from her journey with the Grand Chase, she aimed to have the elves to rise up as a recognizable race and eventually, an elven kingdom is established with her as the first ruler.
  • Hime Cut: Has her hair styled this way as opposed to the ponytail she had in the original game, but it is averted with her Pianist costume.
  • Interspecies Friendship: Lire has a pen pal in, of all people, Queen Serdin. The queen visits Eryuell Island annually, and because of Lire's and Myrielle's interest in the world beyond Eryuell, they often sent mail to her. Queen Serdin's responses gave both elves their first glimpse of the outside world, and in Lire's case, it also influenced her character and etiquette, but it also exacerbated her Genre Blindness when she left Eryuell.
  • Nice Girl: Among all the members of the Grand Chase, Lire is the friendliest. In the Power Trio that comprises her, Elesis, and Arme, she is The Heart.
  • Mythology Gag: Lire's appearance in Dimensional Chaser is based very heavily on her third job in Grand Chase (Arch Ranger), and even the title of her base outfit is this, right down to its name, with the only substantial difference being the regular-sized bow that she uses in Dimensional Chaser (as opposed to the Great Bow she wields as an Arch Ranger in the first game).
  • New Work, Recycled Graphics: The icon depicting Lire's Active Skill, Rapid Shot, is heavily based on the icon of Shooting Magnum, a skill used by her Expy, Rena, in Elsword. Interestingly, Rena also has a skill named Rapid Shot.
  • One-Hit Polykill: Lire's Special Skill, Big Shot, targets only one enemy on the screen and fires a single shot, as compared to her usual methods of attack. The shot itself, however, passes through and damages all enemies in its path, while often doing enough damage to the intended target to be a One-Hit Kill.
  • Rain of Arrows: Her Active Skill, Arrow Rain, pummels enemies in a small area with a shower of arrows and slows their movement.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Lire does not like bugs and ugly monsters.

    Elesis Sieghart
Captain of the Red Knights
Grand Chase Leader 
Ascendant Vanguard (Limit Break) 
Brave Blaze (Soul Imprint) 
"The Captain of the Red Knights & Grand Chase's Leader"
Voiced by: Yoon-Yeo Jin (KR), Rie Kugimiya (JP), Samira Fernandes (BR)
Type: Assault

The eldest daughter of the Sieghart family from Kanavan and the current leader of the Grand Chase, as well as Captain of the Red Knights. At the height of the war between Serdin and Bermesiah, her father, Elscud, was ordered by the Queen of Kanavan to pursue the instigator of the war, Kaze'aze, but he disappeared. Wanting her father back and receiving a request from the Queen of Serdin to form the Grand Chase to pursue Kaze'aze, Elesis travelled to Trial Forest, where she met Lire and Arme, the other two founding members of the Chase.

After clashing with the Asmodian Belile in the dimensional gap, causing the Party Scattering of the Chase, Elesis travelled the dimensions on her own in search of Elscud. At some point, she travelled to the Temple of Time in Mouspia, where she encountered Amy. However, Elesis left her there, informing the dancer that Arme would eventually come to fetch her. Elesis continued travelling the dimensions alone until she intervened during a battle between Elscud and the gathered members of the Chase at Bright Forest in Kounat, parrying a blow from Elscud meant for Kyle. Subsequently, she rejoins the Chase and resumes her role as its leader.

  • 24-Hour Armor: In-game lore mentions that she is always seen wearing her armor and sword.
  • Action Girl: She is one of the two close-combat-oriented female members of the Grand Chase, the other being Edel.
  • Alleged Lookalikes:
    • Elesis greatly resembles the war goddess Ernasis not only in looks, but also in fighting spirit.
    • While never explicitly mentioned, Elesis also bears a passing resemblance to Lire's childhood friend, Myrielle Ariaden, who shares a similar hairstyle and personality.
  • Badass Cape: Elesis wears a white one during the prologue of Dimensional Chaser, as well as a very short red one as part of her Grand Chase Leader outfit.
  • Badass Longcoat: Her Captain of the Red Knights outfit is based on her Savior job outfit in the original game, featuring a black ankle-length trenchcoat.
  • Badass Long Robe: Her Ascendant Vanguard outfit features a black ankle-length fur robe with much more elaborate trimmings and flare than the trenchcoat she wears as part of her Captain of the Red Knights outfit.
  • Big Damn Heroes: She stepped in when the Grand Chase is about to be defeated by Elscud, who then retreated when she crossed swords with him.
  • Blood Knight: Despite her more reserved demeanour compared to her personality in Grand Chase, she still likes intense battles and hates easy ones, and still has a desire to be stronger, not to mention that she still argues with Arme. Her attack and skill animations also portray the more violent aspects of her character quite well.
  • Brick Joke: Elesis first meets Kyle when he arrived in Kounat. After watching him in combat, she mentioned that his movements were too big. Guess what she tells him the next time they meet?
  • Calling the Old Man Out: In one of her final Likability side stories, it is revealed that, when she confronted Elscud in the Tower of Disappearance, she greeted him with a What the Hell, Hero? question of why he was with Kaze'aze. This leads into The Reveal Elscud gave her, whereupon they parted ways.
  • Companion Cube: If the backstory behind her Lunar New Clothes outfit is to be believed, Elesis really, really, really finds it awkward to move around without carrying some kind of sword; any sword, even an Ornamental Weapon, seems to provide a considerable degree of stability for her.
  • Cool Sword: Her unique equipment, Sword of the Red Knight, is also a Tragic Keepsake and Legendary Weapon, since it was the only gift she ever received from her father, and the sword itself can only be held by the Captain of the Red Knights.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Lampshaded in her quotes with a touch of Heroic Self-Deprecation on the matter.
    Elesis: What I'm good at other than sword fights? Nothing...
  • Dash Attack: All of Elesis's skills involve her charging into something, and either wrecking everything in her path, or wrecking everything around that thing.
  • Dimensional Traveler: Following the Party Scattering, Elesis travelled the dimensions on her own, in search of Elscud.
  • Expy: Her Dark Executor outfit's backstory is about an alternate scenario where Elesis turned into a vengeance-driven Anti-Hero after consuming darkness through a Despair Event Horizon, not too dissimilar to the backstory of her Elsword counterpart's Crimson Avenger class.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The outfit that Elesis wears during the prologue of Dimensional Chaser is similar to her Knight outfit in Grand Chase but with an extra Badass Cape. This is the only time Elesis is seen wearing this outfit; subsequent cutscenes portray her in her Captain of the Red Knights outfit.
  • Fiery Redhead: This is not very obvious in cutscenes and her quotes, but in battle, her Hot Bloodedness is just as red as her hair.
  • Flat Character: On the surface, especially compared to Lire and Arme, Elesis as a character is very flat, with much of her motivation stemming from her desire to find Elscud and surmount any challenge she encounters in the process. Exploration of her backstory, however, shows that beneath that veneer lies a yawning abyss of Hidden Depths that is tied to a lot of events in the universe, ultimately subverting this trope and making her more of a Rounded Character.
  • Heroic Lineage: Kanavan has a Connection link with Elesis, where it is revealed that Elesis hails from a family line that spans millennia. In Kanavan's time, Elesis's ancestor, Elrenius Sieghart, was a Frontline General who was very well known among the soldiers of Kounat for often leading the charge in battle despite being neither a Highlander nor immortal, as well as always Declining Promotion. Kanavan is impressed that, despite usually placing himself at great risk, Elrenius survived all the battles he took part in, and thus ensured that the Sieghart family line lasted through the ages, with Elesis being his modern-day descendant.
  • Heroic Second Wind: Her Passive Skill, Dauntless Leader, gives her the Berserker status when she falls, reviving her with a fraction of her health, giving her temporary invulnerability, and resetting all her skill cooldowns.
  • Idiot Hero: Not the sharpest mind of the team, but this is toned down in Dimensional Chaser as she can understand and accept why some things have to happen as they are foretold, but not all of it.
  • I Work Alone: After getting separated from the rest of the Chase, Elesis continued moving across the dimensions on her own. She actually met Amy in the Temple of Time, long before the other members of the Chase got there, but chose not to take her along.
  • The Leader: Although she occasionally does not consider herself to be an excellent leader, her headstrong attitude compels others, including typically antagonistic entities, to work with her and the Grand Chase for a common cause. For this reason, she is still considered by the Grand Chase as their leader even when much more powerful members joined them. This is also reflected in-game as her Passive Skill provides a party-wide, stacking attack boost whenever she uses any Skill, and it is lampshaded in one of her Likability side stories, where Zero mentioned feeling stronger just by looking at her perform Critical X.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Elesis's capability to strong-arm her way through armies cannot be overemphasised. As an Assault hero, she has inherently high Physical Attack, Physical Defense, and Health, but her unique skill sets add a mixture of crowd control, area-wide stun, personal Body Armor as Hit Points, party-wide attack boost, and single-use revive, giving her far more control over the battlefield than many other heroes in the Assault class. More often than not, when running her in your team, Elesis is capable of holding her own even without any support from your other team members. Her only real weakness is that she has no proper "ranged" attack—all her offensive Skills have very small areas of effect—although her ability to rush headlong into enemies before they can react offers a certain degree of coverage.
  • One-Handed Zweihänder: The size of Elesis's sword may vary a little depending on her outfits, but it always has the proportions of a two-handed sword. Elesis is sometimes shown swinging it around with one hand, but in serious fights, she actually swings it with both hands, usually when the blade is about to strike the target.
  • Rage Breaking Point: Learning that Elscud was the gate knight of the Underworld, a position reserved only for individuals who had twisted the fate of worlds in a bad way, was this for Elesis, causing her to start Suddenly SHOUTING! and subsequently (but respectfully) demand Hwarin to review the decisions that led to his fate.
  • Rapunzel Hair: She is shown with a hair length nearly equal to her height in her Ascendant Vanguard, Dark Executor, Summer Memory, and Knight of Valor outfits. If you take into account that Elesis usually keeps her hair in a Tomboyish Ponytail, it means her actual hair length is longer than she is tall.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Towards Lass, Ronan, and Edel, Elesis is the red to their blue, and not just in the literal sense.
    • Elesis is more of a bruiser in contrast to Lass's cleaner and more refined swordsmanship. She is also a straight up close-combat fighter, whereas Lass is an assassin first, fighter second.
    • Similar to her relationship with Lass, Elesis relies almost entirely on her strength and willpower in combat, whereas Ronan balances his swordplay with his knowledge of magic.
    • Elesis hails from Kanavan, while Edel hails from Serdin. The both of them also specialise in completely opposite forms of swordplay, with Elesis having a more brutal fighting style focused on dishing out as much raw hurt as possible (along with all the side-effects of taking a BFS to the face), and Edel specialising in lighter, targeted fencing strikes that do less damage but debilitate the enemy in other ways.
  • Revenge:
    • Following Elscud sacrificing his life on Kounat to take a blow from Decanee meant for her, Elesis decides she must avenge his death by putting an end to Decanee's plans once and for all.
    • Elesis's Dark Executor outfit runs much more heavily on this trope than the canon events of Dimensional Chaser, focusing on a continuity where A Wizard Did It and another Elesis Sieghart appeared in Kounat after the canon Elesis Sieghart was transported to the present. This Elesis dies beside Elscud's body when the Great Explosion of Kounat consumed her. However, with her dying cry of This Is Unforgivable!, Elesis crosses the Despair Event Horizon and taps into the powers of darkness just as the massive explosion tears through the border of time and space, resurrecting as a Damaged Soul whose only goal is to avenge Elscud's death by slaying Decanee, everyone else, herself included, be damned.
  • Secret Art: Elesis's Active Skill, Critical X, is this, being an obscure attacking skill that was rediscovered by Elscud and passed down to her. Sieghart calls it "the sword skill we Siegharts are proud of". Although Kyle and Zero have their own variations of Critical X, Elscud deems neither to be as "perfect" or "true" as the Critical X that Elesis uses.
  • Secret Keeper: It is heavily implied that Elesis is aware of certain events that are happening, or will happen, over the course of Dimensional Chaser, of which she got some foretelling from her father, Elscud, when she confronted him at the Tower of Disappearance in Episode &—in fact, it was Elscud himself who had forewarned her of the events that would transpire in the prologue, including her Party Scattering clash with Belile, which ultimately came to pass. However, due to a combination of reasons, including her inability to understand why certain things must happen, Elesis Cannot Spit It Out.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Her quotes, combined with her more stoic demeanor as compared to her straight-up Leeroy Jenkins behaviour in Grand Chase, hint that she is becoming increasingly burdened by the seemingly endless struggle against the forces of evil, and Elscud always being one step ahead of her; the latter is compounded by her lack of understanding over what Elscud intends to accomplish with his course of actions.
    Elesis: For how long will we have to struggle...
    Elesis: Where is he...
  • Sticks to the Back: Elesis's blade is usually stored in this position when she is not using it. While some sprites and outfit backstories describe how she is able to logically carry it on her back, this trope is played straight for the most part with no visible justification whatsoever.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: She behaves much less feminine compared to other female members of the Grand Chase. Even Edel, the other Action Girl among them, is more lady-like than Elesis.
  • Tomboyish Ponytail: Elesis sports a long ponytail, which she claims is due to her forgetting to cut her hair. This overlaps with Rapunzel Hair in her more advanced outfits.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Arme, and the feeling is mutual. The both of them have been arguing with each other since Grand Chase, and they are still going at it, but when push comes to shove, they can trust each other to make the right calls. In Elesis's case, it is worth noting that her relationship with Arme in Connection is the only one that is "very close", and that she describes Arme as her "longtime friend".
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: She is scared of ghosts. In fact, the only time Elesis is ever shown to falter during the events of Dimensional Chaser is when the Grand Chase had to travel through the cemetery of the Burning Canyon family, which was overrun by actual zombies and ghosts due to the machinations of Radical.

    Lime Serenity
Knight of Justice
Holy Order (Limit Break) 
"The Holy Knight Who Wields the Hammer of Justice"
Voiced by: Aina Suzuki (JP)
Type: Healer

Lime is a member of the Holy Knights, hailing from Great Roose, an island nation located near the continent of Bermesiah. The people of Great Roose are devout worshippers of the Creator. When the nation's ruler, Pope St. Constantino, sensed that evil forces and tribes from the Demon World were invading Bermesiah through several gates on the continent, he declared war on them, and sent the Holy Knights—Lime being one of them—to deal with the threat. The Holy Knights travelled to Bermesiah and succeeded in closing a few gates, but in the midst of a battle, Lime was separated from the rest of the knights and got lost. She wandered aimlessly across the continent until the Grand Chase encountered her by chance, whereupon she joined them on their adventures.

The Party Scattering clash in the Prologue between Elesis and Belile sent Lime to the Demon World, where she attempted to spread the grace of the Goddesses while waiting to be found by other members of the Chase. Naturally, this did not sit well with most of the Demon World's demons, who historically opposed the Goddesses, so she was imprisoned in Purgatory until Sieghart, Dio, and Veigas attempted to free as many prisoners as possible to start a revolt and weaken Heitaros's control of the dimension. Following the prison break, Lime accompanied the three men until they rejoined the gathered members of the Grand Chase, led by Elesis, in Burning Canyon's Mansion.

  • Badass Adorable: Lime may look like a Cute Clumsy Girl with permanent Blush Stickers, but woe betide if she swings her hammer in your general direction, because if it doesn't immediately hurt, her allies will metaphorically make it so.
  • Badass Cape: Her Holy Order outfit has a long flowing white cape that largely covers the backless part of her dress.
  • Battle Ballgown: She wears an armored dress in all of her standard outfits.
  • Blush Stickers: Exaggerated; while this is a hallmark she carries over from Grand Chase, her blush stickers in Dimensional Chaser are more distinct and somehow stick out from her cheeks.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Downplayed; although Lime fights competently with a hammer that has a head almost as large as her entire body, using it as both a conduit for spells as well as a more mundane weapon to smash things with, she often complains about it being heavy. Her idle animation even has her heaving the hammer to rest on her shoulders, then wiping her forehead with her free forearm due to the effort needed.
  • Combat Medic: Due to several of her skills having a secondary effect of directly attacking enemies, coupled with her recovery skills as a Healer, Lime is often seen as one by the community.
  • Culture Blind:
    • Attempted to do "missionary work" in the Demon World to the demons of the dimension. Keep in mind, she hails from a nation that worships the Creator, and she herself revers the Goddesses, while the purpose of the demons is to be their antithesis. Several members of the Chase seem to expect exactly this from her.
    • She has a Connection link with Veigas, in which she attempts to help The Anti-God understand the sayings of the Goddesses.
  • Drop the Hammer: Her weapon of choice is a large hammer. She uses it to hurl holy magic at enemies from distance and smash enemies with it when engaged by melee enemies and in her Holy Smash attack. She also drops a magical hammer at enemies in her ultimate skill Liberation.
  • Dynamic Entry: Literally drops, hammer-first, on top of Yohanna, at Burning Canyon's Mansion, subduing the scientist and leaving Sieghart, Dio, and Veigas completely nonplussed as they didn't need to do anything. Her Special Skill, Liberation, also functions in a similar manner, dropping her hammer onto a target location, instantly doing damage to nearby enemies and healing all allies.
  • Fangirl: Lime is a huge admirer of the other Grand Chase members, seeing traces of the Creator Goddesses, whom she revers, in Elesis, Lire, and Arme, readily acknowledging Rin as the reincarnation of the goddess Agnesia, and addressing Sieghart as "Senior".
  • For Great Justice: She likes justice, love, and hope, while she dislikes injustice, bad people, lies, and all things evil.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Has two small ones in her Saint outfit.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Lime is a genuinely Nice Girl, but that does not carry over when she goes up against a bad entity.
  • How Do I Shot Web?: Her exclusive equipment, the Blessing Hammer, is a sacred weapon of the Great Roose nation that Only the Pure of Heart can wield, but despite being able to wield it, Lime expresses her doubts that she was chosen by it, as she does not feel that she gained anything special from using the hammer, while in the meantime she finds it really heavy.
  • Light Is Good: A fervent worshipper of the Creator and Goddesses and specialises in healing and skills revolving around the power of light.
  • Nice Girl: Lime is friendly to everyone around her. It is worth noting that she can even strike up amicable conversations with Veigas, although this might be due to her being genuinely amazed by who he is, while he just likes to take the opportunity to sneer at the gods she worships, claiming that they lack the confidence to stop him.
  • No Sense of Direction: This is the reason why Lime met the Grand Chase to begin with, and she herself admits that she is not good with directions.
  • The Paladin: Hails from a nation of beings who are Always Lawful Good and wholly committed to spreading the word of the Creator, the grace of the Goddesses, the virtues of justice, love, and hope, or all three at once, through her words or her hammer regardless. As a Healer type, this trope also befits her skills, which are focused on healing, purging harmful status effects, and creating temporary Body Armor as Hit Points for the whole team.
  • Plucky Girl: If Lime wants you to understand the sayings of the Goddess, good luck trying to stop her, because she just will not give up, not even if you are Veigas. In fact, if she is placed in the same party with him in Adventure Dungeon, expect her to occasionally bother him about it.
  • Regal Ringlets: Her hair is styled into a massive one dangling from one side of her head in her Holy Order outfit.
  • Refuge in Audacity: She still continued to spread the grace of the Goddesses to the inmates of Purgatorynote  even after she was imprisoned there for doing just that in the open, and somehow, it actually works—when Sieghart, Dio, and Veigas found her, some of her demon inmates were beginning to believe in the things she was preaching about.
  • Token Mini-Moe: She looks like one of the youngest members of the Grand Chase, except that she is not—at 20 years old, she is actually older than most of the other members of the Grand Chase.

    Dio Burning Canyon
Ruler of the Demon World 
Sovereign of Evil (Limit Break) 
"Moderate Faction's Leader"
Voiced by: Yūma Uchida (JP)
Type: Assault

The head of Burning Canyon, one of the Moderate Asmodian tribes of Elyos. Dio participated in the Demon Wars in Aernas and fought alongside the denizens of Archimedia and other Moderate demons against the Extremist demons led by Heitaros Cratsus. They emerged victorious but the sealing of dimensional portals left Dio stuck in Aernas. He tries to do everything he can to go home but more than 2000 years had passed already. He crossed paths with the Grand Chase when they happened to investigate the ruins of Kounat like him.

He appears in the Crimson River tribe's domain in Elyos.

  • Authority Equals Asskicking: He is the chieftain of his demon tribe and is just as powerful. His ultimate skill has him just sit on a throne showing his power, dominating over his enemies while empowering allies at the same time.
  • Awesome Mccoolname: Like Ley, it's a Moderate Asmodian tradition.
  • Berserk Button: The Extremist demons in general especially Veigas, though Dio hates Heitaros much more than him. He also doesn't tolerate demons that stray from their role of Destroyer and keeps destroying what are not supposed to be destroyed, a trait he got from his father Werner.
  • Childhood Friends: With Ley.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: He may have the Obviously Evil looks, but he is definitely not.
  • Jousting Lance: He transforms his Death Star into a jousting lance and charges with it.
  • Noble Demon: Being a Moderate demon, he is against any atrocities done by Extremists and he wants to hunt them down for the sake of the worlds' order.
  • The Right Hand of Doom: His one arm is much more demonic-looking and is his second weapon, Rake Arm.
  • Sinister Scythe: His signature weapon Death Star. It can transform into other weapons as well.

Wngs of Life
Goddess Reborn 
Love of Heaven (Limit Break) 
"Rebirth of a Demon-Ridden Goddess"
Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa (JP)
Type: Healer

Rin is a reincarnation of the once glorious goddess Agnesia who lost her divinity after sealing the evil spirit Malevolent Horde within herself. After her birth in Gaon Village, a village that is isolated from the rest of Aernas, she is showered with love. However, an eclipse came and evil powerful demons attacked the village and Rin is the only one left surviving. She wandered the land until she crosses paths with the Grand Chase to fulfill the prophecy of the Twelve Disciples.

She finally makes her appearance with Asin and Edel in World 7 Bermesiah.

  • Big Eater: As Asin states...
    Asin: Rin must have a stomach as big as her huge... heart.
  • Blow You Away: Her standard attacks are gusts of wind from her fan.
  • Combat Hand Fan: Her weapon of choice.
  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: Has a noticeably darker skin tone than the other human characters, and has white/platinum blonde hair.
  • De-Power: Her main schtick aside from healing is to delete enemy shield and buffs.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: She is barefooted in all her forms.
  • Good Wings, Evil Wings: She can sprout a pair of wings from her back, one is white and the other is black. Those become fully white or black when she transforms into Light Rin or Dark Rin respectively.
  • The Red Mage: She is a Healer unit focused on support even more as Light Rin but when she transforms to Dark Rin, her skills also deal damage.
  • Semi-Divine: Being an avatar of the Goddess Agnesia.
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: She hosts the goddess within her who in turn has an evil spirit sealed within. Using her skills repeatedly will transform her into either Light Rin or Dark Rin which alters the effects of her skills. The Yin-Yang is also her entire motif.

    Veigas Terre
Envoy of Destruction
Twisted Demon King 
Disciple of The End (Limit Break) 
"Dimension Twisting Demon King"
Voiced by: Daiki Yamashita (JP)
Type: Mage

Veigas is the Envoy of Destruction, one of the four "Demon Kings", and current leader of the Hardliners, the other faction of demons that seeks to destroy all worlds, as opposed to the Moderates, who only destroy worlds that are already doomed to begin with. In the aftermath of Heitaros's failed invasion of Kounat, which resulted in Heitaros being sealed and the loss of much of the Hardliners' power, of whom he was their leader, Veigas assumed control of the demonic faction, disgusted at how far the Hardliners had fallen. Millennia later, upon receiving a message from the Creator to destroy Aernas, the world responsible for weakening the strength of the Hardliners, Veigas set out to Aernas, where he fought the Grand Chase in an intense battle. Veigas subsequently learned that the message he received from the Creator was a lie, and left the Grand Chase to search for the entity that had manipulated him.

Veigas returned to the Demon World, where he was approached by Pino, who managed to blindside him, knocking him unconscious and sealing away much of his power before having him imprisoned in Purgatory, allowing a revived Heitaros to wrestle back control of the Hardliners and killing or imprisoning anyone who was still loyal to Veigas. The Envoy of Destruction remained imprisoned until Sieghart, a Highlander, and Dio, the incumbent leader of the Moderates, both also members of the Grand Chase, started a prison break in order to free him. Despite his hatred for the both of them (especially Dio), Veigas reluctantly set aside differences and helped them to form the Anti-Heitaros Alliance, comprising Hardliners still loyal to him, the Moderates, led by Dio, and the gathered members of the Grand Chase. Subsequently, he decided to follow the Grand Chase as they travelled the dimensions in their search for Decanee.

  • Alpha Strike: Veigas is one of the strongest Mage heroes in the game by virtue of his attacks frequently hitting the same target(s) all at once, doing astronomical amounts of DPS. This is amplified by his Passive Skill, which gives him a stacking, undispellable attack boost of up to 20% whenever he uses a skill. His Chaser Skill then ramps this trope Up to Eleven by having an Assist Character pile on extra damage when certain conditions are met. The only thing that can really stop the hurt is actual invincibility.
  • The Anti-God: Veigas's power, even when he is Brought Down to Badass, leads several demons to believe that he is this.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: Veigas is very strong, even with his powers sealed, and he knows (and revels in) it. Dio had to spend considerable effort reasoning to him that, for once, taking on Heitaros alone is not going to work, and even then, the end result was Teeth-Clenched Teamwork.
  • Brought Down to Badass: Veigas's solo Curb-Stomp Battle of Nelia's clone and servant in the Underworld serves as a reminder of exactly why Heitaros prioritised incapacitating him over attempting to wrestle back control of the Hardliners—if his powers were unsealed, Veigas alone is a direct and serious threat to the Greater-Scope Villain. Nelia, who is an extremely powerful demon in her own right, even lampshades this at one point.
  • Dark Is Evil: A user of very dark magic and evil to the core, revelling in the destruction of everything else.
  • Deus Exit Machina: An in-universe example. When Heitaros invaded Kounat and fought the Creator Goddesses, which ended when they used the Aernas Hammer to seal him away, Veigas was travelling the dimensions in search for greater power, so he was not involved in the battle. Since Heitaros views Veigas as a very real threat, it is plausible that, had Heitaros waited until Veigas became the Empowered Badass Normal that he is known as in the current day before invading Kounat, the climatic battle with the Creator Goddesses might have ended very differently.
  • Emissary from the Divine: As a demon, Veigas is automatically this, since the entire species is created for the sole purpose of destroying worlds. In Veigas' case, however, this trope is exaggerated since he is far stronger than virtually any other demon, implying that he was specifically chosen by the Creator to be The Anti-God.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: It is heavily implied that a considerable portion of Veigas's strength comes not from the Creator, but from his own search for more power at the time of Heitaro's invasion of Kounat. This may justify why, despite being sealed, he was only Brought Down to Badass.
  • Enemy Mine: Veigas is a Hardliner and will not hesitate to destroy anyone and anything that crosses his path. In particular, he has an extreme hatred for Dio, the incumbent leader of the Moderates, because their views clash (and Dio is Just a Kid from Veigas's point of view). However, Veigas's hatred for Heitaros is far greater; the threat of the latter's resurgence is serious enough for him to work with Dio, albeit with utmost reluctance.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Rejecting destruction is the one thing Veigas despises more than anything else—he believes that anything that is dead should stay dead. For this reason alone, he hates Nelia and Heitaros more than anyone else, and will do whatever it takes to make sure they are Killed Off for Real.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Downplayed; in spite of everything Veigas has ever said against her faith, Lime will never give up trying to get him to understand the sayings of the Goddesses, particularly if they are placed in the same party in Adventure Dungeon, and for all his might, Veigas is reduced to merely asking her to stop bothering him.
  • Godzilla Threshold: He is the godzilla threshold to everyone who has fought him in the present time. Heitaros's return is viewed as a threat serious enough for Dio to bust him out of Purgatory.
  • Heroic Comedic Sociopath: The threat posed by the Greater-Scope Villain is the very reason why Veigas, despite being an Omnicidal Maniac wannabe, accompanies the Grand Chase, a group of heroes who travel the worlds and inadvertently end up saving them due to the actions they take. This trope is especially prominent whenever he has a conversation with Dio, Sieghart, or Lime.
  • The Napoleon: Veigas is embarrassed by his short stature and dislikes having it being brought up. Rather conspicuously, his in-game bio specifically mentions including his horns (which stick upwards from his head a little) in calculating his height of 163 cm. Nelia believes Veigas is using Power Floats as a way to obscure this.
  • Noble Demon: For all his evilness and lust for destruction, Veigas does not consider himself to be above other reasonable beings of authority (such as Elesis), and while he was disappointed to learn that Hwarin was nothing more than a puppet queen, he does not belittle her for it and still recognises her as Queen of the Underworld. It is also worth noting that he tolerates Lime of all people, on a considerably higher level than his tolerance for Dio, although his dialogue with her, which often involves sneering at her beliefs, hints that he sees her as The Chew Toy.
  • Our Demons Are Different: Despite being an Asmodian demon, he has a human-like skin complexion and smaller horns, unlike the others.
  • Power Floats: Is always seen floating a few inches off the ground, regardless of whether he is stationary or moving. In one of her character page quotes, Nelia suspects Veigas is doing this to hide the fact that he is The Napoleon.
  • Power of the Void: His Active Skills involve attacking enemies with either a barrage of black holes that also function like time-delayed grenades, or a single gigantic black hole that sucks in all enemies within range as well as the aforementioned black hole barrage.
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner: Veigas has a penchant for this, and although he probably did not intend for it to be so, him taunting Nelia with the one-liner "Your finish is sloppy", right as he dealt a One-Hit Kill to her during the Ancient Demon War, sticks in her recurring Flashback Nightmare after she was resurrected by Heitaros.
  • Purple Is Powerful: His attacks have an extremely dark purple aura, his regular outfits also feature a matching and very prominent purple hue, and he has purple hair. In addition to the Brought Down to Badass example above, when he was at his full strength in the first game, he single-handedly gave the Grand Chase the hardest battle they ever fought prior to the events of Dimensional Chaser.
  • She's Got Legs: A gender-flipped example, with many of his outfit poses showing off his thin, slender legs.
  • Sixth Ranger: Veigas does not consider himself to be part of the Grand Chase and accompanies them only because they offer him the best chance he has of getting back at Heitaros, as well as anyone loyal to him.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: He doesn't like the idea of working with Dio but he has to deal with it due to him losing most of his powers. The feeling is mutual for Dio.
  • Token Evil Teammate: He teamed up with Dio, Seighart, and Lime to bust out of Purgatory, and subsequently followed the Grand Chase as they travelled the dimensions. As leader of the Hardliners, he cares naught for the fate of the worlds, and is only in it because Heitaros presents a greater threat to everyone and everything.
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer...: He sees everything as the proverbial nail that he needs to lay the hammer on.
  • Who Wears Short Shorts?: Wears a pair of shorts in all his outfits, including the premium ones.

    Edel Frost
Serdin Kingdom's Swordsman
Frost Clan's Hope 
Grand Croix (Limit Break) 
"The Last Hope of House Frost"
Voiced by: Ayane Sakura (JP)
Type: Assault

Edel is the heiress of the noble Frost family in Serdin that still given high regard to swordsmanship in a kingdom dominated by magic, which lost their prestige during the war when magic became Serdin's main weapon. Edel has a twin named Adel who, being male and firstborn, should carry the Frost family tradition by becoming a swordsman and bring back the honor of their family name. Adel's crippling disease hindered him from leaving home, therefore it was up to Edel to restore their family's reputation by enlisting in the Knights of Serdin.One day, Edel realized that a curse had been put on her family when she returned home because of a strange pain in her right eye. To save the Frost family, she ventured to find the sinister red light that disappeared on the day they were cursed, as well as to rescue her brother who had been kidnapped by demons. She is one of the Twelve Disciples and eventually crossed paths with other Disciples in her journey.

After the encounter with Belile in the dimensional rift, her current whereabouts are unknown. She finally makes her appearance with Rin and Asin in World 7 Bermesiah

  • Action Girl: Like Elesis, Edel is also a close combat fighter.
  • Art Evolution: Her Frost Clan's Hope's form's portrait is basically more body proportional version of her Major class's portrait in the original game, up to her entire pose.
  • Beauty Mark
  • Deadly Lunge: Her Frenzy Spirit attack.
  • Foil: In a way with Ronan. Ronan is a magic user in a kingdom filled with swordsmen and knights. Edel in other hand values the sword while coming from a kingdom dominated by mages.
  • Implausible Fencing Powers: She is very skilled in using a rapier.
  • Lady of War: Like Elesis, she is a skilled swordswoman but unlike her, she is more feminine and fights with grace contrasting Elesis's brute force.
  • Muggle Born of Mages: In a sense. Her clan is the last one remaining that values the sword in a kingdom who values magic more. It doesn't mean that all of them are muggles however since her brother Adel had an ability to open dimensional portals and it is the very reason the demons kidnapped him. Edel herself though indeed lacks magic.
  • Ojou Ringlets: She gains a pair in her upgraded form Frost Clan's Hope.
  • Sword and Gun: She mostly favors fighting using a Royal Rapier, but she also carries a flintlock pistol which she occasionally shoots.
  • Sword Beam: She shoots a crescent-shaped one in her Lunatic Blade skill.

    Zero Zephyrum
Battle Weapon
The Owner of the Demon Sword 
Advancer (Limit Break) 
"Creature Created to Control the Sword"
Voiced by: Taku Yashiro(JP)
Type: Tank

An artificial demon created by the demon sorcerer Oz whose purpose is to wield the demon sword Grandark which Oz created in order to defeat the ancient demon Duel and his sword Eclipse. After his creation, he arrived in Aernas to find Duel who was last seen there and he crossed paths with the Grand Chase during his search.

He makes his appearance in Elyos in the Burning Canyon chapter.

  • Artificial Human: Or rather, an artificial demon. He is solely created to wield a demonic weapon.
  • Blindfolded Vision: He wears a blindfold that appears like goggles, though in his upgraded form his blindfold changes to near X-shaped one.
  • BFS: His Grandark is a large sword with jagged edges.
  • Companion Cube: He considers Grandark, not as a weapon but more as a friend, and even talks to him.
  • Moveset Clone: His Gran X skill is executed like Elesis's Critical X, same as back in the original game.
  • My Hero, Zero: Well, yeah... The numbers on his chest even emphasize it.
  • Scarf of Asskicking: He gains a black scarf in his upgraded form.
  • Spikes of Doom: His Flecks of Gash attack. It also creates a shield for himself, provokes enemies and instantly kills enemy summons.

Last Successor
Blue Fox of Kanavan 
Fist of Infinity (Limit Break) 
"Blue Fox of Kanavan"
Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto (JP)
Type: Tank

Once a nameless bullied boy in Kanavan, he ran away from his homeland and arrived in Silver Land. There, he met Asin Tairin, one of the Silver Knights and Jin Kaien's mentor, who had been wounded from a monster attack. The boy saved Asin and tended to his injuries. In turn, Asin taught the boy Silver Knight martial arts. They lived together since then until one day, Asin is once again attacked by monsters and this time, his injuries are too severe that eventually lead to his death. The boy turned out to be using Asin to make himself stronger to be able to have revenge on those who bullied him, yet he knows Asin used him too to be able to continue the legacy of the Silver Knights. The boy then took up his mentor's name "Asin" and searches for the other Silver Knight who once been a student of Asin Tairin. He eventually crossed paths with Jin and the rest of the Grand Chase as part of the Twelve Disciples prophesy.

He finally makes his appearance with Rin and Edel in World 7 Bermesiah.

  • Animal Motifs: Fox, as he is cunning.
  • Buxom Is Better: He didn't say it directly but it appears he took an interest in Rin because of her bust.
  • Legacy Character: He took the name "Asin" after the original Asin died.
  • Making a Splash: His attacks are mostly water-like chi.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Blue Oni compared to Jin's Red Oni. Their designated colors aside, Asin is closer to a cunning Anti-Hero, his martial arts styles are more of technique than power, and his chi is based on water contrasting Jin.
  • The Rival: He has a one-sided rivalry to Jin as a fellow student of Asin Tairin.
  • That Man Is Dead: He long discarded his past identity prior meeting with Asin Tairin since he is no longer the lame boy he used to be.


Voiced by: Chisa Kimura (JP)
Type: Mage (enemy only)

Decanee is an Asmodian demoness who initially appeared as one of Belile's commanders. She is the major antagonist of Dimensional Chaser, responsible for capturing and corrupting the Avatars of God of Kricktria, corrupting King Arsad of Kounat, and starting a civil war in the Underworld, among other things.

  • Absolute Cleavage: Decanee's outfit shows a lot of her cleavage and below.
  • Alternate Self: In Teroka, after delivering an off-screen Curb-Stomp Battle to the protagonists, she reveals herself as Kaze'aze. However, she proclaims that she is not the same person that the Grand Chase knew, although she still has all the memories.
  • Big Bad: Ultimately subverted. Despite her directly instigating all of the problems in Dimensional Chaser thus far, Decanee is only The Dragon to Heitaros, the Greater-Scope Villain, and is supposedly working under his orders.
  • Darker and Edgier: Decanee's artwork was changed after the initial release of Dimensional Chaser to make her look more malevolent than she previously did. Among other things, her eyes were narrowed considerably and the size of her body was increased, making her look much older. Her boss icon still uses the old artwork, however.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain: Decanee has an agenda that may be separate from Heitaros's plans. Despite this being hinted at near the end of World 1, her true plans—and possibly allegiance—are still a secret as of the Ellia chapter.
  • LEGO Genetics: Belile calls her a "crafted doll" who has earned Heitaros's acknowledgement as a demon.

    Belile and Commanders 
A horde of demons that emerged from a dimensional rift that appeared after the Grand Chase's final encounter with Kaze'aze and Elscud Sieghart. The demons are lead by Belile. They are also the main antagonistic forces in Kricktria that corrupted the Avatars of God and laid waste on the once prestigious city of Teroka.

"The Lightning King of Destruction"
Voiced by: Ryota Takeuchi(JP)
Type: Assault

The leader of the demons that appeared in the dimensional rift.

  • An Axe to Grind: His weapon of choice.
  • The Dragon: While initially posed as the Big Bad, he turns out to be a pawn of the true villain, Decanee.
  • Expy: His design is loosely based on Scar of Elsword, being both hulking high-ranked demons. Belile's initial clash with Elesis in the prologue makes him more Scar expy as Scar himself also clashed with game's version of Elesis on her tutorial.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: The lightning to Hanout's ice and Rasel's fire.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: His backstory. He is born from an extremist tribe of demons but his tribe has very low status. He worked on his way to ranks until Heitaros turned him into his subordinate because of his skills.
  • Fusion Dance: Decanee fused him with corrupted Balzac and Poseidon to become Dark Belile in the final phase of Siege of Teroka Epilogue. This grants him fire and water powers alongside his lightning.
  • Puny Humans: He detests any non-demon beings, not just mortal humans.
  • Shock and Awe: He uses the power of lightning to attack, power himself and protect himself from status debuffs.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: He doesn't like Decanee at all and is very wary of her.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: One of his skills draws enemies to his position.

Hanout Coriander
Absolute Zero
"Demon Swordsman of Absolute Chill"
Voiced by: Sho Nogami
Type: Assault

One of Belile's commanders and Rasel's younger brother. He appeared in the dimensional rift along with other demons under Belile's command. He is encountered in Teroka, and again in Underworld.

  • An Ice Person: Hanout manipulates ice to create an ice sword and freeze enemies.
  • Beneath the Mask: He usually acts like another demon who is frightening, very arrogant and looks down on non-demons but in front of Rasel, he is like a wiggling worm as Marjoram says.
  • Berserk Button: He don't take any acts that question Rasel very well.
  • Big Sister Worship: He totally adores his big sister Rasel that much even she just treat him like a microbe.
  • Dual Boss: He and Rasel are fought together as minibosses before Belile. They are again fought in pair in Underworld City.
  • Edible Theme Naming: He and Rasel are named after the North African spice ras el hanout and the coriander herb.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: The ice to Rasel's fire and Belile's lightning.
  • Power Floats: He levitates when idle though unlike other levitating heroes, he still walks on his feet.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: His powers are ice and he is fierce on the outside but a weakling inside, contrasting Rasel.

Rasel Coriander
Black Flame
"The Noble Girl of Dark Flame"
Voiced by: Kana Ueda
Type: Mage

One of Belile's commanders and Hanout's older sister. She along with other demons appeared in the dimensional rift in the prologue. She is later encountered in Teroka, and then Underworld.

  • Beneath the Mask: She is normally a proper lady that her well-manneredness makes demons think she's a goddess and not a demon. However, when dealing with Hanout, she turns into a real bitch that even Belile can't help but to click his tongue while seeing it.
  • Big Sister Bully: Hanout adores her yet she treats him nothing but a microbe. She amusingly watches a sculpture made by Hanout melt.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Ditto with Hanout.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: She's dressed in Pimped-Out Dress and carries a parasol. Her black flames also make her more gothic.
  • Everything's Better with Penguins: She summons a black fire demon she calls "Darkness" to tank enemies for her in one of her skills. The said demon looks like a demonic black penguin. In her ultimate skill, she summons a Darkness which damages on impact and it clones itself into three, making her able to summon up to four Darkness in the battlefield.
  • Expy: To Rachel Alucard (who also shares seiyuu) and to a lesser extent, Shalltear Bloodfallen, except that she is a demon instead of a vampire.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: The fire to Hanout's ice and Belile's lightning.
  • Ojou: Being the eldest daughter of Coriander family, she behaves like a proper lady... except when with Hanout.
  • Playing with Fire: She uses black flames as a method of attack.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: She uses fire and is polite outside but a bitch inside, contrasting Hanout.
  • Technicolor Fire: Her flames are black.


"Manipulator of Souls, the Sinister Undead Sorceror
Voiced by: Koji Fujiyoshi
Type: Mage

One of Belile's commanders. He appears in Imp Empire as the leader of the demons that enslaved the imps and searching for one of the Avatars of God, Gaian.


"The Shadow Monster from the Deep Abyss"
Voiced by: Takuya Nakajima
Type: Assault

One of Belile's commanders. Hailed from the darkest parts of Elyos, he is the strongest among the shadow beings inhabiting there and he is recruited to join Heitaros' cause. His forces attacked Poseidon's temple and captured the Avatar of God of water.

  • Degraded Boss: He and Navarus (or rather their race) are regular Mooks in Abyss region of Burning Canyon.
  • Doppelgänger Attack: His one active skill and passive skill summons a shadow clone.
  • Dumb Muscle: According to Marjoram while he is strong, his intelligence isn't something to be proud of.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Fennel is a herb related to carrots.
  • Expy: His design is heavily based on the Shadow monsters in Elsword.
  • Wolverine Claws: His weapons are nothing but his own claws.
    Avatars of God 
The four guardians of Kricktria. They are split from the Kricktria's creator god, which each has dominion over one of four elements. They are the subject of Belile's schemes.


"God's Avatar and Controller of Flames"
Voiced by: Kentaro Tone
Type: Assault

One of the Avatars of God of Kricktria. He is the one who has dominion over fire who is meant to melt the hard armors of evil through raging flames. As he enters his slumber, the stories of him change over time to the point he is thought to be a demon. He is awakened by Decanee in Chilly Mines and got corrupted. He is fought in the final stage of Siege of Teroka before being fused with Belile.


"God's Avatar and Controller of the Seas"
Voiced by: Mai Nakahara
Type: Tank

One of the Avatars of God of Kricktria and the one who has dominion over water. She is the guardian of Krictria's seas and is worshipped by the merfolk. She entered her slumber long time ago until she is captured by demons led by Fennel. She is corrupted and fought in the final stage of Siege of Teroka before being fused with Belile.


"God's Avatar and Controller of Wind"
Voiced by: Saki Fujita
Type: Mage

One of the Avatars of God of Kricktria and the one who has dominion over the wind. Nephilim is the guardian of Kricktria's Forest of Life and is worshipped by forest creatures and spirits. She entered her slumber long time ago until the demons arrived in the forest. She is corrupted by Decanee and turned into Dark Nephilim.

  • Bequeathed Power: By giving Kyle the remnants of her power, Nephilim not only saves Kyle from dying due to the combined effects of a curse Marjoram placed on him and Belile's lightning attacks, but also seemingly cures him completely of the curse, at the cost of her Cessation of Existence.
  • Casting a Shadow: Her attacks are made of pure darkness.
  • Expy: Her design is based on the similarly named boss monster in Elsword.
  • Fighting from the Inside: Even after corruption, Nephilim keeps resisting it from within.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After receiving a Beat the Curse Out of Him, she gave the last of her powers to Kyle as a last-ditch effort to oppose Decanee's plans.
  • Spanner in the Works: Via Bequeathed Power, she saves Kyle from a certain death. The same power she passes on to Kyle was later used by the redeemed Baldinar to send the Grand Chase back to the present, saving them from dying to the Great Explosion of Kounat, which was supposed to have been their fate. Because of this single action by Nephilim, Grandiel realises that, in spite of Gaian's proclamation that "the future does not change", the universe functions more on a Close-Enough Timeline than a Stable Time Loop, which has several huge implications for the present time.
  • Stripperific: Her clothes are torn in her corrupted form, although in her original form they are not.


"God's Avatar and Controller of Sand"
Voiced by: Yui Nakajima
Type: Mage

One of the Avatars of God of Kricktria and the one who has dominion over the earth. Gaian is the guardian of Krictria's land and governed the Kricktrian desert, establishing the once-prosperous Imp Empire. He entered his slumber a long time ago until the demons arrived and captured him. He is corrupted by Decanee and fought in the Temple of Time Mouspia.

  • Dishing Out Dirt: Being an Avatar of God of earth.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: He looks like a little girl with Blush Stickers. His Dark Gaian form even looks more feminine, looking like a slender woman with very long white hair.
  • Expy: His powers are very much like Gaara's to the point the sand arms he summons are like of the One-Tailed Beast Shukaku.
  • Fighting from the Inside: Like Nephilim, Gaian resists Decanee's corruption which holds back his dark form.
  • Final Boss: As Dark Gaian, of World 2.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: After being freed from corruption, he used the last of his powers to reopen the Time Rift so the heroes can pursue Decanee.
  • Musical Assassin: In some way. He carries a three-stringed lute which he uses to command his sand familiar.
  • One Steve Limit: He nearly has the same name as Gaia, the Aernas goddess of life.
  • One-Winged Angel: After his second defeat, he transformed into Dark Gaian.
  • Stable Time Loop: A firm believer of this. Gaian sees his Heroic Sacrifice as him merely playing his part in the loop, and assures the Grand Chase that "the future does not change".

    Kings of Teroka 
A squad of demons that served Belile and were the bosses in Siege of Teroka Epilogue.

Captain Boar

"The Master of the Powerful Shield"
Voiced by: Rikuji Moriwaki (JP)
Type: Tank

A powerful boar warrior who boasts his defensive power among the race of proud shield-bearing warriors. He is the first Epilogue boss. He is stationed in the snow-covered section of Teroka.

  • King Mook: Among the boar demon monsters.
  • Mighty Glacier: His profile state while he is very strong and tough, he is very slow and easy to escape from. Though in-game, he is only defensively strong and not particularly slow since he can move as much as any other heroes.
  • Neat Freak: He likes to polish his armor until it sparkles.
  • Stone Wall: He is a straightforward tank unit who can absorb damage taken by an ally and raises allies' defense should they get close his vicinity.
  • Throwing Your Shield Always Works: He can throw a shield which silences enemy skills and instantly kill enemy summons. His ultimate throws five shields which also ricochets on all enemies hit.


"The Dark and Lonely Assassin"
Voiced by: Takuma Nagatsuka (JP)
Type: Ranger

A skilled assassin who will eliminate anyone requested. He lurks in the darkness of Elyos until he disappeared, though he resurfaced as an assassin working for Belile and stationed in Teroka. He is fought in the second Siege of Teroka Epilogue.


"Soul Flame Collector"
Voiced by: Daisuke Motohashi (JP)
Type: Mage

A soul hoarder. He is a demon who enjoys collecting souls from those he killed, preventing them from entering the Underworld. This makes him a valuable target for bounty hunters, but he always manages to get away from them. He appears in Siege of Teroka as its fourth boss.


"She Who Waits for the Creator's Return"
Voiced by: Aya Suzaki (JP)
Type: Healer

A member of Creator's Morning, a cult devoted to the creator deity of the worlds. She appears in Siege of Teroka as its fifth "boss".

  • Blush Stickers: Like Lime, she permanently has them.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Her name is from a type of Mediterranean herbs commonly used for medicine and food.
  • Idiot Hair: She has one sticking out from her veil.
  • Our Demons Are Different: Despite looking like a human priestess, she is an Asmodian demon.
  • Shout-Out: Her profile mentions two persons who are the "proofs" of the cult's miracle. The first one is Daredevxx who was born blind, while the second is Ravxx who has a mechanical arm and tries to falsify Sage before he is silenced on the spot.
  • The Unfought: Unlike her fellow bosses, she is not directly fought as the player only fought her illusions. Even so, one gimmick on her battle is to defeat teams of heroes she summons before she herself personally joins the battle. At the end of her battle, she is simply interrogated until she spills out the whereabouts of Decanee.
  • White Mage: She is the game's straightest example of this as she is excelled at party healing and is dressed like a nun.


"The Popular MeTube Streamer"
Voiced by: Akari Kageyama (JP)
Type: Ranger

A popular internet idol on MeTube. Sofia worked with the Extremist demons besieging Teroka, to the surprise of the Dimensional Traders. She is fought in the sixth Siege of Teroka Epilogue.

    Creator's Morning 


"The Deliverer of God's Word through Strength"
Voiced by: Kyotaro Muramoto (JP)
Type: Healer

A priest of Creator's Morning. He is encountered in the Airship of Mouspia.


"Guardian of God by Day, Guardian of Metal by Night"
Voiced by: Eriko Matsui (JP)
Type: Assault

A nun of Creator's Morning. She is encountered in the Airship of Mouspia.


"The Botanist with the Fatal Charm"
Voiced by: Yusuke Ota (JP)
Type: Mage

A botanist and a member of Creator's Morning. He is encountered in the Temple of Time of Mouspia.

  • Action Bomb: His plants can explode and deals a poison debuff.
  • Casanova Wannabe: He at least tries to woo Decanee, with no success.
  • Green Thumb: He is specialized in plant magic.
  • Mook Maker: He is the one responsible for the parasitic plant-possessed zombies in Mouspia. His plants are also regular Mooks encountered in Temple of Time.

Dr. Molly

"The Genius Researcher Who Hates to be Bothered"
Voiced by: Sayuri Yahagi (JP)
Type: Tank

A scientist and a member of Creator's Morning. She is encountered in the Temple of Time.


"The Seeker of His Own Salvation"
Voiced by: Daiki Hamano
Type: Assault

The supposed leader of Creator's Morning. He is fought in the Temple of Time.

  • Bare-Fisted Monk: He is a priest and he uses nothing but his fists.
  • Puppet King: He is no more than mass-produced artificial being created by Decanee. When he dies, another Briel takes his place. He only serves as a figurehead for the cult while Decanee and Pino works behind the scene.

    Elscud Sieghart
Type: Assault (enemy only)
Elesis's father and the previous Captain of the Red Knights, who was sent by the Queen of Kanavan on a secret mission to pursue Kaze'aze at the height of the war between the Kingdoms of Serdin and Kanavan. While battling Gorgos, Elscud was sucked into a dimensional rift and seemingly vanished. His sudden disappearance alerted Kaze'aze to Queen Kanavan's plan, necessitating Queen Serdin to order the formation of the Grand Chase to carry out Elscud's mission, and serves as the primary motivation for Elesis to become a founding member of the Chase.

Following the battle between Veigas Terre and the Grand Chase in the original game, Elscud appeared alongside Kaze'aze at the Tower of Disappearance, but the both of them ultimately retreated and vanished into the dimensions. He was seen at Decanee's side when the Grand Chase first encounters him during the events of Dimensional Chaser, and would clash with him directly in Bright Forest on Kounat when they were trying to stop Decanee from enabling Baldinar to activate the Aernas Hammer. Although it was presumed that he died in the ensuing battles, he next appeared in the Underworld, serving as the dimension's "Gate Knight", and was subsequently at Decanee's side again when she travelled to Bermesiah to wreak havoc there.

  • Age Lift: His current appearance is drastically older than his design in the original game.
  • Double Reverse Quadruple Agent: Elscud has carried shades of Face–Heel Turn and Good All Along during the events of Dimensional Chaser, assisting Decanee in her plans of creating chaos across the dimensions, but also working with Grandiel to ensure the security of the present time. Elscud appears to be carrying out a specific set of actions, which includes assisting Decanee, to screw over the plans of Heitaros, the Greater-Scope Villain.
  • Duel Boss: His boss fight in Underworld, where he is accompanied by the previous boss Deep Ocean.
  • Failure Knight: It was Elscud who was first assigned by Queen Kanavan to discreetly pursue and stop Kaze'aze, but due to his disappearance alerting the latter to the queen's plan, Queen Serdin ordered the formation of the Grand Chase to carry out the task of stopping Kaze'aze. While Elscud's disappearance is never explicitly stated as him failing in his mission, from his limited exchanges with Elesis, it is clear that he views this as him not carrying it out properly.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: While he has to be defeated in the game, he continued to fight Kyle one-on-one, putting the latter on the ropes, and only stopped when Elesis appeared to parry a blow.
  • Infodump: Heavily implied, during one of Elesis's final Likability side stories, to have been this towards her when they met at the Tower of Disappearance. It is possible that Elesis received The Reveal, or at least a lot of Foreshadowing, from him during this encounter.
  • Not Quite Dead: Elscud apparently pulled a Taking the Bullet on Kounat, blocking an attack from Decanee meant for Elesis using his own body, and dying in the process. However, he reappears in the Underworld as the "Gate Knight", and after the events that unfolded there, we see him once again, alive and well, at Decanee's side as she travels to Bermesiah, with no explanation (so far) as to how he managed to get out of his thousand-year sentence in the Underworld.
  • Knight in Sour Armor: He used to be a Knight in Shining Armor, but after being exposed to the darkness in the dimensional gap, he became cynical and willing to cooperate with Decanee's evil plans. However, it turns out that it is only an act.
  • Moveset Clone: In his battle in Kounat, he has the same skills as his daughter.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Elscud is always seen with a scowl on his face. In fact, there is no official art of him smiling.
  • Secret Art: Elscud rediscovered Critical X, an obscure attacking move. He subsequently taught Elesis how to execute it and, in one of her Likability side stories, describes her execution of it to be perfect.
  • Tough Love: Most of Elesis's memories of Elscud in her younger days involved him training endlessly, and she grew up to hate him for it despite understanding how important it is and, rather ironically, reproaching their ancestor, Sieghart, for not taking his training seriously.

    King Arsad 
"The King who Got Demoted to a Puppet of Demonic Energy"
Voiced by: Kenji Hamada (JP)
Type: Tank, Assault (enemy only)

The last king of Kounat before its fall. He appears in the Great Explosion of Kounat Epilogue as a boss.

  • All Your Powers Combined: His skills are based on Varonas, Kalissa, and Nia due to wielding their weapons.
  • Empty Shell: The Arsad the Grand Chase fought is more like a zombie that became Baldinar's puppet.
  • Everyone Is Related: He is the brother of Hadunak, who in turn is Mari's father. He lacks a child of his own so intends to have his niece succeed his throne.
  • Fountain of Youth: He is already old by the time of Kounat's fall, though when Baldinar used his corpse as his puppet, his body's youth is restored.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Despite being a Tank unit, his playable version fights just like his enemy Assault version.
  • Multi-Melee Master: He wields Varonas' Power Fist, Kalissa's Whip Sword, and Nia's railgun.

    Baldinar Re Meudias 
Voiced by: Kōhei Amasaki (JP)
Type: Mage (enemy only)

The Prime Minister of Kounat, as well as one of the kingdom's archmages. His attempt at harnessing the power of the Aernas Hammer failed, resulting in the Great Explosion of Kounat that wiped the entire kingdom off the face of the world. Although his body was consumed by the explosion, his soul continued to exist, eventually possessing the Xenian shrine guardian Astaroth. As Astaroth, he served as the Greater-Scope Villain in the first game, who aimed to once again attempt to use the Aernas Hammer to become the new Creator and create a new world, destroying the current world in the process, but was supposedly sealed away forever when Grandiel transported the both of them to the Wizard's Labyrinth in an ultimately failed attempt at Taking You with Me.

Baldinar appears in his past, human self in the Kounat chapter, spearheading efforts to apprehend Duel and combat a demonic virus that was spreading throughout the kingdom.

  • Alternate Self: He is the past self of Astaroth, the first game's Greater-Scope Villain.
  • The Archmage: He was one of Kounat's best mages alongside Grandiel and Serdin.
  • Arc Villain: Towards the end of the Kounat chapter, it is revealed that not only is he this, but he had also conspired with the game's Big Bad, Decanee.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: Downplayed; at the climax of the Kounat Epilogue, Baldinar assumes his False Creator form which, while divinely powered, is still as vulnerable as a mortal entity. However, if left unopposed, he would have played this trope straight, becoming the new Creator and remaking the entire world in his image, causing The End of the World as We Know It.
  • Casual Danger Dialog: This is the manner in which he carried out his Death Equals Redemption, where he calmly chats with Kyle and Cindy regarding how he would soon die to the Great Explosion of Kounat and sending the two kids and the Grand Chase back to the present time would require him to use the power of Nephilim within Kyle, causing him to lose power over his soul.
  • Climax Boss: In his False Creator form, Baldinar is the final boss of the Kounat Epilogue, being the toughest boss of the entire chapter.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: The very reason he is fixated to use the Klara Libri to activate the superweapon and become a Creator god is he lost his lover from a demonic virus outbreak and the only way to be with her again is to create a new world.
  • Death Equals Redemption: After the Grand Chase defeated him in his False Creator form, he transports Kyle and Cindy to an alternate zone and shares his Obi-Wan Moment with them, revealing that while he gave up his ambition of becoming the new Creator, he will still die because the Aernas Hammer would overload, causing the Great Explosion of Kounat; even if he did harness the Aernas Hammer, he would have faced a Fate Worse than Death in a Crapsack World of his creation.
  • Drunk with Power: Initially dismissive of the Klara Libri, he started to read it with fanatical zeal after the demonic virus spreading throughout the kingdom caused the death of the woman he loved. Through reading the book, Baldinar learned how to harness the power of the Aernas Hammer to create a new world, but he was so consumed by this new knowledge that he stopped caring about anything else.
  • Fate Worse than Death: Harnessing the power of the Aernas Hammer might cause him to Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence, but because it also required using The Corruption, Baldinar would eventually have been consumed by it and become a hive mind, creating a Crapsack World where everybody suffers. His realisation of this at around the time of his defeat leads to his Death Equals Redemption.
  • Load-Bearing Boss: Baldinar is the only known mortal who could have harnessed the power of the activated Aernas Hammer. His defeat causes the hammer to overload, creating the Great Explosion of Kounat.
  • Love Makes You Dumb: Zigzagged; Baldinar was smitten with a woman who was consumed by the demonic virus shortly after he met and started going out with her. Her death prompted him to do many things, including reading into the Klara Libri and learning how to harness the power of the Aernas Hammer, while at the same time endorsing Fermat's research into the demonic virus to try and harness its potential, which are both examples of him playing this trope straight. However, it also prompted him to create Kyle and Cindy using fragments of his soul, which resulted in the both of them being Living MacGuffins inherently empowered by Genetic Engineering Is the New Nuke, but without all the side effects of Power Incontinence, averting this trope.
  • Obi-Wan Moment: As part of his Death Equals Redemption, he lets go of the ambition of becoming the new Creator and has a final Casual Danger Dialog with his Living MacGuffins, Kyle and Cindy, expressing his gratitude to them for having grown up in a completely different way to him, and using the power of Nephilim within the former to send them and the Grand Chase back to the present time.
  • Peaceful in Death: In the final moments of his life, Baldinar finds closure in personally conversing with Kyle and Cindy, both of age and slowly but surely harnessing The Gift that they inherited from him because Grandiel had raised them up with care, yet having some of his own personality traits (and, in Cindy's case, a similar appearance to The Lost Lenore). As he fades from existence, he smiles, satisfied with what he has seen.

Type: Healer (enemy only)

A demon researcher and an old friend of Oz. She joined the New Hardliners and stole Oz's data to create clones of Zero. She appears in Sky Ruins in Crimson River as The Unfought and Burning Canyon's mansion.

Type: Assault (enemy only)

One of the Extremist demons that directly serving Heitaros. He first appeared in Mouspia disguised as a civilian, and then in Purgatory as an enemy.

    Heitaros Cratsus

A powerful Extremist demon who initiated the Demon Wars thousands of years ago when he and his army invaded Aernas and attempt to destroy Kounat. He and his Extremist army are faced by the alliance of denizens of Aernas and the Moderate demon tribes. They are defeated when the three goddesses used the superweapon Aernas Hammer on him, still not enough to destroy him yet managed to severely harm him. After his defeat, he enters a deep slumber and his followers became dedicated to regain his powers. He leads the faction of demons called "New Hardliners" and currently conquering most of the Demon World and now making a move towards the Underworld.

  • Greater-Scope Villain:
    • He is the one behind all Extremist demons' actions throughout the story. Although he has not made an actual appearance yet aside from flashbacks and mentions. The Crimson River chapter revealed that he is awakened and already dominated most of Elyos aside from the Moderate tribes' domain, which is now under threat.
    • His actions in the original game's backstory was the reason why there isn't a happy ending after defeating Baldinar and Elesis' father was never being found by that time. His initial invasion of Kounat resulted in the creation of the Aernas Hammer, the thing that would be indirectly responsible for the events of the original while the three goddesses had to leave Aernas as a result. The very threat of him returning for round two warranted the events of Dimensional Chaser.

    Guilty Seven 
A group of New Hardliner demons serving Heitaros leading the invasion of Crimson River and Burning Canyon domains. They appeared as individual bosses throughout Worlds 4 and 5, and together in Underworld Train Epilogue.


"Yellow Indolent of Sloth"
Voiced by: Sawako Hata (JP)
Type: Assault

The Sloth of Yellow. She is encountered invading Ley's mansion.

  • Critical Hit Class: If her Demon Weapon mode is triggered, she gains increased critical hit chance.
  • Doppelgänger Attack: She summons clones which improve her Deadly Lunge attacks if present in the battle. She is a much powerful version of Fennel and currently doesn't have an SR counterpart.
  • Irony: She hated her title "Sloth of Yellow" as she is actually a Workaholic.
  • Knife Nut: She wields a pair of daggers in her default form, but it becomes Blade Below the Shoulder in her Demon Weapon mode.
  • Only in It for the Money: Despite being an Extremist, she is not particularly evil. She is only working for Heitaros because it's her job.


"Archeology-Loving Wrath of Green"
Voiced by: Daichi Kanbara (JP)
Type: Ranger

The Wrath of Green. He is encountered in Sky Ruins in Crimson River.

  • Adventurer Archaeologist: His reason for joining Guilty Seven is it offers a chance to explore ruins which is his hobby.
  • Companion Cube: He loves artifacts so much he's giving them names of girls.
  • Irony: Despite having the "Wrath" title, he is a totally chill guy.


"Demon Idol Guilty Seven, Pink of Lust"
Voiced by: Rei Matsuzaki (JP)
Type: Mage

The Lust of Pink. Along with Vega, they are encountered in Purgatory.


"Demon Idol Guilty Seven, Blue of Envy"
Voiced by: Natsumi Fujiwara (JP)
Type: Tank
The Envy of Blue. Along with Altair, they are encountered in Purgatory.
  • Abhorrent Admirer: She is totally lusting over Altair.
  • Berserk Button: She believes staring at Altair is a right exclusive to her, all others doing the same will feel her wrath.
  • Expy: Like her brother Bergamot, she has a striking resemblance to Ciel.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: She is the only Tank that full-on using a shield and nothing else. Altair's whole body picture is visible from behind the shield.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: She is the polar opposite of Altair in this aspect.


"Junk Food Lovin' Bad Ramblin"
Voiced by: Chisato Mori (JP)
Type: Ranger (A), Healer (S)

The Appetite of Silver. He is a Ramblin from Kricktria which has been encountered multiple times there. As a Guilty Seven member, he is encountered again in Eternal Valley in Burning Canyon.


"Demon World's Hip-Hop Star Gold of Greed"
Voiced by: Shinya Takahashi (JP)
Type: Mage

The Greed of Gold. He is encountered in Burning Canyon's Mansion. A demon who once aspires to become a rapper.

Karp Dryfield

Voiced by: Haruki Ishiya(JP)
Type: Assault

The Arrogance of Red and the leader of Guilty Seven. He appears in Underworld Train.

  • Ascended Extra: He turns out to be one of the kids who used to bully Dio and gets bullied back by Ley when they were children.
  • Pride: His motif as Guilty Seven.
  • Sword and Gun: In his default form. He switches to Dual Wielding on his Demon Weapon form.
  • Unknown Rival: Towards Ley, yet she had forgotten him.

    Nelia Ironwood
First Lord (NPC/Likability) 
"Demon Queen of Greed Who Came Back From the Dead"
Voiced by: Yui Horie (JP)
Type: Mage

Nelia is a demon and the lord of the Ironwood family. During the Ancient Demon War that erupted in the aftermath of Heitaros's failed invasion of Kounat, Nelia battled on the frontlines against other demons seeking to fill in the void of leadership left by Heitaros's disappearance, and in doing so, earned the moniker "Demon Queen of Greed" due to her insatiable lust for power.

Nelia's life came to an untimely end when she battled against the Envoy of Destruction, Veigas, over assuming leadership of the Hardliners, and was slain by him. With her passing, she lost everything—her power base, her followers, and her reputation.

Heitaros approached Nelia's soul, which had been sent to the Underworld due to her death, and gave her an offer: work for him, and live again. While some of the finer points of this deal were troublesome, Nelia saw no reason to decline the offer, and took it, regaining her corporeal form. With her second life, Nelia sought to start anew, and decided to take over control of the Underworld.

Nelia appears in the Underworld Epilogue as the penultimate boss in the Tower of Memory.

  • Authority Equals Asskicking: As the lord of the Ironwood house, Nelia chose to plunge into the thick of battle during the Ancient Demon War and, in doing so, proved that she was no slouch in combat.
  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: A meta-example—her Likability episodes end with her being appointed by the Royal Court as the First Lord of the Underworld, which also unlocks the "First Lord" outfit for her. As First Lord, she wields the true power over the Underworld, reducing Hwarin to nothing more than a Puppet King. Due to the game's Adventure Dungeon picking up events in the Underworld from this point, with Hwarin being on the side of the Grand Chase, it also doubles as The Bad Guy Wins, albeit a temporary one.
  • Beauty Mark: She has one to the side of her lips.
  • Casting a Shadow: Nelia is a user of Kill It with Fire-themed dark magic.
  • Damage-Increasing Debuff: Her Passive Skill, Twilight Curse, causes enemies hit by any of her skills to take more damage from magic attacks, while at the same time nerfing their health recovery rates.
  • Didn't See That Coming: This is how Nelia died to Veigas during the Ancient Demon War, when he dealt a One-Hit Kill to her after she thought she had delivered a Curb-Stomp Battle to him and had him at her mercy. At the conclusion of the Underworld Epilogue, Nelia also conceded to Rasel that him slaying both her clone and Haggler in the Underworld was the one thing she did not expect, as it turned out that he was still a potent force despite having much of his power sealed away.
  • Flashback Nightmare: Nelia often recounts her death to Veigas's surprise One-Hit Kill during the Ancient Demon War in her sleep.
  • Genre Savvy: Nelia's suspicions of several things, such as Veigas using Power Floats to hide the fact that he is The Napoleon, hints that she is considerably more self-aware than most other characters in the game.
  • Greed: Nelia is known as the Demon Queen of Greed for one reason: she is never satisfied with anything. Whenever she gets something she wanted, she wants even more.
  • Lady of Black Magic: Nelia is a Cultured Badass and user of dark magic who, at her prime, was able to match Veigas in fair combat, losing to him only because she had her guard down, and while her methods of getting what she wants can be very ruthless, she also presents herself as being a lot less brash than Veigas.
  • Magic Missile Storm: Nelia's Active Skill, Twilight Flower, summons a barrage of magical bolts that fly around her until she gets within range of a group of enemies, whereupon they will sequentially break off and home in towards the most powerful target.
  • My Greatest Failure: At the time of Heitaros's defeat in Kounat, Nelia had virtually everything she wanted—a power base, recognition amongst her fellow demons, and War for Fun and Profit. However, she lost all that when Veigas offed her during a mano a mano over leadership of the Hardliners.
  • My Greatest Second Chance: Heitaros bringing Nelia back from the dead is this for her. While she no longer held any sway over the demons, her retainer still remembered and was loyal to her, and the Underworld presented a fresh opportunity for her to take over control of it, much like how she previously did in the Demon World, except this time, she will do it right by not dying again.
  • Promoted to Playable: She became a playable hero sometime after the Tower of Memory release, having a different skillset from her boss version.
  • Put on a Bus: Nelia is bound to the Underworld. Once Heitaros and the Grand Chase leave after Hwarin regains control of the Royal Court and her place as Queen of the Underworld, Nelia's involvement in the plot vanishes completely.
  • Taught by Experience: Nelia's first death at the hands of Veigas showed her what happens when she loses everything, including her own life. After Heitaros resurrected her, Nelia's approach to taking over the Underworld was considerably more guarded despite being no less ruthless, and because of that, when she confronted Veigas again and lost, she did not die because he had only fought a clone of her; although she ultimately lost the support of the Royal Court, she retains her corporeal form even though she is still stuck in the Underworld. She also takes her loss in stride, seemingly expecting things to happen as they did.
  • The Unfought: In a twisted way. Although Veigas apparently killed her and her retainer, Haggler, in the Tower of Memory, it is revealed at the end of the Underworld Epilogue that, while Haggler was indeed Killed Off for Real, Nelia had used a clone to battle Veigas; she was still very much alive in a different part of the Underworld. This also doubles up as an indication that Nelia was Taught by Experience.
  • Unholy Nuke: Her Special Skill, Twilight Explosion, creates a huge explosion at a designated area, doing massive damage to all enemies caught in the blast and inflicting her passive Damage-Increasing Debuff to those that survive.
  • Wicked Cultured: She supports Heitaros, kicks ass, takes names, and likes doing yoga as one of her hobbies.

Type: Mage (enemy only)

Supporting Characters

    Kassias Grandiel
Wizard of Illusions
Master of the Labyrinth 
Truth Seeker (Limit Break) 
"Illusionist Who Created Wizard's Labyrinth"
Voiced by: Jun Fukushima (JP)
Type: Healer

A Karuel elf who is the master of the Wizard's Labyrinth in the original game. He was a wizard who once served the Kingdom of Kounat and his homeland Karuel. An old friend of Baldinar who is the one who caused the Kounat Explosion. Grandiel survived the explosion, however, the said event started an endless war between his fellow elves and the dwarves throughout the land of Archimedia. He became disgusted by this and he confined himself in a magic tower and stayed there for hundreds of years until he detected a familiar presence which caused him to cross paths with the Grand Chase.

After the events of Kounat's Collapse, Grandiel sacrificed himself by sealing Astaroth in the Labyrinth...except he survived and later lived a peaceful life in the Abbey. He later took in and trained two orphans, Kyle and Cindy, to his wing.

  • The Archmage: He was a powerful elven mage who served the Kounat Kingdom before its destruction and remained powerful for hundreds of years until his Heroic Sacrifice in the original game. Now, using magic hurts him a lot, although he still has access to the Wizard's Labyrinth.
  • The Call Knows Where You Live: Grandiel wanted nothing to do with the happenings of the universe after he pulled his Screw This, I'm Outta Here! in the first game, but Kyle and Cindy's rescue of Arme ultimately led to Belile destroying much of Abbey, and him having to teleport all of them away. He subsequently followed the three of them through the dimensions until a good portion of the Grand Chase had regrouped and he had fulfilled his destiny in Kounat by warning his past self of the things that would happen in the millennia leading up to the present, whereupon he called it quits and remained in Abbey.
  • Drama-Preserving Handicap: Grandiel is no longer the powerful wizard he used to be and is mostly reduced to providing information. In Grand Chase, he could teleport the entire Grand Chase—at that time comprising 13 individuals strong enough to battle gods—into an alternate dimension without a sweat; in Dimensional Chaser, teleporting only himself, a rookie swordsman, an apprentice magician, and a Depowered witch a short distance demands so much out of him, it causes Blood from the Mouth.
  • Elfeminate: This has been toned down a bit here compared to his design in the original game, but he is still quite a Long-Haired Pretty Boy.
  • Great Big Book of Everything: Subverted with Grandiel's exclusive equipment, which is a transcribed copy of the Klara Libri, the book that taught Baldinar how to harness the power of the Aernas Hammer. The main difference between Grandiel's copy and the original Klara Libri is that the former does not record present events automatically, functioning more like a normal book.
  • I Will Fight No More Forever: Permanently retires from adventuring after he and the Grand Chase set in motion the events that triggered the Great Explosion of Kounat, but ultimately resulted in the present day, believing that, as a being from the past, the future has no place for him.
  • Last-Name Basis: Like Sieghart, he is simply referred to as "Grandiel".
  • The Mentor: Teaches Kyle and Cindy about magic and sword fighting alike.
  • Our Elves Are Different: He is a "high elf" type compared to Lire and Ryan who are "wood elves". He is an Archimedian elf who lived during the time of Kounat Kingdom, and the last one remaining after the rest of his kin turned into dark elves after their constant war with the dwarves. Also, unlike Lire and Ryan who are the same age as human teenagers, Grandiel already had lived many hundreds of years.
  • Promoted to Playable: From a boss and NPC, he is now part of the playable roster, and is one of the privileged few, who are not members of the Grand Chase, to start at SR Rank.
  • Scary Shiny Glasses: Usually does this whenever he decides it is time for him to show off his skills, or if he is trying to scare off a younger Kyle for doing something silly.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Pulls this again after everyone was transported to Abbey in the present time following the events that set off the Great Explosion of Kounat.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: He may have lost his magic but he still has his wisdom, and he wears glasses for the part.


"Goat Milk Master Dreaming Ramblin Prince"
Voiced by: Izumi Chiba (JP)
Type: Healer

The Ramblin prince that Kyle and Cindy met in their way to Beroiah through Chilly Mines. They saved from the vampire Dmitri and doing so uncovers the secrets of his tribe.

  • Death Faked for You: The demons abducted him and falsely claimed the vampire killed him so the Ramblin matriarch Viola, his sister, would perform the ritual for summoning Balzac in the guise of a resurrection ritual to revive him.
  • Hyperactive Metabolism: His main way of supporting the party is to use milk.
  • Put On The Bus: He is initially meant to be the main character of the sequel, but he disappeared on focus after the Chilly Mines section.
  • Verbal Tic: Being a Ramblin, he cannot speak without "baa".

    Lydia Norwood

"Norwood Company's Temporary Boss"
Voiced by: Saki Fujita (JP)
Type: Ranger

The first-born daughter of Norwood Company's boss. Lydia meets the player's party when they arrive in Beroiah while she is investigating a mysterious fog that appeared in the port town, disrupting the regular operations of most businesses, including Norwood Company's shipments; the disruption wrecked Norwood Company's revenues, causing her father to become bedridden from distress and forcing her to manage the company in his place. After helping Lydia to subdue an unruly band of sailors, the player's party joins her to investigate the origins of the fog.

  • Badass Normal: Lydia is a normal human and fights using only a sniper rifle and regular hand grenades.
  • The Bus Came Back: Despite being Put on a Bus in Adventure Dungeon, which drives the game's plot, she has a permanent spot in Daily Defense mode, requesting the help of the player to transport a shipment of personal items from one of Norwood Company's big clients. In addition, she also appeared as an NPC at the end of a Grand Tale dungeon set in Big Fort Company.
  • Critical Hit: When using her Flame Bullet Active Skill, Lydia has a 30% chance of firing a shot that does 30% more damage.
  • Damage-Increasing Debuff: Lydia's grenade attack causes all enemies caught in the blast to take extra damage from other attacks for a period of time.
  • Dangerously Short Skirt: Justified in her Sniper outfit as she has an extra ammo belt strapped to the upper region of one of her thighs.
  • Friendly Sniper: Lydia is a Ranger hero who fights mainly by shooting her sniper rifle. She is grateful for Kyle and party's assistance in stopping a band of sailors from getting the drop on her and geniunely impressed by their combat abilities as well as Kyle's proclamation of being a Sword Saint (much to Arme and Cindy's dismay), and follows the player's party around while they jointly investigate the mysterious fog. At the end of her story arc, Lydia apologises to Arme and Kyle for being unable to secure a ship for the party to leave Beroiah despite them helping to eradicate the fog and liberate the city.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Grand Tale Season 2 revealed that, following the events in Beroiah that happened in Adventure Dungeon, Big Fort Company's stock prices hit rock bottom, so Lydia seized the opportunity to buy all of the company's stock, taking over management of the Mega-Corp.
  • Put on a Bus: Lydia's story arc begins and ends in Beroiah. Once the player leaves the city, her involvement in the plot drops off completely.
  • Shrinking Violet: Lydia is not the most confident Action Girl in game. Although she tries her best to manage the company in her father's stead and still hopes to make a fortune in Beroiah, she gets flustered very often, is acutely aware of her mistakes and lack of knowledge at being a merchant, and sometimes feels that she is useless.
  • Sniper Rifle: Her weapon of choice is a double-barreled sniper rifle that shoots explosive bullets.
  • Throw Down the Bomblet: She throws a grenade that deals damage in a small area.

    Esnar din Kanavan
The King of Knights 
Ikki Tousen (Limit Break) 
"The First Queen of Kanavan"
Voiced by: Mutsumi Tamura (JP)
Type: Assault

A general in the Kingdom of Kounat. Kanavan was born to a nameless family, but made childhood friends with Scarde Vi Serdin, and eventually rose up societal ranks to become not just a lion-hearted general in a World of Badass, but someone the King of Kounat, Arsad, trusted greatly, as well as a general who was deeply respected by her subordinates. Kanavan reciprocated the king's trust in her with Undying Loyalty, to the extent that even when he ordered her execution, she chose not to contest or question it.

Unbeknownst to her (at first), Kanavan is destined to lead the survivors of the Great Explosion of Kounat to the continent of Bermesiah, and establish the Kingdom of Kanavan, becoming the first queen, and she would also subsequently assist her childhood friend establish the Kingdom of Serdin on the same continent.

  • Battle Aura: This manifests in-game as an effective radius around Kanavan that causes enemies within it to take increased damage from physical attacks, as well as considerable Damage Over Time if they stay within it for too long. Her Active Skills, in addition to doing conventional physical damage, cause enemies that are hit to take damage over time from her battle aura faster.
  • Childhood Friends: With Serdin.
  • Colonel Badass: It is mentioned that Kanavan rose up through the ranks of Kounat's army, eventually becoming a general. Unlike the trope, however, Kanavan is no Desk Jockey, delegating paperwork to a subordinate. In-game lore also makes considerable mention of her incredible swordsmanship. In addition, she is not a full-on Frontline General despite her rank, since some of her field work takes place within the kingdom.
  • Damsel in Distress: The Great Explosion of Kounat started in a rescue mission for her who is on the verge of being executed.
  • Dash Attack: Kanavan's in-game skills largely revolve around charging into hordes of enemies so that they take damage over time from her Battle Aura. This trope is also the basis of the Death-or-Glory Attack she pulls on Baldinar.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: "A sword is always honest," as she puts it. However, Kanavan also believes that one should be proud of their own skill and not rely on the strength of their sword.
  • I Am Not Right-Handed: While charging recklessly towards Baldinar in a Death-or-Glory Attack, Elscud attempts to intercept her, breaking her sword arm in the process; upon seeing this, Baldinar gloats that she can no longer "run wild". In response, Kanavan stops charging, wordlessly switches the sword to her non-sword arm, and resumes charging, felling the surprised archmage with a single strike.
  • Kill the Ones You Love: Kanavan was King Arsad's most trusted general. During the events leading up to the Great Explosion of Kounat, Kanavan was forced to do something the King had entrusted to her a long time ago: Mercy Kill him, as he had fallen almost completely to the corruption of demonic energy. The deed was heart-wrenching enough for even a hardened soldier like her to shed a Single Tear.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: After losing the use of her sword arm when charging Baldinar, Kanavan drops out of the Grand Chase's pursuit against Decanee, knowing that she can no longer help them in battle, and leaves them to rally as many people as possible to evacuate Kounat.
  • Lady of War: Kanavan is a very respected general in Kounat, known by many as a "Sword Saint", and would ultimately become the knight-queen of her own kingdom.
  • Last-Name Basis: She is mostly referred to as General Kanavan, though Serdin calls her Nar.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: During the "Kounat Escape" limited-time event, Kanavan informs Serdin that some of the things she could do in this mode, like flying, and deploying turrets, cannot be done during regular gameplay. Serdin wondered what "mode" Kanavan was talking about.
  • Long Dead Badass: Kanavan is already deceased in the present time, but her legend remains as the founder of the Kingdom of Kanavan. Upon accepting her destiny as the first queen, both Ronan and Elesis bow to her as future knights of her kingdom.
  • Master Swordsman: In her time, Kanavan was matchless with the sword. Even Elscud, of all people, believes that he cannot defeat her in a straight-up fight, and was visibly impressed when she slew Baldinar with a single strike from her non-sword arm.
  • My Master, Right or Wrong: Kanavan actually resisted being rescued by the Grand Chase, and soldiers loyal to her, specifically because it was King Arsad himself who had ordered her execution, and even their lampshading of this trope did not convince her. She also hated being addressed as a queen, because she assumed the addressor was inciting her to rebel against the king.
  • Screw Destiny: Kanavan is introduced in Dimensional Chaser almost literally shouting this trope, but after seeing what has happened to King Arsad and hearing Ronan's And Man Grew Proud description of the future Kingdom of Kanavan that she founded, Kanavan realised that, despite her utmost reluctance, she has absolutely no choice mostly due to The Needs of the Many, and partly Because Destiny Says So.
  • She Is the King: Downplayed; while some of her outfits have "King" in their names, she is generally referred to as a queen in lore.
  • Shrinking Violet: Kanavan was a shy girl like Serdin. However, she grew out of it, becoming the Boisterous Bruiser respected by many.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Kanavan was well known in Kounat for being The Heart, not just to the King and the royal family, but to the laypeople as well. In battle, however, she can be just as efficient and ruthless in her methods as most other Frontline Generals.
  • Tsurime Eyes: Kanavan's eyes are drawn in this style and reflects her confidence and willpower, even in times of uncertainty.

    Scarde Vi Serdin
Magical Prophetess (Limit Break) 
"The First Queen of Serdin Kingdom"
Voiced by: Maria Naganawa (JP)
Type: Healer

One of the archmages of Kounat. She is a member of the Serdin clan, a renowned family of magicians, and is a childhood friend of Esnar din Kanavan.

Serdin assisted the Grandiel of the past and Baldinar in apprehending Duel Pone Zec, although the latter ultimately escaped. Subsequently, on the advice of the present Grandiel, whom she encountered by chance in Bright Forest, Serdin helped the Grand Chase escape the castle in Kounat after Kanavan surrendered herself to Baldinar and forces loyal to King Arsad. She would go on to assist the Grand Chase in preventing Kanavan's execution and stopping Baldinar from harnessing the power of the Aernas Hammer, which would have caused The End of the World as We Know It; the latter came at the price of starting a chain of events leading to the Great Explosion of Kounat.

Serdin accompanied Kanavan and escaped the Great Explosion of Kounat with as many survivors as they could gather. Subsequently, after Kanavan founded her own kingdom on Bermesiah, she assisted Serdin in founding a second kingdom on the same continent, which Serdin would eventually rule over as its first queen.

  • The Archmage: Serdin is one of the top mages of Kounat along with Baldinar and Grandiel, but she is not very proud of it and claims she is nothing compared to the other two.
  • Blush Sticker: Has a pair of very big but faint ones.
  • Childhood Friends: With Kanavan.
  • Cowardly Lion: Serdin is timid to a fault, and it is something she expressly denies; unlike Kanavan, who eventually became a bold and courageous Lady of War, Serdin never outgrew her shyness and timidity. However, when the chips are down, and the Godzilla Threshold is crossed, she will stand up for what is right.
  • Dreary Half-Lidded Eyes: Serdin's eyes are drawn in this style in her Magitech Queen outfit, in sharp contrast to her Tareme Eyes in most of her other outfits.
  • Last-Name Basis: She is mostly referred to as Mage Serdin.
  • Promoted to Playable: Serdin is the first SR Rarity hero added to the game who is not a member of the Grand Chase.
  • Rapunzel Hair: In her Archmage and Queen outfits, Serdin's hair reaches down to her ankles.
  • Shrinking Violet: Serdin is extremely shy and has low self-confidence. She even wondered how did her future self manage to found her kingdom and ruled as a mage-queen.
  • Tareme Eyes: Serdin's eyes are drawn in this style in most of her outfits, reflecting her shyness and lack of confidence. In her Magitech Queen outfit, she has Dreary Half-Lidded Eyes instead.
  • The Turretmaster: She takes this role in Kounat Escape where she has to deploy various turrets and defend the escape ship from enemies.

    Werner Burning Canyon
Supreme Commander of Demon Forces
"The Supreme Commander of Demon Allied Forces"
Voiced by: Kentaro Ito (JP)
Type: Ranger

The previous head of the Burning Canyon clan and Dio's late father. He and his friend Peter von Crimson River, along with Veigas and Heitaros led the Asmodian demons during their war against the Ancient Demons where Werner perished.

He appears in World 5: Burning Canyon in a series of flashbacks.

  • Cleavage Window: His chest is exposed compared to the rest of his body.
  • Long Dead Badass
  • Sacrificial Lion: His role in during the Ancient Demon War is to hold off Duel. Werner is killed during their standoff but he managed to keep the greatest threat at bay to win the war in favor of Asmodians.
  • Storm of Blades: His standard method of attack is through hurling copies of his sword Skyliner.

    Duel Pone Zec
Type: Assault (enemy only)

A mysterious Ancient Demon that appeared multiple times in the original game. He once ended an ancient Demon War after he went on a rampage after losing his lover Edna Verdidad. He is also the one who saved Mari from Kounat Explosion by sending her to the future.

His past self appeared in Kounat chapter where he rampaged outside Kounat and only calmed down and retreated after seeing Ley. His present self then appeared in Abyss in the Burning Canyon and Underworld.

  • The Dreaded: Being the last remaining Ancient Demon, everyone treats him more like a walking disaster than a person.
  • Heel–Face Turn: He pulls a temporary one when he and his revived Ancient Demon army hold off Heitaros and his forces in order to buy time for Grand Chase to deal with Plouton at the climax of Tower of Memory.
  • I Call It "Vera": His demon swords are the Eclipse, the weapon that Grandark is created to destroy.

    Myung Hwarin
Queen of the Underworld
"Queen of the Underworld Who Can Bear the Weight of the Crown"
Voiced by: Ai Nonaka (JP)
Type: Healer

The current queen of Underworld. She appears in World 6 Underworld and World 8 Ellia Peninsula.

  • Back from the Dead: Her passive and ultimate skills are centered on reviving fallen party members.
  • Expy: To Eve. Both are queens seeking to rule again, and both are accompanied by two small pets (drones for Eve, balls of spirit flame for Hwarin).
  • La Résistance: The Haros Justice Army, a group of rebels who initially seeks to overthrow her. Upon knowing the truth, however, they supported her on taking back her authority on the Underworld.
  • Promoted to Playable: She becomes a playable hero as of World 8 update.
  • Puppet King: She rules the Underworld...on the surface. Nelia controls the Underworld from Hwarin's shadow. Hwarin had enough of this and moves to take back her power for the sake of the souls' peace.

    Io Jupiter
"Twinkling Eyes Monitoring the Movements of Evil"
Voiced by: Kana Asumi (JP)
Type: Ranger

A Celestial who has been watching Edel since she was a child. She first appears in the Bermesiah chapter as a boss, then becomes a recurring character for the rest of the chapter.

  • Chain Pain: Her personal weapon is the Inquisitor, a spear-chain. Her skills are also using large chains.
  • For Great Justice: She has a strong sense of justice and has been traveling between worlds until she ends up in Aernas where she detected great evil about to spawn there.
  • Our Angels Are Different: It's heavily implied that she's an angel, a guardian angel to be precise.
  • Promoted to Playable: Sometime after Tower of Disappearance release.
  • Stellar Name: She is named after the Galilean moon Io. She mentions her sisters who are also named after the other Galilean moons (Europa, Ganymede, and Calisto).
  • Sword of Damocles: Io's exclusive weapon, Inquisitor, is described as this in-universe, being able to prevent most disputes from breaking out just by letting the would-be belligerents see it, and understand its meaning. This does not mean the Inquisitor is a Paper Tiger, however; if it is used as a weapon, a lot of Chain Pain tends to follow.

    Europa Jupiter 
"The Angel of Judgment Who Punishes On Behalf of Heaven"
Voiced by: Yoshino Nanjo (JP)
Type: Assault

Europa is Io's sister and a Celestial who was assigned by Jupiter to intervene in Decanee's plans of wreaking havoc across the dimensions. She appears in the Ellia chapter.

  • Assist Character: Europa's Noble Wolf, Laelaps, appears as a friendly Invincible Minor Minion whenever she fires her Special Skill or triggers her Passive Skill enough times, and it will go to town on nearby enemies by either charging at them or frying them at close range with electrified Homing Lasers. All of Europa's other skills extend the amount of time Laelaps is summoned.
  • Because Destiny Says So: Is apparently hardwired into carrying this out, whether she wants to do it or not, resulting in her blocking an attack from Io aimed at Decanee at Hell Bridge, giving the latter an opening to cast a void that sent everyone to Pandemonium.
  • Blade on a Stick: Her weapon of choice is a lance, named Astrape, given to her by Jupiter himself.
  • Empty Eyes: Europa has this whenever she is doing something Because Destiny Says So.
  • Expy: Laelaps looks very similar to Taranvash of Light, a boss in Elsword.
  • Lady of War: She is a warrior angel.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: She uses a shield named Talos.
  • Not So Above It All: Europa does her best to carry out the will of Jupiter, regardless of whether she is consciously doing it or Because Destiny Says So, but she has her moments where she might be amused by Io's curiosity with Edel, astonished by something she is uncertain she can eat, or just being flustered by Laelaps barking. Her "Secret Holiday" outfit seems to run on this trope as well, where she takes a break from enforcing Jupiter's will to spend time off.
  • Our Angels Are Different: Ditto
  • Religious and Mythological Theme Naming: She and her weapons are named after various figures in Greek mythology.
  • Shock and Awe: Europa's skills revolve around channelling the powers of lightning to attack enemies.
  • Stellar Name: Like her sister Io, Europa is also a Galilean moon.
  • Strange Cop in a Strange Land: Europa is Jupiter's enforcer, typically assigned problems that are best resolved with brute force, but unlike Io, Europa has no experience moving around mortal worlds and is used to Just Following Orders, so she comes off as being somewhat of an airhead. This is the source of most of her awkward moments.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: Her Special Skill, Howling Thunder, fires a wide medium-ranged beam of electricity in a straight path, damaging all enemies in the way.

"The Promised Heir to the Frozen Throne"
Voiced by: Lee Da-eun (KR)
Type: Tank

Tia is an ice dragon from the Spirit World, which is the homeworld of the Spirit Lords, a race of dragons that includes Tekarion, the guardian of Purgatory, and Innadril, who is revered by the elves as an ocean goddess and a guardian. Tia is destined to become the next Dragon King and Spirit Lord of Ice, and because the balance of the Spirit World is collapsing due to the events of Dimensional Chaser, she hopes to ascend to the Frozen Throne as soon as possible. However, her ascension is repeatedly denied on the grounds that she is "not qualified enough", so Tia decides to try and fix the balance of the Spirit World herself by travelling to the dimension where all the chaos is coming from.

  • An Ice Person: All of Tia's skills are ice-based and, in her Dragon Form, inflict temporary Harmless Freezing on enemies.
  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: A meta-example in the form of her breakthrough outfit, which is named "Spirit Lord of Ice" and is the final evolution outfit the player will unlock after they have fully evolved and fully awakened her, and transcended her a few times. While there is no literal crown involved, the name of the outfit implies that the player's efforts to power Tia up finally earns her the necessary qualifications to ascend to the Frozen Throne and fulfill her destiny.
  • Battle Aura: In her Dragon Form, Tia's basic attack provides this as a secondary effect, increasing the attack power and speed of all allies.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: Her exclusive equipment is actually her own hand in her Dragon Form—a giant draconic claw—which she can manifest as a weapon even when she is in her humanoid form.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: She is barefoot in her basic appearance, like all Spirit Lords.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Despite being recognised as the next dragon to become the Spirit Lord of Ice, Tia cannot ascend to the Frozen Throne just yet as she is deemed to lack the necessary qualifications. This is averted in-game once her breakthrough outfit is unlocked.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Her quotes indicate that she sometimes finds it tempting to eat her humanoid allies.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: There's a laundry list of things that will set Tia off very easily: Callousness Towards Emergency, street stupidity, wasting time and effort, not recognising her authority, being too jovial with her, taunting her, the dragons who left the Spirit World, ignoring the truth, complaining, giving wrong answers, being surprised by what she says...
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Tia is born a humanoid, but if necessary, she can power up and become a full-fledged dragon for a short period of time. In-universe, it is expected that she will eventually evolve and permanently assume a dragon form.

"Fallen angel who deceives everyone and have the last laugh to herself."
Voiced by: Kim Garyung (KR)
Type: Ranger

Lapis is an abaddon—a hybrid angel-demon—who was originally the Celestial World's messenger to the Demon World, but was exiled from the former dimension due to a series of events that happened, which was likely orchestrated by herself. Thereafter, she settled in the Demon World and participated in the Ancient Demon War, where her prowess was comparable to that of a Demon King, but even her participation in the war did not last long, as she was involved in a nasty accident that killed most of her demon allies, which resulted in her being shunned by other demons. Cast out by both the celestials and demons, Lapis entertains herself by manipulating the balance of power between the Moderates and Hardliners.

  • Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon: Her appearance in her costumes, especially her Soul Binding one, emphasises the former, while her backstory and behaviour emphasises the latter.
  • I Choose to Stay: Lapis claims that the Demon World provides so much entertainment for her that she would not consider returning to the Celestial World even if they offered her a chance to do so.
  • Kawaiiko: Invoked; she blends this with Obfuscating Stupidity, creating the impression that she is somewhat bonkers despite being a force to be reckoned with.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Invoked; she combines this with Kawaiiko, and as a result, even Nelia can never deduce whether anything she says is genuine or a complete lie.
  • Say It with Hearts: A solid star (★) is appended to the end of some of Lapis's lines, typically when she is going full kawaiiko.
  • Perky Goth: Her standard costumes are mostly black, but she is quite chipper.

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