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Nightwing(Dick Grayson)
Voiced by: Christopher Sean

Batman’s first protégé before striking out on his own, Dick Grayson is a master in acrobatics due to being raised in a circus and fights with two escrima sticks. His unusual raising in a circus leads him to value his bonds with people. The most charismatic of the family, Dick is a born leader.

Dick believes you need to fight for something for the fight to mean anything, and he fights for other people.

  • Blow You Away: Genereates a whirlwhind during one his attacks in the first trailer.
  • Circus Brat: According to his bio on the official website, he was raised by a circus family, who are described as unorthodox but loving.
  • The Face: According to his bio, he's the most charismatic of the family.
  • Wall Run: Can be seen doing this to avoid traps in the trailer.



Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)
Voiced by: America Young

The daughter of deceased police commissioner Jim Gordon, this is Barbara's second go as Batgirl. After a fight that left her in a wheelchair, she operated as Oracle - an expert in information and communication. Following her father's death, she worked to recover and resumed operating as Batgirl.

Barbara fights because her father died for Gotham, and she doesn't want his death to be all for nothing.

  • Playful Hacker: According to her bio, she's skilled at hacking computers.
  • Throwing Off the Disability: According to her bio, she had to use a wheelchair for a while due to injuries, but has now recovered sufficiently to operate as Batgirl again.


Robin (Tim Drake)
Voiced by: Sloane Morgan Siegel

The youngest of the Batfamily, Tim Drake is also the smartest. His study of behavioral sciences and psychological warfare helps with his deductive skills.

Tim fights crime because he sincerely believes that Gotham needs a hero.

  • Great Detective: His bio describes him as a master of deductive reasoning.

    Red Hood 

Red Hood (Jason Todd)
Click here  to see Jason Todd
Voiced by: Stephen Oyoung

Having died and been resurrected, Jason Todd is more intense and volatile than the others. He has trouble controlling his temper, and if a friend is threatened he'll jump to help out right away.

Jason fights crime because Gotham is filled with corruption that he's often been at the receiving end of.

  • Anti-Hero: His bio straight up describes him as an intense and volatile anti-hero.
  • Came Back Wrong: Unlike his Arkham Knight incarnation, his bio states he died and forcefully resurrected by one of Batman's foes and his volatile nature is linked to his resurrection.


Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Voiced by: Michael Antonakos

By day, billionaire philanthropist Bruce Wayne. By night, the vigilante Batman. Before his death, he'd protected Gotham City for around fifteen years and trained apprentices. After dying, he instructs his protégés to continue protecting Gotham in his stead.



Voiced by: Gildart Jackson

The Wayne Family's loyal butler. Even after Bruce's death, he continues to aid his late master's sons (and Barbara) in their crime fighting.

    Renee Montoya 

  • Friend on the Force: With James Gordon dead, the police force as a whole no longer support the Batfamily according to Bruce's final message, and thus there's no one to fill his usual role. Renee acts as this instead, keeping the Batfamily informed of police movement but unable to control it to avoid conflict. The first gameplay trailer has her informing Batgirl and Robin that a police chopper in the area has orders to fire on "Anything that moves", even if it's them.



    Mr. Freeze 
  • Freeze Ray: Carries a massive gun that freezes things. He uses it to create a giant spire of ice in the gameplay trailer.
  • Jet Pack: Uses one when he arrives in the gameplay trailer.
  • Weather-Control Machine: In the gameplay trailer, it's shown that's he's built a machine to manipulate the weather to flash freeze Gotham.

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