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Characters / Got to Believe

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Cristina Carlota "Chichay" Tampipi

portrayed by: Kathryn Bernardo; Bianca Bentulan (child)

"Sorry po!"note
Kathryn Bernardo as Chichay

Cristina Carlota "Chichay" Tampipi is the protagonist. She's a loyal, street-smart, artistic girl in the lower socioeconomic class.


Joaquin San Juan Manansala

portrayed by: Daniel Padilla; Kyle Banzon (child)

Joaquin San Juan Manansala is the deuteragonist.
Daniel Padilla as Joaquin

  • Academic Athlete: Both a model student and a talented basketball player.
  • The Ace: As an official character profile puts it, he's "a young man of many talents. He knows how to play the piano. He can speak a few foreign languages. He is well-taught and trained. Maliban sa mayaman sila (Apart from the fact that they're wealthy), his family is well-respected sa (in) business. Of course not to mention, he is really cute!"
    • Broken Ace: One trailer also describes him as "a rich boy with a broken family". His father's discontent and mother herself unhappy, in addition to being irrationally protective. The psychological effects these have on Joaquin are dreadful.
  • Adorkable
  • Chick Magnet
  • Cool Loser: He's deemed a "loser" by his schoolmates at first because he's a "weirdo"; but they acknowledge his attractiveness, status, and intellect.
  • Dork Knight
  • First Guy Wins
  • Grand Romantic Gesture: He's greatly fond of grand romantic gestures. It vexes Chichay, who prefers simple ones.
  • Princely Young Man



Juliana San Juan Manansala

portrayed by: Carmina Villaroel
Carmina Villaroel as Juliana


Chito Tampipi

portrayed by: Benjie Paras


Elizabeth "Betchay" Tampipi

portrayed by: Manilyn Reynes


Jaime Manansala

portrayed by: Ian Veneracion


Alexa "Alex"

portrayed by: Liza Soberano
Liza Soberano as Alex



Dominic Zaragosa

portrayed by: Jon Lucas
Jon Lucas as Dominic


Patricia Reyes

portrayed by: Ingrid dela Paz



portrayed by: Yves Flores


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