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Joan Carol Clayton, Esq.

The defacto "den mother" of the group. A high strung lawyer who frequently looks out for her friends even at the expense of dealing with her own problems, which are plentiful throughout the series run.

Joan provides examples of the following tropes:
  • Amoral Attorney: Averted for the most part as Joan is a very law abiding person and tries her hardest to help her clients in the most legal way possible.
  • Benevolent Boss: For the first half of the series, Maya was her assistant and she treated her like one of her closest friends and hung out with her outside of work hours.
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  • Control Freak: One of Joan's biggest issues as she feels the need to be in complete control or make herself involve in any of her friends drama since she deep down believes she is the "glue" that keeps her friends from falling apart.
  • Deadpan Snarker: She has moments of these, especially in later seasons.
  • Extreme Doormat: Was this to Toni and Lynn, who weren't above taking advantage of her generosity, until she went to therapy to learn how to stand up for herself.
  • Minor Flaw, Major Breakup: One of Joan's biggest dating issues (aside from her controlling ways) is that she has very high expectation in the men she dates, is very inflexible with their flaws such as when she dated Marcus and couldn't get pass the fact that he had "girly" hips or nearly screwed up her relationship with Aaron after one date, when she saw that he lived in a cheap apartment. Lynn was quick to call her out on the later.
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  • Old Maid: Joan makes it clear that she is insecure over the fact that she over certain age and is still single. She does want to settle down and get married.
  • Sassy Black Woman: Not to the same extent of her girlfriends but Joan has her moments.
  • Team Mom: She sees herself as this for her friends.

Maya Denise Wilkes

Joan's assistant who later quits to become an author. She has a son named Jabari whom she had at a young age with her high school sweetheart Darnell. She is easily the sassiest member of the girls, as she came from "the hood".

  • All Woman Are Lustful: It's because of this that ends with her and Darnell getting divorce, due to her cheating on him in the end.
  • It's All About Me: Not to the extent of Toni but she does have moments of being a little self centered.
  • Mama Bear: She loves her son Jabari and is very protective of him and doesn't like it when Toni gets his name wrong.
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  • Sassy Black Woman: Easily the sassiest member of the girls, with Toni as close competition.
  • Teen Pregnancy: She got pregnant with her son Jabari when she was 16 and had to drop out and marry her baby daddy Darnell.
  • Your Cheating Heart: She ends up cheating on her husband Darnell with a man named Stan, which ends with them getting a divorce and causing a strain in her relationship with her son.

Lynn Ann Searcy

Joan and Toni's roomate from college, a biracial, jobless bohemian who lived with Joan for 8 years before getting kciked out. She has 8 degrees but is too lazy to actually even try to look for a job, preferring to mooch off her friends and follow whatever whim she has.

Antoinette "Toni" Marie Childs-Garrett

Joan's childhood best friend and the most egotistical and materialistic member of the group. She dreams of marrying a rich man and getting away from her Fresno farm girl roots.
  • All Take No Give: She was very demanding in every relationship she has ever had, especially her friendship with Joan [[Spoiler: which is one of the factors that lead to their friendship ending]]
  • Gold Digger: Her goal for most of the series was to marry a rich, successful black man and live a life of luxury.
  • Put On A Buss: Toni after the end of season 6, [[Spoiler: she leaves town after a major rift in her friendship with Joan and to be closer to her ex husband whom she shares custody of her daughter with]].
  • Put On A Buss To Hell: [[Spoiler: The circumstance that she leaves certainly makes it come off as this. Interestingly, an episode discusses that while Joan may not be on good terms with Toni anymore, Maya and Lynn are still Toni's friends and share no such problem. They also call Joan out on trying to make it a problem in the first place]].
  • Toxic Friend Influence: She is very self absorbed and barely cares about the problems of others, thinking that her interests and issues are more important, all the while, always criticizing and complaining to or about Joan [[Spoiler: until their friendship got ruined]].

William Jerrowme Dent, Esq.

Joan's collegue at the law firm and the girls closest platonic male friend. A momma's boy from Kansas City with a love for Star Trek and stamp collecting, he is constantly searching for love of his own.

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