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Major Characters

    Liz Sower 
The Narrator of the podcast. Liz was an ordinary part-time children's librarian until her love of ghost stories got the better of her. She is now a full-time stay at home mom and blogger.

I See Dead People: Liz eventually starts to hear dead people. and is not happy about it. The book Claire reveals she could see spirits as a child, but somehow blocked the ability when it became too much for her to handle.

Narrator: Liz is the voice of Ghosts in the Burbs. Everything you hear is her narrating interviews she has conducted.

Protective Charm: Liz is gifted with a St. Benedict medal early in the series. It turns out to be pretty powerful protection so long as she remembers to wear it.


A friend and ally of Liz who works with the Catholic Church to investigate possible cases of demonic possession.
Paranormal Investigation: Looks into spooky goings on, usually possibly possessions, on behalf of the Catholic Church.

Who You Gonna Call?: Liz's go to source when she needs help with the paranormal.

Reoccurring Characters

    The Coven 
A Trio of women who capitalized on the death of a childhood friend for their own gain. While they didn't outright murder Claire, they don't feel much guilt for using her spirit to fulfill their slightest whim.

     The Arnolds 
A family of six who moved from Texas to Wellesley for work. Parents, Michael and Laura, weren't exactly thrilled with the move, but it was the only way for Michael to keep his job. Things got worse when they moved into their small house. Things disappeared without warning, they kept having encounters with a strange boy, and then their oldest child began acting strange.

They were introduced early in the series, with their names popping up from time to time after that. They became the focus of the show starting on January 7, 2019 when the events of their lives was retold from their points of view.

And Now for Someone Completely Different: The Lilith arc of the show is the first time the podcast deviated from the usual interview format. Instead of listening to Liz recount their interview, we hear what happens as it occurs.

Creepy Child: Lilith begins acting this way shortly after moving to Wellesley.

Demonic Possession: This seems to be the case with Lilith.

Supernatural-Proof Father: Michael starts out this way. He assumes Laura is just stressed out about the move and is imagining most of what goes on in the house.

    Nick Sayre 
An arrogant real estate agent/paranormal investigator that Liz interviews early in the series. His initial Ouija Board session has popped up in more than a few episodes.
Know-Nothing Know-It-All: He thinks he's an expert on the paranormal, but it is pretty clear he is in way over his head. Nick didn't even know to close out the board during his first Ouija session.

Paranormal Investigation: Has his own team.

What an Idiot!: In Universe. He clearly doesn't understand what kind of forces he is playing with and seems to be under the influence of something.

Who You Gonna Call?: He considers himself an expert investigator, but he's pretty amateur compared to other investigators Liz meets later on.


Reoccurring Entities

Claire was once an average teenage girl who liked to party with her friends. When she died in a tragic accident, those same friends turned her afterlife into hell by binding her spirit to their will. Thanks to Liz she was eventually freed, but she isn't ready to move on just yet.
And Now for Someone Completely Different: Sections of the book, Claire, are told from her point of view.

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