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Characters for the Get Medieval game:

Eryc the Elf:

I am twice more man that Robin Hood ever was!

The weakest, but also the quickest, of all characters, Eryc uses bow (and some magic, as in this setting Everyone is a Super) to fight. The most stereotypical arrogant elf ever, he seeks glory and is more than a little vain.

Voiced by Michael Shapiro.


Kellina the Avenger:

Everything a man can do, I can do better.

The daughter of Dirindale's king killed by the dragon, she wants to avenge her father's death and regain the throne lost by her family. She fights with a sword and a shield, wears heavy armor matching her red mini skirt and likes to challenge males' dominance on the battlefield.

Voiced by Krisha Fairchild.


Levina the Sorceress:

Are you gonna just sit there and look at me? Let's play!

A classy and seductive sorceress, presumably led to Dirindale's dungeons by her love of shiny golden trinkets (she even mentions "shopping" from time to time). Her character is arguably the best of all in terms of the strength/speed proportions.

Voiced by Annette Toutangi.

Zared the Barbarian:

Aah! Let's get pumped out!

A classic barbarian of a horned-helmet variety, he is the slowest, the strongest, and the less talkative of all characters. He once escaped from the dragon of Dirindale, so now his aim is to prove to the world his courage and regain the lost honor.

Voiced by Stephan Weyte.


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