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Characters / Gensou Ningyou Enbu Puppets

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Being a Pokemon Parody with Touhou Project characters, it would be fitting for the game to have a multitude of puppets to use. Originally, there are 353 different puppets, but the Shard Of Dreams expansion not only adds some new Puppets, but extra forms for the original group, so we're going to list them all here.

Tropes pertaining to all Puppets:

  • Evolution Power-Up: Each puppet starts as their basic Normal style. After reaching level 30, they can do a Style Change, where they power up into one of two (three in Shard of Dreams) styles. The first two choices are either Power, Defense, Speed, or Assist, with the third choice always being the Extra style added in Shard of Dreams.
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  • Expy: Some puppets are this to some Pokemon, with similar stats and abilities.
  • Fun Size: The puppets are all miniature forms of various Touhou characters, with the exact same powers and abilities as their respective characters.
  • Mon: What the puppets boil down to.
  • Starter Mon: Exaggerated. You can start the game with any one of them as your choice.
  • Takes One to Kill One: The puppets cannot be destroyed by conventional means (as "conventional" as Touhou goes at least). They can only be destroyed by another puppet, so puppet battles took over.


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