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The Valkyries

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    Allison Fisher 

Allison Fisher

One of the few remaining members of Gama who went through the initial program which involved being born in a vat and genetically augmented at times. She once led her own team, but since their deaths, she now operates with the rest of the Valkyries as a whole. She doesn't care much for being with people unless it's Gilbert since she considers him one of, if not her only friend. She spends most of her time training with her weapons or locked in her room when not out on missions.
Anako: "We're back~! Anyone miss us?"
Allison: "Oh look, they're back. How was it? Did you copulate?"

Charlotte: "Hey, you still alive in there?"
Allison: "I don't know, ask the bullet in my shoulder."
    Gilbert Jarnefeldt 

Gilbert Jarnefeldt

"Would anyone like a peanut?"

  • Ace Custom: Gilbert's valk (as well as the system that connects him to it) were designed specifically to allow him to react quickly, move faster than normal, and perform complex maneuvers.
  • Ace Pilot: When Gama realized the opportunity of having their lead scientist's child be a pilot they instantly made him into their poster child and trained (and with Dr. Jarnefeldt's help augmented) him to be just as comfortable in a VALK as he is out of one.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Gilbert seems to feel it's necessary to constantly try to help everyone around him to the point of working himself ragged. Whether it be through volunteering to singlehandedly try to handle a mission objective or through feeling that he has to be the one to help his fellow pilots, namely Allison, with their problems. This also tends to annoy his fellow pilots in the process.
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: Played for Drama in his backstory. It's the reason Charlotte doesn't like him.
  • Honor Before Reason: Due to his mother's influence on his child soldier upbringing, he was raised with a strict code of selflessness and to do what is necessary to protect others. Not excluding putting his own life in danger.
  • My Beloved Smother: Gilbert's mother is also the lead scientist in the R&D department of GAMA headquarters and as such is usually right there to oversee anything that GAMA does involving him.
  • Only Friend: To Allison. They met shortly after she lost her last teammate.
  • Shout-Out: See his quote.

    Charlotte Turner 

Charlotte Turner

"Over the course of three years one person tends to eventually make a dent in the population."

  • Bash Sisters: Works with Allison to kill off the second attack in the Cape Town mission.
  • Cold Sniper: With a Rail Gun in the South Africa mission.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: Was apparently much less spiteful before spending three years abandoned in Proteus-controlled Singapore.
  • Had To Be Sharp: Charlotte was presumed MIA and was unable to make the extraction out of Singapore. She spent three years surviving day-to-day alone using her training and wits as her main means of survival.
  • One Girl Army She was essentially this during her isolation in Singapore. She claims that the city went silent simply because she killed everything that moved.
  • Psycho for Hire: Charlotte. She reclaimed her position as a pilot solely so that she could seek revenge by rampaging against Proteus.
  • Sociopathic Soldier: Charlotte could be seen as the Broken Soldier variant of this trope, after living in a declared wasteland alone for three years she slowly grew into this trope over time.
    John "Jack" Moore 

John Moore

"Damnit, I hate it when I'm right"
Jack lived in Toronto for most of his life until his family was caught in the middle of a terrorist attack engineered by Proteus. They were evacuated to a small town outside the city, and stayed there until he was contacted by the UN, and convinced to join the Gama project. Jack briefly tried to antagonize Allison in an effort to make the team stop bickering, which failed spectacularly, and has shifted his efforts into trying to improve upon the nanomachines that the Valkyries use. He is mostly either indifferent or antagonistic to everyone around him, except for Anna and Jason, who he regards as friends. Put on a Bus for a long time, has recently returned. He blames himself for the mission failure that lead to the use of nuclear weapons on Samoa.
  • Badass Bookworm: While nowhere near as skilled as any of the other Valkyries without his armour, he still manages to hold his own when he has the WARBIRD to work with.
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: His clothing, VALK, and the glow he uses to test his nanobots are all blue, to fit his Blue Oni character.
  • Cryptic Background Reference: Is almost always reading a book, but it is never revealed what book he is reading.
  • Good Is Not Nice
  • Put on a Bus: Reassigned to the African Gama base, returns after the team has to go to South Africa.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Is the Blue Oni to Allison during the Samoa mission, though he sometimes shows Blue Oni traits at other times as well.
  • Sherlock Scan: Defied and deconstructed. He tries this, and is slightly successful, but Allison points out that you can't figure out everything about a person by glancing at them.
  • The Smart Guy: Often plays this role, though sometimes overshadowed by characters like Yuri.

Constantine "CV" Valentinianus

"Wonderful, not yet in deep and the commander starts to get shaky."
Originally from Berlin's Schoenburg District to two unidentified parents and in fact the sibling to Valeria Krystalovna, yet this is not known to anyone and not on official record. Constantine through probable illegal and shady means lived on his own after being left in an orphanage at an extremely young age. Eventually making his way to GAMA and enlisted as a Valkyrie due to acquired survival and combat prowess brought about by surviving on his own. However it was soon noted that despite being an effective killing machine, with more than once the trade mark term, "Hyperlethal-Keep under surveillance should unusual behavior be detected", appearing in his personal Dossier. Despite this Constantine has proven thus far to be a reliable and competent asset to the other Valkyries even with his distant and cold demeanour. Proving to be a reliable ranged specialist using his VALKS Schwere-Gewehr Beam Rifle while being competent in melee through the usage of two beam sabers. He views the rest of the Valkyries with little interest beyond a facade, only cherishing the company of Valeria in private and giving Gilbert a respectful status due to him making Valeria happy in his own way.
  • Aerith and Bob: A last name version. Fisher, Turner, Moore, Knight, Davenport and Valentinianus.
  • The Sociopath: He seems nice, yet a bit of a cold, harboring a person of little empathy, especially if you make GAMA's hitlist.
    Valeria Krystalovna 

Valeria Krystalovna

"Constantine and I have been together for a long time. I know him like no one else, he knows me the same."
Also originally from Berlin and the ironic opposite to Constantine, as she shows a full mentally functioning faculty about her. She is a capable pilot, specializing in medium to short range combat. Valeria is more or less the therapist of the Valkyries, able to and willing to listen to the others on their concerns, while being caring and respectful in seeing the good others do. She is romantically involved with Gilbert, cheerfully callering him Gilly, perhaps latching on to an aspect of what she would consider a normal life given the circumstances. Valeria also does hold Constantine dear to her heart, they each know each other deeply and spend many private moments together with her perhaps knowing the true nature of Constantine more than anyone else.
    Anako Dimitri 

Anako Dimitri

"You can trust us. We're all a part of the same team and side. You don't need to worry."
Anako is a patriotic and friendly Russian that hails from Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia. Due to living near the woods and near the Ural mountains, Anako has wrestled beasts such as bears and wolves during a young age and is not scared to wrestle a Siberian tiger if she has to. She unlike Allison was not apart of the original GAMA and was recruited into the program at the age of 13 and sense then has trained to become a skilled sharpshooter. Anako, despite her appearance and attitude, has a sadist side that only comes out during the heat of battle. Anako's VALK is SU-878 Angeloid.
    William Kruger 

William Kruger

"What's with the red face. I very much doubt that is a sunburn, unless you have very sensitive skin."
William Kruger is a gregarious pilot from South Africa. He was born and raised in Cape Town by his father Johannes Kruger and his mother Emilia Kruger. He has two aunts, Remilia and Flandre Scarlet. He joined Gama at age 11 a few days after the Battle of Cape Town. He is an expert in survival, CQC, pistols, and scope rifles. His VALK, Jagter, is a light and built for stealth, marksmanship, recon, and light assault. Off the battlefield, he is a kind and gregarious fellow. He open-minded and a conversationalist. He is a musician, specifically the saxophone, and plays jazz, blues, and reggae. He has two items which he holds dearly, a .44 Scoped Magnum and a saxophone. The magnum was previously owned by his aunt Flandre; Engraved alongs its barrel is the name Flandre. The saxophone is a gift from his aunt Remilia; Engraved along its tube is the name Remilia.

Other members of Gama

"Don't get bit, now~!"
Gama's head of communications and commander of the Valkyries.
    Dr. Jarnefeldt 
"Not much you can hide from me around here."
Head of Research and Development in Gama's New Mexico base. Also Gilbert's mother.
  • Hyper-Awareness: She always seems to quickly and accurately figure out what actually happened when someone attempts to hide things from her and was shone to exhibit this trope with pieces of technology by figuring out a great deal of Gustav's nano-suit by merely looking it over.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: Works in tandem with the trope beneath it. Dr. Jarnefeldt doesn't look like she would have much physical strength, but Yuri has found its actually quite to the contrary. In the instance this has happened so far she was able to throw a pencil with enough force to get lodged in a wall
  • Mama Bear: Acts as a mother figure to most of the pilots and is very protective of them.
  • The Glasses Come Off: While she is like a mother to most of the pilots at Gama, once one steps out of line she takes off her glasses and her mood takes a Face–Heel Turn. She goes from a kind and polite scientist to a cruel and merciless disciplinarian. Enough so that her own son is fearful of angering her.
  • The Professor: As the head of Gama's Research and Development department and one of the scientists that helped invent VALK technology she has created countless innovations to make them function more efficiently. Mostly through Applied Phlebotinum. However unlike quite a lot of the people that fit this trope she is far from a Mad Scientist.
    Mary Lewis 
"One of these days, I'm gonna start charging for gas money."
The Chief Engineer at Gama's base in New Mexico

     Johannes Kruger 
"So, you must hate your pops huh? A sly, lying, and murdering bastard.
  • Doomed Hometown: In revenge for stealing their data, Proteus attacks Cape Town with the intention of killing Johannes.
  • Give Him a Normal Life: A variant with William, in that he doesn't just give him up when he is put in danger by his work, but actually ends his work as a Proteus double agent in order to raise his family.
  • The Atoner
  • The Mole: Fed Proteus misinformation while stealing what they knew until William was born.


    His Excellency 
"Glory to the mass."


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