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This is the character page for the videogame Galaxy Angel.

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Galaxy Angel

    Tact Mayers 

Voiced by: Yuji Ueda
The Hero of the story and all-around nice guy. Tact began as the commander of a patrol fleet on the border of the Transbaal Empire with no knowledge of the coup d'etat that had taken place on the homeworld. Just when he was beginning to enjoy the easy assignment, he is approached and hailed by a trio of women in strange, unidentified fighters and so his journey begins. Although he has gained a reputation as a skirt-chaser and slacker, he is personally appointed as captain of the Elsior with orders to support the Moon Angel Wing in protecting the last remaining heir to the throne.

At first, Tact comes off as an incompetent and lazy commander but when the situation truly warrants it, he becomes serious and completely devoted to the task at hand. His foppery and whim conceal a brilliant tactical mind and as the game goes on, he displays all the qualities of a natural leader and there is a lot of talk that he could become supreme commander of the Imperial Forces if he wanted to. As it is, he just accepts a position on the Frontier Exploration Team.

Tact's career continues to advance well-past his humble position as he soon begins to be at the forefront of the empire's endeavors against the Val-Fasq and further still when the second trilogy begins and he is appointed as the Brigadier General of the new Luxiole before he once again rises to another high administrative duty as the chief of the United Parallel Worlds.

  • Accidental Kiss: In the game and manga, he accidentally kisses Ranpha during an incident in the Storage Room with zero gravity.
  • Accidental Pervert: One major case with Ranpha, but not his fault due to an enemy-inserted drone taking on his appearance.
  • Back in the Saddle: For each sequel. Tact either remains in military service or in Milfeulle's ending, retires, but quickly returns to lead the Elsior and the Angel Wing. His vacation after saving the galaxy in Eternal Lovers has him return with a brand new carrier.
  • Best Friends-in-Law: Depending on how Tact ends up marrying and who Kazuya ends up romancing, this leads to a rather entertaining possibility that Kazuya and Tact become in-laws. This already affects Rico and Nano where Tact becomes the former's brother-in-law and the latter's adoptive father if Milfeulle and Vanilla are romanced.
  • Book Dumb: Apparently graduated near the bottom of his class in the military academy compared to Lester, who graduated at the top of the list.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Tact's biggest flaw is his penchant to avoid work and mess around instead. While serious when needed, Tact will always opt to skip work and do something fun instead of sitting around his desk.
  • The Captain: Of the Elsior in the first trilogy and the Luxiole in Galaxy Angel II: Zettai Ryouiki no Tobira
  • Chivalrous Pervert: The "pervert" part is quite mild, actually, although more pronounced in the manga since in the manga he's willing to do things like look up a girl's skirt or peep in the girls' side of the hot spring. In the games, it depends a lot on the player's choices. Even in the games, the most "perverted" Tact ever gets is when he mistakenly thinks he's going to see the Angels naked in the hot spring (they were actually wearing bathing suits). Otherwise, in the games, Tact's "perversion" amounts to a slightly more adult and mature version of "She's SO PRETTY!"
  • Commanding Coolness: For the first trilogy, even when he controls the entire Transbaal Navy he's simply called Supreme Commander rather than say, Admiral.
  • Eccentric Mentor: A mentor to Coco and Kazuya when they respectively receive the mantle of command and the responsibility of being the leader of the the Luxiole and the Rune Angel Wing. Tact's attitude and eccentricities definitely wouldn't make for a good commander but such was his effectiveness as a leader that the casual style of leadership took root in a lot of the empire's own military commands, one which Coco employs herself.
  • The Empath: He's surprisingly capable of understanding other people's emotions to the point that Mint Blancmanche, a telepath, wonders if he doesn't have some kind of psychic powers.
  • Farm Boy: According to the manga, he spent a lot of time in his grandmother's farm.
  • Happily Married: Galaxy Angel II confirms that he married one of the six original heroines depending on the Player's choice and they share a reunion moment with Tact during the respective chapter they show up in.
  • Humble Hero: Despite all of his accomplishments, Tact remains as humble as when he first started out the series as a simple patrol fleet commander.
  • Ignorant of the Call: Tact at first had no idea why the Angels would seek HIM out of all people, that has to be explained to him by Commodore Luft before he's handpicked to be the Elsior's new commander.
  • Made of Iron:
    • Especially in Ranpha's Path in EL. As a result of a combination of Val-Fasc sabotage and an argument Tact had with her previously, Ranpha develops an uncontrollable reflex causing her to strike Tact whenever he touches her. Since Tact still wants to be close to her, Tact intentionally trains his body to withstand lots of punishment so that he can hug Ranpha and be able to take the hit. It doesn't completely work, but Ranpha appreciates the gesture, since she has no desire to hit Tact every time either, she can't control it until Tact makes the reflex go away near the end of her route by saving her life.
    • Strikes again in Galaxy Angel II where Tact is the most common victim to Rico's reflex where he is often sent flying across the room, only to spring back up with a smile on his face.
  • Man Hug: After his nightmare at the start of Eternal Lovers, Tact walks into the Bridge and immediately hugs Lester out of relief. The PS2 version of Eternal Lovers even gives this moment a CG. Lester wasn't having any of it, so much so that he pulls a gun on Tact to stop him from messing around.
  • Sarcasm-Blind: A Running Gag is Tact completely misunderstanding Stealth Insult or general sarcasm with praise. Setting him straight falls to Lester, or more rarely, Luft and/or Forte.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": While official names have spelled his name as Tact, or Takuto (which is the phonetic pronunciation of the katakana タクト), an in-game screenshot of a letter he wrote makes out his first name to be "Takt". As it stands, there's no consensus on which one to use.
  • The Strategist: He can give Lelouch a run for his money.
  • Think Nothing of It: Despite being seen as a legendary hero in GA II, he remains as modest as he was on his first day.
  • Unishment: In Eternal Lovers, Tact screws up real bad in one of his duties, that is, pursuing the stolen Emblem Frame Unit 7 by Wein. Not only Tact had to let them escape, he was led into a carefully laid trap, and only the timely intervention of The Cavalry allowed him to escape by the skin of his teeth. For this, he was severely reprimanded by Empress Shiva and is given the punishment of...becoming the Supreme Commander of Eden Liberation Fleet, with the mandate that he better liberate it from the Val-Fasq, or else.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Lester, his oldest and truest friend who's been with Tact since their academy days. While Tact isn't the one to ever insult someone even as a joke, Lester is the never the one without an insult to Tact on his leniency in military matters. By Galaxy Angel II, Tact seems to have gotten used to quipping with Lester a lot more.

    Lester Coolduras 

Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi
Tact's best friend since his Academy days and his devoted adjutant onboard the Elsior. Lester is everything that Tact is not: hard-working, takes his job seriously, a precise and efficient commander who is very good at managing day-to-day affairs on a battleship. Despite the fact that no one on the Elsior is strictly military, Lester is able to enforce a degree of discipline while still keeping the respect and admiration of his subordinates. In fact, it's often joked that maybe it's Lester and not Tact who should be in command of the operation. Lester is however perfectly capable of admitting that the role of commander, as far as the Angel Wing are concerned, play more to Tact's ability over his own. Together, the two of them make an unstoppable team with their polar opposite traits bringing out the best of each other's abilities.

Lester's presence on the Bridge is almost always accompanied by the duo of Coco and Almo, the two Bridge operators that usually chime in on the conversations Tact and Lester have, who most often gossip and get distracted about Tact's relationship with his romantic choice much to Lester's chagrin.

  • Awesomeness by Analysis: His skill at identifying enemy formations and ship classes meshes well with Tact's ability to find and exploit weaknesses form a highly effective duo during combat.
  • Best Friend: He has been Tact's closest friend since the military academy and have never separated since then.
  • Bromantic Foil: He's Tact's male buddy and everything that Tact is not: hard-working, takes his job seriously, a precise and efficient commander who is very good at managing day-to-day affairs on a battleship. He basically exists to remind the player why the carefree Tact is the viewpoint character who gets the love interests.
  • Eyepatch of Power: As a rather noticeable one covering his left eye. Tact jokes about it to Almo and Coco that Lester lost it in a duel with his father or that there's a laser hidden beneath it. The true answer as to why Lester has one is never revealed.
  • Number Two: He's the official second-in-command of the Elsior and frankly, he acts more like a commander than Tact ever does.
  • The Reliable One: He spends most of his time either making sure that Tact is doing his job as a commander, or trying to find Tact as he goes off on one of his crazy adventures with the Angel Troupe.

    Milfeulle Sakuraba 

Voiced by: Ryoko Shintani
An extraordinarily lucky girl who is possessed of boundless energy and incredible cooking skills. However, what most people don't know is that she's not only very lucky but very unlucky as well. In fact, no one is ever quite sure what is going to happen next around her, which makes her either the most fun person on the Elsior or a gigantic pain in the rear depending on who you ask. She also happens to be an Emblem Frame pilot with a great deal of potential, having scored the highest on simulations in the history of the Academy. Out of all the girls, she is the only one who puts her faith in Tact from the outset and never judges him. She's a kind and caring soul who just wants to make friends and stay friends with everyone.

Milfeulle pilots the GA-001 Lucky Star, the most balanced of the Emblem Frames. In fact, no one else has been able to pilot it thanks to its massive power stability issues.

  • Amnesiac Lover: In the third game, Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers, Milfeulle suffers an injury that removes all memory of Commander Tact Mayers, her boyfriend. Her boyfriend spends a great deal of time trying to restore her memories, but eventually has to settle for loving the "Milfeulle now"...until he kisses her and her memories are restored anyway in a throwaway line.
  • BFG: The Lucky Star's Hyper Cannon.
  • Born Lucky: Milfeulle's luck is both extremely good and extremely bad, but sometimes an apparent misfortune ultimately results in a glorious success.
  • Chef of Iron: She pilots a huge space fighter with a BFG strapped to it as her day job. Never forget she can lay down some serious ass-kicking and basically use her luck to influence the whole universe if pushed far enough.
  • Cherry Blossom Girl: Her last name is Sakuraba, she's sweet, optimistic and very lucky, wears flower ornaments in her pink hair and is a love interest.
  • The Chick: Milfeulle takes the role of the sweet and ditzy girl in the team who serves as the main source of union between her friends.
  • The Ditz: As a child, she wanted to be a spaceship! (To be fair to Milfeulle, the teacher didn't specify her dream had to be possible, the ditz part came in when Milfeulle didn't realize the teacher was probably thinking of celebrity goals as "doesn't have to be possible.")
  • Edible Theme Naming: She is named after the French pastry Mille-fuelle.
  • Fake Ultimate Hero: She's often touted as the Academy's most promising recruit with the highest scores on the piloting simulations. In reality, her amazing luck was as significant a factor as her actual skill. Chitose eventually beats her.
  • Feminine Women Can Cook: Has a passion for cooking; Kazuya having a dessert focus originating from a school he attended alongside Luxiole chef Lunti allows him to take less of an impact from her sister's reflex caused by male contact.
  • The Fool: So, SO much. It is less exaggerated here than in the anime, however.
  • Genki Girl
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: The Lucky Star is perfectly balanced in mobility, defense and attack. Her missile/homing lasers have good attack power during pass-through attacks and her Hyper Cannon bursts combined with her machineguns do inflict quite a bit of burst damage. Simply put, out of all units, hers require least micromanaging.
  • The Pollyanna
  • Retired Badass: With her duty done, she decided to leave the military and live a peaceful life as a civilian. Much to her surprise, Tact followed suit and left the military to be with her. It becomes 10-Minute Retirement due to sequel.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: Her hair is pink and she's very sweet and optimistic.
  • Supreme Chef: The mere mention of one of her picnics is enough to get the rest of the Angel Wing moving.
  • Team Chef: Whenever there's a picnic or other celebration.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Cake, and she gets into a few arguments with Mint over the course of the story about whether cake or sweets are better.
  • Winds of Destiny, Change: It's hinted that she has the power to alter probability to get the outcomes she really wants.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She has pink hair.

    Ranpha Franboise 

Voiced by: Yukari Tamura
Passionate and temperamental to a fault, she is the resident martial arts expert, divination enthusiast, and a yearning romantic.

Ranpha pilots the GA-002 Kung Fu Fighter, the fastest of the Emblem Frames. It's really powerful at close quarters but has paper-thin armour.

  • Anime Chinese Girl: She has the Chinese-sounding name, the qipao, the odango hair and the passionate martial artist. Yep, she fits the bill.
  • Bare Your Midriff: There's a cutout in the front of her dress that leaves her abdomen bare.
  • Berserk Button: Sure she likes martial arts, but do not mention that she is a tomboy or otherwise un-girly.
  • Big Eater
  • Cleavage Window: Her dress has a diamond-shaped cutout above her cleavage.
  • Combat Stilettos: The only Angel with high heels as her main shoes to actually embrace this trope in on-foot combat. Justified in that as a martial artist, Ranpha has to get in up close and personal whereas Forte, a gunslinger, and Kahlua, a mage, take a more long-ranged approach.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Initially the most hostile towards Tact, Ranpha is also the slowest to place her trust in him. In her route, she mellows out to the extreme as she falls completely in love with him and they become Sickeningly Sweethearts.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Her surname "Franboise" in French means "Raspberry".
  • Facial Markings: A distinct triangle mark on her forehead.
  • The Fatalist: She is absolutely convinced her fortunes will come true and spends a great deal of time agonizing over it. Justified in the first game, where the fortune she looks up is 99% accurate. Pity it's only accurate WITHIN the Transbaal system.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: Ranpha doesn't seem to have any particular style to her training or fighting techniques. Just simple (and effective) punches and kicks, the latter appearing to embrace the Combat Stilettos trope as well due to her shoes being high heel pumps compared to the other Angels' boots.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite her gruff attitude, she cares deeply for her friends and is as quick to forget fights and rise to their defense as she is to anger.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Kung-Fu Fighter is very fast, very maneuverable, complete with plenty of firepower (Large and Small Missiles and double Autocannons). In later games, her Anchor Claw can chain-kill enemies if they inflict overkill. However, it possesses a very low defense such that sending her solo without her Anchor Claw ready is a recipe for disaster. To make things worse, it's faster than everyone else and, while almost always landing the first blow on an opposing fleet, she'll also be the one to bear the brunt of the counterattack. To top it all off, Kung-Fu Fighter can literally outrun Harvester that is trying to repair it (except for the second game's modified AI behavior). As such, she's better relegated to resupply with the Elsior rather than Harvester's repairs.
  • Megaton Punch: Standard "remedy" if she senses Tact "cheating" with another girl. Also an invoked trope; if playing her route in Eternal Lovers Ranpha suffers a mental breakdown causing her to have no real choice in the matter since this trope becomes an ingrained reflex.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her hair goes down past her hips.
  • Rocket Punch: The Kung Fu Fighter's Anchor Claws.
  • She's Got Legs: Her dress does nothing to try and conceal them.
  • Sickeningly Sweethearts: Kazuya happened to catch Ranpha and Tact cuddling by Tact's chair and sharing a shamelessly corny love talk.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: She often likes to claim that Milfie is a nuisance and only followed her into the Moon Angel Wing to annoy her to death. It doesn't help that she seems to continually be on the receiving end of Milfeulle's bad luck when it strikes.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak: Ranpha is very direct, competitive and trains frequently during downtime, but possesses a girly side that can often be seen in her love of fortune-telling, shopping and fairytale romances.
  • Tsundere: She's hot-tempered, aggressive and quick to judge, which causes her to look down on Tact and be hostile to him. She's still a hopeless romantic and incredibly affectionate when she falls for Tact.
  • Unknown Rival: Back in academy training, she saw Milfie as her biggest rival because she always got the best scores. Milfie, clueless as ever, never noticed.
  • Unstoppable Rage: One Emblem Frame. An unstoppable tide of enemies. The Elsior in flames. Hit it.
  • Zany Scheme: If it involves romance and love troubles, Ranpha will come to your rescue! She will however need a ball of yarn, a bit of chocolate, some tarot cards, a very emotionally touching movie, Forte (whether she likes it or not), etc.

    Mint Blancmanche 

Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro
Mint is the sole heiress to the immensely wealthy Blancmanche Company. As a result, she has lived a charmed life but conducts herself with all the grace and poise expected of a rich lady. Her love of tea and sweets of all kinds is well-known on the White Moon, but what most people don't know is her hobby of wearing kigurumi or mascot costumes. Mint's relationship with her father is strained and she prefers to try and handle her the problem without getting anyone else involved. Likewise, she initially has misgivings regarding Tact's ability to command, but generally keeps them to herself.

Mint pilots the GA-003 Trick Master, an Emblem Frame built for long range scanning. She generally runs support and interference with her Fliers, which can attack from any direction she wishes.

  • Attack Drone: The Trick Master's main weapons.
  • Beam Spam: The Trick Master's Flier Dance.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Whenever Milfeulle decides to throw one of her picnics, Mint can be seen bringing enough gear to account for the most likely eventualities. She is the only one with an umbrella when the sprinklers on the holodeck are set off.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Mint's first name comes from the herb mint, and her last name from the dessert blancmange.
  • Embarrassing Hobby: She loves wearing mascot costumes, but she's worried that anyone who saw her in one would consider her childish or silly; a problem that is exacerbated by her short stature.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: Whenever Anise mispronounces Mint's surname Blancmanche as "Butamanjuu" (pork buns), Mint retaliates by raising the interest on Anise's debt.
  • The Empath: In her route this ability ends up going off in reverse as the route's trial.
  • Every Proper Lady Should Curtsy: In the original game, there is an animated FMV sequence in which each Angel introduces herself individually to Tact. Mint introduces herself with a curtsy.
  • Gradual Grinder: While Trick Master is quite balanced, it trades mobility and burst damage (compared to similarly-balanced Lucky Star) for a slower, yet steadier damage-over-time thanks to her multi-directional Fliers that has a constant damage output. Trick Master's special attack, Flier Dance, is this trope Up to Eleven, gradually wearing down HP of enemy units in a designated area over time. Sufficiently leveled, she can clear an area of weaker enemies all by herself.
  • Keigo: Her speech is extremely polite.
  • Mindlink Mates: In Moonlit Lovers, Tact and Mint communicate and comprehend each other with Mint's natural telepathy.
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: Rare, but one comedic instance in Moonlit Lovers has this for her.
  • Ojou: Mint is the only daughter of Darno Blancmanche, the CEO of one of the biggest corporations in the galaxy. She has lived a charmed life and conducts herself with all the grace and poise expected of a rich lady.
  • Older Than She Looks: She looks no older than ten. It's hard to believe she's really 16.
  • Pastimes Prove Personality: She normally acts really mature and composed but her childish side comes out through her mascot costume hobby. And it is absolutely adorable.
  • The Power of Love: Basically how Mint and Tact overcome all odds.
  • Proper Lady: Very well-mannered and polite, as expected from a high-class lady.
  • Psychic Powers: Mint is telepathic.
  • Sensor Character
  • Shared Unusual Trait: Her father and her butler have the same kind of Unusual Ears as her.
  • Silk Hiding Steel: She's a charming, gentle, unyielding and clever young lady.
  • Sweet Tooth: Mint loves her sweets. A little sidenote though, she likes her sweets artificial, which led to her monstrously 10,000x sweeter-than-natural-sugar sweetener concoction. This gets her into an argument with Milfie, who prefers cake herself.
  • True Blue Femininity: The most ladylike and well-mannered of the Angels and blue is her color theme.
  • Unusual Ears: Her rabbit ears, or whatever they are. They're the source of her telepathy in the manga.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She has blue hair.

    Forte Stollen 

Voiced by: Mayumi Yamaguchi
The flight leader and most experienced of the Moon Angel Wing, Forte is the most reserved and keenly observes Tact for any sign of weakness or laxity. Like the other Angels, she is mistrusful of him in the beginning and will only believe in him once she thinks he is someone she can count on to watch her back in a fight. In times of crisis she always keeps a cool head even when the rest of the Angels start arguing and no matter what misgivings she has, she is more than willing to put her foot down in support of the new commander. Forte has a keen interest in solid projectile firearms and has converted the firing range into her own personal haven where she practices with numerous kinds of guns up to and including rocket launchers.

Forte pilots the GA-004 Happy Trigger, which boasts the most armour and firepower of the Emblem Frames. It's really slow though.

  • Boobs of Steel: She has the largest bust of ANY Angel and is the heaviest hitter of the Angel Troupe.
  • Boyish Short Hair: Fittingly for the least feminine of the Angels, Forte keeps her hair short.
  • Cleavage Window: Although it is hard to believe that her rather sizable assets are held only by a pair of straps and not, say, a skin-colored fabric, apparently this screenshot demonstrates that those really are straps.
  • Commissar Cap: Her peaked cap represents how she's the oldest and most experienced member of Moon Angel Troupe.
  • Cool Big Sis: She acts as an older sister/mentor figure to the other Angels. It causes her a considerable degree of consternation on her route in Moonlit Lovers when Chitose takes it a little too far and starts addressing her as "onee-sama." Anise also views Forte as "big sis".
  • Dark and Troubled Past: In the manga, Forte grew up on a world still suffering from the collapse in society caused by the Chrono Quake. In one incident, Forte's little sister and many of her friends are gunned down after being caught stealing food. Forte develops an obsession with guns as a result of her seeing them as a means to protect herself and loved ones.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Her surname comes from the German pastry Stollen.
  • Fiery Redhead: Averted; despite having red hair, she's the most level-headed and the calmest girl in the Brigade. Played straight during game battles, though, where Forte will frequently crow that enemies can't get away from her, and will curse if she misses her target.
  • Gun Stripping: There is a scene where Forte is stripping one blindfolded and Ranpha decides to steal one of the springs as a prank.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: She's old enough to do it legally too.
  • High-Class Glass: Her character design includes a monocle. She does, however, take it off in a lot of occasion. One wonders why she's using it at all.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: The Happy Trigger's Strike Burst
  • Mighty Glacier: Happy Trigger is the slowest out of all Frames, but her firepower far outstrips anyone else's. As such, she is a great asset in taking down frigate-sized targets up to large battleships. Of course, sending her to a pursuit job isn't exactly something she can do. Happy Trigger's Strike Burst enables it to rapid-fire its laser cannon, double railguns and deplete an entire arsenal of homing lasers and missiles. From second game onwards, its special attack will damage or kill surrounding enemies if it overkills its first target; a welcome addition considering how overpowered Strike Burst is. Throw in the fact it has the highest armor level and Forte is basically a tank.
  • More Dakka: ...than the other Emblem Frames.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Despite not being her fault, the infamous hijacked Mission 6 has Forte opening fire on the Elsior. Everytime she handles a gun afterwards, she gets flashbacks and from that point on, suffers what is essentially a PTSD. Her issue's the only one not actually directed at Tact.
  • Off-Model: Despite being consistently portrayed as about as tall as Tact (or slightly taller due to her Nice Hat), her Eden ballroom scene video in Eternal Lover depicts Tact as One Head Taller than her. The inconsistency is pretty jarring, especially when you consider Forte's normal shoes are a pair of black high heel pumps.
  • Revolvers Are Just Better: Her signature weapon is an engraved revolver in the style of Colt Single Action Army. Her other signature however, weapon is a shorter barreled version of M1911 that she entrusted to Chitose.
  • The Tease: Not very prominent, but every once in a while, she puts on her best seductive voice and pulls this on Tact. That or teasing Ranpha that she does things "differently" with Tact when they're in private.
  • Tomboy with a Girly Streak: She's a tomboy with a love with firearms, but she keeps in tune with her feminine side. For example, she enjoys wearing a dress and going to a dance.
  • Tomboyish Voice: The most tomboyish girl of the crew and resident gunwoman has a low, raspy voice.

    Vanilla H 

Voiced by: Mika Kanai
More soft-spoken than Mint, more reserved than Forte, more devoted than Ranpha, more kind than Milfeulle, with half the words spoken, and near zero expression. All of these things can be said of Vanilla, the medic of the Angel Wing. She is a highly skilled with nanomachines, which she uses to treat illnesses and injuries. When not in combat she can often be seen in the Infirmary helping Kela tend to the patients or assisting Creta with repairs on the Emblem Frames and the Elsior. She also spends a lot of time in the room set aside for the Space Whale, though what she does there is something only Kuromie knows. She can seem alternately shy and cold but needs to control her emotions in order to properly use the nanomachines. Still, there is something about her past that drives her to work herself, sometimes to the bone, for those in her care.

Vanilla pilots the GA-005 Harvester. In terms of technical performance it is the worst of the Emblem Frames but has the ever-useful ability to repair the others.

  • Adoptive Peer Parent: She adopted Nano-Nano Pudding when she was about 15-16 years old.
  • All a Part of the Job: A major part of her character. Vanilla loves her job and being able to make a difference, saving lives, but she works herself ragged sometimes.
  • Allergic to Love: She believes that her increased heart rate and anxiety around Tact is a type of disease until she finds that these symptoms were completely normal for someone in love.
  • Broken Bird: A big part of her story deals with her childhood trauma of losing the person she cared the most and the feeling of helplessness from it.
  • Combat Medic: A Vanilla with sufficient affection levels can do some respectable damage and spam her special attack almost infinitely.
  • Cry Cute: When her Emotionless Girl façade breaks down and she breaks down in tears, it's a sight that would melt anyone's heart.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Her first name comes from the flavoring vanilla.
  • Emotion Suppression: Controlling nanomachines is an advanced ability which requires immense concentration. She had to suppress most forms of emotions in order to master it.
  • Emotionless Girl: Subverted. She just makes herself look emotionless.
  • Empathy Pet: In the manga, she has small fox-like creature named "Nanobot" that expresses her emotions for her.
  • Friend to All Living Things: When not working at the infirmary, Vanilla frequently visits the Whale Room to take care of small animals.
  • Healing Hands: Her power over nanomachines allows her to heal wounds with the touch of her hands.
  • Heroic RRoD: She faints out of exhaustion after overworking herself with no breaks.
  • His Story Repeats Itself: In her route, her pet rabbit dies and she can't revive it no matter how much she tries. She takes this particularly badly because it heavily reminds her of the death of her adopted mother, who Vanilla also couldn't revive with her nanomachines. Tact helps her accept that sometimes people can't be saved and she mustn't blame herself for the deaths of her loved ones.
  • Instant Fan Club: But she doesn't know how to react to it and has to ask Tact for advice.
  • It Is Pronounced "Tro-PAY": Her last name is pronounced like a French H (sounds like the word Ash).
  • Like Brother and Sister: The ending of the first game didn't quite make it out as romantic as the other girls. Starting from the second game however, half the plot is about Vanilla wanting to be "more than just a little sister" to Tact. Chitose's usual misunderstanding didn't really help either, despite the entire crew rooting for them (except Vanilla's fanclub).
  • Luminescent Blush: Considering her usual deadpan expression, seeing this on her face just makes her all the more adorable.
  • The Medic: She uses nanomachines to treat illnesses and injuries.
  • My Greatest Failure: She's haunted by the death of her adopted mother, Sister Beryl, and she deeply regrets not being able to save her despite her ability to heal.
  • Nanomachines: Both her Nanomachine Pet and the Harvester are composed entirely of the things.
  • Ojou Ringlets: Her sidelocks and ponytails curl into ringlets, matching her demure ladylike image.
  • One-Letter Name: Her surname is "H", just that.
  • The Quiet One: She doesn't talk much and when she does, she only says a few phrases.
  • Raised Catholic: She was raised in a church where one of the Sisters acted as her caretaker.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Inverted. She was red eyes and is the most harmless, helpful member of the Moon Angel Troupe.
  • Rei Ayanami Expy: Vanilla is a 13-year-old girl with light-colored hair, red eyes and pale skin. She comes off as emotionless and unfeeling, but reveals a Sugar-and-Ice Personality as she opens up to her Love Interest.
  • The Stoic: Downplayed. The glacial facial expression is something she forced upon herself for the sake of her job. It doesn't that much to see she's Not So Stoic.
  • Stone Wall: Harvester is a purely defensive craft. It can take ungodly amounts of punishment and not flinch; so much so that the only time she needs to return back is when she's out of energy. Unfortunately this also means she doesn't deal much damage. Adding to her Stone Wall-ness is her Special Attack, Repair Wave. While it sounds descriptive enough, Repair Wave covers the entire map, making it unnecessary for Harvester to go near other ships to repair them. However, beyond Repair Wave, Harvester cannot repair itself without going to Elsior. Furthermore, Moonlit Lover onwards tax the Energy Gauge heavily on Special Attack move, which means spamming Harvester's Repair Wave over and over is a recipe for repeat resupplies. Since Elsior's supply is not unlimited as well, timing repairs is crucial.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Vanilla comes off as almost devoid of emotion because her power over nanomachines requires her to always be in control of herself. Underneath that cold façade, there's an extremely sensitive and sweet girl who cares deeply for those around her and wants nothing but to be helpful to them.
  • Textile Work Is Feminine: She gets into knitting to be better girlfriend material for Tact.
  • Took a Level in Cheerfulness: The fact that she can express herself more is treated as a very significant character development.
  • What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?: "My heartbeat rises and my blood pressure increases when I'm near you, yet it's not a disease. What is this feeling?"
  • When She Smiles: The most heart-warming expression you will ever see out of her usually stoic persona.
  • Workaholic: She won't ever take a break from work unless she's ordered to.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Her hair is light green.

    Chitose Karasuma 

Voiced by: Saori Goto
A very traditional and polite girl, Chitose joined the military out of respect and admiration for her father and the Moon Angel Wing. She worked very hard and excelled in piloting and archery, earning her a place among the Angels by the time of Moonlit Lovers. However she is still the newcomer and a lot of humour is derived from her being the proverbial fish out of water. Because she idolised Tact and the Moon Angel Wing Chitose assumed that they would all be model soldiers and initially found it difficult to even call them by their first names, eventually settling on the honorific "-senpai". To further compound her isolation from the others, Chitose gets into increasingly complicated situations and exacerbates the cracks that begin to show in Tact's relationship with the Angels. Nevertheless she enthusiastically supports Tact and his chosen partner, and is extremely remorseful when she finds out she has unwittingly caused them to start fighting.

She is shown to be very skilled with electronics and helps decrypt a mysterious distress call to the White Moon. In the academy simulations, she was able to surpass even Milfeulle's scores through sheer hard work and determination.

Chitose pilots the GA-006 Sharp Shooter, a sniper model with a long range and advanced targeting systems.

  • Big Eater: Out eats Forte, Ranpha, and Tact in the curry deathmatch.
  • Broken Pedestal: Chitose holds Tact and the Angel Wing in the highest regard and finds herself completely out of her depth when confronted by the laid back and quirky reality. The only person who matched her ideal image of a soldier was Lester Coolderas.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: One of the reason why Sharp Shooter is difficult to use. Being a sniper unit, most of its weaponry are fixed, forward-firing ordnances with the exception of her high-speed homing lasers. Also, Sharp Shooter's special move, Fatal Arrow is very damaging, but tricky to use due to range limitation (she needs to gain distance to use it), and being stationary makes her very vulnerable to flanking units unless covered by other units or is near Elsior/Vanilla's Harvester. Also the reason why her introductory combat mission is almost impossible to execute without casualties, combined with the fact that Tact is commanding a common cruiser instead of Elsior.
  • Daddy's Girl: She holds the memory of her deceased father dearly and pursued a military career in his honor.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Her first name comes from a red and white candy called chitose ame.
  • Fainting: During times of high emotional stress, like when she eats a single bite of Ranpha's trademark Ranpha Special or meets Prince Shiva in person for the first time. Hilariously, she also faints right after she and Tact confess their love to each other near the end of Eternal Lovers.
  • Friendly Sniper
  • Glass Cannon: Very high burst damage from her sniper railguns and large missiles. Purely average defenses. Not very pronounced until she basically enters Siege Mode for her Fatal Arrow attack in which she becomes a large, sitting duck. However, Fatal Arrow fires multiple times, and when it destroys a target, it will switch to another one until it depletes its battery (three shots normally, five when leveled).
  • High-Pressure Emotion: Following a long-overdue Anguished Declaration of Love and a following Cooldown Hug, she promptly overheats and collapses.
  • Hime Cut: A classical Yamato Nadeshiko with blunt bangs, cheek-length sidelocks, and hip-length straight hair.
  • Keigo: Her speech is as polite and sophisticated as Mint's.
  • Loving a Shadow: In Chitose's romantic route of Eternal Lovers, she falls under a delusion that her feelings for the quirky commander Tact were for the more ideal soldier Lester. It didn't help that Tact had no choice but to do something very un-boyfriend-like and shoot her down to prevent the Val-Fasc from getting their hands on her.
  • Manchurian Agent: In the manga, Noah found Chitose shortly after the accident that killed the latter's father. Then Noah "reprogrammed" Chitose to abduct Tact and sabotage the Angel Wing, but Noah also hid the memory of the reprogramming itself so even Chitose didn't know she was The Mole until it was too late and Noah activated her "programming."
  • Oblivious to Love: In her route in Eternal Lovers, sort of, but that was Tact's fault since he was too nervous to tell her his feelings for her directly; a problem he soon rectifies of course as the route progresses.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her hair reaches her hips.
  • Sempai/Kohai: As the lastest addition to the team, she refers to all the members of the Moon Angel Wing as sempai and holds them in high regard.
  • Sixth Ranger: Of the type that's an ally right when she joins the team since she directly joins the Angel Wing through proper channels, instead of being introduced as an enemy first.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: Traditional, polite, and soft-spoken; a prime example of an ideal Japanese lady.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She has navy blue hair.

    Luft Weizen 

Voiced by: Rokuro Naya
Tact's mentor from the Academy and often considered to be one of the greatest teachers in the Empire. Luft happens to be one of the few high-ranking officers still able to take command after the coup attempt. As soon as Tact returns with the three members of the Angel Wing he bailed out along the frontier, Luft puts him in command of the (previously ceremonial) battleship Elsior and the Angel Wing itself, whether he likes it or not. Though he considers Tact to be one of his finest students, he is also frustrated by Tact's laziness and lack of a sense of duty.
  • Big Damn Heroes
  • Cool Old Guy
  • Last Stand: He even gets a CG of the entire crew of the Elsior giving him a fine send-off. Averted later on when it turns out the coup forces didn't really put up much of a fight and were much more interested in pursuing the Elsior.
  • Old Master: To both Tact and Lester.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Although only a Commodore, Luft seems to be more principled than most of the Admirals. He tends to focus on getting the job done rather than sucking up to the nobility and opposes Tact being relieved of his command.
  • Supporting Leader

    The Elsior's Crew 

The hardworking women and men (but mostly women) that perform most of the day-to-day tasks needed to keep the Elsior up and running. The entire crew complement was drawn from the attendants of the White Moon, also known as its "Priestesses". Their job in peacetime is to research Lost Technology and find ways to use it for the preservation of peace. They may not have the discipline of an ordinary military crew but they are completely dedicated to their jobs and perfectly competent. More to the point, they are better than anyone at handling the Elsior, itself a piece of Lost Technology from the earliest days of human history.

Notable crewmembers are:

  • Almo Blueberry, Communications Officer
  • Coco Nutmilk, Radar Operator
  • Creta Biscuit, Chief Engineer
  • Kela/Cera Hazel, Doctor
  • Kuromie Quark, Animal Handler

In addition, other characters also assist with day-to-day tasks aboard the Elsior. Tropes associated with them should go under their respective entries. Please note that due to the Mildly Military nature of the vessel, stated positions are not to be taken seriously.

  • Mint Blancmanche, Quartermaster/Supply Officer and Diplomatic Liaison
  • Lester Coolduras, Executive Officer
  • Ranpha Franboise, Hand-to-Hand Specialist and Fortune Teller
  • Chitose Karasuma, Archery Specialist and Master of Tea Ceremonies
  • Tact Mayers, Captain
  • Milfeulle Sakuraba, Cook
  • Forte Stollen, Tactical Officer and Firearm Specialist
  • Shiva Transbaal, Political Figurehead

  • Fangirl: As it turns out, Creta and the rest of maintenance crew are all huge fans of one Ricky Hart. As is Ranpha.
  • Improbably Female Cast: Justified as all of them are civilian researchers, but it is suggested that offscreen, male members do exist, if only lesser than the female ones.
  • It Is Pronounced "Tro-PAY": Creta's last name, Biscuit, is pronounced in the French way (bis-kwee, approx.)
  • Mildly Military: Justified in that they're not meant to be a military force. The only military personnel on the Elsior at all are the commanders.
  • Must Have Caffeine: Cera/Kela drinks a lot of coffee and enjoys Vanilla's presence in the infirmary because she prepares it exactly the way she likes it, down to the time Vanilla leaves it to simmer.
  • Shipper on Deck: Quite literally, the Bridge Bunnies and everyone else ships Tact and whomever he is romantically involved with.
    • However, Coco ships Tact and Lester together. Neither Lester nor Almo (who has a crush on Lester that he's unaware of) is amused by this.

    Shiva Transbaal 

Voiced by: Akemi Okamura

A 10-year-old child and sole surviving heir to the throne of Transbaal. Shiva was never expected to have to take the throne ever, and so was sent to the White Moon to study under its High Priestess, Lady Shatoyan. Eonia is scouring the galaxy to find Shiva, so Tact and the Elsior are tasked with bearing the prince safely to Rhome where the rest of the fleet is regrouping.

  • Antiquated Linguistics: Shiva uses an antiquated form of Japanese.
  • Bifauxnen: Shiva is a girl disguised as a very cute boy.
  • Boyish Short Hair: Her short hair is part of her boy disguise. She has let her hair grow out in Galaxy Angel II.
  • A Child Shall Lead Them: After the death of Emperor Gerald Transbaal, Shiva has to inherit the throne when she's merely 10 years old. Contrary to what you'd expect, Shiva is remarkably serious for her age and accepts the duties of being a ruler with considerable aplomb. Tact comments that Shiva has great potential as a leader and will one day grow up to be a fine king.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Blue hair and matching blue eyes.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: She warms up to Tact if her sub-route is completed.
  • Heroic Bastard: The illegitimate child of Emperor Gerald Transbaal who had an affair with the Moon Goddess Shatoyan.
  • Last of Her Kind: The only surviving member of the royal family of the Transbaal Empire.
  • Lord Country: Transbaal is both her surname and the galactic empire she rules over.
  • MacGuffin Super Person: The reason Eonia is after Shiva is because she is the only one currently outside the White Moon that can undo its seal.
  • No Social Skills: Shiva is not used to interacting with people after spending her whole life isolated in the White Moon.
  • Noble Fugitive: When Eonia's fleets raided Transbaal, the White Moon was sealed by Shatoyan while Shiva was transferred to the Elsior under Luft Weizen where it was to flee to the outer reaches of the empire and prepare for a counterattack.
  • Parental Abandonment Shiva thought at first that her father just left her with the Moon Goddess, and she was additionally afraid that everybody would forget about her.
  • Rebellious Princess: Sort of. It's mostly rebellious only in terms of personality, such as when Tact had to convince Shiva not to try to take back Transbaal for fear that the only legitimate ruler left would be killed. But Shiva has no real problem in performing the royal duties and someday taking up the throne, though in Shiva's sub-route Shiva briefly complains to Tact that Shiva has to hide some of Shiva's real personality behind a royal countenance.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Subverted. Shiva can't actually do anything no matter how much she wants to and it's only with persuasion from Tact that she manages to accept the importance of being a figurehead for the already shattered Imperial Fleet.
  • Royal "We": Used in the Fan Translation when Shiva is trying to be especially noble (read: stand up to Eonia).
  • Sent Into Hiding: Because she's an illegitimate child of the emperor and Shatoyan, Shiva's birth wasn't made public and she was raised in the White Moon with only few being aware of her existence.
  • She Is the King: Shiva remains ruler of Transbaal Empire in the sequels despite her female gender being revealed. It helps that the galaxy has to rebuild itself after Eonia's coup attempt, and since Shiva's the only royal family member left, the galaxy has to take what it can get.
  • Sheltered Aristocrat: Shiva had a very isolated upbringing in the White Moon. Even on board of the Elsior, Shiva rarely leaves the private chambers.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Shiva is a composed and reserved child because of a secluded upbringing. Shiva does learn to relax around Tact after they become friends.
  • Sweet Polly Oliver: Shiva is a young girl being is made to crossdress for political reasons.
  • Tell Me About My Mother: Shiva asks Shatoyan of her birth and who her mother is. To Shiva's surprise, Shatoyan reveals herself as Shiva's birth mother.
  • Tomboyish Name: Shiva is an Hindu name for boys, which is one of the many things that keeps her true gender hidden at first.
  • Tomboyish Voice: Her voice sounds low enough to let her pass off as a boy who hasn't gone through puberty yet.
  • Unexpected Successor: The exiled prince Eonia murdered the royal family of the Transbaal Empire and razed the capital from orbit. The only successor to the throne left was Shiva, the former emperor's illegitimate child who was raised in secret in the White Moon.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Shiva has dark blue hair.


Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue

The administrator of the White Moon that orbits the homeworld of the Transbaal Empire.

  • 100% Adoration Rating: Universally revered by the Transbaal Empire's citizens as both a saint and goddess.
  • Barrier Maiden: In the videogame trilogy, she sets up an impenetrable seal around the White Moon so Eonia couldn't capture either her or the White Moon's Lost Technology. Only Shatoyan herself or her daughter Shiva are the only ones who can open the seal.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness: Beauty equals the purest woman in the whole galaxy in her case, respected by everyone including the villain.
  • Body Backup Drive: She has kept herself alive for 600 years by repeatedly undergoing an advanced cloning process.
  • Break His Heart to Save Him: In the manga, Eonia told her his feelings flat-out, but she sensed in advance that he'd turn into a monster because of them and asked Eonia to forget about her. It... didn't work out, to put it mildly.
  • Cloning Blues
  • Ethereal White Dress: Shatoyan is cladded in a beautiful bride-like dress. She's worshipped as a Physical Goddess and is a highly important figure in the game.
  • The Fog of Ages: After 600 years of being constantly cloned to continue her existence, she has long forgotten much of the White Moon's many secrets, including the true purpose of the Twin Moons and the existence of the true enemy.
  • Hand-Hiding Sleeves: High class variant. Her white dress has very long sleeves that extend past her hands and reach the floor.
  • Hologram: In the manga, Eonia successfully managed to capture Shatoyan but may as well have failed since Shatoyan has closed herself off from him physically and mentally, so sometimes Eonia mournfully muses to himself over the hologram he has of Shatoyan.
  • Hot Goddess: Revered as the goddess of the White Moon and an absolutely gorgeous woman.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Everyone assumes that Shiva's mother died when Eonia bombed Transbaal, but if the player successfully completes Shiva's subroute, our heroes later find out that Shiva's real mother is Shatoyan.
  • Messianic Archetype: Shatoyan decided to share the lost technology of the White Moon with the people of Transbaal, and began what is now known as the Gift Age. With the moon goddess's assistance, Transbaal was able to quickly emerge from its long dark age and Transbaal returned to space to unite with its former colonies and other struggling planets. Shatoyan is therefore deemed largely responsible for the birth of the Transbaal Empire and its continued prosperity. She is universally revered by all the empire as both the administrator of the White Moon and as a goddess.
  • My Secret Pregnancy: Since until the end of the first game no one knows that Shiva is the result of Gerard and Shatoyan's affair, Shatoyan must have been successfully able to pull this off.
  • One Name Only: In terms of actual names, she's just Shatoyan. However, she frequently has titles attached to her, like Moon Goddess, Holy Maiden, etc.
  • One-Woman Wail: In the manga, since Eonia's death is actually sympathetic there since he was trying to win Shatoyan's affections in a horribly misguided manner, foolishly believing that Shatoyan would love him if he gave the entire galaxy to her by force. Averted in the game trilogy, where Eonia's death is less sympathetic since his goal was to turn the Transbaal Empire into an empire that engages in never-ending conquest. Shatoyan still mourns his death in the game, but her reaction is more subdued.
  • Parental Substitute: She raised Prince Shiva as though she were Shiva's mother, so Shiva looks up to Shatoyan as she would to a mother. But secretly, she is Shiva's mother biologically, de facto not just de jure, due to Emperor Gerard having an affair.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her hair reaches down to her feet in her character sprite, although you have to look a bit closely to see it since a lot of the hair is covered by her white veil.
  • Really 700 Years Old: She's 600 years old, but looks like a maiden of motherly age.
  • Secret Relationship: With Emperor Gerard Transbaal.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Shatoyan (English) or Shatoyarn (Japanese). Shatyan and Shatyarn are the other Japanese spellings that appear in the official artbook and other media.
  • Supernatural Is Purple: A 600-year-old moon goddess with purple eyes to show her supernatural nature.
  • Supernaturally Young Parent: She is Shiva's mother and despite being 600 years old, she looks like a beautiful young lady.
  • When She Smiles: She actually smiles more often than usual examples of this trope, but it's still rare enough that she looks significantly more beautiful when she does, so this trope still applies.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She has light blue-green hair.

    Gerald Transbaal 

The 13th emperor of the Transbaal Empire and Shiva's father. He knew about Eonia's plans and because of that, he was killed by Eonia's forces.

  • The Emperor: The 13th emperor of the Transbaal Empire.
  • Face Framed in Shadow: A rare non-villainous example: you don't see his face, and he's killed by Eonia's forces bombing Transbaal.
  • The Faceless: He only appears in person in an animated FMV sequence in the beginning of the first videogame when Eonia's forces bomb the planet Transbaal into smithereens.
  • Lord Country: He shares his surname Transbaal with the name of their galactic empire, Transbaal Empire.
  • No One Could Survive That!: He's this trope because you don't actually see his body fall; the animated FMV sequence freezes on him then everything fades to white as the palace is bombed. Subverted, however, because he's quite clearly treated for the rest of the trilogy as "dead as a doornail."
  • One World Order: A very rare benign example; he's the emperor of the Transbaal Empire, and empires are known for forcibly unifying the places they clonize...but the Transbaal Empire is benign, itself a very rare example given the usual evil role of Empires in fiction, and it's Eonia whose rampage is murderous when he disrupts Gerard's rule.
  • Pastel-Chalked Freeze Frame: Just before he's killed in the aforementioned FMV sequence.
  • Plot-Triggering Death: It's his death at hands of Eonia what kickstarts the plot with the Elsior trying to stop Eonia's coup d'état and protecting Gerald's successor Shiva.
  • Posthumous Character: He was killed along with all the other royal family during Eonia's coup d'état.
  • Secret Relationship: With Moon Goddess Shatoyan. Shiva is the result of their affair.

    Eonia Transbaal 

Voiced by: Shin-ichiro Miki

Originally a member of the Royal Family, Eonia was exiled to the frontier after first speaking out against the White Moon and then trying to take it by force. Several years down the line and Eonia's wanderings have landed him with a massive fleet of unmanned warships that roll forth to crush the Transbaal Empire. He still covets the power of the White Moon and seeks to use its technology to increase the power and reach of the Empire, which would effectively make him master of the galaxy. Naturally, an empire founded on the blood and corpses of its people doesn't sit well with our heroes and they crush his subordinates in repeated battles. Which forces him to intervene directly.

  • Alas, Poor Villain: In the manga, when Eonia is killed, Shatoyan cries since that would never have happened if Eonia had forgotten about his feelings for Shatoyan like Shatoyan told him to.
  • Bishōnen: He's a man with a pretty face.
  • Dark-Skinned Blond: He has a dark skin tone and orange-blonde hair.
  • The Evil Prince: An exiled prince of the Transbaal Empire and an extremist who slaughtered almost the entire royal family to steal the throne.
  • The Exile: He was exiled to the outer frontiers in due to his extremist views on utilizing Lost Technology to expand the empire.
  • Galactic Conqueror
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Good-looking and long-haired. Always a good combination.
  • Love Makes You Evil: In the manga, he was in love with Shatoyan and mistakenly believed that the best way to get her to return his feelings was to conquer the galaxy by force and then give the whole galaxy to Shatoyan, regardless of Shatoyan's own preference for the galaxy to remain peaceful.
  • Moral Myopia: He accuses Emperor Gerard of being corrupt, so of course Eonia is perfectly justified in using endless bloodshed to install a "true" regime.
  • My Name Is Inigo Montoya: "My name is Eonia! I will show my power before Transbaal's history and carve my name into eternity!"
  • Patricide: He killed his own father, Emperor Gerald, in a coup d'état.
  • Pet the Dog: When Noah offers to create a homunculus based on Sherry.
  • Rapunzel Hair: He's a prince with extremely long hair.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: The red-eyed villain of the first game.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something
  • Utopia Justifies the Means: He's trying to usurp the throne of the Transbaal Empire to make it prosper. For that purpose, he has slaughtered nearly the entire royal family.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: In the game, he mistakenly thought that using murderous Lost Technology was justified if it benefited the Transbaal Empire in terms of increased wealth and prosperity.

    Sherry Bristol 

Voiced by: Yoko Soumi

Eonia's most trusted retainer and the commander of his armies. Sherry willingly followed Eonia into exile and has been with him ever since the beginning. When her commanders fail to capture the Elsior she personally intervenes, often attacking in concert with the Hellhounds for a more difficult fight. She and Eonia appear to have feelings for one another but they Cannot Spit It Out until near the end.

    The Hell Hounds 

Voiced by: Akira Ishida (Camus O. Laphroaig), Nobuyuki Hiyama (Guinness Stout), Yuu Asakawa (Riserva Chianti), Takahiro Sakurai (Red Eye), Masahi Yabe (Vermouth Matin)

A mercenary squad of fighter pilots that align themselves with the Legitimate Transbaal Empire early on in the war, which serves as a direct counter to the Angel Wing. They are vicious, frighteningly competent, and every bit as loyal to Eonia as the Angel Wing are to the Transbaal Empire. Well okay, they don't come off well at all and serve mainly as comic relief but are things finally turn serious towards the end after one clash too many. Initially they're stuck with Mook units but are eventually given Black Angels, specially built fighters with power and performance rivalling that of the Emblem Frames.

The Hell Hounds are:

  • Camus O. Laphroaig
  • Guinness Stout
  • Riserva Chianti
  • Red Eye
  • Vermouth Matin

  • Ace Pilot: All five, that's why Eonia hired them to kill the Angels. Played straight in the manga where they constantly come out ahead of the Angels in battles until near the end. Subverted in the game; they're ace pilots in terms of pure skill but the Angels beat them every time, and they think they're more skilled than they actually are.
  • Blood Knight: Red Eye.
  • Creepy Monotone: Red Eye's normal tone is quiet, without any emotion at all, even when complaining about a loss or threatening to kill Forte. All of the Hell Hounds get similar creepy monotones after they've been hijacked by Noah.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Camus' light blue eyes match his light blue hair, and during the only time you see a full character spite (when all of the Hell Hounds are shown on Eonia's flagship), he's wearing a dark blue outfit. Guinness Stout's eyes and jacket are brown, like his hair (though his undershirt is red). Riserva's hair is purple, and so are his/her eyes and mink stole and shoulder pads (the rest of his/her outfit is not colored purple). Red Eye's a partial subversion; he has ONE eye that's as red as his hair, but the other eye is purple. The rest of his outfit is indeed red, though. Finally, Vermouth Matin's eye color is unknown since his glasses hide his eyes, but he's wearing an outfit as green as his hair.
  • The Fighting Narcissist: Camus, almost to a tee. The other Hell Hounds come close with their arrogance, but don't obsess over their own beauty as much as Camus does.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: The guy who built the robot that impersonates Tact? Yeah, that was Vermouth.
  • Goldfish Poop Gang: Played straight in the game, losing every fight. In fact, in each Angel's route, a different Hell Hound ends up humiliating himself even further into goldfish poop territory by being a sore loser to the Angel who is Tact's girlfriend. Averted in the manga, where the Hell Hounds WIN almost every battle with the Angels except for the very last one.
  • Hot-Blooded: Guinness Stout. It comes with channeling Guy Shishioh.
  • Opaque Nerd Glasses: Vermouth.
  • Psycho for Hire: Their manga incarnation.
  • The Psycho Rangers
  • The Quiet One: Red Eye.
  • Quirky Miniboss Squad
  • The Rival: Guinness to Ranpha, though it's rather one-sided. He even goes as far as calling her an old friend or Friendly Enemy.
  • Royal Brat: Riserva, while not being actual royalty, has all the attitude and negative characteristics. She particularly hates Mint, because Mint and the Blancmanches are technically Nouveau riche in comparison to the older wealth that Riserva possesses. So Riserva's a bizarre case where she snobbishly looks down on another rich person.
  • Something About a Rose: In the game, Camus is depicted (at least in his full character sprite) holding a rose to play up his image as a romantic charmer. Also, in the manga, Camus somehow arranges to leave roses in Milfeulle's bed, which freaks Milfeulle out to no end.
  • Sore Loser: In the game. As a group, the Hell Hounds take their losses surprisingly well, actually. But in each Angel's route as Tact's girlfriend, a different Hell Hound has an additional scene where he finally snaps into sore loser territory. In Milfeulle's route, Camus insists on romantically stalking Milfeulle AGAIN, but this time Tact chimes in to tell him in no uncertain terms to buzz off and stop bothering Milfeulle. Instead of reflecting on his own behavior, Camus convinces himself that Tact is "misleading" Milfeulle into a "nightmare," and promises to give Milfeulle a "beautiful eternal sleep" for this. In Ranpha's route, Guinness keeps insisting that he'll triumph over Ranpha one day, and Ranpha thinks people who say that never win. Guinness reacts as if Ranpha were trying to confuse him with math. Both Ranpha and Tact attempt to explain how pitiable Guinness is, but Guinness not only insists that he'll triumph over all obstacles because he's a hero, but he takes the trouble to declare Tact his enemy although they were ALREADY enemies. In Mint's route, Riserva tells Mint not to get arrogant. Mint tries to explain to Riserva that Riserva's the arrogant one, but Mint's subtlety flies completely over Riserva's head and Riserva mistakenly thinks Mint is talking about Tact. In Forte's route, Red-Eye complains that he hasn't snuffed out Forte's life yet, but Forte's response to sore loser-dom is the most insulting of all the Angels' routes; Forte outright calls Red-Eye a "whiny little man" since that's the only thing he can say when a woman's got his throat. However, Vermouth's own sore loser-dom in Vanilla's route plays this trope the straightest; Vermouth blames his loss to Vanilla on Vermouth not being used to his frame. Vanilla drops the name of this trope and calls him "sore loser," to which Vermouth blows up and calls Vanilla a "sullen woman" and Tact a "gay jerk."
  • Spear Counterpart: All of them in the manga. All of them except Riserva in the game, since in the game Riserva is female.
  • Spirited Competitor: Guinness.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Camus for Milfeulle. Since he repeatedly tells her he'll give her a beautiful death, however, one wonders how much of his 'crush' is real.
  • Superpowered Mooks: After being brainwashed by Noah first, see below trope.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: In the game, Noah brainwashes the Hell Hounds and strips them of their souls, fusing them with their machines. The Angels think this is disgusting, and deeply regret having to kill the Hell Hounds for good.
  • Terms of Endangerment: Camus has one for Milfeulle: "My Honey~" in the game and "ma cherie" in the manga.
  • Theme Naming: All the Hell Hounds are named after alcoholic drinks.

    The Valfask 

An ultra-advanced civilization of Human Aliens that ruled the galaxy for over 600 years and the chief antagonists of Moonlit Lovers and Eternal Lovers. It was because of the threat of Valfask invasion that the White Moon and the Black Moon were created. It was the Valfask who caused the Chrono Quake and brought an end to civilization centuries ago. Now they are back and hungry for conquest.

  • Aliens Are Bastards: Oh yeah. Because of Wein's Heel Face Turn, however, Tact and his girlfriend come to believe it's possible for the Valfask to subvert this if only Gern could be taken out of the picture. Later games do not make it clear whether this is subverted or played straight.
  • Bad Boss: Gern. When Wein ends up dead as a result of his Heel–Face Turn, Gern calls Wein "garbage" because of his failure to really act like a Valfask. This understandably pisses our heroes off.
  • Circular Reasoning: Gern. Tact actually asks him why he and the Valfask do what they do. Gern says it's "obvious," the Valfask's purpose is the Valfask's purpose, or rather the Valfask's purpose is its own purpose. They basically destroy and conquer everything because that is their purpose. They destroy and conquer and when everything's destroyed and conquered, they'll similar start the process again with another race somewhere else.
  • Forgiven, but Not Forgotten: The Valfask race in the sequel gets this treatment. They are still have stigmatized due to their past crimes despite their entire civilization pulling a Heel–Face Turn after the events of Eternal Lovers. The Valfask on their part they not resent this, with Tapio Ca even at how their previous actions are evil.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: You learn Nefuria is a Valfask, and learn that there even is such a race as Valfask, because after you think you've beaten Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers by defeating Rezon Mayzon and his subordinate, Nefuria, Nefuria suddenly backstabs Rezon Mayzon by remotely activating a self-destruct mechanism on Rezon's ship, killing him in an explosion.
  • Evil Laugh: Nefuria, Rowilu, and Gern have these. Wein has a much less hammy but no less evil version when he's revealed to have secretly been a Valfask in disguise.
  • For Want of a Nail: They would have succeeded in all their plans as early as 600 years ago, but the White Moon fortuitously escaped the Chrono Quake and drifted back later so Shatoyan could revive Lost Technology for the human race.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: The entire race. Eonia's behavior in the first game was partially due to Noah's manipulation, but the reason Noah acted as she did was because she and the Black Moon were originally created as a defense mechanism guessed it, the Valfask. In fact, the White Moon itself was also originally created as a defense mechanism against the Valfask; it's the Black Moon's twin in that regard. They're also the ones who caused the Chrono Quake that caused Lost Technology to be lost in the first place, setting up Eonia's motivation in the first videogame for trying to turn the Transbaal Empire into warmongers for the sake of the Lost Technology's promise of increased prosperity. Basically, the Valfask caused the situation that indirectly led to all the trouble in the first Galaxy Angel trilogy. For a straighter example of a Greater-Scope Villain, "Gern" is the Emperor of the Valfask and your final opponent in the Galaxy Angel videogame trilogy. That's not a spoiler because you're told who Gern is early on.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Because of the eventual fate and attitude of Wein, Tact and his girlfriend come to believe that the Valfask can do this if Gern was taken out of the picture, so they stop hating the Valfask and come to think of the possibility that humans and Valfask can peacefully coexist. This is proven to be true in the sequel, as after the war with the Transbaal Empire, the civilization pulled a Heel–Face Turn and many of them wilingly joined with the EDEN military.
  • Holier Than Thou: Gern's attitude. Not so much "holy" as it is that he thinks morals are what he says they are. It's not so much that he believes the Valfask have the right to dominate the humans and/or commit genocide against them, it's more like he believes he is already the "peerless king" of the galaxy and the humans have no moral right to oppose him! He also repeatedly compares Shiva to a barking puppy that doesn't know who its master is when Shiva tries to object; Tact actually has to advise Shiva to stay calm and not let Gern goad him.
  • Humanity Is Infectious: Wein finds it out the hard way.
  • Long Game: Villainous example. Some of their schemes, such as their first Chrono Quake Bomb, took over two hundred years to complete.
  • Long-Lived: Some members of the race can live for as long as several hundred years.
  • Machine Worship: The Valfask can interface directly with machines, allowing a single Valfask to theoretically command thousands of warships at once, and they worship having a "machine"-like personality without such emotions as "love."
  • The Man Behind the Man: Nephelia, to Rezon.
  • Pride: The Valfask's biggest flaw.
  • Redemption Equals Death: Wein.
  • Royal "We": This is how Gern, the Emperor of the Valfask, refers to himself.
  • The Spock: Subverted, they believe themselves to be a race of this trope, since they think emotions are worthless, but they repeatedly demonstrate arrogance, cruelty, and triumphalism.
  • This Cannot Be!: Nefuria's reaction (before her death scream at least) when she's finally defeated at the end of Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers. Subverted with Gern in Eternal Lovers, who merely laughs, because the second Chrono Quake Bomb he prepared for this century will still activate without him. Also subverted with Rowilu in Eternal Lovers, who laughs bitterly upon defeat because he knows that Wein has proven to be the better Valfask and will have a plan of his own after Rowilu is gone.


Voiced by: Asuka Tanii

Because Noah is rather central to the plot of all three games in the first series, expect major spoilers ahead. So as to not disrupt Tropers who wish to read the rest of the character sheet, please keep Noah's entry at the bottom of the page.

A mysterious little girl who appears to come and go as she pleases, effortlessly slipping through even the tightest security. More often than not, though, she can be seen at the Eonia's side where she struggles to understand his views on the universe. Calling him "big brother", she takes it upon herself to analyze the technology and tactics of the Elsior and develop appropriate countermeasures for the purpose of "breaking" them. At the very end of the game she takes to the battlefield personally and powers a shield surrounding Eonia's super-fortress the Black Moon. It then turns out that Noah herself is an avatar of the Black Moon itself, bent on fusing itself with the White Moon to create the perfect weapon.

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Appears to be played straight but is subverted in Moonlit Lovers when it turns out the Black Moon was following its original programming the whole time.
  • Creepy Monotone: In the first game, she uses monotone when speaking as the Black Moon.
  • Dark-Skinned Blonde: She has tanned skin and long golden-blonde hair.
  • Enfante Terrible: She's a ten-year-old girl and the real main villain of the first game. Subverted in the sequels where she isn't a villain anymore, although she still acts like a brat.
  • Evil Counterpart: Noa is the villainous administrator of the Black Moon who directly opposes Shatoyan, the benevolent administrator of the While Moon.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Once she allies with the Transbaal Empire, Noah's knowledge of Lost Technology is invaluable.
  • Heel–Face Turn: She's persuaded into becoming an ally instead of an enemy in the sequels.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain
  • Human Popsicle: She was 10 years old when place on the Black Moon and was in suspended animation for 600 years.
  • Insufferable Genius: When the Angels meet Noah for real, it turns out that she's darn arrogant, demanding that they call her Noah-sama and looking down on everyone. A small segment of the plot is dedicated to convincing her to come out of her room.
  • The Man Behind the Man: It is later discovered that Noah is the one manipulating Eonia from behind-the-scenes.
  • Mouthy Kid: When the Angel meet the real Noah, she tells them none of them could ever be the White Moon Administrator (to put it in context, she thought the White Moon's administrator Shatoyan was going to wake her up), and she angrily tells each Angel what Noah personally thinks is wrong with them (though because of Vanilla's stoic attitude, Noah is convinced Vanilla might be at least close to a good administrator... because Vanilla's like a machine. Understandably Chitose takes exception to this in Vanilla's defense).
  • Ms. Exposition: You can go to her room during the conversation phases and she will answer questions about the nature of the two moons and the Valfask in general.
  • Only One Name: She's the only character besides Shatoyan who doesn't have a surname.
  • Powered by a Forsaken Child: The real Noah is the core of the Black Moon.
  • Purple Is Powerful: She has purple eyes and a purple dress. Her eye color highlights her importance as the administrator of the Black Moon and hidden villain of the first game.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her long blonde hair reaches the back of her knees.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: When speaking as the Black Moon instead of as her avatar, her eyes are red instead of the usual purple.
  • Tiny Tyrannical Girl: While she has the appearance of a cute little girl, Noa is still an extremely demanding individual who expects order and obedience to her authority as the administrator of the Black Moon.
  • Wise Beyond Her Years: She's an expert in Lost Technology without par at 10 years old.

Galaxy Angel II

    Kazuya Shiranami 

Voiced by: Hisafumi Oda

Kazuya pilots the RA-000 Brave Heart, a unique piece of Lost Technology that can combine with the NEUE Emblem Frames others to boost their fighting potential. It resembles a sword. He was a trained pâtissier prior to becoming enlisted in the military.

  • Chef of Iron: A skilled figher, he's also a pro at desserts in particular.
  • Chick Magnet: He qualifies for this trope, and Tact doesn't, because the RUNE Angels are much friendlier to Kazuya right off the bat than the MOON Angels were to Tact right off the bat (however, Kazuya still has to work his butt off to get an Angel to actually fall in LOVE with him, rather than simply thinking he's unusually cute and sweet).
  • Combining Mecha: The main strength of the Brave Heart.
  • Declaration of Protection: In Apricot's route in the first Galaxy Angel II game, this prompts him to maneuver himself so he is between Apricot and an explosion. For his trouble he gets pierced in the back by shrapnel which cuts deep enough to make him spew blood out of his mouth; also for his trouble he gets into an opportune situation, namely while he's recovering in the medbay, for him and Apricot to confess their love to each other. Also makes this declaration to Lily in the third game and more or less applies to the other girls when they're picked by the end of the series.
  • Dragged into Drag: He got stuck in scenarios forcing him to crossdress multiple times before he joined the Rune Angel Wing. Joining doesn't get him away from it if you plan to do Natsume's route, as Melba forces him to do so under the name 'Katherine'. Nearly happens again in the third game (again Natsume's route), but within seconds Lily neutralizes it; the tomboyish Anise gets hit much harder in her route.
  • In Touch with His Feminine Side: A very mild example. He's emotionally sensitive and freaks out at strange things, and his favorite thing to cook is sweets. Plus, in Lily's route in the first Galaxy Angel II game, for a completely justified reason, He's the one who acts like a scorned lover and runs away in near tears, and Lily has to do the "manly" thing and fix the mess she made in their relationship, in a direct inversion of the usual Galaxy Angel videogame plot. However, Kazuya does not actually behave like a girl, and is willing to do "manly" things like risk his life for the sake of his loved one or invite his loved one out on a date.
  • Loves My Alter Ego: Played with in Kahlua's route in the first Galaxy Angel II game. In this case the alter ego, Tequila, thinks Kazuya only loves the original self Kahlua. Kazuya has to bake Tequila a cake and kiss her in order to convince her that since Kahlua and Tequila are both (mostly) the same person, Kazuya loves them both.
  • Not Distracted by the Sexy: The one time Nano-Nano shapeshifts into a "busty woman" for Kazuya to stare at, he doesn't react. His lack of reaction to the busty woman's big breasts earns him more brownie points with Nano-Nano. The busty women he was looking at actually reminded him of busty Moon Angels Ranpha and Forte.
  • The One Guy: Sort of. He's not the first male in a group of women in the Galaxy Angel franchise, but he is the first male to officially be declared an "Angel," since he takes a much more active role in battles than Tact ever did (Tact gave orders from the Elsior; Kazuya gives orders but also directly latches onto an Emblem Frame to power it up).
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: When Roselle Mateus shows up in the second Galaxy Angel II game. Kazuya's the sensitive guy; Roselle's the manly man. This actually causes a problem in Anise and Kahlua's routes since Roselle's manlier qualities attract Anise and Tequila, Kahlua's alter-ego, and indirectly causes a problem in Apricot's route due to Kazuya's insecurity about the issue, but does not become an issue in Lily's and Nano-Nano's routes.
  • Smells Sexy: Kazuya bakes sweets so frequently he smells like Apricot's big sister Milfeulle, which is why Apricot just shoves him if he touches her rather than throwing him into the air like she does to other men who touch her, Tact in particular.
  • Supreme Chef: Where desserts are concerned. He attended a culinary school alongside Luxiole head chef Lunti, so it's not just for show. Even Lunti admits that Kazuya's handiwork with desserts is superior to his own.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Only one very tiny, played-for-laughs example. If Tact romanced Vanilla in the previous trilogy, and the player made the correct choice at the beginning of the first Galaxy Angel II videogame to have Vanilla as Tact's married wife in Galaxy Angel II, Kazuya will wonder aloud why Nano-Nano doesn't call Tact "Papa" the way she calls Vanilla "Mama." The other Rune Angels joke that it's so Tact won't have any trouble picking up girls, an activity that would be made inconvenient if he was called "Papa" in public, which very briefly gets Vanilla irritated at Tact since she and Tact are married at that point. Tact apologizes. Vanilla warns him "Be careful...dear," but this is clearly in jest and the matter is cleared up.

    Roselle Mateus 

Voiced by: Takashi Kondo

Roselle pilots a mass-produced Emblem Frame called the Holy Blood, designed to be piloted by anyone should they be skilled enough. The Holy Blood is still in its prototype phase with its design inspired by both EDEN and NEUE Emblem Frames with the intent to accelerate Noa's weapons development projects.

  • Disappointing Older Sibling: Averted only because Roselle's younger sister Bianca passed away years prior to the series and Roselle's entire motivation stems from wanting to fulfill his sister's wish to fly. As soon as he was able to earn his credentials, he entered her hospital room to learn that she had already passed away.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: At the end of the second Galaxy Angel II videogame, he sacrifices himself to destroy the enemy by first ramming his ship into the enemy's ship and then detonating the Chrono Strings. The sacrifice doesn't stick; he's back in the third Galaxy Angel II game, albeit under the enemy's control.
  • The Rival: The romantic kind, in Anise and Kahlua's routes for different reasons. At least at first he's more appealing to Anise than Kazuya since Roselle's personality more closely matches Anise's; in Kahlua's route it's Tequila who finds Roselle attractive while Kahlua is still loyal to Kazuya. Subverted in Apricot's route; Kazuya mistakenly thinks Roselle's a rival because Roselle is "cooler" than he is, but Apricot has no interest in Roselle, it was just Kazuya's insecurities showing. Not an issue in Lily's route (he doesn't contribute much to the plot, good OR bad, in that route) or in Nano-Nano's route (he's at his very most sympathetic in that route and Nano-Nano reminds him of deceased little sister Bianca).
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Roselle's the Manly Man to Kazuya's Sensitive Guy. This actually causes a problem in Anise and Kahlua's routes, for reasons listed in the above trope, and indirectly causes a problem in Apricot's route, again for a reason listed in the above trope.

    Apricot "Rico" Sakuraba 

Voiced by: Yuuna Inamura

The first member of the Rune Angel Troupe and pilots the RA-001 Cross Caliber. She is the younger sister of Milfeulle Sakuraba, who she admires immensely. Also notably has the quirk of gaining superhuman strength when her pathological reflex against males trigger.

  • Big Sister Worship: Apricot absolutely adores Milfeulle Sakuraba, her big sister; in fact, Milfeulle was one of the reasons (though not the only reason) Apricot joined the Rune Angel Troupe. At the end of the third Galaxy Angel II game, she even changes her hairstyle to match Milfeulle's as a joke, essentially becoming an orange-haired Milfie. While she starts out with this as nearly a defining trait, she grows to become more independent while still loving her sister just as much.
  • Cherry Blossom Girl: Named Apricot Sakuraba, a love interest and her pink ribbons have cherry blossoms on them.
  • Does Not Like Men: Subverted. Apricot likes men just fine, in the sense that she can maintain a civil conversation with a man, can express concern for the well-being of nearby males, and in general maintains a pleasant demeanor. The problem is that men make her nervous and she's afraid of them, not that she hates them. Kazuya Shiranami is an exception for either one reason or two reasons depending on whether or not you're playing Apricot's route. The first reason, which applies in all routes, is that because Kazuya frequently bakes sweets, the smell tends to stick to him and remind Apricot of her big sister Milfeulle. The second reason, if you're playing Apricot's route, is that Apricot eventually falls in love with Kazuya and this motivates her to try to get rid of her fear of men at least enough so she can be close to Kazuya.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Named after the fruit apricot.
  • Freudian Excuse: When she was a small child, Rico went to an idol concert and got stuck inside a room filled with other attendees, most of them male and the collective panicking frightened her. The darkened room and mass of people thrashing around with the little Rico being between everyone caused her to develop her fear of males.
  • Girl Next Door: Aside from her pathological reflex, Rico is easily the most "normal" of the girls among the Rune Angels. Much like how if Tact chooses Milfie, the latter reveals how she had fallen for Tact the earliest, and Rico admits similarly how she had feelings for Kazuya as soon as they met as well.
  • Girlish Pigtails: She ties her hair into two small pigtails that look adorable in her.
  • Hates Being Touched: More like "by reflex she throws a man into the air if he touches her". Justified due to an incident in her youth.
  • Kiss of Life: If playing Apricot's route in the first Galaxy Angel II videogame, during their beach date a trio of male surfers take an unhealthy interest in Apricot. It just gets one of them thrown into the sea for their trouble due to Apricot's fear of males being activated by touch; however, when Kazuya goes to rescue the one thrown into the sea so he won't drown, the other two surfers make the mistake of trying to grab Apricot, who then throws THEM into the sea due to her conditioned fear reflex, but they fall in Kazuya and knock him out. That makes it necessary for Apricot to wake Kazuya up through CPR, but she inadvertently steals Kazuya's first kiss in the process.
  • Super Strength: Not all the time; it only gets triggered if a male touches Apricot, due to her fear of men. Kazuya's an exception; he just gets a normal-strength "shove" because he reminds Apricot of her sister Milfeulle (because Kazuya smells like her). Eventually manages to get it under control.

    Lily C. Sherbet 

Voiced by: Erina Nakayama

The second member and the original leader of the Rune Angel Troupe who pilots the RA-002 Eagle Gazer. She hails from the planet of Seldar, the capital of NEUE, and is a proud member of its distinguished knights.

  • Action Girl
  • Badass Longcoat: Her Custom Uniform includes a cool longcoat.
  • Bare Your Midriff: She wears jacket-like top that doesn't cover up her midriff.
  • Boyish Short Hair: Her short hair suits well with her serious and dependable personality.
  • By-the-Book Cop: Firm believer in protocol, usually addresses others by rank.
  • The Comically Serious: Her stern demeanor and adherence to protocol is contrasted with her eccentric mannerisms and outbursts of emotion.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Her hair is blue, like her visible right eye. Her left eye, the one she hides, is later revealed to be red like her mother's eyes, revealing her to be half-blood.
  • Duality Motif: She has heterochromia as a result of being a 'half-blood'. Her right eye is blue while her left eye is a hereditary red from her mother's side.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Her name comes from the confection caramel, and the frozen dessert sherbet.
  • Hide Your Otherness: She normally conceals her red left eye with her Peek-a-Bangs. Even then, she hides her red eye by wearing blue contacts. This is because people of the Red-Eye clan are targets of Fantastic Racism.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: Only once. If playing her route in the first Galaxy Angel II videogame, she wears an extremely skimpy bikini to her date with Kazuya. She picks that bikini because she can move more freely in it than in other swimsuits.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Played for laughs at first; if playing Lily's route in the first Galaxy Angel II videogame, during Kazuya and Lily's beach date, Lily wears an extremely skimpy, nosebleed-inducing bikini but does not understand why Kazuya might freak out and ask her to walk behind him instead of ahead of him (though at least she complies to his request). She also makes Kazuya uncomfortable by getting way too close to him while both of them are posing for a "holograph" photograph shot, but Kazuya lets that one slide since it's a very romantic moment he wants to treasure. Gradually played more and more seriously as Lily keeps referring to all positive social interactions as "training." This trope finally becomes a major plot point later in Kazuya's route, when, due to a series of misunderstandings in a conversation, Lily throws a priceless memento of Kazuya's down a garbage chute; the memento was the holograph snap taken of their date!!! Kazuya is clearly heartbroken, but Lily doesn't even realize she did anything wrong at first and she even refers to their previous date as a "teamwork building exercise"; Apricot finally has to explain to her that constantly referring to hanging out as training, combined with throwing Kazuya's memento away as merely the final straw that broke the camel's back, is causing Kazuya to believe that Lily cares nothing for him. Lily has to solve the problem by actually digging in the garbage chute for the memento.
  • Lady of War
  • Mixed Ancestry: Lily is the daughter of a Maligned Mixed Marriage between the 8th head of the Sherbet Household and a Red-Eye clan swordswoman.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: Her hair covers her left eye. Said eye turns out to be a hereditary red from her mother's side during the third game.
  • The Perfectionist
  • Prone to Tears: Lily will sometimes burst into tears unexpectedly, to the shock of everyone present.In two instances cries so much she is unable to see where she's going.
  • So Unfunny, It's Funny
  • Straight Man
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Coolheaded and businesslike, but a friendly girl with a unexpectedly affectionate side that Kazuya discovers if he romances her.
  • Verbal Tic: Lily will sometimes express displeasure by saying "NG," which stands for "No Good." She will sometimes express agreement by saying "OK," using English letters; the latter only sounds odd because it's coming from a native Japanese speaker.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She has blue hair.

    Nano-Nano Pudding 

Voiced by: Satomi Akesaka

The third member of the Rune Angel Troupe and pilots the RA-003 First Aider. She is a sentient, humanoid collection of nano-machines. She originates from an ancient facility located on the moon of the planet Pico, Femto. Of the hundreds of other nano-machine organisms found there, she was the only one to gain sentience. She is designated as Unit 031.

  • A-Cup Angst: In her own route, she notices Kazuya staring at a couple of women with big breasts and feels insecure about herself. Luckily, she can easily fix this by shapeshifting into a busty woman. However, Kazuya later explains that he was staring at the big-breasted women earlier because they reminded him of Forte and Ranpha, two busty members of the Moon Angel Wing Kazuya admires, not because of any attraction to them.
  • Cat Girl: Downplayed. She has a tail where her main healer nanomachines seem to be stocked and feline mannerisms, but lacks the cat ears to complete the image. Kinda fitting considering her in her tail.
  • Cheerful Child: She radiates youthful joy and innocence wherever she strides.
  • Combat Medic: Much like her adoptive mother Vanilla, Nano-Nano can treat injuries using the power of nanomachines. In addition to "Repair Wave" Nano-Nano's First Aider machine also has a "Needle Flechette" special attack that sends twelve needles out to "penetrate" the enemy ship, so Nano-Nano can fight almost as well as she can heal, while Vanilla in the first trilogy was mostly good for healing.
  • Disney Death: In the first Galaxy Angel II game, if you pursue Nano-Nano Pudding's route, Kazuya becomes fatally injured by a lucky shot. Nano-Nano Pudding sacrifices herself by using up every nanomachine that comprises her body to bring him back to life. Then SHE becomes a Disney Death when Kazuya and the crew get the idea to gather all of the nanomachines together to reconstruct Nano-Nano Pudding back to life.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Named after the food pudding.
  • Fur Bikini: Not real fur, but if playing Nano-Nano's route in the first Galaxy Angel II videogame, Nano-Nano Pudding wears a tiger-striped bikini to her date with Kazuya.
  • Generation Xerox: Like her foster mother Vanilla, Nano-Nano is the team's healer, and the "youngest" (at least appearance-wise, she may actually be way older than her adoptive mother Vanilla) of the Angels. Played even more straight in the third Galaxy Angel II game if you're playing Nano-Nano's route, because Nano-Nano and Kazuya discover a baby nanomachine girl named "Cookie," who accidentally absorbs Kazuya and Nano-Nano's DNA, becoming their biological daughter. So just like her "mother" Vanilla, at the end of the trilogy Nano-Nano adopts a nanomachine girl as her daughter.
  • Genki Girl
  • Happily Adopted: She was found and adopted by Vanilla.
  • Last of Her Kind: The only nanomachine organism left of the lost EDEN Civilization.
  • Leotard of Power: Her Custom Uniform is a leotard.
  • Like Parent Unlike Child: Her Genki Girl personality is nothing like that of her Emotionless Girl of an adopted mom.
  • Nanomachines: She's a human-shaped nanomachine construct discovered in an abandoned laboratory on the planet Femto.
  • The Nicknamer: Nanao has a designated nickname for nearly everyone that isn't Kazuya or Kahlua/Tequila. You actually see the event that causes Anise to get hers.
  • Playing Doctor: Only once in the first Galaxy Angel II videogame, and played for laughs and not for titillation, given the Galaxy Angel franchise's focus on innocent romance. Nano-Nano and Kazuya play doctor as Kazuya takes off his shirt and Nano-Nano examines Kazuya's chest. Then Nano-Nano offers to take off her shirt so that Kazuya can have a turn examining her chest...but Kazuya, who unlike Nano-Nano is very much aware of the Unfortunate Implications of examining a girl's naked chest as opposed to examining a guy's naked chest, runs away screaming. Nano-Nano just wonders what got into Kazuya all of a sudden, too naive to realize the implications of what she was asking him.
  • Plot-Relevant Age-Up: At the very end of the third Galaxy Angel II game. After the credits, the player sees that Nano-Nano has shapeshifted into an "adult" version of herself, so she can properly care for "Cookie."
  • Robot Girl: A nanomachine organism with the appearance of a cute young girl with a tail.
  • Shapeshifting Seducer: Tries to pull this off once in the first Galaxy Angel II videogame if you're playing her route. She transforms into a busty blonde woman so she can seduce Kazuya, but Kazuya doesn't recognize her and tells the woman to go away, he's waiting for Nano-Nano Pudding. After a long conversation with the "busty woman," he finds out that the big-breasted woman IS Nano-Nano Pudding (and that he unintentionally scored major brownie points with Nano-Nano by telling the "busty woman" how much he likes Nano-Nano).
  • Spin-Offspring: She's the adopted daughter of Vanilla, one of the main characters of the first game.
  • Verbal Tic: Nano-Nano has one, nano da!
  • Verbal Tic Name: Her name is Nano-Nano and all her sentences end with "nano-da".
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Her hair is sky blue.

    Kahlua / Tequila Marjoram 

Voiced by: Aya Hirano

The fourth member of the Rune Angel Troupe and pilots the RA-004 Spell Caster. She carries two personalities within a single body.

  • All Witches Have Cats: She has a familiar named Mimolette that looks like the floating head of a black cat.
  • Cleavage Window: Her dress has an opening that shows some of her cleavage. It's a lot more revealing when she's Tequila.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Kahlua and Tequila are both names of Mexican alcoholic drinks. Marjoram is the name of an herb.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Not to the extent of the anime, but she does have her moments.
  • Split Personality: Both are basically two halves of her. One's the calmer and more reserved one, while the other one is a bit more impatient and provocative.
  • Split-Personality Makeover: Kahlua's hair is straight and blonde, while Tequila's is more wavy and purple. Verita basically has Tequila's hairstyle in Kahlua's color.
  • Split-Personality Switch Trigger: The mild Kahlua can turn into her more assertive alter-ego Tequila. The switch is activated when she consumes alcohol.
  • Supernatural Is Purple: She has light purple eyes in both forms and she's the only witch known in the series.
  • Witch Species: The Majoram Bloodline is known for their very powerful sorcery.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Of the skirt-and-boots variety; the only Angel whose boots are long enough to invoke this.


  • Alternate Identity Amnesia: For most of their life, Kahlua has no recollection of events experienced by Tequila while the latter is fully conscious when Kahlua is the active personality.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Kahlua functions as someone who goes by their own, slow and steady pace both in demeanor and speech. Where in one situation everyone might be scared that they saw a ghost, Kahlua would casually greet it hello.
  • Cute Witch: She's one adorable witch.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: The blonde Kahlua is bubbly, gentle and generous.
  • Nice Girl: She's the sweetest girl of the Rune Angel Troupe.


  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Tequila suffers with this for a bit. It takes a bit of her Heroic Resolve to get herself back in control.
  • Hot Witch: While a witch like her other personality, Tequila is more sexy than cute.
  • Last-Name Basis: Similarly to Lily, Tequila refers to everyone by their last name.
  • Sexier Alter Ego: Each time she swaps from Kahlua to Tequila, her bust line (and by extention, her whole body) fills out and practically exceeds her top, leaving her green dress underneath.
  • Super-Powered Alter Ego: While a distinguished mage through and through, Kahlua is unable to cast magic so her alternate-self Tequila does it for her.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Tequila has purple hair.

    Anise Azeat 

Voiced by: Satomi Hanamura

The sixth member of the Rune Angel Troupe and pilots the RA-005 Relic Raider. She is a self-proclaimed Treasure Hunter that first appeared as an enemy and was forced to work as a temporary member of the Angel Wing to pay off her debt to the Blancmanche Company.

  • Accidental Misnaming: She accidentally calls Mint Blancmanche "Mint Butamanju," which means "Mint Porkbun". Mint retaliated by raising the interest on her debt.
  • Action Girl
  • Bare Your Midriff: She wears a bikini-like red top which exposes her midriff.
  • Cleavage Window: I mean, come on, her top should basically be just a bra with how much skin it shows.
  • Combat Stilettos: Implied in her route of the third game, thanks to her changing into an outfit similar to the one Kazuya got forced into in the first game (and a CGI of Kazuya's case when his ruse is revealed).
  • Competition Freak: To a mild extent, fortunately.
  • Dark-Skinned Redhead: Her red hair and dark skin tone makes her the most exotic-looking girl in her team.
  • Edible Theme Naming: Named after a flowering plant that's widely used to flavor food and alcoholic drinks.
  • Fiery Redhead: Magenta hair and a hotheaded girl. The perfect combination.
  • Girlish Pigtails: She has the stereotypical anime Tsundere twin-tail hairstyle.
  • Heel–Face Turn: She's actually first introduced as an enemy pirate trying to get the Luxiole to surrender all their valuables; there's even a videogame battle the player has to play with Anise as the enemy. It's getting beaten in that battle that damages Anise's ship and makes it necessary for her to seek a loan from Mint. Also, an enemy named "Dieta" offers Anise a large sum of money if she can steal the Brave Heart from the Luxiole. Anise face-turns a lot sooner than most examples of this trope, though, partly thanks to Dieta double-crossing her when Brave Heart unexpectedly merges with Relic Raider, the latter's reveal causing her to join the Rune Angels.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Malaproper: Sometimes she uses a word that sounds similar, but has a different meaning.
  • The Nicknamer: Mild example, she refers to Ranpha as "Sis" and Forte as "Big Sis".
  • Royal Blood: Sort of. In the second Galaxy Angel II videogame, if you're playing Anise's route, it is discovered that while not royalty and thus not a straight example of this trope, Anise actually comes from a family of "distinguished treasure hunters" who were friends with the Seldor royal family. This connection does make an appearance in the third game; the Seldor king, then undercover as 'Stanley', is the one who got Anise (then an infant) out of a collapsing mine as the two of them were prioritized by Anise's parents (Garam and Masara perished in the collapse).
  • Only in It for the Money: She's after treasure and at first couldn't care less about the battles Kazuya and crew are trying to fight. Justified, she's trying to pay off a huge debt to Mint.
  • Ore Onna: She's so much of a tomboy that she refers to herself with the manly first-person pronoun 'ore'.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her twin-tails go down to about her hips.
  • Satisfied Street Rat
  • Street Smart: Justified as she grew up alone for several years.
  • The Tease: She asks Kazuya to feel her heart to see how fast it's racing, but she puts Kazuya's hand on her breast so Kazuya can feel her heart, embarrassing Kazuya.
  • Tomboyish Voice: She speaks in a low, husky voice to match her extremely tomboyish behavior and speech.
  • Treasure Hunter: She comes from a family of distinguished treasure hunters and proudly calls herself one too.
  • Tsundere: As obvious as it is that she likes Kazuya, she's naturally a brash and stubborn girl so she hates to show sappy feelings.
  • Unwillingly Girly Tomboy: In her route of the third game, a curse she unwittingly activated causes her to act girly for some time. She's embarrassed to death of how she acted once she returns to normal.
  • Work Off the Debt: She joins the Angel Wing to pay off her debt to the Blancmanche Company.

    Princess Natsume Izayoi 

Voiced by: Atsuko Enomoto

The eighth and final member of the Rune Angel Troupe and pilots the RA-006 Papillon Chaser. She was a former princess of the Arms Alliance who initially appeared as an enemy before joining the Luxiole's crew during the fight against the Three Marquis.

  • Edible Theme Naming: Her name comes from the Japanese name for the Jujube fruit, a fruit which is used in the production of some confectioneries.
  • Facial Markings: A flower mark in her forehead. It functions as the origin of her hereditary barrier ability.
  • Hand-Hiding Sleeves: She features the high-class variant, as she wears oversized sleeves that go past her hands even in her uniform.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Introduced as an enemy at first. The Three Marquis, the true rulers of the Arms Alliance, lied to Natsume and made her think the Seldor Alliance that the RUNE Angels serve is evil. Then, after being captured, Natsume heel-face-turns for two reasons: One, she realizes the Angels aren't evil after they prove to be nice and friendly, so the Three Marquis must have lied to her. Two, the Three Marquis firmly grasp the VillainBall and decide to abandon Natsume to her fate back when Natsume thought the Angels were evil and going to do something bad to their prisoner. Natsume realizes who the real bad guys are, and joins the RUNE Angels.
  • Ojou Ringlets: Two hair sidelocks curled like drills. Perfect for a princess.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her hair is about as long as her body.
  • Sheltered Aristocrat: Natsume lived a sheltered life and exhibits curiosity as expected of someone her age. Before her encounter with the Rune Angel Wing, she never knew what a movie or the flavor of sweets were. The latter carries over to the anime.
  • Sixth Ranger: Complete with being introduced as an enemy before joining the team.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Of the Three Marquis, at first. She gets better.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Her hair is pearl pink.


Voiced by: Akiko Kobayashi

The cat-like familiar belonging to Kahlua/Tequila Marjoram.


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