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The character list of G-Saviour.

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Congress of Settlement Nations



    Jack Halle 
  • Char Clone: sort of. He serves as Mark's rival and former superior officer. Sans a mask or a red mobile suit.
  • Colonel Badass: He is a Lieutenant Colonel and an ace Mobile Suit pilot, as one might expect from a Char Clone.
  • The Dragon: He serves as Garneaux's adjutant/right-hand man throughout the movie.
  • Evil Laugh: He has his moments, such as when he was defeated by Mark. As if he wasn't evil enough.
  • Putting on the Reich
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: After being defeated by Mark (he only managed to disable Jack's Rai), Jack wasn't seen again after the Illuminati reinforcements arrive.

  • Actually a Doombot: Possibly. We don't know for sure if the Rysis that Reed was fighting from the start was a MW unit the entire time, or only just the final boss.
  • Char Clone: Reed Fox's rival and the pilot of Project Raven.
  • The Heavy: While Bais is the Big Bad, Rysis gets all the screentime, and carries out Bais' plans.

    Bais Bashing 


  • Disappointed by the Motive: Turns on Garneaux upon finding out he plans to destroy the formula just for the sake of power.
  • Face Death with Dignity: Mimi when the ship she and Garneaux boarded gets shot down by CONSENT Rais.
  • False Flag Operation: Mimi pulls this off by hacking Gaia's defense systems and firing them on a CONSENT ship.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Does this after learning of Garneaux's real motives.
  • The Mole: Mimi is working for Garneaux; she'll do whatever it takes to steal the formula and hand it over to Garneaux, including dragging Gaia into war against CONSENT.

    President Hawke 
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He wants to make things peaceful with the Sides and anyone else not a part of CONSENT. Unfortunately, the right-wing factions of its military see it as a sign of weakness.

Settlement Freedom League

    Chief Councilor Graves 
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Gaia's Chief Counsellor, who is Cynthia's father. He was willing to talk with CONSENT troops in order to prevent a shootout.

    Cynthia Graves 
  • The Chick: She's the bioluminescent formula's inventor.
  • Put on a Bus: Same deal with Mark, having been replaced with Asaka in the PS2 game..



    Mark Curran 
  • Put on a Bus: By time of the PS2 game, he left Gaia for Earth and was replaced with by Fox.


    Reed Fox 



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