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(Hugely in progress)

Characters that appear in GRIT. Due to the HUUUUUUUUGE number of characters this may take a while.

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    GRIT Liner Main Characters 

Sam is a fat robotics genius (in building, engineering and programming them)and irrepentant nerd who combines his skill in robitics with his fanaticism with video games by controlling these robots with a modified Playstation 3 controller.

  • Took a Level in Badass: In a moment where several of the characters were checking out and applying tropes to each-other, Sam admits that, before he built his first robot, he was a "Cowardly Lion", and then "Took a Level in Badass".
  • Angrish: While there has not been a clear moment yet, Sam is foul mouthed and prone to bouts of Angrish mixed with liberal usage of the Cluster F-Bomb.
  • Trash of the Titans: Sam's bedroom is horrendously messy, where in one scene where he opened the door to show Matilda why she should NEVER go into his room. The room was supposedly so filthy that the described camera angle was inside of the room looking out the door, showing a look of horror on her face accompanied by PsychoStrings.
    • It is later cleaned in a 'filler episode', along with him shaving, and when word got out, everyone rushed to see a clan-shaven Sam and his clean bedroom.
  • Lethal Chef: Sam once tried to cook for the entire group of heroes, who made the mistake of avoiding hurting his feelings by saying it was good. To their dismay, and against their pleading he need not do so, he declared that he would start cooking for them on a regular basis.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: In one place they stopped a hot Japanese police girl found Sam attractive and came on to him, and while she would have gone all the way with him, it did not due to Sam wanting to have formed a relationship with her firs. But the time-traveling train had to go, with Sam reluncatntly moving on in a But Now I Must Go moment.
    • There will be much, much more of this to come.
  • Self-Insert Fic: Sam is an Author Avatar character formed after several attempts at the creater attempting to look at himself in a neutral, unbiased means and. Then he gave himself super robitics skills because a fat nerd with no powers makes for a poor fighter in a series with lots of fighting.
    • Mary Sue: Averted. Sam has some major character flaws, despite being a self-insertion character, as demonstrated when he once said in a bad situation, "I'll run if you guys run. I got no problem with being a coward. It's being the only coward I have a problem with."


Nigel is a samurai cowboy from an alternate reality where they are fairly common.

Tropes associated with Nigel:
  • Fake Brit: Nigel is a samurai gunslinger from the american wild west in an Alternate Universe, and yet speaks with an excruciatingly proper and somewhat fake sounding british accent.
  • Gentleman Thief: Nigel, in his own universe, is a renowned bank robber. A kind, polite, sophisticated bank robber.
  • Sword and Gun:In combat, Nigel uses both a colt .45 revolver and a katana (after all, Katanas Are Just Better), although he usually favors one or the other at a time unless things are hectic.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills and Implausible Fencing Powers with a side of Quick Draw: As if it weren't bad enough that Nigel uses both gun and sword, he happens to have incredible mastery of both.
  • Allergic to Love: Nigel will (and has done) incredible and vastly overreactive things to avoid even the smallest advances. This is very much an Achilles' Heel and may often result in embaressing, hysterical, or otherwise interesting situations. This is directly responsible for Nigel boarding the GRIT Liner in the first place.


Describe Sho here.

Tropes associated with Sho:


Describe Kyoumen here.

Tropes associated with Kyoumen:
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  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Kyoumen is, to put it simply, wacky. She concentrates on weird things, may ask you what sort of underwear you're wearing rather than noticing the ferocious lion you're running away from, and is wearing something different every time you see her.
  • Emotionless Girl: She talks without emotion or capital letters and extremely limited punctuation.


Matilda is a young adult witch from 17th century Massachusettes colony who rented her soul to "Bill" in exchange for magical powers. She is one of the most powerful witches in space and time, but often gets too excited for the spells to work effectively. She is portrayed as innocence abroad because everything she sees is new and exciting to her because of her puritan upbringing. She often acts excited over even the most minor act and tends to be very trusting to her compatriots. Because of this trust, she is often put in humorous situations or puts the entire company in dangerous situations. She wears a short mood-ring sundress, has long black hair, and a Russian fur hat. "I like my hat, so what if it isn't pointy!". She has a cat familiar named Spook that shows up now and then and a pet Gremlin called "Fluffy - The Destroyer of Worlds".

Tropes associated with Matilda:
  • Cute Witch and/or Hot Witch: Matilda goes back and forth between Cute Witch's "ahhhh ain't she cute" and Hot Witch's "yummmmy". This is because Matilda is from the 17th century new world and everything in the world she is in now is new to her. But because she was a bit wild back in the 17th century and had an undescribed affair with "Bill" the devil she rented her soul to, she sometimes acts more like a Hot Witch. One of her sayings that she uses is, "I'll try anything once...twice if I like it."
    • Inverse Law of Utility and Lethality: The more colorful and exciting a spell Matilda casts is, the less likely the spell will work and will have a disaterous effect. The more boring a spell Matilda casts is, the spell will work perfectly with fantastic results. The likelihood of a spell being miscast is by the number of "Squees" Matilda inadvertantly puts into the spell. For example, Matilda cast a spell just by shouting "Squee! Squee! Squee!" because she was so excited about it, and Tokoyo disappeared for an entire year (and only reappears once a year from then on).
    • Squee!: Everytime Matilda gets excited about something she will utter Squee, often yielding a magical disaster
    • My Future Self and Me: Matilda met her future self in Los Angeles at a Summoner school in which her Future Self, Dean Matilda, is in charge. They both where very excited to see each other.
    • Mood Ring Dress: Not sure this is a Trope yet, but it should be. Matilda wears a short sundress at all times that changes color based on her mood.

Aki Tuuli Warhurst

Describe Aki here.

Tropes associated with Aki:
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  • Empathic Weapon: Her "Leaf dancing on the autumn wind" ability is a small telekinetically controlled blade in the shape of a tree leaf. It flits flightily about from place to place, doing many things, none of them very well because it's only one small blade... which bears a remarkable resemblance to Aki, who flits flightily about the place, and so far is largely blown around by circumstance and luck.


Describe Ryuuji here.

Tropes associated with Ryuuji:

    GRIT Liner Non-Player Characters 


Describe the Conductor here.

An ageless entity (or entities?) whose appearance (with the exception of he/she/it's uniform) and demeanor changes each time a new stop is reached. Thus far, it has appeared as a woman, a child, a man, and a curious non-specific creature in a wizard hat. You'd better have your ticket when he/she/it asks for it.

Tropes associated with the Conductor:

Tosho Yamada

Describe Tosho Yamada here.

Tosho Yamada is a mysterious middle-aged man, wearing a hat and a very flowery shirt, yet somehow manages to pull off what should otherwise be a ridiculously garish outfit. He's introduced as a friend of Aki's family, and it's later revealed that he and Aki's parents have been on the train before.

It also turns out that the Conductor left them in Alpha Centauri a couple of universes over, and yet, somehow, Yamada was able to get them all back to the right time and universe.

Tropes associated with Yamada:
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  • Mysterious Past: He once went by the name Fred, has mysterious never-explained powers, still had his ticket for the GRIT Liner (which he gave to Aki), knew the names of all the main characters, and he and Kyoumen know each other.

    Original GRIT - Fire Council and related characters 


2000 years ago, when a dying dragon came up with a desperate idea to resurrect himself, exploded, and in so doing created the Fire of the Dragon, Ryuu-ou was nearby. Instead of getting caught up in the explosion and dying, he instead became one of the first humans to gain the Fire of the Dragon.

He has spent much of his time wandering the world, finding those who have the Fire, and training them, so as to teach them control over their Fire.

He also came to be one of the few people left on the Council Against the Fire.

Eventually, he was Killed Off for Real by Shi, Steve's Evil Twin.

Tropes associated with Ryuu-ou:
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  • Meaningful Name: Originally he was introduced as a sinister figure, and his name sounded like "King of Dragons". Eventually he turned out to be a nice guy, if a bit too fond of Training from Hell, and it was revealed his name actually meant "Dragon Tamer".
  • Calling Your Attacks: Like everyone else, he called his attacks... but his attack calls were perhaps the most ridiculous. There was one particular time when he called an attack while running up the street, was still yelling it while standing and waiting for the pizza restaurant's doors to open, and finally finished yelling it as he burst into the restaurant and performed the actual attack.
    • And, after all that, the attack didn't even work as intended.

Ganryu Hino

The original Dragon of the Fire. 2000 years ago he was like a rebellious teenager amongst dragons and was a typical Evil Dragon. After Susa-no-wo killed the Yamata-no-Orochi, Ganryu picked a fight with Susa-no-wo and lost. In his dying moments he came up with a ridiculously complicated plan to come back to life, imbued his consciousness into his ki, and promptly exploded. His ki spread throughout the world and became the force known as the Fire of the Dragon.

The plan was that his consciousness-infused ki would grow over time, and eventually grow to a certain point where there'd be enough of it together in one spot for his consciousness to come back online and he could start planning how to get a physical body back.

Eventually he did indeed get a physical body back, started calling himself Ganryu Hino, and started rampaging throughout the world again! Oh, wait, hang on, he didn't. He'd mellowed over time, and chummed around in human form with Ryuu-ou for a while before he too, was Killed Off for Real by Shi.

Tropes associated with Ganryu:
  • Meaningful Name: His name, when written in Japanese word order is, "Hino Ganryu," and was supposed to mean "original dragon of the Fire".
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Despite being a centuries old consciousness of a terrible dragon, he still found time to watch and enjoy 'The Vision of Escaflowne'.


Also 2000 years old and a contemporary of Ryuu-ou.

Back when the Fire was first created, a Fire Council was set up, for people to try and work out what to do about this evil force spreading throughout the world. At first the Fire Council was united in purpose, but eventually there was a split. There were those who saw the Fire to be extremely dangerous and destructive and were completely against it. They formed the Council Against the Fire. Then there were those who embraced the Fire's power, who formed the Council For the Fire.

As the head of the Council For The Fire, Ryuuichiro was a designated bad guy.

Then Ganryu Hino came back to life, and told the assembled Councils that, hey, there was still going to be the Fire of the Dragon in the world, so just deal with it mmkay? The councils eventually remerged and became the original Fire Council again.

Then Ryuu-ou and Ganryu Hino were Killed Off for Real, leaving Ryuuichiro as the only member left from 2000 years ago.

Tropes associated with Ryuuichiro:

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