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Phoenix Guard

General Rey/Serpentor

  • The Leader
  • Token Good Teammate: He doesn't know that the Phoenix Guard are actually Cobra members, as he doesn't even remember his own Serpentor identity.





  • Token Evil Teammate: Although technically, they're all evil, Snake-eater appears to be the most selfish of all of them.
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  • The Sneaky Guy

Halo/Wild Weasel

Air infantry, aeronautical engineer, and fixed wing pilot for the Phoenix Guard. Is actually Wild Weasel of Cobra.

  • The Quiet One: According to the files of General Rey. However, he becomes more talkative when the Phoenix Guard attacks the Joes in the Rock, after being outed as Wild Weasel, so this could just be an Informed Attribute, or a way of disguising his sibilance.
  • The Chick / The Heart: Although Friday is the only woman on the team, General Rey's file says that Halo may be the glue holding the team together. But this may be a miscalculation or part of his disguise on part of Rey, given Wild Weasel's extreme introversion.

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