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"It’s strange being alone. Then it occurred to me, ‘was the power a blessing or a curse?’. Wishing we could turn back time. We stand at a crossroads."
A Tale of the Glass Bead: Previous Story

The Speculative Fiction story is depicted through their music videos as well as the short film "A Tale of the Glass Bead" and illustrated book "유리구슬 Märchen", showing glimpses of the world they live in and tying the non-linear narrative together. The continuous storyline is covered since the beginning, following them through high school and teenage years and becoming complicated when ambiguous and mysterious events start to happen as the Coming of Age Story progresses. The tropes featured in this page apply to GFRIEND's fictional universe and its characters by the same names, not the members in real life.


The six girls

They were raised together in the same village. The girls from this place born with a glass bead. As they grow up, the lake from this island give them small abilities, one by one.

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소원 (ㅅㅇ)
Played by:
Full Name: Kim Sojung
Birthdate: December 7, 1995
Western Zodiac: Sagittarius


예린 (ㅇㄹ)

Played by:
Full Name: Jung Yerin
Birthdate: August 19, 1996
Western Zodiac: Leo

  • Clingy Jealous Girl: In "Navillera" with Eunha and Sinb.
  • Dream Weaver: Implied in "Fingertip", when she helps Sinb.
  • Memento MacGuffin: A tape in "Love Whisper" and "Time for the Moon Night".
  • Motif:
    • She's using ladders in "Sunrise" and "Fallin' Light".
    • Phone booth in "Sunrise" (shared with Sowon).
  • Symbolism: There is a mermaid imagery in "Memoria" with the glitters or magic dusts in her knees, though it could be a bruise since it seems like Yuju was taking care of it. In "Crossroads", she has a Bathtub Scene and blue lights in her hair.
  • The Eeyore: She is a lively girl, but starts to be like this in timelines like "Time for the Moon Night".

은하 (ㅇㅎ)

Played by:
Full Name: Jung Eunbi
Birthdate: May 30, 1997
Western Zodiac: Gemini

  • Animal Motifs: Butterflies. In "Fingertip", she writes in her diary "Where are you, butterfly?". In the last page of "유리구슬 Märchen", a butterfly follows her as well and she can be seen with a box with butterflies in "Crossroads".
  • Cherry Blossom Girl: Pink hair? Born in spring? A love interest? Fate and rebirth? She has all of them.
  • Emotionless Girl: When she tries to Set Right What Once Went Wrong, she starts to become this in "Crossroads" and "Time for the Moon Night", since she remembers everything.
  • Important Haircut: Her bob in the "Navillera" timeline.
  • Mark of the Supernatural: Her eyes are differently colored in "Memoria", it can symbolize her link between two worlds, there are many myths involving this.
  • Meaningful Name: Eunha means "galaxy", one of "Fingertip" motifs.
  • Motif:
    • Fish tank in "Time for the Moon Night" and "Sunny Summer". She and the other girls go to an aquarium in "Crossroads".
    • Piano in "Sunrise" (shared with Umji).
  • Single Tear: In "Fingertip".

유주 (ㅇㅈ)

Played by:
Full Name: Choi Yuna
Birthdate: October 4, 1997
Western Zodiac: Libra

  • Camera Fiend: Yuju is the one with a camera in "Navillera" and is responsible for the montages.
  • Dancing Is Serious Business: She dreams to be a ballerina in "Rough", the dance practice room has a lot of ballet photos.
  • Motifs:
    • Her constellation tattoo or drawing in "Memoria", she draws the pattern in a notebook.
    • Mirrors can be seen in "Fingertip", "Sunny Summer" and "Fallin' Light". Yuju looks trapped inside of a mirror in "Fingertip", there is a scene where she's floating in a similar room, implying a Mirror Universe.
  • The Man in the Mirror Talks Back: Her reflection moves in "Fallin' Light".

신비 (ㅅㅂ)note 

Played by:
Full Name: Hwang Eunbi
Birthdate: June 3, 1998
Western Zodiac: Gemini

  • Feather Motif: Her bed in "Memoria".
  • I Work Alone: When she's searching for Eunha in "Time for the Moon Night" and she can be seen in the tunnel alone in "Sunrise".
  • Lovable Rogue: She's somewhat a thief in "Fingertip".
  • Motifs: She helds a clock and a red rose in "Fingertip". She's also seen with something similar to a rose in "유리구슬 Märchen".
  • Playing with Fire: She's burning photos in "Fallin' Light".
  • Power Gives You Wings: Her shadows in "Memoria" have wings.
  • Single Tear: In the ending of "Sunrise".

엄지 (ㅇㅈ)

Played by:
Full Name: Kim Yewon
Birthdate: August 19, 1998
Western Zodiac: Leo

  • Don't Look At Me: She fights with Yuju in "Crossroads" and locks herself in her room with headphones. Yuju is seen with a bruise, curiously, Umji has bruises in her knees in "Time for the Moon Night".
  • Girls Love Stuffed Animals: She has a room of plushies in "Fingertip" and is holding a stuffed toy in "유리구슬 Märchen".
  • Motif:
    • She's often associated with drawings and paintings.
    • Paper: A paper boat in "Summer Rain", paper planes in "Sunny Summer" and "Time for the Moon Night" and paper flowers in "Sunrise" and "Fallin' Light".
    • Piano (which also has ties with Eunha as well as paper airplanes).
    • A puzzle can be seen in "Crossroads" concept photos. She solved one in "Sunrise" to complete the sheet for the piano.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: She's the youngest girl.

"I had a dream last night, the moment we could be together was just short, we were not far away from each other."
Umji, Sunrise