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Characters / Future Battles OCT

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Characters from the Original Character Tournament Future Battles OCT:

     NPC/Judge Characters 


  • Teen Genius: Winona is only 14 years old and already owns a company that manufactures weapons, and created the World's first fully functional Time Machine.



Mr. T



Emil Levenshaw

     Lost in Round 1 


Created by Blind-wolfie
Lost to Aria Helkurr


Created by Romanlegend3
Lost to Dr. W

Tahna Harris

Created by Karn-sama
Lost to Pink Eye

Novus and Meiko

Created by DragonHT
Lost to O.U.O.

Lucelle Steward

Created by LisaAndMonster
Lost to Arcadie Chimera
  • Teen Genius: Lucelle is a teen genius, just like the host of the tournament.
  • ArchEnemy: Lucelle and Winona are enemies since they were both in a race with each other to see who could build a time machine first. However, Winona claims that she has perfected her own, so Lucelle joins her tournament, hoping to find that Winona was lying.


Created by LadyDestinyWeb
Lost to Kryssa and MS 3-T0d

Vince and Kermit

Created by gothbird96
Lost to Percy Wier
  • Pirate: Vince is a Pirate, along with his chameleon companion, Kermit.

Valetta Blacksky

Created by TheRobotCat
Lost to Dom and Vim


Created by Sans-Saerif
Lost to General Vali Zwaren
  • Cloak & Dagger: Dherane wears a wolf pelt as a cloak and wields a spear.


Created by MiryuuChan
Lost to Luke Outterridge
  • Elemental Powers: Aten can manipulate water into all kinds of shapes, forms, and densities.


Created by SteedAngus
Lost to Lune
  • Curse: Erth has inherited a curse from a sword, given to him by a witch.
  • Cursed With Awesome: Erth's curse comes with it's own monster form.


Created by Prismshock
Lost to Venkat and Cario

Captain Desiree Duran Theodosia

Created by Moogle-Go-CAW
Lost to Celine and Sveta
  • Shapeshifter: Desiree can shape shift into different animals, but her kind is known as a skin walker.

Kyle Warren

Created by Arbiter0676
Double forfeit against Durian Fraits
  • Cool Guns: Kyle carries a Pistol and a Shotgun.

Durian Fraits

Created by 73oss
Double forfeit against Kyle Warren
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: "I mean, I can understand the silence and all, but what's with the bucket? I don't get it"

Meryl Advolin

Created by ChequeredTee
Lost to Malcolm

     Lost in Round 2 


Created by 0skykat0
Won against Novus and Meiko
Lost to Dr. W
  • Cute Machines: O.U.O too, is absolutely adorable.
  • Kill It with Fire: In Round 2, O.U.O falls into an incinerator in a factory, leaving his helpless opponent Dr. W as victor.

Arcadie Chimera

Created by TeamDreamer
Won against Lucelle Steward
Lost to Dom and Vim

General Vali Zwaren

Created by LulzyRobot
Won against Dherane
Lost to Nomi
  • Curse: Vali has cursed armour, she can't remove any of it.

Lady Aria Helkurr

Created by WingedNovelist
Won against Gregor
Lost to Percy Wier

Kit Vulpes

Created by Talking-TadPol
Won against Nomi (who was subsequently given a wildcard slot for Round 2)
Lost to Lune

Venkat and Cairo

Created by SowoD
Won against Tropo
Lost to Celine and Sveta

Pink Eye

Created by SquidButler
Won against Tahna Harris
Lost to Luke Outterridge

MS3-T0d and Kryssa

Created by EdmundMoon and Kitsune-Klepto
Won against 26051806198
Lost to Malcolm
  • Robot Buddy: Literally. In their audition, T0d (who is a robot) and Kryssa meet and team up with eachother, hoping to try and get back to their original time periods together.


Dr. W

Created by theStupidButterfly
Won against Roman
Won against O.U.O.
Double forfeit against Celine and Sveta
  • Robot Buddy: W also has a small robot with him that goes by the name X-1.

Celine and Sveta

Created by Claudetite
Won against Captain Desiree Duran Theodosia
Won against Venkat and Cairo
Double forfeit against Dr. W

Dom and Vim

Created by 1STW
Won against Valetta Blacksky
Won against Arcadie Chimera
Lost to Lune

Luke Outterridge

Created by CrapCarp
Won against Aten
Won against Pink Eye
Lost to Malcolm
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: Considering an assassin is chasing him, he'll often push others away to not get them involved.
  • Time Machine: His little pocket-watch is actually a time machine. Unfortunately, prior to the tournament it was stolen from him, so he plans on winning to get it back.



Created by Excabluir
Won against Erth
Won against Kit Vulpes
Won against Dom and Vim
Lost to Percy Wier


Created by Illus-luvs-POCKY
Lost to Kit Vulpes and was subsequently given a wildcard slot for Round 2
Won against General Vali Zwaren
Lost to Percy Wier and was subsequently given a wildcard slot (again) for Round 4
Lost to Malcolm


Percy Wier

Won against Vince and Kermit
Won against Aria Helkurr
Won against Nomi, who was subsequently given a wildcard slot for Round 4
Won against Lune
  • Black Comedy Cannibalism: As Percy is a rather nonchalant "Humanitarian", this trope tends to apply.
  • Consulting Mister Puppet: Rarely seen without some sort of personified severed body part, typically named after a character from The Lord of the Rings. A leg named Peggy Legolas was even registered as his tournament companion before her untimely demise.
  • The Gods Must Be Lazy: Before coming to 2147 Vegas - Had all the power to influence the fate of the mortal world. Used it to troll gambling addicts.
  • Only One Me Allowed Right Now: Percy's one of three fates. When he goes forward in time, he's in a time that already had three of them. As a result, he loses his fate status. His motive at the start of the tournament is to get back in time so he can get it back.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: Maria, a fate from 2147, decides getting on Percy's nerves is totally appropriate payback as she tries to figure out whether or not Percy being in the future will cause her to be erased from existence.
  • Shout-Out: Percy's rounds are introduced with a reference to a video game that pertains to the plot or characters that will be included. His second round was the most clear shout-out, with the fight setup itself being a nod to Twitch Plays Pokémon.


Created by FrostTechnology
Won against Meryl Advolin
Won against MS 3-T0d and Kryssa
Won against Luke Outterridge
Won against Nomi

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