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These characters pertain to the FUSION fanfiction.

Singles division

Womens' division

     Asui Hikaru 
     Velvet House 
     Amelia Mc Bride 

Stables/Tag team division

     The Wolves 
Erik Rollins, Hannibal Ambrose, Damien Reigns, and Like Smith.
     The Legion 
DIO, Krieg the Psycho, and Metal Sonic.
  • A Day in the Limelight: The entire stable got this in the Royal Rumble, taking out rookies and veterans left and right. This is where they gained notoriety, and were put on the fast track to stardom
  • Arch-Enemy: The Rebirth and the Wolves are their most prominent foes so far.
  • Ascended Extra: That's what they were when entering the Royal Rumble... until they joined forces, where they then proceeded to go on an elimination spree to make names for themselves. It worked.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: DIO asserts himself as the leader of the Legion, and was the one who lasted the longest in the Royal Rumble, even scoring the most eliminations out of his team before being taken out himself.
  • Ax-Crazy: Well, all of them, though DIO and Krieg are far more pronounced at it.
  • The Bad Guy Wins:
    • They utterly humiliate and destroy the Rebirth time and time again from FUSION 12 all the way to FUSION 25. The Legion still won.
    • FUSION 30 has the Legion walking out as the new Trio champions.
  • Badass Crew: What else can you call a trio of NXT rookies who practically dominated the Opportunity Battle Royal long enough to become noticed, and eliminate veteran and rookie wrestlers alike? As of now, the team has been a stable wrecking crew, bulldozing over any and all opposition.
  • Big Bad: Of the tag-team division, ever since dethroning the Wolves as Trios champions on FUSION 30.
  • The Brute: Krieg. While all of them are fairly strong in their own right, Krieg is the most direct example.
  • Bullying a Dragon: When they decided to attack Akuma... he didn't like that at ALL.
  • Chewing the Scenery: Good LORD, DIO ALL THE WAY at the Royal Rumble.
  • Combat Pragmatist: If you're going to fight the Legion, you'd better be strong enough or be ready to fight dirty.
    • Facing down over six wrestlers, intent on beating them up? Bring some pipes!
    • Want to taken out a top superstar? Zerg rush him, he can't beat them all!
    • When first entering the Royal Rumble, the three immediately go after the biggest dude present: Bowser.
    • Krieg tends to unleash his psychotic side by just whaling on his opponents with hard punches, sometimes even outright flailing his arms.
    • Metal Sonic utilizes his claws to draw blood in a match.
    • DIO, on one occasion, even outright bit his opponent with his fangs.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Krieg the Psycho tends to spout insane nonsense, but all of them involve bloody violence.
  • Cool vs. Awesome: Their first match against the Wolves. This was the meeting of two of the most dominant factions in the FWM and the fans just ate it up.
  • The Dragon: Metal Sonic is the Number Two to DIO.
  • Evil Is Hammy: DIO and Krieg the Psycho define this trope the best. One boasts about his body, the other shouts threats and obscenities.
  • Expy: Some like to compare their rising stardom and excellent teamwork to the Shield. Others even compare them to the nWo.
  • Finishing Move: The Legion's Charge (Big Boot/Discus Lariat/Spear combo).
  • For the Evulz: They incite an all-out brawl at the 2014 FW As, just for the hell of it.
  • Honor Before Reason: When the Legion goad Raimundo into facing them, he charges to the ring to meet them head on... alone. As expected, he gets utterly swamped by the trio until Aang and Chocolove made the save.
  • Invincible Villain: So far, they're undefeated as a stable, going 8-0.
  • Jerkass: Pretty much all of them.
  • The Juggernaut: They really shine as a unit, being able to take on skilled veterans with efficient teamwork and brute force. They've even defeated the Wolves and taken the Trios Championship!
  • Kick the Dog: Many times.
    • They assault Raimundo and, to add insult to injury, they steal his briefcase.
    • They beat the holy hell out of the Rebirth just for daring to think they could make it big.
  • In an almost poetic, ironic, and even literal case, Metal Sonic pinned Damian Reigns with a Spear—which is also Reigns' signature move—and dethroned the Wolves as top trio.
  • Knight of Cerebus: In just their first appearance, they put even veteran superstars on their toes. Whenever the Legion show up, things become dire and serious for their potential victims.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Their calling card; they've beaten the hell out of Akuma, the Rebirth, Gone With the Wind, the Quack Pack, the Rowdyruff Boys, the Erupting Eds, the Wolves, etc.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: A villainous case, consisting of a vampiric Stand user, a violent Psycho, and a Badnik doppelganger.
  • The Rival: After FUSION XXX, they've become this to the Wolves.
  • Signature Move: Every member has one.
    • DIO utilizes the Discus Lariat.
    • Krieg deploys a Bicycle Kick.
    • Metal Sonic has a Spear.
  • The Stoic: Metal Sonic displays the least emotion of the three.
  • Large Ham: ... is an understatement for DIO and Krieg.
  • The Leader: DIO is the self-proclaimed leader of the stable. Metal and Krieg seem to respect him enough to follow him.
  • Lightning Bruiser: ALL OF THEM are fairly acrobatic and hit like a locomotive.
  • Meaningful Name: The Legion refer to themselves as one unit, a single entity powered by the strengths of many; a direct reference to the demon of the same name in the Bible.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!:
    • When the Legion assault Akuma to make a statement, they wind up creating one of their own Arch-Enemies.
    • Subverted in the long run with Raimundo. While they pressured him into making his own team, Gone With the Wind, and give them a fight, they're ultimately outclassed by the Legion's better experience as a team.
    • Subverted again when they outright bully the Rebirth on FUSION time and time again. Though the Rebirth are inspired to fight back, and they try their hardest, the Legion still come out on top, and proceed to humiliate them post-match.
  • Throwing Downthe Gauntlet:
    • The newly formed Gone With the Wind called out the Legion for a match at the pre-show. They lost.
    • Akuma has recently been doing the same to the Legion with better results.
    • The Legion themselves issued an open challenge, which was answered by the Quack Pack. They plucked some feathers that night.
    • Sick of being berated and acting as fodder, the Rebirth call out the Legion for a match. They put up a good fight, but it ultimately ends in a brutal beatdown.
    • The Legion call out someone themselves again. This time, they want the Wolves and their status as top trio.
  • The Psycho Rangers: For the Legion, Gone With the Wind became this. While they're a team of talented high-flyers in their own right, they lack the unity and teamwork of the Legion, which was their downfall. While the Legion may not be the best individual wrestlers, they are one of the better trios.
  • Power Stable: A fast-rising trio of rookies suddenly going into WWE after one Royal Rumble, and have gone on to defeat veteran stables left and right, even dethroning the reigning Trios Champions? Needles to say, they're a pretty big deal now.
  • Terrible Trio: DIO is the Big Bad, with Metal Sonic as The Dragon, and Krieg as The Brute.
  • Those Two Bad Guys: Metal Sonic and Krieg the Psycho have teamed with each other, even before joining the Legion. Nowadays, they're almost always seen together.
  • Villain: Exit, Stage Left: When Akuma gets the drop on them at the Fallout pre-show, they retreat to lick their wounds and fight another day.
  • Villainous Friendship: Their relationships are affable at best, though don't expect them to be hugging it out over their problems. DIO and Metal Sonic have a more straight played example, as they're the most social with one another.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: They pull this on the Rowdyruff Boys, right after winning their FWA match.
  • The Worf Effect: Zigzagged, played with, and almost averted at the same time. When Doc Louis Productions began laying waste to every FWA trio, the Legion were the only ones to put up a real fight, and actually had them on the ropes... then Soda Popinski took a swig of his soda while DIO wasn't looking.
  • Worthy Opponent: Averted. They have no respect for anyone, not even their primary targets, the Wolves. They merely viewed them as their biggest obstacle to be destroyed—and destroy them they did.
  • Zerg Rush: One of the most effective teams to utilize this tactic. When they entered the Royal Rumble, rather than attacking everyone else in the ring individually, they immediately swarmed Bowser and swiftly overwhelm him. They did the same thing to Jorgen von Strangle, eliminating as soon as he entered the ring.
     The Rebirth 
Nathan Drake, Crunch Bandicoot, and Jonesy Garcia.
     Cactus Spiders 

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