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These are all Rooster Teeth employees who work specifically with the Funhaus division. Spoilers are unmarked, so beware.

Tropes about Funhaus in general
Welcome to another episode of Open Haus. note  note 
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: They are extremely goofy at times, but also extremely competent gamers, video editors, and content providers.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Everyone in the group goes off in their strange tangents with Lawrence being the most notable.
  • Comedic Sociopathy: Practiced by everyone to varying degrees.
  • Freudian Trio: The Game trio
    • Id: James
    • Ego: Bruce
    • Superego: Adam
  • Nice Guy: Somewhat subverted on-camera in which their conversations and actions in the games they play tend towards Comedic Sociopathy and Black Comedy. Even Adam who comes across as one of the more mild-mannered and inoffensive members will drop some horrendous comments here and there.
    • Played much straighter in their "real-life" interactions.
  • Head-Tiltingly Kinky: Invoked since they look up Rule 34 during Demo Disk and Wheelhaus primarily because the audience enjoys their reactions, complete with literal head tilting at times.
  • No Indoor Voice: Not as loud as Achievement Hunter, but up there, James and Bruce especially.
  • Power Trio: The Game Trio (Adam, Bruce, and James).
  • Refuge in Audacity: Many of their conversations.
  • Self-Deprecation: Played for Laughs. Elyse and Lawrence engage in this often.
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  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Everybody in the group is this to each other at some points.


Adam Kovic
Formerly the leader of the Machinima Inc. subsidiary Inside Gaming, Adam is the leader of Funhaus, Co-Anchor for the rebooted Inside Gaming, and the person most likely to be playing games for Demo Disk.

  • Badass Beard/Badass Mustache: Adds points to his game face during Demo Disk.
  • Brief Accent Imitation: He does these occasionally, and enjoys doing Game of Thrones accents.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Less Snarky than James but significantly more deadpan.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Before he and the rest of Funhaus got hired at Rooster Teeth, he was on Team Internet Celebrity (alongside Freddy Wong, iJustine, and Greg Miller) in the Gauntlet, and also appeared during the 2014 Extra Life Stream
  • Fat and Skinny: Relatively speaking, the fat to James' skinny.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Rather talented at discovering them though they may overlap with Game-Breaking Bug from time to time.
  • Hilariously Abusive Childhood: Bullied, injuries, lack of wealth and such often come into conversation every time his childhood is mentioned, lampshaded by James.
    "The holidays always reminds me of the time my... my dad tried to strangle my brother and then called the cops on us.
    (later) James: You wanna spend Christmas with me?
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  • Kind Hearted Cat Lover: Has two cats, Bella and Caprica.
  • Shirtless Scene: Done for laughs at the Funhaus RTX panel, where he rips off his shirt and wrestles Joel due to a fan reading a comment on Adam and Joel having a supposed rivalry in and out of videos. Also the WE GOT TOPLESS video.
  • The Stoic: Mostly when playing Demo Disk. He has his limits though
    • Outright averted whenever they play scary games.
  • The Straight Man: Tries to be this but really only succeeds in comparison to James and Bruce. Otherwise it's subverted.
  • Walking Techbane: No matter the game, Adam seems supernaturally proficient with finding glitches and exploiting them to maximum effect. The list of games he has broken beyond repair include a lot of Demo Disk trash, but also browser games, emulators, and at one point an official Playstation 2 title - so badly that it bricked the console.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: He has a fear of sharks, drowning, and big open spaces (he describes it on Open Haus that he hates big open spaces where he can't see what's happening).

James Willems
Content creator and producer for Funhaus, James appears as a commentator on Demo Disk, and appears consistently in many of Funhaus shows.

  • Actually Pretty Funny: He gets the most laughs out of people in live events, he also makes the most of the jokes during gaming sessions.
  • Brief Accent Imitation: Does this to voice over video game characters.
  • Cheaters Never Prosper: During a GTA race, due to other players blocking the ramp up to a checkpoint and shooting rockets, he drives towards Fort Zancudo to steal a jet to get the checkpoint. He does not succeed in this act due to a player chasing him down and blowing up the jet as he gets in it, sending him back to the ramp.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Hardly deadpan but the snarkiest in the group. More prevalent in Demo Disk videos.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: Despite that his "misogyny" is a running gag he actually manages to piss Elyse off by calling her like a dog to sit next to him, pretty harsh considering that this kind of stuff is part of the course in FH, but this being FH gets taken as a bad joke and gets forgotten easily.
  • Fat and Skinny: Relatively speaking, the skinny to Adam's fat.
  • Hunk: He's quite built, often wearing tight shirts to show off his muscular chest and arms.
  • Jerk Jock: Played for Laughs, and often mentions how much time he spends at the gym.
  • Otaku: Along with Lawrence, he shows great appreciation of anime and manga though it won't stop him from making fun of certain aspects of it.
  • Refuge in Audacity: A defining characteristic.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: He is afraid of tiny enclosed places (uses scuba diving and small underwater tunnels as an example).

Matt Peake
Editor and producer for Funhaus. After Bruce's departure, he shares managerial duties with Omar.

  • Badass Beard
  • Combat Pragmatist: His first official appearance in a gameplay video (Let's Play GTA V, Every Bullet Counts) has him winning a match by sitting in a bedroom, then killing Bruce as he walks in. The next match begins with him running around on the roof, killing Bruce again after he missed a swing with a hatchet.
  • Cult: Has one centered around him known as the "Cult of Peake", represented by the symbol /\, or written as Pe/\ke
  • Dull Surprise: Him winning matches in his first Let's Play is compounded by him quietly saying "yay".
  • Last-Name Basis: Often referred to as Peake.
  • Never Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight: Inverted and played straight in his first appearance in a Let's Play. Bruce begins the match saying "hatchets only", which Peake obeys first, but immediately gets killed. The next round, he shoots Bruce, on the basis that "hatchets only was last round."
  • Only Sane Man: Peake is, perhaps, the closest thing the group has to a normal person.
  • The Quiet One: He often does not speak in videos he appears in unless prompted to by others.

Elyse Willems
Former presenter for GameTrailers and James' wife, began working at Funhaus in mid-November

  • Adorkable: By far the most dorky of the group sometimes acting like a fangirl, specially to Harry Potter and using puns that can fall anywhere between Narm and Narm Charm.
  • Canada, Eh?: Like Barbara Dunkelman, an Ontario native (though Elyse is from Toronto, and Barb grew in Ottawa).
  • Child Hater: Elyse has stated that she and James do not want to have a baby. Every now and then, Elyse and James will make an abortion or "fuck children" joke during Open Haus.
  • Informed Flaw: She stated during an Open Haus that she has an eyebrow higher than the other, and enjoys the fan art that accurately depict her with it.
  • Not So Stoic / Not So Above It All: One of her first appearances has her in a relatively serious Dude Soup talk. Come her first Open Haus:
    Question: Elyse, now that you are a part of Funhaus, what is your impression of Spoole
    Elyse: (in a drunken tone of voice) I'm gonna crush that pussy.
    • She has sometimes been annoyed by James Refuge in Audacity tendencies, especially towards misogynistic behavior that by this point are a running gag on him and just when you're about to ask how does she tolerates him she comments that if a (allegedly 10 year old princess in a "Princess raising simulator") girl wants to be something in life she needs to learn how to be a slut at an early age.
  • Running Gag: In an episode of Open Haus where Bruce did not appear, she chose to imitate his laugh in order to give the vibe that he is there. Throughout the rest of the episode despite her wishes, it repeats the laugh after some questions, alongside the video of her doing it with facial hair edited on.
  • The Smurfette Principle: She was the only woman working in Funhaus until Alanah Pearce joined in a recurring role in 2018.

Omar de Armas
Former editor for Inside Gaming and cameraman for Game Trailers. Joined Funhaus on February 1, 2016, he serves as editor and shares Funhaus's managerial duties with Peake after Bruce's departure.

  • Butt-Monkey: Gets this to the same level that Spoole got it after his departure
  • Demoted to Extra: He used to appear semi-frequently in videos, but it's quite rare to see him these days.
  • The Quiet One: Similar to Peake, he often does not speak during videos. Also see Running Gag below for when he does speak.
  • Running Gag: Multiple examples
    • During any Open Haus episodes after his hiring, if Bruce, James, or Lawrence go off tangents during their answers, it will cut to Omar's camera while playing some random music.
    • Any time where he is asked a question during Open Haus, he begins answering the question, only for it to quickly cut to the next question.
    • In a guest appearance on Open Haus Barbara Dunkleman tried to talk to him which resulted in Omar running out of the room, he has yet to appear in an episode in person instead occasionally the episode will cut away to the 'Omar Tracker' which shows him as being somewhere new each time.

Jacob Fullerton

Editor and current Production Manager for Funhaus. Began working shortly after Joel's departure.

  • The Ghost: Plays with the group in Fibbage and Quiplash, however, is not physically seen due to being in the back of the office.

Alanah Pearce

Former IGN host and producer. Joined the team in the fall of 2018, she produces Dude Soup and reviews games and writes for the rebooted Inside Gaming.

  • The Ace: She's on par with Lawrence in terms of actual gaming skill.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Easily the most deadpan member of the crew.
  • Ill Girl: She has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which limits much of her onscreen appearances when it flares up.
  • Land Down Under: She's Australian.
  • Not So Above It All: During the Drunk Smash Brothers episode, Adam's costume sends her into absolute hysterics, eventually culminating in her laughing so hard that she can't even speak.
  • Pop-Cultural Osmosis Failure: Being that she's Australian and is much younger than the rest of the crew, she tends to not understand the 80's and 90's references that gets lobbed her way.
  • The Stoic: She's somewhere between Adam and Peake in terms of emotional state.


Sean "Spoole" Poole
Content creator, and producer for Funhaus. Spoole is the resident Butt-Monkey for the team. Left Funhaus on February 9, 2016, due to wanting to be closer to home.

Joel Rubin
Channel Director for Funhaus. Left Funhaus on April 8, 2016 due to wanting a change of pace to use his main talents and working with others attaining their talents. He makes an occasional appearance on Dude Soup.

  • Badass Mustache: As Sex Swing vocalist, Spunkie Bruester.
  • Camp Straight
  • Epic Fail: Whenever he is in a Grand Theft Auto 5 video, expect the majority of the gameplay video being him failing at something (whether he gets screwed during a race or repeatedly gets killed during a deathmatch) as Bruce, Adam, and Lawrence laugh their asses off.
  • Gag Censor: Whenever he appears on The Know, his face is censored as he comments on the news presented by Adam and Bruce.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man
  • Terrified of Germs: On an Open Haus episode where Bruce was sick, he immediately moved to sit next to Spoole.

Bruce Greene
Content Creator, Co-Anchor for The Know, Host of Demo Disk, and Adam's right hand man. Bruce announced his departure from Funhaus and Rooster Teeth on September 3, 2019 in order to go into business for himself.

  • Badass Beard: Has a distinct one separate from Adam and Peake.
  • Benevolent Boss: Technically Funhaus' manager and everyone's boss, you probably wouldn't be able to guess it without being told.
  • Big Fun: Not as big as Adam, but goes out of his way to make the others laugh.
  • Character Tics: Has a habit of comically reacting to bad news or negative reactions to his comments by widening his eyes and looking off into the distance in horror.
  • Gasshole: Bruce farts a lot. So much so they have a score board.
  • Epic Fail: He's admitted to not being very good at GTA V which they play frequently. It shows.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Does not like being interrupted during a statement, if the second episode of Open Haus is any indication.
  • The Hyena:
    • He laughs enough in many videos that he rivals Geoff in this instance.
    • Bruce's laugh is such a trademark of his persona that, when asked to do impressions of him, both Elyse and Rahul Kohli did their own renditions of the laugh.
  • Tempting Fate: Frequently whilst looking at Rule 34 for Demo Disk, he'll state "We can show that" in regards to an image that has already been heavily censored via pixelation in the post-edit. It's pretty much his Catchphrase at this point.

Lawrence Sonntag
Former Content creator for Funhaus and now former Editor in Chief of the rebooted Inside Gaming, Lawrence is seen as the brain of the group, whenever they need to mention technical specifications on games and systems. On December 17, 2019, Lawrence announced his departure to pursue new creative opportunities, even admitting on Dude Soup that he wanted to try his hand at acting.

  • The Alcoholic: Whenever they hold drunk livestreams, he's the one who gets the most drunk.
  • The Ace: Arguably this for the group as a whole to the point.
    • Bruce himself refers to Lawrence as "The Quintessntial Gamer".
  • Break the Haughty: A lot of humor is derived from taking Lawrence's know-it-all personality, and completely disregarding it.
    James: Lawrence did a great job, and everyone's shat all over it.
    Lawrence: No it's cool. I understand the comedic value in kicking over a sandcastle.
    James: Is there? That's kinda like a bully thing. I think you're just getting bullied again.
  • Conspiracy Theorist: Adam theorizes in an Open Haus episode that he is one.
  • Lovable Nerd: He has the technical brains of the group, and is also the most awkward of the group.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms: Seems to have a lot to say about the subject.
    Elyse: "[Lawrence's] got like 20 different stories for how he learned to masturbate!... Which one stuck?"
    Lawrence: "I haven't told you the time it was successful yet. These are all just failed attempts."
  • The Faceless: In the original Inside Gaming videos, Lawrence worked away from the main trio's office, but would chime in regularly via facecam-less Skype calls (complete with a crude drawing of him as his Avatar.) Of course, being a veteran of the gaming industry, his real face wasn't exactly a secret.
  • Hollywood Hacking: Parodied, though he is actually knowledgeable about computers.
  • Occidental Otaku: He loves Japan. Any time the group comes across a Japanese video game, they immediately send it over to him.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses
  • The Ghost: Back in the IGN days, he would only appear through Skype in a laptop monitor.

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