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Characters / Full Metal Panic! Civilians

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    Yoko Wakana 

Yoko Wakana

  • Expy: Of Miyuki Kobayakawa from You're Under Arrest!, to the point of having the same voice actor portray her in the Japanese version.
  • Rabid Cop: Oh boy. She's willing to bring Kaname in to take down a stalker and arrest her if she doesn't comply.
  • Sit Com Arch Nemesis: For Sousuke, since she wasn't able to apprehend him for evading arrest.
  • Weapon of Choice: Uses an Advanced X-26 Taser Pistol and during other scenes, a FN P90.

    Mari Akutsu 

Mari Akutsu
Voiced by: Mayumi Asano (JP), Christine Auten (EN)

She is a leader of a large gang and older sister to Yoshiki. When three members of her gang were assaulted by Sousuke Sagara after threatening Kaname, Mari vowed revenge. To fulfill this Mari planned to take Kaname hostage to ensure Sousuke would not back down from her directives.

  • Big Sister Instinct: Mari thinks of Yoshiki's safety that she's sometimes forced to surrender just to ensure his safety.
  • Cool Big Sis: She has bad relationship with her parents but very loving to her little brother.
  • The Lad-ette: Non-military example. She is the female delinquent but acts not differently with other male delinquents.

    Yoshiki Akutsu 

Yoshiki Akutsu
Voiced by: Masumi Hamada (JP), Tiffany Grant (EN)

A middle school attendee and younger brother of gang leader Mari. While his older sister maintains an aura of fear layered over her kindness, Yoshiki exudes the softer qualities of their childhood. As such, Mari is quite protective of him despite her disregard for the lives of other people.

  • Distressed Dude: Sousuke used him as leverage to save Kaname when Mari kidnapped her, Luckily it was just an act as Sousuke bribed Yoshiki with a toy if he agreed to help him.

    Masatami Hyuuga 

Masatami Hyuuga
Voiced by: Junko Noda (JP), Kevin Corn (EN)

A young boy enamored with Kaname. Surprising for his young age, he lives in mansion atop the coastal highland overlooking the numerous ocean activities. He preferrs to be called "Master Masatami" by his 3 servants Washio, Samejima and Hyoudou. He's suffering from a nervous disorder that prevents him from going outside by his psychiatrist's orders. The pathology of his disease state arose from a traumatic incident at age six, long ago when he had dreamed of marrying his cousin one year his senior.

  • Yandere: Appears as a sweet, frail pretty boy, but he openly expresses his desire to exact revenge on his childhood crush, who apparently made a Childhood Marriage Promise to him when he was five, then had a Love at First Sight with a florist she met at a traffic accident, then run off with him to the Netherlands.


Voiced by: Yuji Ueda (JP), Blake Shepard (EN)

A former senior classmate of Kaname's when they attended the same junior school together. He and Kaname happened to meet again on the train several years down the road and since it has been almost 3 years since they've seen one another he doesn't hesitate in asking her to go out with him. She agrees to go with him to Fumo Fumo Land upon his persistent text messaging requests.

  • Nice Guy: Doesn't overreact the way some of the other male characters tend to.
  • Romantic False Lead: He does ask Kaname, but she turns him down, due to her growing feelings for Sosuke by that point.

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