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Main Characters

Yuki Bo
Yuki is a falcon who had been abandoned by her parents when she was still an egg and had to survive in the icy temperatures of the Shuigang Snowfields. In her early teens, she would start using her Affinity, that allows her to manipulate ice, subconsciously. After she injures a few members of the Red Scarves out of self-defense she gets frequently hunted down by them.
  • An Ice Person: Her Affinity allows Yuki to create and control ice. It's sometimes exaggerated as she is also seen killing various characters.
  • Ice Queen: She shows a few traits of being one, and it only becomes more apparent once Yuuto shatters her trust.
  • Never Given a Name: Up until she met Yuuto, she has only referred to herself as herself.
  • Spike Shooter: Yuki can shoot icicles using her Affinity, even giant icicles were shown to be possible.



The Shoheki


Yuuto Fujioka

Unnamed Male Rabbit

A rabbit with the ability to control dust. Uses his affinity to spread dust around the gang's hideout to keep up the illusion of an abandoned warehouse.
  • Sand Blaster: His affinity revolves around dust manipulation.


The Boss

The boss of the Shoheki.

Red Scarves

Unnamed Male Canine

He appeared during chapter 4. And just like the Scarves before him, was killed by Yuki.

The Kakuchu


Kyushei Ryuu/King Crimson
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Lavender Doctor

Marigold Mandarin

Cerulean Samurai

  • Super Toughness: Cerulean Samurai's Affinity, Bulk Up, increases his muscle mass and strength, and made his armor tough enough to withstand bullets.

Gyoja Maeda/Emerald Emissary




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