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    Finn Mertens 
The main character of the series. Finn is a talented cartoonist who currently makes comic books for his school's newspaper.

Finn Mertens provides examples of:

Jake is Finn's beloved pet pug.

Jake provides examples of:


    Bonnibel Acres 
Bonnibel is one of Finn's friends. She's eighteen years old and is the president of the school's science club.

Bonnibel Acres provides examples of:

Lady is Bonnibel's pet horse. Her friendship with Jake made Finn depict them as a couple in his comics.

Lady provides examples of:

    Becky Mertens 
Becky is Finn's twin sister. She enjoys playing video games and she appears to be good friends with Simon.

Becky Mertens provides examples of:

    Panne Lillian 
Panne is one of Finn's friends. She's a wealthy girl with a big heart. She was the one who encouraged Finn to write more comics.

Panne Lillian provides examples of:

    Simon Petrikov 
Simon is a hardcore student at Finn's school. He's the drummer in a teen band called Frostland.

Simon Petrikov provides examples of:


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