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FREAKIN GENSOKYO features a handful of OCs and many canon characters. This page will only have entries for Touhou characters with major roles; see the Touhou character pages for minor characters.

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    Main Characters and Groupies 


The hero, a cheery, loveable, loud-mouthed self-insert who lives for waffles, women and good times.


The involuntarily transgender supporting protagonist based on the writer's co-author. A heartless sadist who murders people just to see what happens.

Renko Usami

A university student from Kyoto, able to tell the exact time whenever she wants to.

Maribel Hearn

A university student from Kyoto, capable of manipulating boundaries.


A cute fairy-maid head-over-heels in love with Brad.

London Doll

Brad's summonable sentry doll, built and frequently upgraded by Alice.


A yuki-onna who travels with Brad.

Maria Yamada

A timid mage who wants to help protect Gensokyo.

Seikatsu Kikai

A robot from another universe's version of Eientei.


A murderous youkai spawned from the Saigyou Ayakashi. She follows Matt and devours his enemies.


A friendly, confused, topless vampire who tags along with Matt.


One of Matt's new servants provided by Shinki, with blonde hair. Friends can call her Tay.


One of Matt's new servants, with black Mega Twintails. Very fond of women.


    Heroines of Gensokyo 

Reimu Hakurei

The current Hakurei Shrine Maiden and protector of Gensokyo. She has a lot to put up with.

Marisa Kirisame

A self-proclaimed Ordinary Witch who lives in the Forest of Magic. Loves adventures, explosions and stealing.

    (SPOILERS) Heroines of the Past 

Tsubasa-Ken Hakurei

One of Reimu's ancestors, implied to be a skilled harpist.

Unnamed Wind Fairy

A fried of Tsubasa-Ken, sealed under Maria's house for many years.

Sendai Hakurei no Miko

Reimu's dear old mum.

    Supporting Characters: Scarlet Devil Mansion 

Remilia Scarlet

The charismatic-yet-childish mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Sakuya Izayoi

Remilia's perfect, elegant maid.

Patchouli Knowledge

The dour, asthmatic head librarian of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.


Patchouli's assistant. A sex-mad succubus.


A perverted fairy-maid.


A dominant fairy-maid.


A submissive fairy-maid.


A fairy warrior with tremendous strength.

    Supporting Characters: Wilderness/Forest of Magic 

Alice Margatroid

A doll-loving magician and expert seamstress.


A very short yuki-onna. She does her best.

    Supporting Characters: Myouren Temple 

Byakuren Hijiri

The head priest of Myouren Temple.

  • Covert Pervert: Turns out that Byakuren is very lustful underneath her saintly persona, but doesn't have any outlets for said lust. Brad decides to help by introducing her to Internet porn, and she gets hooked on it.
  • Has a Type: In the course of Brad helping Byakuren deal with her surpressed lust via introducing her to Rule 34, it's revealed that she has a thing for "traps" (i.e. effeminate boys who convincingly pass for girls).

Kyouko Kasodani

The adorable yamabiko who sweeps the floors.

Stormy Rainmaker

A mostly-reformed villain who works as a Buddhist monk.


    Supporting Characters: Human Village 


A dullahan who sometimes shelters Brad and Matt.

Keine Kamishirisawa

A history teacher and protector of the village.

Marcus Kirisame

Owner of a successful magic shop, as well as being Marisa's estranged dad.


Yoroi Chikara

A big, angry villager with a grudge against Reimu.

Tao Ryoshi

A member of the Human Village council who wants to make the human race stronger than youkai by any means necessary.

Unnamed Kappa Scientist

A devious kappa who enjoys making cyborg fairies.


A yuki-onna and former friend of Genkan who despises humans.


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