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A list of ships and crew the players can choose from in a video game Fractured Space

Titan Defense Systems

A long time private military contractor/manufacturer, providing men, weapons and services to any colonies that requires it. Titan found profit supplying military ships and even personnel at an early point in its lifetime.

Tropes associated with Titan Defense Systems:

  • Beam Spam: If the main weapon isn't a Smartgun, its typically a rapid firing beam-cannon.
  • Private Military Contractor: Titan business is entirely about outfitting its customers with the ships, personnel, and equipment for combat. All of their ships and weapons are designed with military engagements as the focus in mind. Not exploration or mining ships that double or are re-outfitted as combat ships.


Role: Light support
Crew: 3,984
Length: 895m

The Basilisk is a stealth-support vessel that is designed to infiltrate enemy lines with its cloak functionality and stall an enemy advance. With its flexible weaponry able to ensnare either a dedicated target to great effect or multiple targets with lesser force, it is an unconventional presence on the field of battle. Most of the Basilisk's arsenal uses gravity as a means to undermine the enemy's flight model, establishing traps that draw in an unsuspecting enemy, or firing gravitational anchors to restrict their movement, including Blink and Boost capabilities, at the cost of making the Basilisk vulnerable. The Basilisk boasts stronger armor on its top and underside, and while its damage output can be potent, the ship best excels through cohesive communication and situational awareness of allied ships to capitalize on the encumbered enemy vessel.

  • Damage Over Time: It's primary weapon, Plasma Cannon, deals little damage on impact but has great damage over time effect, making it more effective at destroying enemy ships with exposed armor.
  • Fragile Speedster
  • Glass Cannon
  • Gravity Master: It's ultimate ability, Gravity Well, launches a buoy that pulls enemy ships towards it, making them easy targets.
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics: Basilisk sports sub par defense rating, meaning it cannot hold itself well in prolonged combat.
  • Invisibility: It's Clock ability.
  • Power Nullifier: Any ship hit by it's Graviton Anchor will have their Blink or Boost ability temporary disabled on top of getting slow debuff.




  • Beam Spam: The Reaper's main armament consist of multiple beam auto-cannons that fire continuously. It also has the Scythe Beam, a laser which sweeps in front of the Reaper dealing multiple hits, higher damage the further away the target is, can tear apart most armor, and inflicts a special form of plasma damage.
  • Fixed Forward-Facing Weapon: Subverted for it's auto-cannons. They can fire in any direction, but the ship has to be kept pointing forward at the target to maximize the number of turrets firing for damage output. Played straight with the Scythe beam, which only fires in the forward arc.
  • More Dakka: The Reaper is dedicated entirely to dealing with just about any target, armed with 4 different weapons. The general strategy to playing a Reaper can be summed up as "Is there a target in range, and are you keeping the Left Mouse Button held down and your other three weapons are on cool down? If not, you need to fix that."


United Space Research

USR build its ships on a backbone of exploration and research. The firm grew from profits made out of exploring the galaxy and finding habitable worlds using self-sufficient ships designed for long distance travel. Eventually, the ships were adapted for military use.

Tropes associated with United Space Research:

  • Beware the Nice Ones: An exploration vessel manufacturer now turns its head toward military field.
  • Standard Human Spaceship: Among all three corporations, USR fits this trope the most, drawing inspiration from real-life space vessel.


    Black Widow 
Role: Stealth Attack
Crew: 3,668
Length: 998m
The USR Black Widow is a stealth attack ship boasting a wide array of missile systems, designed to take opposition vessels out of the equation. Keeping to a safe distance, the Black Widow will wait for the perfect moment to strike, before unleashing a barrage of highly destructive warheads to swiftly see away almost any foe.
  • Armor-Piercing Attack: It's Armor Missile, designed to shred enemy ship's armor leaving them exposed.
  • Glass Cannon: Carry metric ton of missiles but seriously lacking in any sort of armor or point-blank firepower.
  • Invisibility: It's Quick Cloak ability.
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics: The Black Widow can fires off a huge amount of Dual Rockets in short time. But once it's 'clip' is depleted, it requires lengthy reload time, forcing the player to stay away from combat.
  • Long-Range Fighter
  • Macross Missile Massacre: All of its offensive weapons are either rockets or missiles.
  • Mana Burn: Drain Missile.
  • Power Nullifier: Weapon Interrupt system allow the Black Widow to temporary disable an enemy's targeting, defense systems and disturb its movement.
  • Boring, but Practical: There is absolutely nothing subtle about one of these ships: Get to an objective, and force the enemy to either pay attention to the Colossus, or get off the objective through an unceasing barrage of Flak and Missile fire, while locking down lighter ships with it's mobility debuffs. And when all else fails, there's the other tactic Colossus players are known for.
  • Anti-Air: The functions of the Flack Cannon is extremely similar to the anti-aircraft (a.k.a. Flak) guns mounted on World War II naval warships.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: The Flak Cannon does not deal much damage to enemy ships per shot; however, due to the extremely high firing rate, they could be a serious threat towards any ship inside their firing range.
  • Overdrive: The "Boost" skill allows the ship to move much faster for a short period of time.
  • Ramming Always Works: The combination of of the ship's various utility abilities, plus its massive size, weight, and armor, allows the ship to just ram into and crush lighter ships, or simply sit right on top of an enemy heavy ship and shove them out of the way, making it extremely difficult for them to move and throwing off their aim.
  • Space Friction: The "Engine Shutdown" ability forces the target to a stop by shutting down its engines. More specifically, the Flavor Text implies that it sends a signal that confuses the struck ship's thruster controls with a garbled mess of conflicting thrust control inputs. This causes the ship's engine systems to switch to a safe mode of sorts and forces the ship into an emergency full-stop until it can sort the garbage code out.
  • Stone Wall: The Colossus is very slow, and its weaponry are mediocre at best; however, it take a lot of effort to take one down.
  • Swiss Army Weapon: The ship's primary weapon, the Flak Cannon, fires a massive barrage of explosive shells that deals damage to enemy ships, small crafts, and missiles.
  • Mighty Glacier: The Destroyer moves slowly; however, their cannons could tear capital ships apart in salvos.
  • Non-Indicative Name: A capital ship with similar powers and weaknesses of a World War I dreadnought battleship named "Destroyer", a type of small to medium-sized naval warship.
  • Grenade Spam: The "Explosive Charge" ability fires a multitude of small bombs, with each dealing AOE damage.
  • BFG: Their cannons could hit enemies 25 kilometers away and destroy enemy ships within mere salvos.
  • Fog of War: The "Jammer" prevents the enemy ships from seeing anything on radar.
  • Standard Starship Scuffle: The Destroyer fights in a similar style to that of dreadnought battleships used in World War I and World War II.
A stealth ship built for ambush tactics, the Ghost makes use of a specialized laser that causes a Jump Drive malfunction in the targeted ship that creates a similar damage vulnerability when the Jump Drive is spinning up normally (and significantly increase said vulnerability if the target ship is preparing to make a jump). The Ghost then can follow with a high damage burst of rockets, before using it's Target Blink and Cloak to slip away to safety.
  • Glass Cannon: Poor protection, limited weapon coverage and slow firing armaments does not make a good close-in fighter.
  • Long-Range Fighter: It's primary purpose. All of it's loadout are geared toward either helping it destroy other ships from afar or enabling allies to do that themselves.
  • Target Spotter: It's Mark Target ability pinpoints a target, boosting ally's damage on them.

Zarek Industrial

Built upon highly successful mining and construction corporation. They are specialist in zero-G construction and are responsible for building mining platform, shipyards and space stations.

Tropes associated with Zarek Industrial:


Role: Medium Attack
Crew: 4.935
Length: 910m

An intimidating sight to any opposing ship caught within range of it, the Zarek Industrial Enforcer is a brutally violent one-on-one competitor. Designed to operate at the vanguard of a formation, isolating and destroying targets before quickly capturing objectives, the Enforcer is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Close-Range Combatant: Moderately armored and agile, but it's Escalate cannons are short in range.
  • Flash Step: It's Target Blink ability.
  • Overdrive: Enforcer's Boost skill.
  • Status Buff: The Enforcer can deploy CapMod Buoy that boost the capturing speed for all allies in vicinity, and prevents enemies in it's radius from capturing the point.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: The Paragon lacks in firepower, relies heavily on its Fighters and Charge Bombers, and demanding high situation awareness. However, its loadout also allows the Paragon to effectively multi-task, supporting its allies with Defense Drones while applying pressure on enemies using both its long range gun battery and its fighters at the same time.
  • Drone Deployer: Unlike most of the Battle Star-esq drone/fighter-carrying ships, the Paragon lacks any serious firepower, but carries three different types of small crafts and drones.
  • More Dakka: The ship is equipped with the Minicannon, which functions this way.
Role: Medium Support
Crew: 5,335
Length: 1,215

The Zarek Venturer is a tough ship, outfitted with a series of abilities equally suited for offensive or defensive play. It boasts a two-stage attack, with the Stone Cracker opening up enemy armor for the Mining Laser to go to work on vulnerable sections of the target. Also able to provide running repairs and shield support, the Venturer is a vital member of any fleet it is a part of.

  • Deflector Shield: The Venturer can deploy Shielding Buoy to defend allies in combat.
  • Armor-Piercing Attack: Her Stone Cracker secondary weapon, which immediately breaks a side of enemy's armor it hits, opening them up for increased damage.
  • Beam Spam: It's primary weapon Mining Laser.
  • Destructible Projectiles: She's outfitted with Heal/Defense Pulse, which heals 20% of allies' maximum hit-point and destroying weak projectiles in the skill's radius.
  • Starter Equipment: One of the three ships available for free when you first log into the game.





    Arkany Kena 

    Cpl. Johner One 
An ex-marine forced into the CAG officer role due to numerous injuries catching up to him and requiring extremely extensive cyborg augmentation just to be able to function. Running the flight decks with the mind-set of a Sgt. Major, it has been noted that he does a far better job prepping boarding parties for their capture ops or marines for drops, rather than the day to day job of maintaining and running the launch operations of small craft.
  • Desk Jockey: Not that he's happy with being forced into an administration role, but likely the only or best job he could take that still kept him somewhat close to his old role as a boarding specialist.
  • Expy: Appearance wise at least, with the white hair, most if not all of his body from his lower jaw on down is cybernetic replacements, and even a missing eye. All that's missing is a high-frequency blade, and he'd be the image of an older Raiden.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: For a CAG officer at least, He has equal benefits to squadron survivability and cooldown, and an augmentation slot for each type of augment.
  • Older Than They Look: While his apparent age is mid to late 30s, his actual age is about double, age 60+.
  • Reluctant Retiree: He didn't want to retire from being a marine, but one too many severe injuries forced him out of active marine duty. His fondness for supporting and prepping jump infantry for their assaults, rather than the rest of his CAG duty reflects this.
    Matillda Isaacs 
    Sara Krace 


    Clara Reisette 
    Evan Sterling 
A genetically engineered and augmented house cat, Captain Jonesy is now fully capable of making advanced battlefield decisions. Although he is fully capable of human speech, he refuses to do so, viewing it as beneath him and his species. Instead, he has his various purrs, growls, and mews translated via computer software to the crew. Rumor has it that he is protected by nanobots designed to kill anyone who tries to mutiny against him or if he wills their death. Has a bit of an odd friendship with Lexin Kether.
  • Cats Are Mean: Holds little regard for humans or their lives. In other words, exactly what happens when you turn a cat into a brilliant captain, and give the cat command of a massive ship armed with to the teeth with powerful weaponry.
    Marie-Anne Morau 


    Lexin Kether 
    Nessa Mulligan 
    Samuel Mosley 
    Xu Ziyi 


    Elvy Cooper 
    Goss Reznik 
    Mia Jansen 
    Silke Kaneshiro 

Jump Core

    Carzelle Odiarre 
    Hera Demarr 
    Isabella Jaq 
    Telisic Jenova 


    Brian Allen 
    Charloin Lloyd 

    Gregorii Dorov 
A Navigator who appears to be a walking Russian stereotype, if Russia from Old Earth actually still existed in Fractured Space's far future. In reality, he is a fan of Russian history as it existed in our time, and has spent his pay on various surgeries, treatments, clothing, artifacts, and even having a new identity crafted and his original identity kept hidden, to be more like (what he believes is) a true Russian and try to create a mystique about hhim. However, his piloting skills is what he's hired for, and not his acting skills.
  • Just a Stupid Accent: A product of the various surgeries and therapy sessions he paid for in his attempt look and sound more like a Russian.

    IX- 209 

I am a navigator and my designation is Ru-T0lf...NOT RUDOLPH! I do not remind people a second time!

An older generation A.I. mech, Ru-T0lf was originally designed for use on desert planet with extreme conditions. This accounts for his appearance and use of long outdated features, such as his antler like antenna, where every single possible extra bit of extended communication range could be the difference between life or death, while his face lights are designed to be visible even in extremely low visibility of a dust storm. Since then, he's transferred to being a ship navigator, where his experience and equipment led to building a sort of "instinct" to know where the ship is in space, and plotting jumps even if the ship doesn't have all the information. On the warships he works on now, "getting lost" is almost never a concern, though some captains enjoy the extra bit of redundancy he brings along.

Given away as gift for Christmas 2016

  • Grumpy Old Man: His attitude and apparant age can come off as this, not liking those who make long outdated (by Fractured Space's time) references to certain sci-fi movies, his appearance, or his habit of getting his antenna caught up in some cables and wires.
  • Shout-Out: Or rather, shutting down others attempts at a shout out.
    "Navigator Ru-T0lf here, where do you want to go? Do not say "second star to the left and straight on till morning", if you want to live!"


    Lance Gregory 
    Mars Leydrab 
    Mira Sharma 
    Rayvak Molk 

    Ridley J Fincher 
Ridley J Fincher, if the rumors and ghost stories are to be believed, is the repair officer who never left his post even after death. Most captains are willing to brush it off is simple superstition or a tale to scare new crew. And yet, reports have been filed claiming sighting the apparition on various ships, carrying out his duty. The ships the seem to see him, are those who signed a Fire Control Officer that never showed up.

Was a free give away for Halloween 2016

  • Our Ghosts Are Different: Of the Unfinished Business variety. Also, his appearance on the communication window shifts between that of his face with his eyes rolled back, skin pale in the blue light and his helmet's glass cracked, and his skeletal remains.

    Stellan Shaw 
    Tyrain Demam 


    Cornelius Baptise 
    Dice Caplan 
    Elax Zenchas 
    Krysten Tchaikovsky 


    Grincz Morrow 
    Seraphine Vega 
    Zhang Tao 

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