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Characters / Forever and Ever

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     The Main Crew 

Gold Junior Kimu "Goldy"

The protagonist of the story and the story is mainly in his POV. He is the youngest son and the second youngest child of Gold and Crystal. When the story begins, he is seventeen years old. He is more of a Chivalrous Pervert than The Casanova compared to his Alpha self.

Amethyst Kimu "Am"

The oldest son and child of Gold and Crystal. He is nineteen when the story begins. He is very jolly and friendly, and is somewhat more of a pervert than his Alpha self.

Iolite Kimu

The eldest daughter and second child of Gold and Crystal. She is currently eighteen years old.

Topaz Rosso

Cerise Rosso

Cyan Oak

Jade Sakaki

     Minor Crew 

Grey Kuro

Finley Delaney

Melanie Delaney

Rubin Senri

Sapphira Senri

Esmeralda Emerarudo

Cobalt Oak


     Junior Crew 

Jasper Daiyamondo

Plato Berlitz-Palmer

Raldo Emerarudo

Larimar Oak

Heart Emerarudo

Dio Daiyamondo

Perla Berlitz-Palmer

Ivorline Kuro

Orange Rosso

Poppy Kimu

Clover Sakaki

Kyanite Senri

Violette Daiyamondo


Flax Ama

Maroon Marun

Navy Kaigun

Verdant Aoao

Pink Mazenta

Crimson Rosso

Indigo Oak


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