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Characters / Flesh+Blood

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Here be the characters of Flesh+Blood

Introduced in Flesh and Blood
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Applies to Teknomen in general:

Applies to the Radam as a whole:

[[folder: Canon Characters]]

D-Boy/Slade/Takaya Aiba/Tekkaman Blade/Teknoman Slade

In addition to the tropes that applied to him in Tekkaman Blade - and at times in contrast - these also apply to Slade:

Shinya Aiba/Cain Carter/Tekkaman Evil/Tekkaman Varis/Teknoman Saber

In stark contrast to the character portrayed in Tekkaman Blade, Saber escapes from the Radam alongside his twin brother, giving the Space Knights two Teknomen on their side.


Kengo Aiba/Conrad Carter/Tekkaman Spear/Teknoman Spear

"I'm so sorry that it came to this between us, Ness. Still, I know that someday, you'll come to understand my reasons."

Eldest son of the Carter family in Tekkaman Blade, he takes Saber's original role in the fanfic.

[[folder: Original Characters]]

Teknoman Darkon/Tekkaman Omega/General Dakonith/General Umekon/Raukko Kaura

Far different than his counterpart in Tekkaman Blade, Darkon is in fact a member of one of the species' the Radam subjugated before they came to Earth.

  • Humanoid Aliens: His species, Nandorians, are built roughly the same as humans.

Teknoman Rapier/Tekkaman Wraith/Sam Carter/Sasuke Aiba

The youngest child of the family, he was only fourteen when the Radam enslaved him.

Teknoman Axe/Tekkaman Axe/Grant Goddard

In addition to the tropes that applied to him in canon, Axe also takes on a few new roles.


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