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Characters / Flash Gordon (1996)

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Alex "Flash" Gordon

The dapper blonde hero from the comics is now an adrenaline junkie teen who lives for skateboarding, adventure and giving Emperor Ming a headache. Not exactly anyone's first choice to lead a rebellion but somehow he manages. Despite his goofy nature, he has a talent for making friends and influencing people.

Dale Arden

A girl who shares similarities with Flash (love of skateboarding, midriff-baring shirts and her father is also in the Air Force) that goes with him to save his parents and ends up trapped on Mongo with Flash and Dr. Z.

Dr. Hans Zarkov

Princess Thundar

Prince Talon


Emperor Ming the Merciless

General Lynch





Princess Aura

  • Daddy's Girl: But she doesn't like the way he rules Mongo.
  • Green-Skinned Space Babe / Cute Monster Girl: Not as reptilian as her father and Flash defends himself from Dale's disbelief by pointing out she's "only half-lizard."
  • Emperor's Hot Daughter: Doesn't approve of her father's wanton cruely but can't openly defy him because he's still her father and aids Flash to compensate.

Prince Baron


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