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    Prince Charming 

Robert Sepulveda Jr.
Age: 33
From: Atlanta, Georgia (originally Puerto Rico)
Occupation: Interior designer and LGBT rights advocater

A 33 year-old interior designer from Atlanta. Natively from Puerto Rico, Robert has an acute eye for detail and style, having won awards for his work. He's also a committed advocate for LGBT rights and equality through public art and community outreach, finally ready to focus on himself and find the love of his life.

  • Gym Bunny: It's hard to imagine that he maintains his body for health reasons; one of the suitors makes a point of saying he looks Photoshopped.
  • Latin Lover: A Puerto Rican native.
  • Mr. Fanservice: And how! The first time he removes his shirt around the suitors, it's is treated like a dramatic reveal — complete with a commercial break cliffhanger to build suspense for the viewer.
  • Skunk Stripe: Has streaks of gray running through his brown hair.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Spends a fair amount of time shown in little-to-no clothing.

    The Suitors 

Age: 26
From: Wisconsin
Occupation: "Manny"

A 26 year-old creative "manny" from Wisconsin who moved to California on a whim and changed his career almost immediately after. He's never been in a real relationship before, and is looking for a like-minded man with a sense humor similar to his own and a desire to shack up with him in a woodsy cabin.

  • Badass Beard: Perhaps the most prominent example amongst all the suitors.
  • Straight Gay: Says most people don't even realize he's gay at first.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: The first suitor eliminated in the season one premiere.

Age: 31
From: New Jersey
Occupation: College events planner

A 31 year-old college events planner from New Jersey with lofty romance goals, but not much success in actually attaining them. Single for over six years before entering the competition, his sense of humor derives from being unlucky in love.

Age: 34
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation: Personal trainer

A 34 year-old personal trainer from Atlanta who describes himself as being "a true Libra," striving to find balance in his life. Having been single for six years since his last relationship, Brodney is looking for someone attractive, honest, and supportive with a good sense of humor.

Age: 33
Occupation: Celebrity makeup artist

Age: 29
From: Michigan
Occupation: Behavioral healthcare administrator

A 29 year-old behavioral healthcare administrator from Michigan who, after being put through straight conversion therapy as a teen, faced homelessless after being disowned by his parents for being gay. In spite of that, he described himself as “ambitious, centered, powerful and faithful," and is looking for a man of similar qualities.

  • Dark and Troubled Past: Faced straight conversion therapy and homelessness as a result of being gay during his teen years, but he's since gotten better.
  • Family of Choice: Said he had to find one after being disowned by his biological one.

Age: 32
Occupation: Real Estate

A 32 year-old real estate agent from New York who loves traveling. A self-described "Momma's Boy," Chad described himself as a bit clumsy and always adventurous.


Age: 30
Occupation: Business analyst


Age: 26
From: New Orleans, Louisiana
Occupation: Fashion designer and publicist


Age: 35
From: Los Angeles, California (originally Texas)
Occupation: Hair stylist


Age: 29
From: Portland, Oregon
Occupation: Model and project manager

  • The Dandy: He's fairly concerned with his appearance, which is understandable given his occupation as a model.

Age: 34
From: N/A
Occupation: Tanning salon owner

  • Aloof Dark-Haired Guy: How he feels he comes across to Robert before explaining his current mental state.
  • Has a Type: Makes a point of telling the 6' 2" Robert that most of his ex-boyfriends have been 5' 11" or shorter, which makes both of them uneasy toward the other.
  • The Lost Lenore: His ex-boyfriend killed himself shortly before entering the competition, which still has him shaken.
  • My Greatest Second Chance: After getting off on the wrong foot with Robert not once but twice in the first episode, Paul finally decides to get vulnurable with him and have a one-on-one moment to explain his aloof nature, which convinced Robert to give him a second chance and stay in the competition.
  • Nobody Over Fifty Is Gay: While he's not actually the oldest suitor, he definitely looks the most mature, seemingly wiser and more empathetic than his competitors.
  • Prematurely Grey-Haired: His hair is a dark shade of brown-grey.

Age: 26
From: Los Angeles, California (originally Boston, Massachusetts)
Occupation: On-air beauty expert

  • Alpha Bitch: Wastes no time getting into a fight with Sam on the first night, dismissively calling him "Mary" in a self-defensive bid to come out on top.
  • Camp Gay: Perhaps the most flamboyant suitor of them all.
  • Coming-Out Story: Claims to have had an amazingly positive experience coming out, even gaining the vocal support of his high school's football team should anybody try to bully him for his sexuality.
  • The Dandy: He's hyper-aware of his physical appearance, wearing a light coat of makeup and even bringing a airbrush to accentuate his abs with.
  • Has a Type: Claims to be into men with dark features, and doesn't have much of a taste for blond hair and blue eyes.
  • Large Ham: Sam accuses him of being one, despite Robby's own claim that his personality is legitimately him and not an act. To be fair, he does enter the house shouting "PARTY'S STARTED, BITCHES!", so Sam might have a point there...


Age: 31
From: Chicago
Occupation: Fitness company owner



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