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    Explorers and Jobs 

The Explorer

The player's created character in Final Fantasy Explorers who serves as the lead protagonist of the game.



Freelancers are not particularly gifted in one field, but have great freedom in abilities and gear they can equip.


Role: Tank

In addition to attacks, Knights boast numerous defensive abilities.


Role: Damager

While Monks have low defense, they overwhelm their foes with ferocious physical blows.


Role: Damager/Booster

Rangers specialize in long-distance physical attacks, with a multitude of abilities that inflict status ailments on their foes.

White Mage

Role: Healer

White Mages specialize in healing and support to aid their comrades in a tight spot.

Black Mage

Role: Damager

Black mages are experts of offensive magic, raining damage on their foes from afar.


Role: Damager/Booster

Thieves possess the unique ability to steal items from enemies, allowing the player to pilfer a variety of materials.

Time Mage

Role: Booster/Damager

Time Mages aid their comrades with a plethora of time manipulation spells, such as haste and slow, and offensive magic, such as gravity and meteor.


Role: Tank/Damager

Ninjas use their vast number of combat-enhancing skills, high speed, and high evasion to confound the enemy.


Paladins may move slowly, but are ideal in creating an impenetrable barrier with their physical and magical and defense power.

Dark Knight

Role: Booster/Damager

Dark Knights use powerful scythes to cause tremendous damage, making for a perfect heavy-hitting character.


Role: Damager
Machinists use guns for long-range attacks, inflicting status effects on the enemy and enhancing their own combat power.


Role: Booster

The Rune Strike, a special ability of Geomancers, takes time to charge, but raises their magic power with each hit.

  • Improbable Weapon User: Geomancers can equip bells
  • Geo Effects: Terrain Bonus gives various buffs based on the terrain their standing on.
  • Trap Master: the unique skill Trap sets up a trap that when sprung deals huge damage and can even inflict stop.
  • Weapon of Choice: Carry a Big Stick: Geomancers are the only class who is proficient with clubs. Their other equipable weapon, bells, also uses club skills.


Role: Damager
The greatest asset of dragoons is their jump attack, leaping high in the air before plummeting down on enemies with incredible speed.


Role: Booster/Healer

Alchemists are experts when it comes to using items, combining attacks with alchemy to react to a variety of different situations.

Beast Master

Despite a slower attack speed, Beast Masters use their powerful axe to pack a real punch.

Blue Mage

Blue Mages have a unique ability to learn and master techniques used by the enemy, allowing them to fulfill many different roles.


Role: Booster/Healer

Bards enhance their comrades' abilities from the rear by playing special songs using their instruments as weapons.


As an all-range attacker, Samurai wield katana and have exceptionally high damage output.


Role: Damager/Healer
Sages have the highest magical attack and healing power, and can use their concentrate ability to enhance their own skills.

    Non-playable characters 


The mayor of Libertas.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Sacrifices his Crystal capacitor so you can get to Therion. Fortunately, this does not kill him. It simply means he can no longer be an Explorer, but he was retired anyway.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure


An explorer found just before the gates out of town. He teachers explorers the basics.


A mysterious visitor in red.
  • King Incognito: More like Eidolon incognito. Surama is Amaterasu in human form.

     Series Trance characters 


First appearance: Final Fantasy IV
Special Move: Soul Shift. Slam foes with darkness, before slashing them with a cross of light.


First appearance: Final Fantasy V
Special Move: Master Mime. A powerful combo that changes elements with each blow.


First appearance: Final Fantasy VI
Special Move: Riot Blade. Fire a blast of magic in the form of sharp blades.


First appearance: Final Fantasy VII
Special Move: Great Gospel. Completely heal all allies HP and status ailments.


First appearance: Final Fantasy VII
Special Move: Omnislash. Cleave enemies with a blinding flurry of slashes.


First appearance: Final Fantasy VII
Special Move: Final Heaven. Concentrate a mass of light for a powerful explosive punch.


First appearance: Final Fantasy VIII
Special Move: Lion Heart. Use a unique blade to deliver a glorious combo.


First appearance: Final Fantasy X
Special Move: Blitz Ace. Deliver a flurry of attacks before a dazzling final strike.


First appearance: Final Fantasy X
Special Move: Great Whirl. A powerful non-elemental attack inflicting multiple hits.


First appearance: Final Fantasy XII
Special Move: Luminescence. Launch beams of light from an energy sphere.


First appearance: Final Fantasy XIII
Special Move: Gestalt Drive. A powerful combo that pumps bullets into foes before you charge in and finish them.

The monsters you spend much of the game hunting.

All provide example of:

  • Adaptational Villainy: With the exception of the Canon Foreigners, the Eidolons are comprised of recurring summons who aid the heroes in prior Final Fantasy games. Subverted when the Awful Truth comes out that they've been fighting you in order to protect the planet from humanity's abuse of Crystal Energy.
  • Boss Battle
  • Fighting a Shadow: No matter how many times you destroy or Encase an Eidolon, it'll just keep coming back.
  • Nature Spirit: The majority of Eidolons represent an element of nature and can be found in a thematically appropriate setting.


First appearance: Final Fantasy Explorers

The flower-like eidolon's attacks inflict a cornucopia of status ailments.


First appearance: Final Fantasy V

Spreading its mighty wings, Phoenix unleashes a storm of fireballs to destroy explorers.

  • Good Thing You Can Heal: Phoenix's unique skill, "Flames of Rebirth", allows it to completely heal its HP when brought down to the last of its HP. It takes several moments to execute, though, so fast-acting Explorers can down it before it can recover.
  • Kill It with Fire


First appearance: Final Fantasy I

Bahamut, the King of Dragons, is the only eidolon to appear in every game in the series.—-


First appearance: Final Fantasy VIII

Diabolos uses many attacks that manipulate space and time, especially those that control gravity.



First appearance: Final Fantasy III

Shiva is the classic ice-based eidolon. Those close by risk being frozen by her aura.


First appearance: Final Fantasy III

Ifrit, the fire-based eidolon, powers into his opponents, unleashing his ultimate attack "Hellfire" on his enemies.


First appearance: Final Fantasy III

Odin rides into battle on his trusty steed Sleipnir, and cleaves enemies in half with his lethal "Zantetsuken" ability.


First appearance: Final Fantasy II

Leviathan, the ruler of the sea, is fought in the ocean, emerging from the waves in ambush.


First appearance: Final Fantasy Explorers

An entity shrouded in mystery, seven magical swords float ready for battle on its back.


First appearance: Final Fantasy VI

This bestial eidolon uses vicious melee attacks, running down its prey with charges from all directions.


First appearance: Final Fantasy VI

Alexander resembles a giant fortress, using its massive body to create earth shaking tremors.

  • Big Fancy Castle: A mecha shaped like one.
  • Foreshadowing: If you're paying attention, you may notice that the person who assigns you the quest to fight Alexander claims that it was built to protect a tree, while the description claims it protects all of the environment. The second description is correct, as using the crystals will eventually kill the planet.
  • Living Structure Monster


First appearance: Final Fantasy III

Ramuh, the thunder and lightning based eidolon, uses a variety of attack patterns to confound players.


First appearance: Final Fantasy Explorers

A being begotten by the planet to defend the flow of crystal energy and purge all who violate it.


First appearance: Final Fantasy V

A veteran of many fights in many worlds who utilizes a grand array of weapons. Also runs away a lot.


First appearance: Final Fantasy V

A doomsday weapon from a distant world that destroyed the ancient civilization that made it.


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