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    Buckaroo Betty
A.K.A. Elizabeth Fury

Elizabeth Fury had taken the role of Sheriff after the murder of her husband Mike Bates in Apache, Texas during the late 19th Century. She is pulled through time to help FemForce.


A.K.A.: Valencia Kirk

Valencia Kirk was trained as a spy for the Department, and proved a natural talent with combat, both armed and unarmed. After her husband and fellow spy Kevin was murdered, Valencia felt let down by the Department and ended up quitting the Department and start seeking a new life for herself. Unsure on her purpose but still angry ,Valencia makes a vow of vengeance against crime, deciding that she would create a secret identity for her new vigilante exploits. At this time the newest crime-fighter is born as Valencia fashions herself as Colt, the Weapons Mistress.

  • Badass Normal: Colt is one of the few members of Femforce to have no superpowers.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Colt wears a short blue jacket that stops just below her breasts, leaving her entire midriff bare.
  • Crusading Widow: Colt became a superheroine after her husband (a spy) was murdered and she felt the organization she and he worked for did not do enough to catch the killer. She quit and used her skills to become a vigilante.
  • Death by Origin Story: Valencia adopts the identity of Colt after her husband is murdered by enemy agents.
  • Nice Hat: Her costume includes a musketeer hat with a long plume.
  • Superhero Packing Heat: Colt wields a number of custom designed firearms as part of her arsenal.

A.K.A.: Nancy Arazello

Nancy's fiancee Ken Burton was an engineer obsessed with the occult. In his researches, Ken finds a coded diary belonging to John Gallegher, a male Dragonfly who died in 1957. Using his computer skills, Ken decodes the diary and arranges to perform the mystic ritual that summons Zzara. Nancy interrupts this ceremony at a critical moment and is transformed into Dragonfly.

A.K.A.: Unknown

Firebeam is the revived spirit of a woman whose ghostly form was destined to haunt the house where her earthly body had died in a house fire caused by arson. In this form she was capable of flight and could start fires and also fight flames.

  • Playing with Fire: Firebeam has fire control powers.
  • Vengeful Ghost: Firebeam died in a house fire caused by arson, and returned as a ghost to seek justice.

A.K.A.: Dr. Carol Heisler

Dr. Carol Heisler was researching a cure for arthritis when she mutated herself to a size-changer who grows to giant heights. The transformations initially left her in a confused state of mind , leading to unwitting rampages. Since gaining control of her powers Carol has been a supporting member of the Femforce.

  • Does Not Like Shoes: Garganta is almost always barefoot.
  • Giant Woman: Pretty much Garganta's entire shtick. For a time she was permanently stuck at 50 ft. tall.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Garganta was originally a foe of Femforce. After gaining control of her powers, and the insanity that initially accompanied them, she became an ally and part-time member.
  • Magic Pants: Tara and Garganta wear special outfits that grow with them.
  • Sizeshifter: Garganta can grow up to 200 ft. tall. For a time, she was trapped at 50 ft. tall.
  • Super Serum: The source of Garganta's powers.

A.K.A: Katie Conn-Merrywether

Katie Conn was the sidekick of WWII hero Cat-Man. The two married after years of courtship. They were among the heroes to enter the Vault, preserved in suspended animation until needed again. They went into their long sleep in the 1950s and emerged in the 1980s, youthful as ever but feeling out of place.


    Ms. Victory
A.K.A.: Dr. Joan Wayne

Dr. Joan Wayne was a research scientist in the United States Department of Defense, who in the 1940s developed the "V-47 formula" to increase the strength/stamina of allied troops. The formula, however, only worked on Joan herself, and she became the superheroine Miss Victory. The formula also prevented her from aging, so that the Miss (now Ms.) Victory of today is still a young, attractive woman.

  • Absolute Cleavage: As can be seen from the illustration, the neckline on Ms. Victory's costume extends below her navel.
  • The Ageless: The V-47 formula stops Joan from aging.
  • Captain Patriotic
  • Face–Heel Turn: Ms.Victory was force-fed V-45 by the Black Commando, and transformed into the villainous Rad.
  • Flying Brick: Ms. Victory possesses superhuman strength and limited invulnerability, as well as the ability to fly over short distances.
  • Hotter and Sexier: She shows a lot more skin than her original Golden Age version.
  • Poke the Poodle: Despite being labeled as a major threat, Joan as Rad doesn't actually do anything overly evil. She just becomes incredibly selfish and rude. Still the members of Femforce try repeatedly to capture her and change her back.
  • Supernaturally Young Parent: The Super Serum that gave Joan her powers also caused her to stop aging at 27. As a result, she appears to be about the same age as her daughter Jennifer (a.k.a. Rad).
  • Super Serum: Joan gained her powers by taking the V-47 formula.

    Blue Bulleteer/Nightveil
A.K.A.: Laura Wright

Laura Wright was born on December 4, 1920. She began her crime-fighting as the masked Blue Bulleteer using a pair of revolvers as her main weapon. In the 1960's she became the pupil of the wizard Azagoth. He took her to another dimension called Limbo for her magic training. She later reappeared on earth as Nightveil, with her youth regained and ready to fight crime again.

  • Captain Ersatz: The Blue Bulleteer was a copy of Phantom Lady, while Nightveil is an expy of Raven.
  • Clothes Make the Maniac: Nightveil's powers are connected to her Cloak of Darkness, an inherently evil magical artifact. While this makes her arguably among the most powerful beings on earth, Laura must constantly struggle to keep the evil influence of her Cloak in check. She is at times insecure in her own ability to do so and is disturbed by the possibility that the Cloak may already be corrupting her in some way.
  • Leotard of Power
  • Superhero Packing Heat: As the Blue Bulleteer, Laura used to wield a pair of .45s.
  • Star-Spangled Spandex: The lining of Nightveil's magical Cloak of Darkness—an item of cosmic power—is a star field.

A.K.A.: Dyna Morisi

Dyna Morisi is a former United States soldier who was mutated in the 1990s, while involved in Operation Desert Storm. She can absorb great amounts of electrical energy in her own body and discharge them in the form of tremendous electrical blasts, similar in form to lightning bolts.—-

  • Shock and Awe: Can absorb great amounts of electrical energy in her own body and discharge them in the form of tremendous electrical blasts, similar in form to lightning bolts.

    Rio Rita I
A.K.A.: Rita Farrar

With her Spanish beauty and charisma, Rita made a career as a popular motion picture star. She became one of the most popular actors and she had millions of fan across the United States. It was the late 30s and the Second World War was imminent. The government asked Rita to play another role at the same time as that of actress; an US espionage agent. She was given the opportunity to render valuable service to her country. She then started playing in international films, while traveling in several countries. When Femforce was founded, through President Roosevelt, she was a logical choice to join them. Once the war ended, Rita had worked primarily in South America. The Nazi criminals were very present in this continent and it was a good place to spy. She was succeeded by her granddaughter, years later.

  • Badass Normal: Rita has no superpowers, but has no issue in holding her own with her superpowered teammates.
  • Expy: Of Senorita Rio from Fight Comics.
  • Identical Granddaughter: Rita's granddaughter—also named Rita—is a dead rinegr for her younger self.

    Rio Rita II
A.K.A. Rita Farrar

The granddaughter of the original Rio Rita, Rita Farrar was a secret agent in the Brazilian secret service. When she was stranded by a plane crash in the Amazon jungle, her grandmother contacted her old teammates in Femforce to stage a rescue mission to save her and the secret project she was guarding. After this, Rita joined the new incarnation of Femforce.


A.K.A.: Jessica Hunt

Jessica Hunt is the daughter of anthropologist Dr. Thaddeus Hunt. Dr. Hunt brought a Burmese statue of the cat-demon Sekhmet to America, where its spirit attempted to possess his daughter Jessica. With the help of Miss Victory, Jessica overcame the demon, but retained its cat-like powers of strength and agility. She now fights evil alongside Miss Victory and the other Femforce members.

A.K.A.: Dr. Mara

The hero named Stardust was born on the distant planet Rur, Dr. Mara was viewed as the world’s top scientific mind. Seeking help for her people from the Kronian war Stardust joined both the Sentinels of Justice and Femforce to fight for the defense of Earth.

    Stormy Tempest
A.K.A.: Nanette Walters

Nanette Walters is from an alternate future Earth in the 2530's. An Interplanetary Police Officer, she and several freedom fighters from her time have sworn to put an end to the corrupt system which has begun to take over the planets. In a desperate bid, Nanette is sent back in time to the early 21st Century of Earth to help prevent the corruption. She now finds herself trapped in our timeline, and uses her blaster, fighting skills, rocket-belt, and assorted powers to aid Femforce.

A.K.A.: Silvia Synn

A go-go dancer in Florida, Synn was abucted and sold to a Mad Scientist who used her as test subjecy for his experiments. His experimentation on Silva produced highly unusual results. Silva, a frequent acid user, had retained some LSD in her body chemistry. Under the impact of a high voltage, the acid triggered a reaction in her brain. Her mind expanded to god-like levels and her body became effectively immortal and immune to aging and disease. Synn has the ability to do virtually what she wants by utilizing this power with her mind.

  • Cleavage Window: A focal point of her costume. A second window provides Underboobs.
  • Dimensional Traveler: Synn can teleport to a limbo between dimensions and from there to locations in her own and other dimensions.
  • Master of Illusion: At first she used her power unconsciously and affected large groups of people without realizing it. With training she has learned to control this hallucination power, making her a powerful illusion caster.
  • Mind over Matter: Synn has a small degree of telekinesis.
  • Psi Blast: She can cast powerful psychic blasts to incapacitate opponents,
  • Underboobs: Synn's costume not only has a conventional Cleavage Window, but a second lower window also gives her Underboobs.

A.K.A.: Tara Fremont

The jungle girl daughter of a wealthy industrialist, she was the only normal member until she ingested the same formula that transformed Dr. Carol Heisler into Garganta as a felicitous test for the adjustable bikini she was using.

A.K.A.: Lynn

A fictional comic book character brought to life by Nightveil's magic. Later fades from existence when her comic is cancelled.

  • Flying Brick
  • Refugee from TV Land: Thunderfox is a comic hero brought to life by Nightveil's magic.
  • Shoo Out the New Guy: Thunderfox was introduced with much fanfare, but appeared in only eight issues before disappearing. The explanation occurred five issues after her last appearance, telling us that her 'book' was cancelled.

    Yankee Girl
A.K.A.: Lauren Mason

On her first day in England working at the USO for the Allied war effort the building was bombed killing practically everyone in attendance except lovely American-born Lauren Mason. While attempting to stagger for shelter she fell into an old mine shaft which deposited her in a vat of the Eternity Broth. Tolon the Sorcerer had brewed it in an attempt to create a Champion to Fight for England against the tyranny encroaching it. He had been hoping for someone valiant, brave, honest and true. Unfortunately he got Lauren. He made do with what he had and showed her how to transform herself into a Champion of Right by saying the words Karma Madre Tolon. Since she was a Yank in Great Britain she was named Yankee Girl and reluctantly became a superheroine. She and several other heroes of that era volunteered to enter suspended animated sleep at a classified vault to be summoned again when the world needed them.


    Captain Paragon
A.K.A.: Charlies Starrett

Charlie Starrett was a ranch hand back in the 19th century who was secretly the heroic masked gunslinger known as the Latigo Kid. In the early 20th century, a secret organization called the Paragon Foundation enhanced Starrett's latent psionic abilities and transformed him into the super-powered, blue and red-costumed Captain Paragon. He fought the forces of evil until the Fifties when he was apparently killed by his archenemy the Black Shroud. His body, however, was stolen by the evil Proxima and her alien warrior women and taken to the planet Rur where he was revived even more powerful than he was before so he could be used as weapon against their enemies the Krotons. Escaping with the aid of the stellar-powered scientist Stardust, he returned to Earth only to find that thirty years had passed and that, stricken with amnesia, he no longer had any memory of who he was behind his mask.

  • Amnesiac Hero: When Captain Paragon first returned to Earth, he had no idea of who he was behind the mask.
  • Battle Couple: Is married to Femforce team leader Ms. Victory.
  • Expy: Was originally created as a stand-in for Captain Atom when AC lost the right to the Charlton heroes.
  • Flying Brick: Possesses the powers of flight, super strength and invulnerability.
  • Superman Substitute
  • Touched by Vorlons: Queen Proxima greatly increased his powers when she revived him.

    General Roberta Strock
A.K.A.: Roberta Strock.

General Roberta Strock is the military liaison and coordinator of the Femforce team. She replaced the team's pervious liaison General Gordon: an old school and somewhat sexist soldier who frequently clashed with his female allies.

    Scarlet Scorpion
A.K.A.: Mike McCluskey

Fatally wounded when gangsters hijacked his rig truck drive Mike McCluskey, was injected with an experimental biochemical by a female scientist impersonating his doctor. Given the ability to swiftly heal even the most deadly of injuries, and seeking vengeance for the attack on him, Mike took the costume and identity of the Scarlet Scorpion, a long-vanished vigilante from the late 1950s/early 1960s. Ironically the new Scarlet Scorpion soon befriended Inspector Richard Trent of the police, unaware that Trent was the very hero whose identity he had assumed.


    Alizarin Crimson
A.K.A.:Lenore Stratton

'A.K.A.: Vanessa Cord

From a wealthy family and having privileges most would envy, Vanessa Cord seemed to yearn for more. She ends up as the leader of a group of assassins called The Valkyries, but still didn't seem to be satisfied. To obtain yet more power, she creates and builds the "Mento Helmet", a device which allows her to control the minds of other people and force them to do her bidding.

    Fem Paragon

Little is currently known about the villainess Fem Paragon. What is known is that she is from an alternate dimension where females are the dominant gender in many ways. She seems to have some type of connection to Captain Paragon as her powers mirror those of Captain Paragon. She was a insidious ruler on her own planet and sought to rule our Earth but was tricked and defeated by Femforce.


Gorgana is a skilled sorceress but desires to add Nightveil's power to her own. Her true form remains in Limbo while the deamoness possesses others bodies to interact with dimensions outside her own, like Earth. She desires to possess Nightveil's body the most.

  • Demonic Possession: Her true form remains in Limbo while the deamoness possesses others bodies to interact with dimensions outside her own.
  • Immortality


Banished to an alien planetoid by Lord Klyness, she met Proxima when the latter crashlanded on the planetoid. Although their races are sworn enemies, they had a common enemy in Stardust. Helping Proxima defeat Stardust, the two set off for planet Earth, becoming members of Fearforce.

  • The Brute: Krone fills this role in Fearforce.
  • Lizard Folk: The Kronon appear to be a reptilian race, complete with crocodile like tails.

    Lady Luger
A.K.A.: Unknown

Nazi enemy of Femforce. She's the ace saboteur of Adolph Hitler, she's beautiful and she's deadly.

    No-Nose Nanette
'A.K.A.: Nanette Walters

Nanette Walters had been involved with street gangs since she was a teenager and eventually fell in with the Mafia when she got older. She continued her life of crime, eventually meeting up with the disfigured Rip-Jaw, whose visage and presence repulsed Nanette. In a fit of rage, Rip-Jaw tore off Nanette's nose and thus she became known as No-Nose Nanette. She continues with her life of crime.

A.K.A.: Queen Proxima

Proxima is an alien from planet Rur, like her archenemy Stardust. She was first seen as leader of Rur's military forces in a war between Rur and Earth. She performed and authorized numerous atrocities, leading to her loss of support by her own people. She was dishonorably discharged and exiled, succeeded by Fem Paragon. Her successor is equally fierce but seen as less bloodthirsty. In exile, Proxima joined Fearforce, a rival organization to Femforce.

    Rad II
A.K.A.: Jennifer Burke

When Joan Wayne (Ms. Victory) was forcefully transformed into Rad by the Black Commando in his insane desire for revenge, there were those in the government who felt that a new paranormal icon and leader for the Femforce was in order. It was determined that the V-47 vitamin which made Joan Wayne into Ms. Victory would work on someone with a very nearly identical body chemistry. Therefore through government manipulation and blackmail, Jennifer Burke, Joan's unwilling daughter, was coerced into taking the V-47 and becoming the New Ms. Victory. After the return of Joan Wayne to the Ms. Victory codename, Jennifer Burke left Femforce and was chosen to lead the New Sentinels of Justice under the name of Paragon. The combined stress of replacing her mother in Femforce, her son being killed by a villain, losing her husband in an affair with a team member, and then being replaced by her mother left Jennifer vulnerable to the machinations of Capricorn. Once again, she followed in her mother's footsteps, taking the V-45 and becoming the new Rad.

  • Breast Expansion: Taking the V-47 formula caused her breasts to grow larger; a fact her husband commented on.
  • Chain Pain: Wields a length of chain as one of her primary weapons.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Used to be the heroine Ms. Victory II/Paragon.
  • Flying Brick
  • Psycho Serum: Turned into a villain by Black Commando's V-45 formula.
  • Supernaturally Young Parent: The Super Serum that gave Joan 'Ms. Victory' Wayne her powers also caused her to stop aging at 27. As a result, she appears to be about the same age as Jen.
  • Super Serum: Gained her superpowers from her mother's V-47 formula.
  • Super Strength
  • Trauma Conga Line: Jen Burke's life has been horrible. She never wanted to be a superhero, but because she was Ms. Victory's daughter she was compatible with V-47. When Ms. Victory went rogue, she was asked to take her place. She refused, and Tom Kelly responded by ruining her life to the point, including arranging for husband's legs to be broken, where it was either do it, or face financial ruin. Once in Femforce, the girls resented her for being forced on them, and refused to accept her. In addition, she couldn't tell her husband what was going on, badly straining their marriage eventually leading to an affair and divorce. Then her son Jason gets killed by collateral damage from one of Garganta's rampage. Then she gets manipulated into becoming Rad II, by the mad God Capricorn. Finally she just snaps.


While hijacking printed circuits from a government complex in New Jersey, the future Rip-Jaw was surprised by Colt and some policemen. In attempting to escape, he was blasted in the face and fell on a river. When he woke up he was bedridden in a room filled with some mechanical creations; an old man had picked up in the river to bring him home. Seeing his face disfigured and wanting to help, he made two hard titanium jaws: a normal size one and a bigger one, more intimidating. Rip-Jaw chose the largest.

  • Cop Hater: Since losing his jaw, Rip-Jaw has sought revenge on all police, but especially on Colt.
  • Create Your Own Villain: Colt caused the creation of Rip-Jaw as a supervillain by shooting off his jaw (although he was a already a criminal before this happened).
  • Expy: Was based on the Crimebuster foe Iron Jaw.
  • Jagged Mouth: Rip-Jaw's titanium jaws have large jagged teeth.
  • Jawbreaker: Rip-Jaw's bottom jaw was shot off by Colt as he attempted to escape.
  • Man Bites Man: Rip-Jaw's most common form of attack. He bit off the nose of No-Nose Nanette.

    Singapore Sal
A.K.A.: Unknown

Singapore Sal was a pirate prowling the Pacific in the years following WWII. Eventually captured and jailed in 1949, she was later transferred to the Weir Asylum for the Criminally Insane in the mid 1950s where she was placed in stasis so her brain could be studied. She was revived from suspended animation by the Black Shroud to serve as part of his supervillain army. When Black Shroud was defeated, she escaped and took to the open seas to resurrect her old way of life.

A.K.A.: Heidi Astrid Kleinschlossen

Austrian born Heidi Astrid Kleinschlossen traveled through time into the contemporary world from World War II via a stolen time-travel device. She had been part of the Hitler Youth, and a costumed super powered operative for the Blitzkrieg operations under the identity of Panzer. Having arrived in our time, she now operates as the Danish heroine Valkyra but in reality has worked for Lady Luger in schemes against Femforce.


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