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Aiko Sato

Super High School Level Wedding Planner

A passionate, and often short-tempered, young lady, Aiko's mother is the famous and quite frequently married Yuko Yasumora. After being her mother's wedding planner's assistant for quite some time, Aiko eventually began planning her mother's weddings herself. Her weddings have become quite popular among other celebrities and wedding freaks. The first murderer, Aiko was found guilty of killing Prema but saved by Kou's sacrifice.


  • Femininity Failure: Aiko tries to be polite and patient like a proper young lady should, but she's really, really bad it.
  • Tears of Remorse: Quite frequently, considering that she killed someone she cared about in a moment of weakness, which indirectly resulted in the death of two other people, and then led to someone else killing her best friend as revenge.


Akari Kagome

Super High School Level Curler

Uptight, apologetic, and nervous, Akari's twitchiness is the result of her parent's harshness following a failed attempt to run away with her brother. Initially having gotten into curling in order to become more assertive and make friends, she instead found a talent that brought her all the way to Hope's Peak. The second murderer, she killed Elijah to get back at Aiko.

  • Tearful Smile: To Eri, when it became obvious that she was going to be executed.
  • Tears of Remorse: After realizing exactly what she had done by killing Elijah.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: After her failed attempt to run away, her parents attempted to turn her into one with little success.

Akina Tsumori

Super High School Level Fencer

Born into a family of fencers and possessing a God-given talent for it, Akina still prefers to think of himself as a samurai from the olden days of Japan. Arrogant beneath a layer of politeness, Akina nonetheless has a soft spot for his pet ferret, Sabre, who never leaves his side.

Bade Haredae

Super High School Level Hairdresser

Extremely antisocial, Bade only got into her talent after being forced to work in her family's hair salon. So great was her adversion to people that she began to cut people's hair extremely fast in order to get away from them. This only made her more popular, which caused her to start cutting even faster. Eventually, her superhuman speed landed her a Hope's Peak.

  • Tearful Smile: During trial two, during her plea to be executed in Akari's place.

Claude Chevalier

Super High School Level Medic

Son of a French businessman and a Japanese elementary school teacher, Claude has been interested from a very young age. It followed him into his teen years and his fellow students had affectionately nicknamed Claude ‘The Doctor’, which he was quite pleased with due to his obsession with a certain British TV show.

Den Yaiba

Super High School Level Warbot Creator

From a young age Den had a fascination with robots, taking his old toys apart and using the parts to create simple machines. His parents encouraged him, buying him books and equipment, but as he got older his talent allowed him to bond with some rather unsavory characters at school. Den slowly started becoming ruder and cruder, and designing his robots with weapons for competitions. Between building the robots themselves and competitions, Den had little time for socialization and became more antisocial.

Elijah Hayward

Super High School Level Hacker

Elijah had always had a knack for working with computers, but didn't get into the actual hacking part until he was about eleven. Not only did he enjoy it, but he got a thrill out of it. By the tender age of fifteen, he was responsible for breaking into many high security systems, including the main system of the Bristol UN building. Organizations that wish to test the security of their systems search him out. The second victim, killed by having his throat crushed. He was killed by Akari to get back at Aiko.

Eri Moto

Super High School Level Advice Columnist

Eri has always been eager to help others, despite her timid and feeble nature. This nature, however, caused her family to shelter her for much of her life. This caused Eri to become withdrawn, and caused her difficulty when attempting to talk to others face-to-face. She found other ways to reach out to others, mainly using a blog. Her remarkable rate of success and ability to understand others grew, and she was soon being recruited to write for magazines and newspapers under the pen name "Emi".

Haruhi Okumura

Super High School Level Track Runner

Harhui had always been talented at running. As he grew older, he began winning multiple competitions and training with a variety of coaches. He soon became the world record holder for the fastest person in his age category. With the help from his brother (and his general good looks), Harhui was easily immersed into the media world. He started appearing in multiple commercials and advertisements, and the demand for him only increased as he got older. Flew into a rage following Kou's death, attacking Monobear and getting executed for it.

Hikari "Eureka" Ito

Super High School Level Computer Engineer

Hikari's parents were both involved in technological careers and highly busy, often leaving the young girl alone and surrounded by electronics. Naturally, she became quite familiar with them, leading to her becoming a Super High School Level Engineer.

Kaori Tsukino

Super High School Level Witch/Magic Historian

Despite coming from an extremely Christian family, Kaori's love of all things magic has led her to become a much-published expert in the field, and she's performed many of the old rituals herself. Her family disowned her as a result, causing Kaori to become bitter and reluctant to let anyone in. Her archaic speech is her attempt to shove people away.

Kou Hirabayashi

Super High School Level Charity Group President

Kou was adopted by the Hirabayashi family at the age of five when she was left on their door step by her biological parents, who had regarded her as a burden. Because of this, Kou has dedicated her life to helping all of those in need, so that no child will have to go through the same pain she has. Despite her harsh appearance, Kou is extremely caring; thefirst to chastise or to comfort when appropriate. Executed during the first trial in Aiko's place by her own request.

Masaru Ogasawaru

Super High School Level Revolutionary

The leader of the "Capital Punishment Movement", an underground youth-driven revolutionary movement in Japan, which she founded at the age of 13. By the time she was 14 Masaru and her followers had successfully caused the overthrow of 3 members of government, and the Capital Punishment Movement is now at over 670k members.

Makiru Churisaki

Super High School Level Explorer

Tough as nails and aloof, Makiru held her family in high esteem before an incident involving the homicide of her Aunt and Uncle and the disappearance of her cousin, Fuhiro. Convinced that her family had somehow been behind it, Makiru packed her bags, stole some money, and hit the road. She travels around the world exploring, finding treasures, and searching for her cousin.

Tsukasa Mikasa

Super High School Level Gunslinger

Tsukasa was raised on a base, both of their parents being high-ranking members of the military. Exposed from a young age to guns, military equipment, and combat, Tsukasa developed a love for all things involving their weapon, including skeeting and hunting. At 14, they left to attend a marital arts academy where they received their invitation to Hope's Peak.

Prema Mahajan

Super High School Level Romance Expert

An Indian girl raised in Pune, Prema got her first start by giving her many cousins romantic advice that actually worked. Eventually Prema started a YouTube show where she gave romantic advice, quickly gaining millions of subscribers. Her popularity led to sponsors and paid private consultations around the world.

Reika Tamari

Super High School Level Steampunk Writer

Author of several fantasy novels, including the best selling Gears of Fate. Energetic with high imagination, Reika published her first novel when she was on 14 and has since grown a considerable fan base and been featured on several talk shows. Reika is friendly, blunt, and enjoys teasing her friends.

Satomi Tsukioka

Super High School Level Concept Artist

Perpetually drowsy, one wouldn't peg Satomi as a top-notch concept artist for the best animation studio in Japan. However all her work is high quality and turned in on time, miraculously.

Sheala Sullivan

Super High School Level Concert Musician

From humble beginnings in a poor family, Sheala eventually became rich and world famous due to her extreme talent with nearly all instruments. Due to this however, she has become extremely arrogant and selfish. It's been quite a while since her last concert, however, due to its ending with a bang.

Tsuki Okumura

Super High School Level Secretary

Quiet and reserved, Tsuki has always been content to remain in his brother's shadow. When he realized that his brother had the opportunity to make it into Hope's Peak, Tsuki did everything in his power to ensure that Haruhi's fame skyrocketed. His efforts were rewarded by both his brother's and his own acceptance.

Victor Bamford

Super High School Level Inventor

The youngest of three orphans, Victor and his two siblings were adopted by their awful Aunt Olivia following their parents' death in a plane crash. Treated more like servants than children, their Aunt was only plotting to steal their fortune once they came of age. When Victor received an invitation from Hope's Peak, it was a chance to escape. However, his two siblings couldn't come with him.

  • Hair Decorations: His ribbon, though he doesn't always wear it and strange things happen when he puts it on.
  • I Cannot Self-Terminate: Suggests that Eri Kill him, due to feeling like everyone wants him dead and wanting to die.



A strange gremlin who appeared in the elevator following the first trial. No one quite knows what her deal is.



A strange gremlin who appeared in the closet following the first trial. No one quite knows what his deal is.


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