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Due to the overflow of profiles within the game, Fate/Nuovo Guerra has created an alternate site for an Alternate Universe called Lucca Secundus (or Lucca 2 for easier writting). This page will be exclusively for profiles meant for Lucca 2.

Note: The game makes use of face claims.

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General tropes for Masters.

Masters who command the Saber Class.
Vance Gokusen

"Lock up your daughters, lock up your wife, lock up the back door and run for your life."
Emiliana Edelfelt

"Veitset ovat pelkurin ase!"
Salvatore Aquilanti

"Being nice isn’t all it’s cracked up to be."
Howard Phillips Lovegod Byakuya

"Eternity is worthless. It's the moment that people ought to cherish."

  • Blow You Away
  • Expy - Was originally a far more blunt Expy of Byakuya. As it is, he has retained most of the personality traits, but his abilities are heavily altered.
  • This Is a Drill - His most powerful attack spell is one.
  • Razor Wind - One of the basic wind spells. Although also played with in that he can also make drills out of wind.
Louise Williams

"Interesting. Let me see it. Let me touch it ^_____^. KNOWLEDGE!!"

Masters who command the Lancer Class.
Sue James Elvis “Redcadilliac” Rodman Harley Smith Dean Oak Esquire

"Papas just a rolling stone without a home and wherever he roams he's in the zone."
Godfred Olf Af Abildgaard
Melanie O'Daud

"A good job is a constant pileup of many much simpler tasks being done well."
Adriana de luca

"Hah? Whatcha staring at?”
Alexander Graham

Masters who command the Rider Class.
Ryna Uraki

"What type of world do you expect to see? Because people base everything on the standards of science, no one will ever see a miracle. Therefore, this world is a world without miracles."
Vladilena romanova

"Today might not be a lucky day for you, comrade."
Lina Inverse

"There are some things violence can't solve; for everything else, I have the Dragon Slayer."
Ruslan Vladimiorvich Kurakin

"’The Law binds every man by thousands of chains. Break one, and you’re a criminal. Sever ten, and you are condemned to death. Shatter them all, and you are a god’ - That is what I was taught. I wonder… how many should I break?”."
Dion Stark

"Fine. Since you want to screw with me, I'll beat you six feet under."
Baki Cosmas

"I'll bring some law and order to you if I have to beat it into your skull!"

  • Expy - Basically Judge Dredd Lite
  • Lawful Neutral
  • Lightning Bruiser - So long as Servants aren't in the equation. Technically his Reinforcement (which focuses more on strength and endurance then speed) and heavy liquid metal armor should fit him into the Mighty Glacier section, but his other spells allow him to have bursts of speed that fit into this territory somewhat.
  • Berserk Button
  • Good Old Fisticuffs - Baki's offensive options at range are limited to a single medium-range spell and throwing whatever's handy at his opponent. Considering most of his opponents can throw fireballs and worse at him, he tends to favor close combat.

Masters who command the Archer Class.
Sakurako Tenkets

"Let's put a smile on that face!"
Mildred Ashcroft

"Freedom. There's nothing like it."

AKA "Black", Milly is a magus from the high society of Clock Tower who hates reading... the exact opposite of what her family deems most important. She hates reading so much that she created a familiar that does the reading for her. The Clock Tower awarded her with a color for it, gave her a research grant, and basically told her to invent an even better version. This of course did not sit well with her, and she went into hiding in the guise of a leave of absence. She's in the Grail War so she can just wish for that even better version instead of having to research for it.

  • Assimilation Academy - Her perception of the Clock Tower and modern academia in general.
  • Blow You Away - Researched by her family in their early years, before they shifted their focus to Spiritual Invocation and Consciousness Manipulation
  • Blue Blood - Noble, but her family doesn't really care about the perks of their blueness as long as they're left to do their research.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy - So lazy (or at least liking of the principle) that she spent ten years doing what she hated most just to invent a familiar that could do all her reading for her note .
  • Chaotic Neutral
  • Child Prodigy - Started researching a major magical breakthrough at the age of ten.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience - Her Rank in the Association is Black. She wears black. You get the idea.
  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life - She wants to be different from the others who do the same thing, and so went roaming the world to find something to be passionate about.
  • Familiar - Combined with her family specialties, she has created a type of familiar capable of reading things for her, and then downloading all that they've read into her brain, as if she experienced them herself. And if that's not special enough, she has three of them (though one is "defective" and only ever plays a banjo).
  • Kung-Fu Wizard - Studied Combat Sambo.
  • Potential Applications - The Clock Tower awarded her with a Color for developing a familiar that could potentially boost magical research exponentially within a single generation. She actually invented it so that she didn't have to read stuff to research.
  • Powered by a Forsaken Child - Her familiars are each powered by the soul of a child note , which is normal for high-level familiars, such as Len. Being able to use a soul in such a way is proof of her talent as a magus. To be fair, they were already dying anyway, so it would be better to recycle their souls rather than kill someone who wasn't going to die yet.
  • Rank Inflation - The Association Ranks you from 7 to 1 with 7 being the lowest. If you come up with some really special stuff, you get a color i.e. Black.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Walking the Earth - For about a year before the Clock Tower started calling to remind her that she has some research to finish
Mirarc Falas

Arlen Harcourt

"To transmute is simple. Even a fool can make gold from iron. To create? Now, THAT is a challenge."
Kinou Kuroboshi

"He seems crazy." "Normal people don't become authors to begin with, Hermes."

Michele Papillon Leingod

"I only fight for Onii-chan."
Mi-Young Bartholomew

"Life is so frail. Better stay away from the demon."

Masters who command the Caster Class.
Aporia Calvaros

Riina Rummo

"Duelist? No, I’m a housewife. Now please move over before I beat you to a pulp~ <3."

Masters who command the Assassin Class.
Zhuang Yue Han

"Let the show begin."

Masters who command the Berserker Class.
Hildegard Jazheil

"I have come to this critical city to kill monsters for my living, not to be killed by them for theirs."
Eusenia elsi Edelfelt

Maarja Kross

"Would you like some cookies~?"
Yuzuki Hayashi

"I want everything and I will have it no matter how long it takes. All will forever prostrate themselves before me."

Masters without Servants.
Roy Wardell

"Go… Go away. I don’t want you around. You’ll betray me. They all betrayed me. But I’ll show them. I swear it: I will put this world to a trial by fire."


General tropes for Servants


General tropes for Sabers
Kenshin Uesugi

''"Battle is like a cup of fine sake... Come, let us savor its taste."
Sir Gawain

"My life the least, my death no loss. My only worth is you, my royal uncle. All my virtue is through you.."

The quintessential Knight in Shining Armor, as far as Arthurian Myth goes. Gawain was Arturia's right-hand man, nephew, and Body Double, whose only goal in life was to help her become the greatest of kings, even if it meant his own detriment. His devotion to Chivalry eventually led to Camelot's downfall as he refused to call for Lancelot's help for the Battle of Camlannnote . Summoned by Emiliana Edelfelt for the Sixth War, he most ironically has to fight alongside Lancelot, who was in turn summoned by his Master's Sister. His goal is to make up for his screwups in life by being even more Chivalrous.

  • Anti-Magic - Rank B
  • Body Double - He frequently served as this for Arturia. Even his sword is a "body double" of Excalibur, so to speak, as it isn't known, and even has an effect of causing people who don't know his identity to suspect him of actually being King Arthur.
  • Cool Sword - Galatine, Reborn Sword of Victory
  • Failure Knight
  • Knight Errant
  • Knight in Shining Armor
  • Lawful Good
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me - Has an NP based around making a shield out of anything. Additionally, his signature NP is his true shield, which gives him a Status Buff.
  • Red Baron - Knight of the Sun, Gwalchmai
  • To Be Lawful or Good - Because Lancelot had that affair with Guinevere (Adultery), effectively stealing her from Arturia (Treachery), and killed Gawain's brothers, who happened to be guarding her execution (Murder), Lancelot effectively broke three big rules of chivalry. As Gawain could not forgive this, he refused to call for Lancelot's help for the Battle of Camlann, leading to the tragic end of Camelot and the Round Table. As he died, he realised that being too Lawful was a bad idea, and that he needed more Good. note 
  • Useless Useful Skill - His power triples at around noon time. Too bad nobody fights during the day.

"Freely given to me, I give to you. Take this blade I offer, if you are worthy it will not touch you with its flames."
Yamato Takeru

Fergus Mac Roich

"It is the usual thing for a herd led by a mare to be strayed and destroyed."
Sir Kay

Hang Tuah



General tropes for Lancers

"The first rule of combat: only cowards fight with arrows."

The greatest hero of The Trojan War. A Lancer-class Servant partnered with mafiya Sub-Boss Sergei Cherstvennikov, Achilles is a demi-god responsible for a lot of Trojan (and Greek) deaths in the war, most notably of Troy's greatest hero, Hector. Achilles is armed with both the god-forged shield from the Homeric poem, and Statius' Stygian invulnerability, making her one of the toughest opponents in the war. She fights to be reunited with her lover, Patrolcus, and not just as ashes in the same urn.
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne

"I shall not betray my king."

A servant who participated in the fourth grail war, Diarmui has been resummoned by an yet unknown master. You can find his profile and tropes here.

“There are many things in this life I do not understand. These are the things that I strive to crush until they do not exist. I enjoy the sweat on my brow, A good fight, winning, and a cold beverage. Magic, conniving, planning… all these things are irrelevant. As long as you go forward as hard as you can, the rest tends to work itself out."

"If for the sake of my oaths, I will became even the evil that devours this land, I have no regrets or sins to expiate."
A servant who participated in the Great grail war, Karna has been re-summoned. You can find his profile and tropes here.

"One omen is best: the defense of the Father-land."

  • Gender Bender: Hector of the Illiad is a woman ladies and gents.
  • Hot-Blooded: According to her profile.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Not as much as Ajax, but still has higher stats than most of the other Lancer-class servants.
Sanada Yukimura



General tropes for Riders
Francis Drake

"No need to die with regrets when life was fun."

"Fortune favors the brave.";;Odysseus

"He saw cities-mapped the minds-of many; and on the sea, his spirit suffered every adversity-to keep his life intact; to bring his comrades back. In that last task, his will was firm and fast, and yet he failed."
Fionn Mac Cumhaill

"You wish to know everything? I thought so too once. I received countless questions. Yet I would trade all this knowledge for but one single answer…"

"An eye for an eye."
Sakata kintoki



General tropes for Archers

"Long life is such a lonely, sad affair. I’ll never wish it even upon my most hated enemy."
Oda Nobunaga

"There is not enough room in this world for both of our ambitions. Who will be the one to fall?"
Robin Hood

"Revenge is the cry of the dead, the last bastion of the living. It's not something one does for those who have passed but for the burden of one's own soul."

"Now, any king who wants to call himself my equal, wherever I conquer, let him go."

Arash-e Kamangir



General tropes for Casters
Morgan Le Fay

"Whatever it takes to win <3"

"Sweet Dreams~"

"What, you expected some kinda stringy-armed magus? Cuz I ain't that kinda guy. I'm DAEDALUS!"

"In the end, I could not become a human. If so, maybe I should have never been one to begin with...?"


General tropes for Assassins


“Professionals have standards. Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”
Hassan of the Sand

"I care not what you call me. One without honor, a coward. Tell me, should the strong always win, or should the weak learn to adapt?"


General tropes for Berserkers
Trystan De Lyonesse

"Tumultuous are the waves and the thunder. In their bursting forth let them roar out. For in the day of conflict I am Trystan!"


Summoned by Eusenia to fight in the holy grail war, lancelot now finds himself fighting along side with his masters sister and her servant.....Gawain. Hilarity Ensues One can find the tropes for Lancelot here on his profile in the Fate zero character section.

"A thousand curses upon you!"

Shion Mishima

"Is your soul real?"

    The Church 

Leonora Mancini

"'A flat chest is a symbol of status', said someone wise. You ought to remember those words."


    NP Cs 


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