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Character sheet for the first Far Cry video game.

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    Jack Carver 
A former Marine (or Ex-Navy, in Instincts) that was dishonorably discharged and has since become a boat charter.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Jack is this, especially compared to the much more serious Val and Doyle.
  • One-Man Army:
    • Jack Carver, is this in spades. Enemy mooks speculate about how one person could not possibly pull off the stunts he does. However, his allies Val and Doyle both expect and demand that he be a One-Man Army on a regular basis.
    • Even lampshaded at one point in Evolution. Carver asks Doyle why he has to do 3 mission objectives while Doyle only gets one, Doyle replies simply that he doesn't have Jack's "skills"..
  • Power Fist: Jack's arms a quarter of the way through Instincts.

    Valerie Constantine 

A mysterious woman who hired Jack to explore the island. In actuality, she’s a government agent who is trying to Find Harland Doyle, an under cover agent.

  • Action Girl: Valerie really likes to kill people in Instincts. In Far Cry... not so much.
  • Race Lift: Mainly as a result of the Instincts character being extremely different from her Far Cry counterpart, Valerie Constantine is changed to Valerie Cortez in Instincts.

    Harland Doyle 

An undercover agent that Valerie lost contact with.

  • Adaptational Heroism: While he was the true main antagonist in the original, Far Cry Instincts portrays him to be genuinely on Jack’s side.
  • Bond Villain Stupidity: Doyle reveals his identity as The Mole at the end for no reason other than to gloat, motivating you to spend the last level hunting him down to kill him.
  • Evil All Along: the real reason he helped Jack was so he could have the mutagen for himself.
  • Race Lift: Mainly as a result of the Instincts characters being extremely different from his Far Cry counterpart. In Far Cry Harland Doyle is a black scientist who ultimately betrays you and becomes the final enemy, while in Instincts David Doyle is a white guy who kinda looks like Bruce Campbell and sort of becomes your Vitriolic Best Bud.

    Doctor George Wilhelm Krieger 

A Mad Scientist performing genetic experiments involving Trigen on the island.

  • All Your Powers Combined: Mutated Krieger has the abilities of all 3 humanoid Trigen types (superjumps, super durability, and cloaking). Interestingly, this makes him quite similar to the nanosuit-wearing protagonists of Crysis.
  • Bad Boss: In Instincts, Krieger sends in his personal elite troops to kill everybody to clean up Crowe's mess.


A ruthless mercenary working for Krieger.


Krieger’s mutants.



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