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Characters / Fantasia Otome Game Series

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The cast of the Fantasia Otome Game Series and associated tropes.

Note: Debut in this sense merely refers to having been mentioned by name at the very least.

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    Debuts in Fantasia: Realm of Thanos 
Spoilers for the ending of Realm of Thanos and the subsequent games are marked.

Cheryl Nielsen, later Cheryl Leingold
Cheryl in Before Requiem, physically aged 19.
"I wanted to show you that this world is already beautiful as it is... There's no need to change it..." — Cheryl in Realm of Thanos.

A black-haired girl who came to Fantasia from Earth after being contacted by the mysterious "White Lady".

Oswald Leingold
Oswald as a Demon Lord in Realm of Thanos.
Oswald in Before Requiem.

"Living Forever Is Awesome"

The thousand-year-old Demon Lord who is the main villain of Realm of Thanos and also Cheryl's main love interest. Appears to be 19 years old. He marries Cheryl by Before Requiem.

Leon Xaverius
Leon in Before Requiem, in his late twenties.
"Nobody deserves to live. Not after what they've done to me. " — Leon in Realm of Thanos.

Blue-haired assassin who works for the King. He is a half human who is treated as a living weapon. By the end of Realm of Thanos, marries Melodia Sanchez and becomes the official King's general of Seldrus.

Ian Vanguardion
Ian in Before Requiem.

".................." — Realm of Thanos

15-year-old black-haired boy who wears a scarf and seldom talks. Cheryl first runs into him when walking down a street, but he doesn't say a word, merely staring at her the whole time. He is very timid and silent, and when he talks his voice is barely audible. At the end of Realm of Thanos, he starts a guild which would later by Memento of Grand Finale become the Pacifist Alliance Organization. In Before Requiem, he meets Nydia Calantha and later is married to her.

Gil Roughknight
Gil in Before Requiem, aged 20+.
Green-haired half-elf who is later revealed to be the cousin of Leon. Seems anti-social and manipulative at first, but is a very calm person. At the beginning of the game, he wears a hood (thus covering most of his face), but when the game goes on, he'll remove the hood and reveal his face.

Vestoria Geneva

  • Ethereal White Dress: A mysterious, otherwordly woman who dresses in all white. Cheryl even dubs her "White Lady" before she knows her name.
  • God in Human Form
  • Herald: Arguably, her main role in the game aside from being part of Oswald's backstory is getting Cheryl to Fantasia in the first place.
  • Mysterious Waif: She seeks Cheryl's help because her home world is dying and never quite explains who she is or why she's there. We later do find out, though.
  • The Watcher: Vestoria acts as a guide in the beggining of the game, directing Cheryl and helping her along in her mission to save Fantasia.

Aldius Tetraheilm

Melodia Sanchez, later Melodia Xaverius
Melodia in Realm of Thanos.
Melodia in Before Requiem.
A maid of Seldrus castle. Ends up making a Beta Couple with Leon, and has a daughter named Ciel.

Xirara Athruna, later Xirara Roughknight

"I'll prepare it for you! Xirara's ultra love-love dish!" — Xirara in Realm of Thanos.

A happy-go-lucky elven girl with blond hair. Ends up married to Gil, and has a son named Raven.

Violetta Zanarkand

The princess of Seldrus Kingdom. After she becomes Queen, she becomes a loving mother to Klavios as seen in Before Requiem.

Thanos in Before Requiem, as a teenager.
Thanos in Memento of Grand Finale.

Oswald's Other Self and the Rebel Leader in Memento of Grand Finale.

  • Badass Long Robe
  • Big Bad: In Requiem of the Abyss.
  • Evil Twin: During the second game and before his Heel–Face Turn, Thanos was this to Oswald. Technically.
  • Evil Uncle: Again, during the second game, and again, technically.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Thanos has come a long way since his soul nommer days in Ro T.
  • Hair Color Dissonance: To the extent that people think his hair was brown.
  • In the Hood
  • Karma Houdini: Thanos in Rot A, in the endings other than the True End. He caused the deaths of so many, and perhaps even the lives of Valen herself or the guy she is after (or maybe even Oswald and Cheryl), and what happens to him? In a good/best end, he is defeated, but fades away with a smirk and saying that he will still be there, just without a form anymore. And in a bad/normal end, he survives. Grinning. And even in the True End he doesn't die - just that you don't hate him anymore. Then again, who ever hates Thanos?
  • Leitmotif: Realm of Thanos in Realm of Thanos, though it also serves as a general "evil" theme for Oswald. In Memento of Grand Finale, his Leitmotif is "Thanos' Theme".
  • Magnificent Bastard
  • Manipulative Bastard: He can be very persuasive.
  • Only One Name: Thanos has no surname because he's merely Oswald's Other Self.
  • Really 700 Years Old: If you count the time gap between Ro T and Mo GF, he's roughly 240-250 years. And that's NOT counting the years before the first game.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Even more than Oswald's.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Guavas.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Poor guy's been through a lot.

Cain Albaderon, later Cain Leingold
Cain in Before Requiem, physically aged 10.
Cain in Requiem of the Abyss, physically aged 17.

"But is that all?! Do I stop here? No! The faces of my friends... Seeing them happy, seeing them content is what means the most in my life!"

A demon who first appeared as a child in Realm of Thanos with a minor role, and reappears in Requiem of the Abyss being Valen's Canon Love Interest and her childhood friend, though she does not remember this.


    Debuts in Fantasia: Requiem of the Abyss 
Spoilers for the ending of Requiem of the Abyss and beyond are marked. All spoilers in Realm of Thanos are not marked.

Valencia "Valen" Athanae Leingold
Valen in Requiem of the Abyss, age 17.
Valen as a child in Before Requiem.
"Null Spell - Requiem of the Abyss!"

The 17-year-old daughter of Oswald and Cheryl.

Raven Roughknight

Gil's son. A green-haired boy who is a tad bit obsessed with new technology.

Volg Tribe

A Blue-haired boy of the Nomad Tribe. He's energetic and friendly, though not too bright.

Cyrus Bevallos/Tribe

Purple-haired 15-year-old boy who is a tad bit obsessed with money.

Nazim Xaretros

Brown-haired Navendel Prince from the Kingdom of Valdrox. Freaked out by women.

  • Cannot Talk to Women
  • My Greatest Failure: He blames himself for his little sister's death. When they were children, he wanted to chase after a blue butterfly into the desert. He lost track of her and she was killed by bandits.
  • Warrior Prince: He learned to fight on his own. By personally going after bandits. The only reason he doesn't fight more often in the story is his status as a prince, and just how much Hell it would mean for his people if something were to happen to him.
  • Why Did It Have To Be Women
  • The Wise Prince: Very clearly believes in seeking peace, breaking the war-waging tradition set by his forefathers. He's also outright stated to be the "mature and dependable" type. Cares about his people above all else.

Klavios Zanarkand

Blond-haired human prince from the Kingdom of Seldrus. Is a playboy.

Ciel Xaverius
Leon's daughter and a good friend of Valen's.

Vahn Xaretros, later Vahn Xaverius's fiance, and a relative of Nazim's.

Shea (Sirius Vermilion)
Shea as a child in Before Requiem.
Shea as an adult in Before Requiem.
The Dark Sea Nymph - A blue haired demon who serves under Thanos before his Heel–Face Turn. When he was still alive, he was a half-human who was discriminated against, and longed to become a great mage.


A small fairy who guards the mana spring. Falls in love with Cyrus.

Serenade Xaretros, later Serenade Zanarkand

A rebel female navandel who travels the seas.

Anna Bevallos/Anna Tribe

Cyrus' mother.

    Debuts in Fantasia:Before Requiem 
Though Before Requiem is chronologically set around the time of the Crimson War before Requiem of the Abyss, it is highly recommended that it be played after Requiem of the Abyss as it further explores many of the backstories of the characters in Realm of Thanos and Requiem of the Abyss, many of which would return in Memento of Grand Finale.

With that in mind, it should be noted that spoilers of Realm of Thanos and Requiem of the Abyss will not be marked.

Era/Seraphina Nefetari

"What else is there to say... Sirius?"
Era in her twenties.
Era as a child.
Sirius Vermilion's childhood friend and sweetheart, an elf who specializes in fire magic. She teaches Sirius how to summon Loki.In Memento of Grand Finale, she comes back as a demon who joins the Guild as a D-Ranked Spellcaster.

Mari Aurea
Mari in Before Requiem.
An orphan who wandered about the streets of Seldrus. A close friend of Raven's, and later of Klavios as well.

Nydia Calantha, later Nydia Vanguardion
Nydia in Before Requiem.
A woman from Ian's village who was away from it when it was frozen. When the village returned to normal, she was greatly shocked to realize that time had also frozen, and nobody could recognize her. Later, she is married to Ian Vanguardion, and is the ancestor of Zephyr and Nero Vanguardion.

Farah Xaretros
Farah in Before Requiem.
Nazim's little sister. Killed by Seldrus soldiers during the war.

Aurelio de'Renquold

Aeron in Before Requiem.

Xander Du Gray

Lumina Nullam, later Lumina Du Gray

    Debuts in Fantasia: Memento of Grand Finale 
Spoilers from Realm of Thanos, Requiem of the Abyss and Before Requiem are unmarked.

Lenarche Seleniarius
An orphan with unknown links to the Pacifist Alliance Organization as well as to the immortals.

Zephyr Vanguardion
Green-haired descendant of Ian Vanguardion. Zephyr is the son of the Guild Leader, Helberg Vanguardion.

Forte Xaverius

Zephyr's distant relative, a descendant of Vahn and Ciel Xaverius.

Nero Vanguardion
The son of Brutus Roughknight and Elise Vanguardion, which means that he is a descendant of both Ian Vanguardion and Gil Roughknight.

Avalon Tribe

A descendant of Volg and Rossa Tribe, and an A-Rank Fighter who aspires to become the Quatro Leader for the Fighters.

Alviss Tribe

Avalon's younger twin brother, carefree and light-hearted. A C-Rank Diviner because unlike his brother, he inherited magic powers from Volg.

Albel Zanarkand

The Crown Prince of Seldrus, and a descendant of Klavios and Serenade Zanarkand.

Ignitio Restalia

The son of Cheryl's ex-crush, who accidentally ended up in Fantasia.

Euphemia "Euphie" de'Renquold

Daughter of the de'Renquold family who knows not to speak out of place.

Eugenus "Eugene" de'Renquold

Son of the de'Renquold family. Calm and studious.

Marine Gricelle

A B-Rank Researcher of the Guild, slightly shy but gets along well with Lenarche.

Marissa Gricelle

A B-Rank Spellcaster, Marine's older twin sister, and Nero's Ex-Girlfriend. Lenarche dislikes her because of her attitude. Wishes to get closer to Zephyr.

Renee Skylar

A woman who mans the mission desk of the Guild. Avalon's first friend.

Fir Betrand
Lenarche's best friend whom she meets during guild entrance testing.

Feysa Morillo

The Chef's daughter, who enjoys cooking with vegetables. She is prone to conspiracy theories, much to Nero's exasperation.

Meliora Vanguardion

Nero's little sister, an excellent healer.

Helberg Vanguardion

The Great Leader of the Pacifist Alliance Organization, and Zephyr's father.

Severin Du Gray

Helberg Vanguardion's most trusted advisor and an A-Ranked Diviner. Is a descendant of Nazim Xaretros.

Selena Du Gray

Severin's sister, deceased.

Stephanius de'Renquold

The head of the de'Renquold noble family, and the father of Euphie and Eugene de'Renquold.

Marigoldia de'Renquold

The wife of Stephanus de'Renquold, and the mother of Euphie and Eugene.


See "Era" in the Before Requiem folder.

Felix Demirius

Lenarche's Ex-Boyfriend, currently dating Marissa.

Lazarus Seleniarius

Lenarche's younger brother. An Ascended Fanon character.

Aimee Junea Andrey

One of Alviss Tribe's most obnoxious Yandere fangirls. A Diviner of the same rank, and an elf.


Sister Agnes

A priestess of the Essence Shrine. First debuts in an official side comic.


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