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Tropes that apply to the entire Main Cast:
  • Bunny Ears Lawyers: They all have their moments… From desiring to bomb they place of employment to enacting a baseball swing, to well… Best not to dwell on everything they do.

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  • Red Shirt Army: The City employing them seems to think the Main Cast is this…. Too bad that everyone here is really the protagonists of their own story...

  • Rookie Red Ranger: Just became testers… They are the central characters to the entire story.

  • The Chosen Many: Anyone who saw the notice for the tester position can apply. They can take the test, get sorted into roles, and then shove off into adventure. The Unchosen get to sit back and not worry about death, starvation, and invisible killing machines coming after their asses.

    Bellona Ars Magna  
Tester Applicant: Bellona

-Job Class: Alchemist

  • Plucky Girl: In response to Qui’s This is Going to Suck...
    Bellona: Please Qui, don't be so meek. I'm pretty sure all of us plan on getting a lot further than MID-level in the tower, and personally I'd like to do it quick. So I think it's pointless to worry about how difficult our climb starts-it was only going to get that hard eventually.
    Elise Blackstar 
Tester Applicant: Elise

-Job Class: Jumper

    Jason Torren  
Tester Applicant: Jason

-Job Class: Blitzer

  • Mad Bomber: Surprisingly a main character example. Thankfully nobody has died yet...
    Jian Linwei  
Tester Applicant: Jian

-Job Class: Judger

  • Bare-Fisted Monk: Her Player Drive is a linked pair of gloves.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Let's just say humility isn't one of her strong suits.
    Jian: (To Matius) F*ck off and get me some coffee, you damn glorified secretary.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Even to the faces of her direct superiors. She refuses to accept anyone's bull.
    Jian: *Raises hand like a student in class* Um, yes, is there just one massive broomstick up your ass, or a whole bunch of normal-sized ones? And when can we look forward to being rid of those?
  • Doomed Hometown: She was born in Meru, the city that fell into the Tower.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Stay off her bad side, and you could be her best friend.
    Kindra Wolf  
Tester Applicant: Kindra

-Job Class: Jumper (Currently Injured)

  • Hammered into the Ground: Kindra falls from over six stories to the ground in the first floor. Her arm ends up horridly dislocated and most likely broken… Good news. She still has her legs so it won’t be a total Career-Ending Injury. Bad news, She won’t pass the first floor for now...
Tester Applicant: Miximac

-Job Class: Watcher

  • The Quiet One: He’s got the job that requires him to alert everyone to dangers ahead… So far, He’s done a great job and has some interesting things to say… Otherwise he’s the Silent Snarker.
    At least nobody can read minds here.
  • Danger Deadpan: Miximac, Oh boy, ankle biting bone breaking beast is loose? He’ll tell you what to do ever so calmly. And then he’ll sharply remind the rest of the gang that no, Fire does NOT fix everything.
    Miximac: If you can cover its sensors it might be 'blind' or go dormant like a hooded bird…
    Miximac:I refuse to be cruel to an animal, test or no. If we anticipate just the right amount of force it shouldn't be a problem. Tying the clothing together however is a very good idea.

    Naomi Erickson  
Tester Applicant: Naomi

-Job Class: Watcher

  • Wrench Wench: Technically all Watchers have to be skilled with robotics. Naomi just happened to build her Seer companion herself.
    Qui Kilsay 
Tester Applicant: Qui

-Job Class: Blitzer

  • Fiery Red Head: Has red hair and a thing for bombs...
  • Pyromaniac: Qui response to everything? Lots of Fire… or bombs...
    Qui: Pity we don't have any fire power on us now isn't it?
  • This Is Gonna Suck: Qui really didn’t like the fact that the group was going into a Mid-level danger area when they were only beginners...He even tried to Call Max out on it...
    Shera Taelyn 
Tester Applicant: Shera

-Job Class: Orphan

    Solomon Baiair  
Tester Applicant: Solomon

-Job Class: Judger

    Vajran Angama 
Tester Applicant: Vajran

-Job Class: Merchant

NPC TESTERS/ Freindly-Unfriendly Companions
Not a part of the main party but these characters are forced to follow along anyways for some reason or another.

    Arjan Angama 
Applicant Assistant: Arjan

-Job Class: Slave

  • Beleaguered Assistant: Arjan has a moment of this. Sadly his Boss isn’t incompetent, or any of the usual Hero boss examples to not notice his Slave’s reaction...
    Arjan: "Let me guess? Blah blah my back. Blah blah Profit margin. Blah blah is my armor still shiny?"
    Vajran: "Will you just help me up smart alec? The fall knocked the breath out of me, And I don't need you to tell me if my armors shiny I know its shiny. You know its shiny you polished it. Now help me up the longer I spend on the floor the longer we aren't making money, or catching an Alusso."

  • Personal Mook: Vajran’s personal slave… Only difference is that he works for a main character.
    Little Fucker  
Species: Alusso

-Job Class:Fucker… Well Beaten Critter...

  • Ankle Biter: The Alusso can bite… Little Fucker has tried to as well but so far no known dice among the main cast… The guy who fed him shaving cream… Well he had some black briefs with golden gears printed on it… Probably an Alchemist.

  • Herbivores Are Friendly: Only after you hit this one into a wall and knock it around will Little Fucker go from Biter to Snuggler…
    Matius: So those numbskulls throwing the Alusso into the wall was better then the group that fed it Shaving Cream? You do this every time and no matter what happens, that Alusso gets beaten. I swear it's become a Masochist.

  • Loyal Animal Companion: Way too loyal and tends to follow whoever takes care of it… comes with a case of “you named it Qui so now you got it”...


    Max Master II 
The younger brother of Matius and the considerably better liked. He tends to be a bit strange but is friendly as can be. He is prone to playing pranks and suggesting less than sane ideas. His sanity is questionable but his patience is endless given that he somehow handles Nil and Nim so well.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Was willing to help Qui at a later date burn his brother’s clothing and states his only purpose for being there at the moment was to tease his twenty-six year old brother.
    His antic would probably be easily excused or hand waved off if he wasn’t twenty years old…

  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Face it, A guy in a hovering wheelchair really shouldn’t be traveling down a deep tower with two Ensign Newbies. Even more so given the lack of stairs or accessible walkways. Let alone the fact that he's guiding the way for the Main Cast in terms of safety...

  • Ill Girl: Don’t ask about why Max II is in a hovering wheelchair… Just don’t.

  • Strong Family Resemblance: See Matius.

  • Student and Master Team: One mentor and two students… Nil and Nim don’t make it easy on him.

  • Troll: Points? Oh you thought he was grading you with points before the first mission?
    Nope, those were HAPPY POINTS

  • Youthful Freckles: Even in his twenties Max still has his freckles. They suit him well due to his status as the Annoying Younger Sibling.

    Nil & Nim 
Trainees under Max... they are not competent by any means. Nil is the girl and Nim is the boy.
  • Brother-Sister Team: Nil & Nim, slightly subverted with Max II as their mentor and leader.

  • Half-Identical Twins: Nil is the girl, and wears a green helmet. Nim is the boy and wears a pink helmet... Nil made Nim switch upon receiving the helmets...

  • Sibling Seniority Squabble: Nil and Nim have a moment of this in the beginning… Sadly enough their parents never DID tell them who was older…
    Nim: I got it!
    Nil: No! I got it!
    Nim: You got it last time!
    Nil: So, I'm older and worked here longer!
    Nim:Nu uh!

  • Twin Banter: Nil and Nim do this regularly… To the point that if one is speaking the other will counter any and all claims of the first.
    Nil:I knew I should've woken you up when he explained it!
    Nim:Well maybe we would know if you had taken notes then... we'll look like worthless trainees if we ask again now…
    Nil:I think we'll be fine! It's not like nobody has never screwed up right?
    Nim:But we mess up all the time... I think it was something related to how people are supposed to handle them?
    Nil:Oh, He said there was a trick to it right?
    Nim:Yeah... I think... maybe... don't quote me on it…


    Matius Master 
Son of the First Watcher and Max II’s elder brother. He’s the leader of the Outpost Staff.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty
  • Good Is Not Nice: He’s hell bent on ruining everyone else’s day most of the time. The rest is making sure everyone comes home safely for that evening.
    Matius:Single applicant eh? Won’t last long… If you’re accepted you better find someone here who’d form a team with you quick brat. Oh and don’t die if you are selected, the orphan’s are too busy to pick up your body any time soon.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Every Tester seems to hate him so far…. Then again he does deserve it most of the time. His personality doesn't help...
  • Only Sane Employee: He finds himself believing it very often... from his brother to the testers, to his own team's inability to function properly, Matius is always yelling and working to keep the place running... and explosion free.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: With Max II, surprisingly neither of them look like their Father. Though it is noted that if Max and Matius styled their hair the same way they would look exactly the same.
  • Youthful Freckles: Shares the same facial features as his brother including the freckles...


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