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Characters associated with the all-female guild Mermaid Heel. For characters from the Fairy Tail universe, go here.

Carine Celestine

A young mage that can manipulate anything with chlorophyll in it. She seems to get along well with Guinevere and is the sole reason, Guinevere leaves Knightmare Frame for Mermaid Heel after Marianne's execution.

She is originally from Minstrel and lost her parents during a raging storm on a cruise liner that was set to dock on Caracole Island. She resorted to thieving in order to keep herself fed until she ran into Guinevere. The two have been inseparable since.


  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Non-romantic variant. Carine gets very annoyed when anyone tries to spend more time with Guinevere than her. Though after the events of chapter 128, she seems to have grown out of this.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: This dialogue blurb from chapter 128:
    Carine: even though big sis is still big sis, I've decided big sis doesn't need to keep looking out for me anymore all the time, okay big sis?
  • Green Thumb: Carine specializes in plant manipulation magic.


Danielle Burstinaug

A brunette that predominately dresses in white with a peaked cap. She uses Blast Magic and is the best friend (though she'll never admit it) of Tamara Tazzaret.

Kagura Mikazuchi

Simon's younger sister that uses both gravity magic and sword magic. When she was young she grew up in an abusive orphanage after Rosemary Village was burned to the ground. Now, she is the daughter of the owner of the Mikazuchi Conglomerate, the richest and most famous insurance company in Fiore. Much like canon she harbors a deep hatred for Jellal, though due to changes int he time stream she gets to Mermaid Heel after Millianna. Her Weapon of Choice is a magic sword, Archenemy, which was a gift from her very rich parents and forged by the legendary smith Priscilla Starkwing. At the end of the Guild War arc, she becomes one of the Ten Wizard Saints alongside Jellal and Erza.

  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: Her mother cries at the slightest provocation and her father is a Large Ham. It doesn't help that her mom then stated that she was afraid Kagura might've wanted gender swap magic at one point. Kagura was not amused.
  • Berserk Button: Don't hurt Millianna. You will sorely regret it. She also gets really mad when Jellal is supposedly dead. Though the jury is still out on whether not it's because she actually likes him or because she wanted to do him in herself.
  • The Berserker: When Archenemy takes possession of Kagura's body, she becomes this. The spirit of the blade even describes itself as one.
  • Berserker Tears: Sports these when she confronts Jellal finally.
  • Blatant Lies: That magazine of Manly Mages Monthly is totally Millianna's and not hers.
  • Character Development: Inverted. Kagura's first appearance in Fairy Without Wings has her be an anti-social loner that doesn't care about friendship and clearly has a heart of ice. How do you know she's not as cuddly as in canon, look at how she's treating Millianna.
    • The whole One Thousand and One Blades arc seems to have been dedicated purely to bring Kagura up to the status quo she's in come X791.
  • Cooldown Hug: Given one by Millianna to prevent Kagura from completely losing herself to Archenemy.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: See Character Development above.
  • Flipping the Bird: Not her but Archenemy, who gives the middle finger to Peacemaker when the two argue, basically meaning Kagura is flipping herself.
  • Heroic BSoD: When she finds out that Jellal and Zangetsu are the same person, though you really can't blame her. While she is able to quickly bounce back from it and fight him head on, she quickly descends into a mess of tears when she realizes she can't kill him.
  • Honor Before Reason: Despite hating his guts, Kagura swore that she would not kill Jellal unless he fought back against her.
  • Jerkass: Kagura is way more prickly than in canon, though it's justified by the fact that this is 4 years before we see her in canon.
    • By chapter 110 she's softened up.
  • Literal Split Personality: In chapter 229 she uses a technique called Spirit Clone, that separates her from Archenemy and Peacemaker into three versions of herself. Peacemaker represents her nobility and sense of justice, Archenemy represents her violent, rowdy side, and the original Kagura, who has both characteristics.
  • My Beloved Smother: Mizu Mikazuchi gives Kagura kisses and hugs whenever she sees her. Kagura is rarely amused sans one time.
  • Not So Above It All: When the members of Mermaid Heel are eavesdropping on Undine in her office, Kagura is joining in on them and makes no excuses. She even shushes Guinevere for chastising them. And, according to Carine, this isn't the first time they've done this.
  • Not So Different: Several characters already have compared Kagura to Erza, including Jellal.
  • Not So Stoic: Kagura gets very into her fight against Asura as she's pushed to the limits of her power.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: When Kagura loses her temper a little too much, if she has Archenemy unsheathed, the blade can possess her mind and while it amplifies Kagura's strength immensely, Kagura is no longer herself. According to Millianna, if Kagura were to kill anyone while using this power, she would completely lose herself to Archenemy and never be the same again. Archenemy comes back in full form during the Guild War arc.
  • Reluctant Fanservice Girl: In contrast with Erza, she isn't as comfortable showing skin, so many are surprised when she participates in the Naval Battle.
  • Super-Powered Evil Side: Even though Archenemy was shattered into a million pieces by Erza, she still carries a necklace with a shard hanging from it that houses the soul of the blade used to forge the weapon. It can take possession of her in extreme situations either from Unstoppable Rage or life-threatening injuries.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Kagura continues to claim that her "social interaction with Zangetsu/Jellal" is totally not a date.
  • Tsundere: Oh good gods and how, especially where Zangetsu /Jellal is concerned.
  • When She Smiles: Kagura gives a bright smile to her guild after becoming S-class. It's the type where, were it canon, you can be sure memes would be written about Kagura becoming a notorious puppy killer.


A Kind Hearted Cat Lover that uses Binding Magic. She is a former slave from the Tower of Heaven.

Rakshata Chawla

A re-quip mage who only wears weapons and armor that she herself builds. She and Lloyd Asplund have the same ability and are always trying to 1up each other. She departs for Mermaid Heel after Marianne's execution.

She was just a little street urchin who found her way to be apprenticed by the Lady of the Forge Priscilla Starkwing. Rakshata, unable to make an honest living after finishing her apprenticeship, used her powers to steal from others. She stole from the wrong people and wound up having to fix boats for slave traders. Lelouch put an end to that and she became part of the Black Knights as a result during her time in Knightmare Frame.

  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check: Inverted. Rakshata tries to make an honest living with her magic, but is forced to resort to a life of crime.
  • Made a Slave: Downplayed. It's more like Made an Indentured Servant. Rakshata stole from the wrong people and wound up having to make boat repairs for slavers. Fortunately, Lelouch stepped in.
  • Powered Armor: Her Mernite Armor, which comes complete with Arm Cannon and a multitude of weapons.
  • The Rival: To Lloyd

Tamara Tazzaret

A blonde that works the bar at Mermaid Heel. She uses Blue Lightning and Lightning-Make magic. She is best friends with Danielle Burstinaug even if they don't act like it.

  • Birds of a Feather: Certainly what makes her bond with Legretta.
  • Distaff Counterpart: She seems to be Mermaid Heel's equivalent of Gray Fullbuster given that she's a molding mage and bickers all the time with the character who shares similar traits with Natsu, though in a surprising twist, it's Danielle that's the more level headed of the two.
  • Flipping the Bird: Does this to Jenny during the Grand Magic Games and doesn't give a damn when Jenny is offended by her gesture.
  • Lady Swears-a-Lot: She doesn't mince her words when angry.
  • Shock and Awe: And how!

Undine Celeste

The guild master and founder of Mermaid Heel. She sometimes talks with a pirate accent and uses sailing metaphors, referring to her guild members as her crew members and having them call her Captain Undine.

She is also a first generation water dragon slayer that has used her magic so much that she has started to slowly turn into a dragon. Her dragon parent, Erubay, was killed by her in a tearful rage when Erubay killed Undine's fiance right in front of her because he was human

  • A Mother to Her Women: She acts like the mother and so-called "captain" of Mermaid Heel, doing her best to make the guild feel like home.
  • Batman Gambit: She can't directly go against the council during the Guild War so she fights against Knightmare Frame and Fairy Tail and throws her fight, allowing herself to become a prisoner of war. If she didn't like what they had to say, she could remain a prisoner and wouldn't have to fight anymore. If she did, then she could tell her guild to defect during the next battle.
  • Berserker Tears: When Erubay kills Eren, Undine's fiance, Undine has these and unleashes Dragon Force and winds up actually killing Erubay.
  • Gag Boobs: Kagura isn't exactly flat and yet supposedly Undine makes her feel inadequate.
  • Graceful Loser: She doesn't hold it against Kasumi for defeating her, wishing her luck before passing out.
  • Heartbroken Badass: She loved the son of a duke, but her mother, the dragon Erubay who hates humans killed him without a second thought. She is also a dragon slayer and a guild master. That says it all.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: A non-lethal variant. Undine throws the fight against Kasumi so that Kasumi can protect Kalina and doesn't have to worry about the what ifs on the chance that Undine defeated her in combat, even though Undine was more than capable of doing so. She was so convincing in her act, Kasumi had no idea she was holding back until the very last strike.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: In her backstory she used to swim naked underwater, leading to a moment where she rescues the drowning son of a duke and he wonders why she isn't wearing any clothes.
  • Kill the Ones You Love: In a tearful rage because she had just killed her fiance, Undine kills her mother, Erubay, but she seems to regret doing so after 23 years.
  • Making a Splash: She is a water dragon slayer and supplements this with Hydro Magic and Bubble Magic so she can avoid furthering her transformation into a dragon.
  • Super Not-Drowning Skills: As a water dragon slayer she can indefinitely breathe underwater.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: She has long pink hair.

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