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Characters / Fairy Tail Redux Salamanders Time Traveling Escapades Team Time Jumpers

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Natsu’s team in the story. Unlike in canon, they actually have a name: Team Time Jumpers. For more information on them, use these pages.

Common Qualities in the team:

Lucy Heartfilia

One of Natsu’s main female friends in the guild.


Natsu’s best non-human friend and among the first to learn about his Mental Time Travel. He went to Mildea for two years with Natsu... but it doesn’t seem like he changed, at all.


Gray Fullbuster

Natsu’s best human friend in the guild. They don’t seem to fight as much as they do in canon, but Gray still has a problem with liking Natsu for other reasons. At the beginning of the story, Gray had a crush on Erza, but had to give up on her when she and Jellal get married. He was initially very upset about it, but Lucy seems to be helping him get over it.

Erza Scarlet

An S-Class wizard and the strongest female in Fairy Tail, also known as "Titania”. She becomes tasked with watching over Jellal when he joins Fairy Tail. In chapter 23, Erza and Jellal get married.

Jellal Fernandes

A childhood friend of Erza’s brainwashed by Ultear into being evil. Thanks to Natsu, his plot to revive Zeref was foiled, and Ultear’s manipulation was exposed. As a result, he was pardoned and has joined Fairy Tail to make up for his past deeds. As of chapter 23, he and Erza are married.

Wendy Marvell

A fourth-generation Dragon Slayer and one of Natsu’s friends. While she shares similarities with her canon self, this Wendy has become very different because of one thing: she’s obsessed with anime. However, this doesn’t mean that she isn’t at all serious, nor does it mean her life’s been easy.


Wendy’s Exceed partner. Because of Wendy’s personality, she often ends up getting very annoyed with the girl, though she does mean well.


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