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Characters / Fairy Tail Redux Salamanders Time Traveling Escapades Senya Ichiya

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The Sen’ya Ichiya(One Thousand and One Nights) are the governments secret group of covert mages who handle missions that would be bad to allow the public to know about. They are split up into three groups: the Judal Division, which specializes in strength, the Scheherazade Division, which specializes in intelligence, and the Yunan Division, which is a balance between the two. Within Sen’ya Ichiya, there are also freelance groups who task themselves with certain duties, like Eiserne Jungfrau and SSVD.


Common Qualities among Sen’ya Ichiya:

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    Judal Division 

Hikaru Steal

The 9th. ranked member. Hikaru is usually level-headed, but he can also be a bit silly.

Dlanor A. Knox

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The 11th. ranked member of the Judal Division. His body is covered in scars and he has a sadistic attitude.


    Scheherazade Division 

    Yunan Division 

Faule Jurorin

The 5th. ranked member of the Yunan Division and one of Eiserne Jungfrau’s Head Inquisitors of Heresy. She seems to always be asleep and uses magic to move herself around.


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