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Player Characters

    Elias Schmidt 
  • Bullying a Dragon: Challenged Sophia to a duel, knowing that she was several centuries older and much stronger then he himself.
  • Dating Catwoman: Has a Romance with Maja. A Vampire. As a Werewolf he is supposed to kill Vampires as they are believed to be servants of the Wyrm, one of the Main enemies in Werewolf The Apocalypse.
  • Like an Old Married Couple: With Julia. Both know the flaws of the others and they roll their eyes about it, they insult each other with warm smiles on their faces... and with this behavior, they make the two child vampires we know sick. Thank god Maja doesn't know about that.
  • Manly Men Can Hunt: He loves to brag about his hunting skills.
  • Mayfly–December Romance: With Maja. She is an immortal Vampire and even while being a Werewolf, he just has an ordinary human live span. But this relationship only turned out to last for 3 short months.
  • Older Than They Look: Inverted, he is actually the only one who really matches the age he looks like.
  • Open Mouth, Insert Foot: Always. He just doesn't know, when to shut up.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy: Has strong tendencies toward that. No surprise since Werewolves are quite Warlike anyway and he was born under full moon, which makes him even more of a fighter.
  • The Informant: Every single bit of Vampire knowledge he gains is reported straight back to his superior.
  • Taking the Bullet: He saved Julia, Miss "He-did-not-say-that-did-he", from an deadly strike of an dancer(berserk werewolf, corrupted by darkness and dark magic). As an thanks, she cooks for him until he's well again.
  • Werewolf The Apocalypse: Even while the Game is mainly about Vampires The Masquerade, his character comes straight from there.

    Konstantin 'Konny' Schön 
  • Break the Cutie: He is asking himself the one question every night he goes out with his friends to get into trouble: "Why?" Until now, the dices has been merciful...but they'll be not forever.
  • Ironic Name: His Insanity revolves around believing that he is very ugly (and he has the Powers to look ugly just because he thinks he is)and of all things his last name is Schön (nice, beautiful).
  • Friends with Benefits: You might think that a beast, ugly as the night, would never get a lady... well, here comes Konny. He can sleep with the two hottest girls in the whole city (both maxed out appearance), and he could even live with one of them if he wasn't so shy.
  • Neutral Good: He is one of the two nicest persons currently to appear and feels sorry for hitting bad guys or breaking into their secret labs.
  • Not What It Looks Like: Hidden in the darkest corners of Leipzig, covered in several layers of clothing... Jup, that's right. He's not a Nosferatu, but a Malkavian.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Everyone calls him simply Konny. This goes to the point where pretty many people don't know his real name.
  • Only Sane Man: He is the most straightforward thinking and grounded character.
  • True Companions: with Maja and Julia. Friends are more important than anything, and are even enough for our shy and calm little Konny to speak up to angry Bruhja prince, loundly, while disobeying a direct order.
  • Vegetarian Vampire: His main pray are Rats and he asks Humans if they are okay with it before he bites them.

    Maja Zerkowitz 
  • Cain and Abel: Cain towards Calebs Abel. "On this one morning the birds fell all silent..."
  • Drama Queen: You would think it's the Torri of the group? No! It's the Gangrel-girl. She refused to speak to Elias and Julia because they danced with each other. For her as a gypsy, dancing is as Personal as Sex, but no one knew and she didn't explained herself.
  • Disney Death: When she was Driven to Suicide, she stood naked in the woods, waited for the sun, and started to burn, but somehow she survived. How?
  • Driven to Suicide: She killed her own brother, she did the worst things she could ever imagine, she brought her friends into danger one time after another and over this whole time, she could feel the beast crawling under her skin, getting closer with every night. It simply became too much to bear. So, after begging the prince to take care of her friends, the only persons she ever opened her heart up to, she went out to see her least sunrise...
  • Evil Twin: Her twin Brother Caleb looks very similar to her but that is where the similarities end. Opposite to her, he is an Axe Crazy psychopath, who is a member of the Sabbat.
  • Grumpy Bear: She is grumpy on her good days and outright avoiding social contact on her bad days. You really shouldn't get in her way on her bad days.
  • Hypocritical Heartwarming: She's always picking on Julia for being an classic example of the beautiful, but not so smart Toreador-beauty (even though she isn't) and calling her "Toast". The Gods have mercy upon them who dare to insult her in Majas presence.
  • Indifferent Beauty: She could be charming, beautiful and ladylike...but most of the time, her mood is too bad for that.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Underneath her rough outer shell she can be very nice and caring if you get close to her.
  • Mayfly–December Romance: She is in love with Elias, a mortal werewolf and knows that he will age and die someday and that they will never be able to have children together. She is ready to end their relationship when he wants to have Children on his own. But this relationship only turned out to last for 3 short months.
  • Not What It Looks Like: "Me? Screwing a werewolf...? Nooooo, I would never do that. Even if I live with him... and these Bitemarks aren't mine.."
  • Outdoorsy Gal: Tangled hair, barefoot, living in a trailer in the middle of the woods...and still as beautiful as ne new dawn....well metaphorical seen.
  • Shapeshifting: She can transform into a wolf or a raven at free will. The only problem is, that the Wolf part is seen as heresy by Elias.
  • Street Smart: Subverted. Maja is smart enough to explain Steven Hawking's black hole theory (if she was interested in astrophysics), but her brain books a nice short trip to the caribbean as soon as she gets into trouble. That's kind of ironic, since she's calling Julia "Toast Bread" for being stupid, while Julia is much more able to keep her her head cool if it comes down to it.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: After a hellish trip to Mexico to get a magical Artifact to help Julia she came back with this and a Trauma.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The Tomboy to Julias Girly Girl.
  • True Companions: with Konny and Julia. Friends are more important than anything, and even enough for our little berserk, sabbat hating Maja to pull herself together and act humble and polite...oh, and stealing an artefact from the Sabbat.Out of Mexico. Earning some nasty mental diseases, all for Julia, all by her own, so Konny stays safe in Leipzig.

    Julia Rose 
  • Arc Words: Hungerkind (Child of Hunger), as sung by Jana over and over again.
  • Badass Longcoat: Often met wearing a long, black long coat, which hides her Katana...yeah, she likes to look badass.
  • Bearer of Bad News: Almost every time the group does something really stupid, found something very dangerous or someone was sleeping with the enemy (sometimes even literally), someone has to tell the Prince. And who could do it better than the Toreador? Toreador do talk, don't they? Let her make herself useful! Examples: "Oh....and there might be nosferatu sneaking around in your basement...who just broke in...We didn't know there was a Bruhja elder living in this domain!" - "My prince, Mayas evil twin brother from the sabbat just entered my domain, nearly killed two human girls and left...but it was in my gothic club, so the masquerade was not broken heavily...yeah, we're coming at one to see you, as you command. Thank you, my Prince"
  • Big "SHUT UP!": Whenever Elias invokes his Open Mouth, Insert Foot.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: If she ever sets a foot into London again she will killed by the local vampires. She hinted at the fact that her Childhood was everything but nice as well. Due to her oracular abilities Jana is in about pretty much of this and loves hinting on this while other people are around.
  • Don't Touch It, You Idiot!: Ohhh, an glowing Orb in the basement of the bloodmage...I want to touch it. Even if it screws up time and space.
  • Dramatic Drop: Until now, she dropped 3 teacups, two times her bag, one time her Katana, and the player described her lifesaver and his blood fall in slow motion. What should I say? I simply love the drama, furthermore she's a Toreador. She's allowed to be melodramatic!
  • Fiery Redhead: Red curly hair, Toreador, the only one who even THINKS about making a plan, but no one ever ist listening... Yeah, she's kinda on edge.
  • Mad Artist: A light variant of this. She is a musician and draws pictures pretty well and shows clear tendencies towards mental illnesses. She recognises this and just started visiting a shrink.
  • Lineage Comes from the Father: Well, she's a vampire, so it's no really surprise that the men who embraced her had a lot of influence towards her. Either way it's often her "Gute Erziehung" (good manners teached from her father) which keeps her from going really really nasty.
  • Odd Friendship: Well, where could you start? In Vampires, you are who you know. And Julia got the tendency to befriend everybody, and it doesn't matters, how there are seen in society! Who? The Tzimisc antitribu, her ghul, the group-gangrel-grumpycat, the malkavian pimogen, the prince, the 'face' of the nosferatu, her daughter, werewolfs, a vampire hunter...Shall I go on? The only people who don't like her that much are the members of her clan...and some others.
  • The Ditz: Called. Even while being of average intelligence, she is called this by Maja, who possesses a genius Level Intellect, if she is annoyed from Julia's behaviour. It became a nickname over time.
  • The Tragic Rose: She is an (un)living Example of this Trope.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: The Girly Girl to Majas Tomboy
  • True Companions: with Maja and Konny. Friends are more important than anything. Even enough for our nice and elegant Juliato to grab her sword and go into battle to kill (even though she vowed that she won't if she doesn't have to) and take the blame for breaking the holy traditions, even though her clan and half the camarilla despises her.

     Erasmus von Kreuzenstein 
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Thanks to a peg in his heart, which he got in 1861, he slept through the last 155 years undiscovered. Now he has to adjust to how strange the world has become.
  • Impoverished Patrician: Back in the mid of the 19th family he came from a wealthy noble family. When he woke up in the present day, all his wealth and even his family's castle was gone and he was in a foreign time without any money, until Sophia von der Steineiche gave him a small flat and a some money to start.
  • Officer and a Gentleman: He was this back in the 19th century. While the officer part is gone now, he still is a perfect gentleman.
  • The Big Guy: With 2.05m and quite much strength to back it up, he definitely is this.

Second Cast

     Dorothea Weisenstein 
  • Crazy Awesome: Dori from Pixar and Scar from Disney are meeting in one Person...and they get along with each other! ...most of the time
  • Split Personality: She's an Malkavian, and her mental disorder is a split personality: The nice, babbling little "Dori", and the silent zynic Dorothea, a darling jewel of the me, you want it to be a "Dori"-Night.
  • Jekyll & Hyde: See above
  • Split-Personality Makeover: Well, she's crazy all the time, but If you meet the girl with Alice band, your ears will bleed. If you meet her, or anything else will.
  • Mad Oracle: Yes, she can see the future. No, she won't tell you. Yes, she is nuts. Yes, she talks in riddles all the time. And Yes, one of them was a prophecy. Which one? Well, it would be boring if she told you, don't you think? / She knows a lot of things. It wasn't the gardener.It also wasn't the butler. But your last guess was very near.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: "And then he went like this, and I said like that, and then we did this..."-"Dori. Please be quiet. Just once."
  • Evil Me Scares Me: "Dorothea?"-"Yes?"- "Did you have to rip out his trachea?" -"Yes." -"While he was alive?"-"...Yes"
  • Talkative Loon: If you ask Dori a question,and it might be just "what time is ist?", you better bring time with you. She won't. shut. up. EVER.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Be smart enough not to make "Dori" give the command to "Dorothea" at free will. Just don't do it.
  • Forgetful Jones: A trope which fits very nicely, since she is made to resemble "Dori" from Finding Nemo. She didn't told you her name yet...did she?
  • Genki Girl: No one is as energetic as Dori. Or as babbling. Or as optimistic.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: You ask her a question about the weather and she keeps talking and talking and talking and somehow you get to military tactics used by the sabbat...And no, she didn't gasp for breath even once. She doesn't have to.
  • Forgetful Jones: A trope which fits very nicely, since she is made to resemble "Dori" from Finding Nemo. She didn't told you her name yet...did she?

Non Player Characters

    Sophia von der Steineiche 
  • Benevolent Boss: Sophia is a strict but fair boss, treating all those below her with at least some respect and usually listens to more than one side of the story before making a decision.
  • Cultured Badass: Being at least 770 years old, she owns wine from several centuries, the same goes for portraits of herself. Vincent van Gogh is her favourite. On the other hand, she is strong enough to punch through your entire chest with her bare fists and crash through walls.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: She hints at this occasionally. After all her title "Schlächter" (Butcher) has to come from somewhere
  • Facepalm: Almost every single time when Elias opens his mouth in her presence.
  • Good Feels Good: First she just did some good things to regain some humanity and thus control over herself, when she was a cold hearted,cruel monster to regain control over herself but over the course of the centuries, she started to like being nice.
  • Kicking Ass in All Her Finery: Sophia is highly cultivated, almost always calm and collected, which makes you easily forget, that she is, after all, a Brujah and can kick ass very well.
  • Lightning Bruiser: If things run good for her, she can kill 8 Humans in mere 3 seconds. With here bare fists.
  • Not So Above It All: She is an 800 Years old Vampire, who is easily able to play very long running Batman gambits and has the blood of countless people on her hands... But then one day in 1963 she was switching on the TV during a stay in england and the very first Episode of a new Series, called Doctor who was broadcasted. She was a fan from the very first day and never misses a new Episode. Not that long before the Announcement of a new Doctor Who series she seriously considered to bribe the BBC to get Doctor who back. So probably she was successful...
  • Mary Sue: Zigzagged and trying to be averted. Sophia shows quite a lot of signs, for example looking pretty good, being enormously powerful up to the point where she is one of the 2 most powerful Vampires in Leipzig (with the other one being the Archbishop) and even able to take out young werewolves without much of a struggle, being the head of the Vampire society of leipzig. And even while being unusually nice for a Vampire being able to stay on top seemingly without much effort. On the other hand, while having awesome powers, those powers are mainly supposed to be a part of her background and not to actually be used beyond a demonstration of power. Quite some of her 'awesome deeds' are done offscreen plus she is bound by the Chains Of Commanding, forcing her to hold a trial and dish out punishment to someone she is actually fond of and thinks that that person did, while making mistakes, basically the right thing. And her amount of power comes from her age. Then there is the fact that this very trope entry was written by her creator and the fact that she really isn't made to be a mary sue. (Make of this last comment what you want) Plus there is something really dark coming for her in the near future...
  • Old Retainer: Michael, her Guhl, who works for her for centuries, is one for her. This may be due to the Blood she feeds her but even Vampire Blood takes you so far. True love and loyalty can't be created artificially.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Over 800 years to be exact.
  • Red Baron: Her title is "The Butcher". No More Questions to be asked.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Sophia took Leipzig in a fit of rage from the former prince as he was incompetent enough not to see the Sabbat who started silently invading Leipzig immediately after that she started to straighten the cities Vampire Community and is very active since that to solve the Sabbat Problem.
  • Shoot the Messenger: Subverted. Most of the time, it's Julia who has to bring the bad news, but Sophia is wise enough not to ged upset. Far from ist! She's kinda joking about it: "I'll have to mark the night in my calendar you bring me good news."
  • The Big Guy: Eroded. With her 1.68m in height she was this once when she was young, which was in the first half of the 13th Century or earlier. Back then her size was just huge for a woman, being 20 cm or more above average in size. In the early 21st century on the other hand she is more on the small side.
  • The Chains of Commanding: She is burdened by them from time to time. Being the ruler of the entire Vampire Community of Leipzig while being at war with the Sabbat.
  • The Von Trope Family: Played with. Her name is close to this, but her name is just old enough, to be from late or mid medieval times, when the concept of last names was new and people where, for example named after specific things in the surrounding or their jobs. But now, after several centuries, she basically is part of old Vampire nobility.
  • The Woman Wearing the Queenly Mask: She fits perfectly into this Trope, as she really cares about people around her, but due to Vampiric nature she can't show these emotions and thoughts as they would be a sign of weakness which would cause her to lose her Throne to another Vampire who wouldn't be as nice as her.
  • What's Up, King Dude?: The Players have very free access to Sophia, the Prince of Leipzig, being able to talk to her basically whenever they like. Partly Justified, as they helped her to remove the old prince.

    Kathrin Lokinnen 
  • Berserk Button: Even while she punishes Michaela quite severely on a regular basis, she does care for her and god help you, if you ever hurt her.
  • Creepy Good: Even though she's on our side, working against the sabbat and quite polite to her guests (she'S Tzimisc after all), she's kinda...odd. Is it the sterile white underground clinic? Her Past? Even if you ignore the fact that she likes to melt people open without any painkillers, just talking with her is sort of...unsettling.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Her Favourite way of punishing people. She uses extremely cruel punishments for minor accidents. For example she fused Michaela, her servant/slave to a chair for a whole day, unable to move, just for tipping over her feet and dropping a few glasses with blood in them. But she never punishes people for no reason.
  • Emotion Control: Does this with Michaela: Thanks to her Blood Kathrin feeds Michaela regularly, Michaela is immortal, has some vampire powers without the daylight problem and oh, she is forced to love Kathrin and is addicted very heavily as well.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Melting an Vampire open for fun? Let's do it. Fusing her loyal servant to a chair? She earned it. *Liking* Caleb? Hell no! Meeting her Sire which turns children to furniture? LET ME KILL THAT FUCKING BASTARD!
  • Heel–Face Turn: Defected from the Sabbat to the Camarilla a few years, making herself a walking target as the Sabbat doesn't take this lightly. In her eyes the Sabbat was to cruel. That was being said while she performed a painful operation without giving the patient painkillers.
  • Sacred Hospitality: As many Tzimisce, she values Hospitality very high, granting any guest 3 days and nights of protection and comfort, even if it means fighting to protect them or offer them her very own bedroom.
  • Sadist: Obviously. She Enjoys the "Melody of Pain" people produce when she works on them. Because of this she usually operates on them without pain killers. On the other hand she offers painkillers nonetheless, even if only on peoples demand and for extra Money, as, in her eyes, not giving them a chance to get Painkillers would just be cruel.
  • The Medic: She practices as a Doctor who doesn't ask questions, as Medicine is both, her hobby and her passion.

    Maté Kamarás 
  • I Love You, Vampire Son: As Julia's father, he is a very kind and loving, but also strict Dad. After all, this differs him from other Toreador, which have tendencies to embrace children and leave them be when they are not of interest anymore.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: shoulder long, blond hair. He's a Toreador. He's allowed to.
  • Papa Wolf: Saving your daughter from a bloodhunt while running through the burning remains of London without even being a member of a "fighter"-Clan definitely qualifies you for this trope!
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: He's an actor. He's a Toreador. Of course he looks simply divine!
  • The Dead Can Dance: It would be embarrassing if he wouldn't- Again, he's a Torri.

    Michalea Halts 
  • Berserk Button: She loves Katrin with everything she is, was and ever will be.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Don't you dare to hurt her Ms. Doctor. And DON'T you even think about taking her away from Michaela...she's awake when you're not.
  • Exact Eavesdropping: She learned Auspex, already had very good ears, and is so innocent and sweet that no one would ever think bad of her... which results in being called "Sicherheitsrisiko" (safety hazard) by her own Mistress. One example: She heard a tiny white noise in the bass of one of Julia's clubs. Julia, D-Jane and Toreador with Auspex, did NOT hear that...and she stood right in front of the speakers.
  • Functional Addict: Clearly is this. Her drug is Vampire blood, which makes her immortal and gives her some vampire powers, as long as Kathrin supplies her with this but in exchange the blood forces her to love Kathrin absolutely. This Addiction is no problem as long as she is supplied with blood but if she is overdue with getting blood, the withdrawal is quite ugly.
  • Friend to All Living Things: No matter if Vampire, Human or animal, as long as they trait her only half decent, they are on her good side.
  • Mama Bear: She may dislikes Violence, but if you hurt someone she cares for, be it a friend or a patient, she will do everything to protect them.

    Jana Halubri 
  • And I Must Scream: She is able to invoke this for others and very good at it.
  • Berserk Button: Don't even think about harming a child if she is present, or she will make you want to die, as she is able to give you any mental disorder she wants to.
  • Friend to All Children: As she is forever forced to live in a child's body and has, most of the time, a child's mind, she feels a very special connection to children and protects them.
  • Good Parents: Has those and as a vampire she made sure she won't have to lose them with feeding her parents Vampire Blood. So their relationship is a pretty weird one now, as even while they are her slaves, they are the ones who tell her daughter how things run in "their household" and Jana, as she is "almost 8" after all, does as her parents say.
  • Mind Screw: That's how she makes politics and how she interacts with other people.
  • One of the Kids: She is this quite literally, she does not only acts like a child but looks like one as well. An immortal, blood drinking child which burns in sunlight.
  • Slasher Smile: She shows this if she talks about playing one of her favourite 'game': Strangling somebody with her ribbon, which is in fact a Garotte. Don't worry, her parents (yes, the same parents who are her slaves) forbid her to 'play' this 'game' with anybody but bad people.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: Like every Malkavian, she's at least able to pull herself back together for a short time. While this time, she's not simply a little girl, but a 300 years old elder. You can be sure: If that happens, it's about to get down to something very very...not nice.
  • Uncanny Valley: Usually she behaves like an perfectly normal Child and is able to perform a great act in this direction as well but when dealing with other Vampires, she does usually push this of by just enough to reach uncanny valley territory and scare the Hell out of everybody who is around.
  • Undead Child: She was turned into a Vampire (and one with a mental disorder on top of that) at the age of 7... excuse me, almost 8.

    Fabian Kurz 
  • Badass Normal: Some years ago he was caught by a pack of Sabbat Vampires and locked into a sewer system and given a Revolver to defend himself, so that they could hunt him to death for fun. It did not turn out that good for them, as he was surprisingly capable in defending himself, resulting in 3 dead Vampires in that very night. Now after training and gathering informations, he is a pretty good Hunter, capable of overpowering Young Vampires in a duel and very good in holding his ground in general.
  • Crazy-Prepared: If he is out hunting Vampires he has with him for example: A High Tech Sniper Rifle, a Revolver, an Axe, a device to check peoples Body temperatures from a distance, Pegs, Crosses, Holy Water (Just in Case the last 2 really do work.) and a SWAT Grad armour. But to be honest, as a human you usually need quite a lot preparation to take any Vampire down.
  • Enemy Mine: Even while he distrusts all Vampires deeply, he will on rare occasions team up with more "trustworthy" Vampires if he works against the sabbat and is facing more of them then he himself can take alone. But he will never turn his back to his 'allies'.
  • Hunter of Monsters: The Vampire hunting variant but he does not exclusively hunts Vampires. In very rare cases he takes down others as well. He is usually smart enough to only hunt the Vampires who really earn it in his eyes and every Member of the Sabbat of course. Other Vampires can talk to him even while he will be mistrusting them.

    Nadja Behrend 
  • Anti-Villain: She is a member of the Sabbat a religious Vampire Organisation which sees humans as barely anything more then food and (sometimes) useful tools. She stands in an extreme contrast to the usual Sabbat Member as she does honestly care for the children in her Orphanage. On the other Side, towards other Vampires she won't hide the fact, that she still is a member of the Sabbat and has no intention on leaving it.
  • Friend to All Children: She founded an orphanage to help Children who lost their parents and the children love her back, ignoring the strange fact that she sleeps all day and because of that barely ever see her in summer.
  • Mama Bear: Don't even think about harming one of the children under her protection or she will make you suffer in ways of which you didn't even know they existed.
  • Orphanage of Love: Runs one of these strangely enough, as you would expect from a Sabbat Tzimisce that she transforms children into furniture. But however, with help of her Ghouls and Employees she does everything she can to provide the children with everything they need. From autumn to spring (because of the length of the nights) she participates in dinner with the children. And whatever the time or reason is, she always has time for her children. As she made a lot of money throughout the centuries this orphanage will luckily never run out of cash.
  • Really 700 Years Old: She is far over 300 years old and still looks like in her thirties.
  • Sacred Hospitality: As an old Tzimisce, she regards Hospitality very high, just like Kathrin. When invited, she will even treat enemies like friends. Every single one of the Children in her Orphanage falls under that rule.

    Caleb Zerkowitz 
  • Axe-Crazy: Once he skinned his sister's cat alive to make a hat for his sister out of the cats fur. Another time he broke a girls arm after having sex because this was, in his eyes, fun. And all this happened before he was turned into a Vampire. Now whatever morale was still inside him, is gone completely.
  • Cain and Abel: Abel towards Majas Cain. "...when Cain killed his brother in rage on the fields."
  • Evil Twin: Is this to Maja. He looks almost exactly the same but this is where the similarities end. He is a member of the the Sabbat and she one of the Camarilla. See Axe Crazy for more details.
  • Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon: He's a handsome gentleman, gladly comes up with you for a coffee after a wonderful date he payed for... and while you're alone,he breaks your neck , drinks your blood and rips your limbs out... in reversed order.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: He is the 'protector' (read: owner) of his sister. Every other person Maja even spares a little moment of her time with...well Cain killed his own brother out of envy. Caleb would kill everyone except his sister out of envy, so they can be together forever...<3
  • If I Can't Have You...: In his eyes, his sister is his property even though she despises him and he want's to make anybody suffer who is close to her.

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