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This is the character page for the main protagonists of Evenicle, namely the Magic Warrior Asterisk and his multiple wives encountered at various points during the events of the game.

First limited to a single wife, Asterisk proceed to climb the ranks of the Knights in order to marry as much as beautiful girls as possible, motivated by his love for his twin step-sisters.

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The main protagonist of the game, better known by "Aster". As a child, he was adopted by the twins Kyou & Kinou and was taught many things about the world. In love with them, he didn't want to choose and preferred to find a way to have them both. Hence, he started a journey to become a Knight, the only one able to have multiple lovers at once. The events of the game started when he left his hometown and was saved by drowning by a young girl named Riche.

    Ramius Dreissen 
One of the titular Knights, affiliated with the Kingdom of Eden. She's known as the "Loner Knight", due to her tendencies to recklessly rush into battle all alone, and her lack of feminity. During the incident involving Colpis, she was accidentally injected with Adan's Blood, and embraced a nascent love with Aster. They ended up married, with Ramius being his first wife, and following him in his adventures onwards.

    Riche Eden 
The cadet Princess of the Kingdom of Eden and the childhood friend of Ramius. Having grown in a restricted environment due to her status as princess, she often fled from the castle to go on adventures along with her friend, and was known as a rebellious princess in her youth. At the beginning of the game, she ends up saving Aster from drowning after travelling outside of his homeland, and quietly followed him, finding his antics amusing. After the first confrontation against Snake Crest, she is saved by Aster and decided to ascend him as a Knight, having accomplished what most couldn't do, and married him as his second wife.

A young girl part of the rare sub-class of Knights known as Rangers. Since childhood, she was orphaned and trained tirelessly to be a true Knight and hoping to have a decent life. However, she is in fact manipulated by the Chancellor Rochefort of Eden, who plans to use her for his own agenda. During the events of the Chapter 2, she underwent a Heroic BSoD after learning the truth of her training, and was brought back to her senses by Aster, causing her to fall in love with him. After being appointed as a Ten Knight by the King of Eden, she joined Aster as his third wife.

    Kathryn Lapucelle 
The Third Zero Knight of Eden and a nutcase amongst her peers. Spending most of her time in her house in the mountain, she is responsible for most of the technological advances of the country, and is famous for her skills as a Tactician. As such, she became a Zero Knight 5 years ago, after a certain incident which cost the lives of every member of her squad.


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