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Evenicle, a game by AliceSoft, features a relatively wide cast of colorful characters, and their adventures in a fantasy world created by the Mother Eve, the Goddess who created the world and spawned a worldwide religion with her blessings. She then gave two rules to follow: Any given person may only ever have one sexual partner, and killing another human being is forbidden. When two people fall in love and enter in a relationship, they are given a shining ring, symbolizing their union. But should any of them happen to have more than one partner, or engage in murder, they are branded "Outlaws" and their ring turns into black, making them criminals to their country and forced to run away.


To take care of them, each country have its own army made of their strongest soldiers, named Knights. They are the only people allowed to have multiple partners at once, in order to give birth and pass down their superior genes. Consequently, becoming a Knight is the main objective of the Magic Warrior Asterisk, main protagonist of the game.

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    Republic of Lancelot 


One of the candidates running for the presidency of Lancelot. She's against the destruction of the old castle in the desert, whom Bors accuses of causing the water pollution. She's also the middleman of Aster regarding his secret mission in Lancelot.


The assistant of Tio in her presidential campaign. He was also the assistant of the candidate Bors during the previous election, but quit his functions after seeing his true intentions.


One of the candidates running for the presidency of Lancelot. To fix the water pollution of Lancelot, he intends to destroy the old castle in the desert, accusing it to be behind the water pollution. In fact, it is a masquerade: It was caused by the overexploitation of the water in the lake, making an excuse for Bors to get public funds.


    Kingdom of El Quixote 

King Ben

The current King of El Quixote, behind the recent remilitarization of the country. Like all kings before him, he protects the citizens from the Monster Burrow, a large cave where monsters spawns non-stop. He once was contacted by Snake Crest, but turned them down.
  • Based on a Great Big Lie: The Monster Burrow doesn't actually exists: Due to a misunderstanding of the Knight El Quixote, it was believed that an empty cave with strong gusts of winds was the nest of countless monsters.


A Knight working for El Quixote, and the nephew of the King. Despite his threatening looks, he's actually a nice and good person to be around. He is the closest relative to the King, who even considers him for the throne more than his own children.


The CEO of the Bigbux Company, which helped the country in times of need due to the everyday threat of the Monster Burrow.

Mertel Kalar

The current Queen of the Kalar, and like the rest of her people, a big tease who doesn't hesitate to try to win Aster's affection for breeding.

Lorenzo Kalar

One of the rare Kalar who are not interested for collecting semen unlike most of her friends. She's also the girlfriend of the Knight Pancho from El Quixote.

    Central Empire 

Imperial Prince Felton

The current Prince of the Central Empire and the fiancé of Croix Eden.


A Zero Knight of the Central Empire and companion of the Prince Felton.

    Kingdom of Humpty 

Natal March

A Thousand Knight from the noble family of March, one of the most wealthy in the country. She looks down on commoners and like to show off her status to everyone she meets.
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: Due to her family status, it's a given.
  • Rich Bitch: Quickly misjudged Asterisk after seeing his looks and his humble origins.

    Hamlet State 
    Snake Crest 

Supreme Commander

White Knight

A white-clad individual with a strength rivalling those of the Zero Knights. His motives for working with Snake Crest is unknown. Unlike the Black Knight, he is more calm and collected than him.

Black Knight

A black-clad individual with a strength rivalling those of the Zero Knights. Most action-oriented than his white counterpart, he is often seen helping behind the scenes several people aligned with Snake Crest.

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