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"My destiny, my loyalty, my horns. I offer them all to you."

Luna is a half-Dragon, half-Human knight that has been loyal to Wintenberg since the time of Queen Francesca. Only a few know of the true feelings hidden behind her smile. She is also the half-sister of Yufine.

Luna is a 5 star limited Water hero, specializing in Heavy Single-Target DPS with a tiny portion of debuffs. Luna comes with 1 Skill, 1 Passive, and 1 Ultimate.

Her one skill "Infinity Slash" has Luna attack 3-10 times dealing more damage based on the amount of hits as well as lowering the cooldown by 1-3 turns of her ultimate skill "Ragnar Spear.

Her one passive "Dragon Knight's Will" is a buff that either increases Luna's Attack and Critical hit chance by 20% if she's above 50% health, or increases her Defense and lowers the chance to be Critical Hit by 20% if she's below 50% health.

Her one ultimate "Ragnar Spear" allows Luna to hit a single target with her spear, dealing heavy damage and having an 80% chance to lower the enemies's defense. When upgraded, the skill will ALWAYS hit the enemy with whatever element they're weak to.










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