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ENTROPY is an organization of seven negative Trait Bearers, with an agenda to take the governments for themselves.

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Never filled the "N" letter in ENTROPY, along with being one of the newest negative traits.
  • Abusive Parents: Suffered physical and emotional abuse from her father.
  • Action Girl: Even if most of her motives are through manipulation and lies she is not at all afraid to use force when it comes down to it.
  • Aloof Dark-Haired Girl: She is pretty, dark-haired, aloof, and imposing.
  • Ambiguous Disorder: Exhibits traits associated with anti-social, narcissistic and histrionic personality disorders without fully fitting the definition of any them.
  • Ambiguously Evil: It's never clear to what extent her actions are motivated by altruism or simply self interest. Outwardly, her motives seem to be inherently selfish. However, it is implied that she is not nearly as one-dimensional as she thinks she is.
  • Anti-Hero: Extremely jaded, and borders along the lines of Unscrupulous Hero.
  • Anti-Villain: Acts selfishly, uses manipulative and physically/emotionally brutal methods of getting what she wants, thinks she is infallible, among other things. However, it is heavily hinted that a lot of these problems are merely subconscious attempts to play to a role that Never had placed upon herself.
  • The Baroness: Ruthless, manipulative, and possessing dangerously effective skills.
  • Beauty Is Bad: She's beautiful, regal, and vicious.
  • Broken Ace: Held aloft as a master manipulator and planner. However, she has serious issues with perfection and fallibility, as well as a bunch of unresolved parental and emotional issues.
  • Broken Bird: She’s been broken for a while. A lot of her vitriolic attitude stems from people approaching her with a patronizing attitude towards her, due to her problems. Internally, she wants to be treated normally, just like everyone else, but has no clue on how to approach others with this sentiment.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Has no qualms about harming or killing someone when it is the simplest option.
  • Control Freak: Ultimately, her biggest weakness is that she can't handle not being in control of everything, even herself. If there is no one around for her to impose this upon, she suffers a minor breakdown until something or someone comes up to fill the void.
  • Dark Action Girl: She's powerful, brutal, and vicious.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Although she exhibits tendencies that are typically common with evil people or characters, deep down she is quite the opposite of how she outwardly presents herself.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Has a very dry sense of humor.
  • Dragon with an Agenda: Wishes to use her power and position to overthrow the government. However, she wants most of the power for herself in the end—especially Acritudo related.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: Dark hair, relatively pale skin.
  • Fallen Princess: Composed, competent, and commanding, not to mention that she was born into a wealthy family. However, that wealth has long since vanished, and her cold demeanor is likely merely a facade to hide her deeper problems.
  • The Fighting Narcissist: A dangerous fighter for sure, as well as openly admitting she loves worship and praise.
  • Ignored Epiphany: After realizing she cannot interact normally with others without attempting to manipulate and control them (and oftentimes, resulting in her driving them away), she attempts to work through her various neurotic traits, admitting to parental issues… and her final course of action is to shrug it off and give people more reason to believe the worst in her since she believes the worst to be the best.
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: Cold-blooded and manipulative, and results to strong-arm tactics to ascertain worship from her peers. It doesn't play out any better. Despite all of her talk about being perfect, deep down she believes she is a failure, which is why she acts the way she does.
  • It's All About Me: Her entire life can be summed up in "My life sucks and it's all your fault and you never gave a damn about me, which is wrong because it’s all about me."
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Although a serious bitch to virtually everyone, way deep down inside of her, she is a genuinely good person. Tragically, that trait of herself may be too deep to dig back up.
  • Lack of Empathy: In Never’s eyes, it is all about her. Everyone else comes second. If it isn’t her problems or emotions, it isn’t important.
  • Manipulative Bastard: An expert strategist and manipulator, although it is questionable as to whether she is actually good at it, or merely imposes her will on others.
  • Narcissist: She’s not unaware of her talents and looks.
  • Never My Fault: Pins the blame of everything bad to happen to her and her life falling apart upon her parents and friends, if they can be called her friends. She’d rather imagine a huge conspiracy against her than admit her own faults or that she may have brought a lot of her troubles upon herself.
  • Not So Different: Tragically, from her father. They both impose their will on others and refuse to admit they are in the wrong.
  • The Perfectionist: Everything about her must be perfect, which she holds in practice.
  • Physical Scars, Psychological Scars: Has several markings from her routine beatings from her father. As a result, Never has serious psychological and emotional baggage.
  • Rage Against the Reflection: At one point, many years after her false epiphany that she is infallible, another look in a mirror triggers her to question herself. However, she violently rejects the idea that she may be a bad person.
  • Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training: Is a very skilled fighter and charmer, but as a result has sacrificed basic social skill and conduct, bordering on sociopathic tendencies.
  • Self-Made Woman: Of a sort. She’s certainly privileged and naturally talented, but nevertheless she believes in doing her own dirty work if at all possible.
  • Smug Super: Her abilities are only one reason why Never thinks she is better than everyone.
  • Sour Outside, Sad Inside: Outwardly, she is a cold and manipulative bitch. However, inside she is sad and depressed, and works constantly to try and better her life. Sadly, it comes at the cost of others.
  • Tragic Villain: For all her scary traits, ruthless acts and hints of psychosis, Never is, ultimately, little more than a lost girl at heart, desperately seeking love and attention from her family and trust from her friends. If she were to ever suffer a major breakdown, it would be from the isolation and fear she suffers.
  • Undying Loyalty: To ENTROPY, mostly End, however—seeing as she’s the one person whom Never feels is above her, aside from Ragnarok.


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