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Here are the major factions and other character categories of the spinoff and the characters under them. For unaligned characters, click here.

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    The Sisters (Bolded1) and associates (various) 
A group of female human-lookalikes created by an alien race called the Xirs, using donated human blood. They were bred for war, and each is named after a French number, save for Jam and Isabel, who rejected their Xir names. They all share characteristics, most notably red hair and green eyes. The Sisters were all created by Bolded1.

  • Blood Knight : a trait shared by all of them, with various degrees of intensity. Some Sisters are calm and remain composed in battle, whereas others are constantly aggressive. Sisters who focus their blood knight traits into some productive activity tends to be very successful.


  • Arch-Enemy : Troa and Katre wounded her eyes and massacred the rest of her squad, a long time ago. As a result, she has an intense fixation both. This view is shared, with both women hating Ain and seeing her as the biggest threat to their end-goals.
  • The Ace : The strongest of the Sisters. Troa and Katre together had to flee against her, and she had to be taken out of the Arena for Katre to even come out to fight. She was also meant to defeat Troa, and the latter had to rely on a distraction and use her full power to even knock out Katre. From the evil Sister's point of view, not even Thor is as dangerous as her.
  • Blood Knight : Downplayed, but she enjoy a good fight. She doesn't show it overtly though.
  • By-the-Book Cop
  • Combo Platter Powers : Has Super Strength, Super Speed, Made of Iron, Healing Factor, Super Senses and telekinesis.
  • Early Installment Weirdness : Unlike the other Sisters, Ain is blonde with only one power. In-universe, she is something of a prototype, though she was deemed good enough to be included with the completed Sisters.
  • Eyepatch of Power : Technologically upgraded too !
  • Handicapped Badass : Take on large threats with an eyepatch. Downplayed, however, since her super senses are sharp enough to make up for the missing eye.
  • Healing Factor : Like her sisters. That said, special weapons can prevent it from working.
  • Last-Name Basis : Insist to use last names, even to address friends.
  • Made of Iron : Can take attacks from her sisters and shrug them off with ease.
  • The Stoic : Ain is extremely calm, and rather stand-offish. Her behavior is that of a professional, in contrast with the rest of her family.
  • Story-Breaker Power : Being the mightiest in a group of mighty beings. Troa had to use her full power and capitalize on a distraction to take her down, and Neuff relied on her to defeat the kingpin.
  • Super Strength : The highest amongst her sisters, and even the weakest of them is extremely strong.
  • Super Speed : And fond of using it.
  • Super Senses : Her senses are much sharper than any human's.
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer... : Only has the baselines sister powers with telekinesis. However, she's skilled with using it, and her raw stats are good enough to overwhelm the other Sisters.
  • World's Strongest Woman : Of her world at least, but she can slap her super-powerful sisters around without issue.
  • Wound That Will Not Heal : Her eye was damaged with a special weapon, as a result, she can't heal it on her own. It is hinted that she could heal it with very advanced medical treatment but she refuse to do so until her evil sisters are taken care of.



See Troa Aligned below.


See Troa Aligned below.









  • Action Mom : While now a mother of two, Sarah is even stronger than before.
  • Berserk Button : As learnt by the Fusion Master, attacking her loved ones is a very good way to get Sarah angry at you. Ignoring her attempts to reconcile will led to further rage when the times come to fight.
    • Being abusive towards your children is also one, to the point of considering fighting Mara over it and actually going through with it.
  • Blood Knight : Still there. That said, she focus her fighting instinct into writing or debating, allowing her to "cool down" on the battle crave while doing some more work. She still occasionally fight her sisters into friendly battles though.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable : Pulled on her by Mara, who managed to nearly kill Sarah after surviving her final attack. A reminder that as powerful as the future characters are, not even they can just hop in and easily defeat all the enemies.
  • Deal with the Devil : Sees her deal with the assassins as one, essentially giving up the fight on them for the purpose of revenge.
  • Didn't Think This Through : Her attack on Mara. She didn't except Mara's stamina recovery and didn't use her own power ups as a result, putting her in a precarious position when she ended up exhausting herself trying to kill Mara.
  • Fiery Redhead : Downplayed but still present. While very calm, Sarah can still get into terrifying tempers if truly provoked.
  • Fatal Flaw : Pride. Sarah is proud of her family and powers and has sometimes refused to take the pragmatic route (fusing with Nicole to get massive power or letting go of her guilt). It has caused her to be reckless sometimes or launch herself into terrible rages. However, Sarah is aware of her flaw and is determined to grow past it.
  • Future Badass : Much stronger than Neuff thanks to her age. If she were to be involved in the current Sister plot, she'd handily defeat Troa at full power.
  • Good Parents : A loving mother towards her two children, Sarah is ready to do anything for them and is always watching over them while they're in the Arena. Making an attempt on their lives is a good way to anger her for real.
  • Happily Married : With Demo.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: : Gained some of it after her fight. Her lack of prudence with the arena, her deal with the assassins and her terrifying rage chipped away at Sarah's ego. Somewhat downplayed because she has her family and friends to help her with it, and is adult enough to deal with it in a healthy way.
  • Mama Bear : After learning of Sandra's life-risking encounter with Mara, Sarah went after the latter with unusual anger, though she was unable to actually kill Mara because of the Arena balancing and the Assassins using a song to weaken Sarah and strengthen Mara. She still managed to put up a fight though.
    • Her rampage against the Fusion Master was motivated by his indirect harm to Niko and Sandra, and his indifference towards the predicament.
  • Meganekko : Has glasses, they're actually advanced pieces of technology, since she doesn't need any help with her vision.
  • Mum Looks Like a Sister : Played With, Sisters visibly stop aging for a century after reaching adulthood. As a result, she is actually in her 40s but looks like she is in her 20s. People mistaking her for Sandra's sister is actually pretty common, to her amusement.
  • Nice Girl : While she still has her flaws and errors, Sarah is a nice and kind woman who works hard for the future of her universe and family, and is very polite to about anyone to meet.
  • Rapunzel Hair : Her hair reach her knees, thanks to her special regeneration. She often has to cut it off or tie it into a bun.
  • Older and Wiser : Far more patient and calm compared to her past counter-part. It doesn't prevent her from doing bad decisions on her own but she is much more likely to pick the calmer option.
    • She was willing to make amends with the Fusion Master after he pressed her Berserk Button and gave him chances to escape her wrath. That said, the "wiser" part went away when the fight started.
    • While she did attack Mara, she was partly under influence from Loki and was more emotionally vulnerable following the Missingno events. However, she's aware that she's still pretty young for a Sister (who are long-living) and has vowed to improve in terms of might and wisdom.
    • In general, Sarah's willingness to slow down and look at the bigger picture separates her from Neuff, who's less restrained.
  • Parents as People : Downplayed. While Sarah genuinely wants for her children to be happy and is competent at taking care of them, she was a bit too lenient in watching them over in the Arena and ended up having to try and prevent her son from destroying the Arena. This caused Niko to end up in danger, and since then, Sarah has been haunted by her lack of action and her subsequent rage against Missingno and Mara is caused by her guilt and anger at herself. She recently vowed to get better though.
  • Person of Mass Destruction : When she doesn't bother with collateral, Sarah can be a devastating force, carving entire cliffs, destroying mountains and causing lava to overflow over the course of the fight with Missingno. And that was without her buffs such as black lightning or limit breaker.
  • Physical God : While she isn't a goddess, Sarah's overall power makes her close to one. She is able to pull terrifying feats of speed, strength, durability or energy projection casually and her healing factor was potent enough to recover all of her wounds in a single instant following a huge fight.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge : Her entire mindset during the Missingno battle. She didn't want to beat him down : she wanted to utterly vaporize him, showing a level of rage that terrified or unnerved her close friends or the other combatants.
  • Scarf Of Asskicking : Got herself a nice scarf, though she doesn't actually wear it in battle, since it can get wrecked or grabbed, making it something of a subversion.
  • Scars Are Forever : She still has that scar on her eye, inherited from an encounter with Katre back while she was a pre-teen. She keeps it as a reminder that as strong as she is, she can still be harmed. Also because it looks somewhat cool.
  • Seen It All : Sarah is much harder to impress than Neuff thanks to all the years spent in the Arena, stuff that surprise or shock others are no surprise to her
  • Statuesque Stunner : While not freakishly tall, Sarah is still taller than her husband or her friends, and sometimes has to lean forward or crouch to avoid the ceiling of a small house.
  • Took a Level in Badass : While she was always badass, growing up and getting into battles has caused Sarah to become much more powerful, allowing her to surpass some of her sisters in the hierarchy of power.
  • Trademark Favorite Food : Has a huge fondness for seafood, especially lobster, and tend to seek opportunities to eat it. She share this trait with Neuff.
  • Tranquil Fury : Her state of mind before the battle with Missingno. Somewhat deconstructed because holding in it for so long meant that the unleashed anger was all but uncontrollable during the actual fight.
  • The Gadfly : Like to tease and mess with people, though she cross the line at anything harmful. She regularly engage in trolling wars with her version of Argo.

Thor (IchigoMontoya)

Yellow Kirby (KiriK)

Exactly What It Says on the Tin, a yellow version of Kirby. However, he has some key differences from the original...
  • Badass Adorable: He ain't Kirby without an adorable face and enough power to kill gods.
  • Combo Platter Powers: Instead of being able to inhale enemies and gain their powers, Yellow Kirby can switch between Copy Abilities at will.
  • Indy Ploy: Yes, a Kirby managed to set one up and pull it off. He counted on his allies in the fight with Dark Fiddlesticks-X having some driving forces that gave them purpose, and they did, and that allowed him to create the Star Allies Sparkler to even the odds.
  • Kamehame Hadoken: His Fighter Ability's Force Blast, which is based on the Hadoken. Fighter Kirby actually kills the Tri-Color Dragon X (see Spiralblock Peak Bosses) with a straight-up Shinku Hadouken, complete with making it an actual vacuum wave that sucks in the surrounding energy to get stronger!
    • His ultimate attack, Team Star Allies!, is this combined with Combination Attack, requiring others to charge and fire their own attacks in tandem with Kirby, changing the effects of their attacks to make a giant energy wave.
  • Physical God: A temporary effect of piloting his ultimate weapon, the Star Allies Sparkler/Star Dragoon. According to KiriK, this would apply to anyone who pilots it.

    The Assassins (Devil Psyco) 
A mysterious group of various, dangerous people with unknown intentions for the Arena, led by a single leader, but not all for a singular goal. They bear a mysterious curse that causes anyone who dies in a fight with an Assassin to never respawn... the Assassins themselves included.



Hub Hikari/Dark Megaman.EXE

Mr L. (Brainwashed)

Dimentio (Deceased)


Jack Frost (Possibly)

Dark Meta Knight

Springtrap (Deceased)

Balloon Boy (Possibly)

Galacta Knight (Formerly)

Terrormisu (Deceased)

Shinigami Queen Sonia

Shinigami Prince Leander

Shinigami Prince Thaddeus

The Hunter

The Huntress

Tyler, the Merchant (Possibly)

Thomas, the Merchant (Possibly)

The Fusion Master/Missingno (Deceased)


The Black Knight Einherjar

The Secret Weapon

Mettaton (Forced, Deceased)

Bell Zebub

Seraphim (Formerly)


    Pseudo Porky's group (Devil Psyco) 
A group created specifically to fight back against the forces of Sombra (who has been bested) and the Assassin Group, led by the formerly evil Pseudo Porky.

Pseudo Porky

Pseudo Picky/Pilly




Overlord Rico Jr


Weber the Trickster


Emperor Locke Qayin

Nunire (Formerly, Deceased)

Toa Helryx

Toa Lesovikk


The Greyface/Porky Minch (Formerly)


Balloon Boy

     Troa Aligned (also Bolded1) 
A group of what is essentially mercenaries working under Troa, one of the sisters.


  • 0% Approval Rating : Everyone is plotting or has turned against her. Cinke is working against her, Morpho Knight betrayed and fought her, Oca is planning to betray her and Ninth is plotting her revenge.
  • Antagonist Abilities : Beyond her usual brick powers, Troa possess an incredibly potent venom that can adapt to whatever resist it and chew through anything in its path, telepathy, and is physically one of the strongest sisters. She also has a new form, that she can activate with her powers, which grant her an absurd amount of power, allowing her to single-handedly demolish entire groups while shrugging off their best efforts.
  • Ax-Crazy : All Sisters are like that at the very beginning and have to naturally repress it. While Troa was the most successful at first, recent events unlocked this side of her, with the usually composed Troa swearing like a maniac and promising to kill everyone.
    • Likewise, she was quite unhinged while pummeling Ain.
    • She definitely quit being sane by her final battle, shrieking as she kills and maim everyone in her way.
  • Blood Knight : What she eventually become. Troa eagerly invite anyone to fight her, calling out the whole Arena for that purpose. Upon reaching her full power, she eagerly goad the fighters to come at her with their full power, yelling "COME ON !" regularly.
  • Big Bad : The final antagonist of the Sister plot.
  • Bring It : Call out the entire Arena to fight her before her boss fight, and eagerly yell "COME ON !" whenever someone is powering up an attack or directly taking the offensive.
  • Evil Redhead : Troa has red hair and is one of the evil Sisters.
  • Even Evil Has Standards : For all of her flaws, she is unnerved by Mara's treatment of her children and find her disgusting.
    • She was also horrified at the sight of a child's horrifying Time Loop fate and actually tried to help the child twice.
    • In general has a soft spot for children. She is ready to brutalize, torture, maim and betray anyone but she'll never harm children or babies if she can.
  • Evil Is Petty : Make a point to specifically beat down Oca and ditch the fight just to do that. Had she stuck around to finish off the weakened fighters, she could have dealt with less people by the end of it.
  • Hope Crusher : What she try to be during the course of the final leg of her fight.
  • Made of Iron : Withstood Papillo's Final Explosion and promptly reemerged after being struck by it.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown : Dish out one to pretty much everyone during her final battle. It's turned against her, when Neuff put the beatdown on her, along with the entire team afterwards.
    • She also survived the massive amount of powerful attacks sent her way after getting roughed up by Neuff. She was very close to death but it still a very noteworthy feat.
  • Hero Killer : Contribute to the death of more then 15 of her foes during her boss fight.
  • No-Sell : Her default answer to anything thrown at her in her ultimate form.
  • Poisonous Person : Can use a potent venom that adapt to whatever is thrown at it. Furthermore, she has resistance to all kind of toxin.
  • Power Dyes Your Hair: Her hair become bright pink in Limit Breaker.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can : Is locked in prison, and is kept around by her sisters to be unleashed against any potent threat.
  • Smug Super : Grow really arrogant in Limit Breaker, and let herself get hit over and over just to demonstrate the futility of the opposition's effort.
  • Super Mode : Limit Breaker, which bring forth 100% of a Sister's power. With it, the already strong Troa reach the power to lay waste to the planet.
  • The Juggernaut : Nothing can put a dent in Limit Breaker Troa. Gods, ancient weapons, giant monsters, all manners of blasts, the apex of technology, other Sisters, the unleashed full power of an angry Saiyan, a fully unleashed dragon, the surviving Homunculi, the power of Hell, ancient unleashed magic and all kind of godly weapons were unable to put her down. To compliment her massive durability, she was able to successfully plow through all of these attacks and effortlessly slapped around whoever dared to stand in her way, taking their bests attacks and dishing out the pain in return. Only Kirby's amped saber threatened her, but even he was bested when she decided to focus and outright caught his impossibly fast attack bare-handed.
  • Weaksauce Weakness : Limit Breaker take stamina, but Troa used her preparation time to toughen her endurance up, allowing her to use it far longer than Neuff. She also simply doesn't put in that much effort in Limit Breaker mode, and only fight seriously to trash Kirby when he start to actually put in the hurt.
    • Also, affecting her mind telepathically to trick it into going to a far lesser percentage. Though that move only worked because Troa was distracted, fighting off another mind assault and was attacked by a monstrous telepathic power.

Morpho Knight (KiriK)

In "canon", an orange butterfly that absorbed/fused with Galacta Knight to become an identical creature to the beta design of Meta Knight. Here in the Arena, however, that butterfly achieved the same form and power level by absorbing Dark Matter instead. He seeks to fight everyone and win, but his definition of "winning" is a little... murder-y...
  • Better to Die than Be Killed: As Papillo Nouve, she self-destructs on Troa to deny her, in her petty rage, the pleasure of being the one to kill Papillo.
  • Blood Knight: The moment he can't teleport to the targets he and Lord Ninth are being sent after (the Bad Ending!Maximoffs), he decides to fight Lord Ninth instead.
  • Butterfly of Death and Rebirth: Kind of his whole thing. He even has the power to reincarnate in a new body instead of respawning, though it's optional and unlikely to ever be used.
  • Emotion Eater: Maybe. He was able to absorb Dark Matter because of how extreme its fear was at that moment, and when he incites Lord Ninth to rage, he says he "can almost taste [Lord Ninth's] fury" before trying to drain some of her strength.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: A rather strange example. When Morpho Knight fully absorbs another being, its powers are merged with Morpho Knight's own powers in a new form based on that of the being absorbed. However, in an April Fools' event, he swaps powers with Sees, and in order to maintain them his body automatically makes a new transformation based on the Sister. However, Sees is not trapped in a butterfly's body, Morpho Knight can still use his butterfly and puffball forms, and the Sister form comes up with her own name - Papillo Nouve, a distortion of "Papillon Nouveau".
  • Gender Bender: Played with. Morpho Knight's butterfly form is male, but his puffball form, which he uses more often, is sexless. However, he gains a new form thanks to an April Fools' Day event (see "Freaky Friday" Flip above) that happens to be female.
  • Glass Cannon: The greatest flaw in his otherwise-unparalleled abilities. Despite being on a multi-planet level in terms of power, a glancing blow, a throw, and a single direct hit were all it took for an Incarnate (Hope) to give him his first death. This is why he's sided with Troa, to receive armor from her that will fix this problem.
  • Lack of Empathy: It doesn't matter who you are or what you've been through. If you fight him and lose, he will kill you.
  • Lightning Bruiser: He combines flight, Teleport Spam and attack speed on near Speed Blitz level with all of Meta Knight's sword skills and all of Galacta Knight's power.
  • Playing with Fire: After butterflies, his next biggest motif is fire. KiriK decided to expand this motif to full-blown pyrokinesis.
  • Red Baron: The Reborn Butterfly.
  • Sensory Overload: What his psionic burst attack is intended to do to the weak-willed, bombarding all their senses at once to temporarily drive them insane.
  • Suicide Attack: As Papillo Nouve, can apparently utilize a self-destructive blast akin to Vegeta's Final Explosion. Her first time using it was focusing more on the "suicide" than the "attack".
  • Warrior Therapist: By complete accident, he ends up taking this role in his spar with Lord Ninth, questioning her decisions and yelling at her until she starts putting real fury into her attacks.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Loud noise.


Lord Ninth

The future version of Neuff. After Katre succeeded in killing the heroes of the Arena and departed with the babies. Following to witness the deaths of her more rebellious sisters and with her lover and his brother hostages, Lord Ninth was forced to travel across the universes to help alternatives Troas in their own success. Exhausted and mentally scarred by her task, Lord Ninth hates what she has become nearly as much as she hates her big sisters.
  • Stoic Woobie: She's been through a lot and refuses to emote again. Morpho Knight forces her to get angry again at him during their spar, just so he'll know what it looks like when a fighter is enraged.

     Silent Shrine Group (TropeYoshi) 
A mixed group of compadres that calls the recently built Silent Shrine their base.


Suika Ibuki

Yuugi Hoshiguma

The Spider (Rbade)

  • Animalistic Abomination: Definitely not of this world.
  • Gratuitous Latin: Downplayed. The Spider's birth language is classical Latin, but pretty much everyone in the arena speaks in English, so it usually conforms.
  • How Do I Shot Web?: Ironically, not with webs. It had a bit of trouble with energy manipulation at first.

     Spiralblock Peak Bosses (KiriK) 
A group of largely-unrelated villains that appear on Spiralblock Peak to challenge the adventurers seeking to reach the mountaintop.

Security Force

A Haltmann Works Company security force robot that lies dormant on the first white cube of Spiralblock Peak, until Yellow Kirby and Darius step forth, at which point it suddenly springs to life.

Proteus Ridley

The one and only immortal cyborg space-pirate dragon, descending from the skies above the second white cube to challenge the assembled party.

The Flood

Yes, ''that'' Flood. Infesting the third and final white cube, the mass of malicious flesh comes in the group package of a Tank Form, a Ranged Form, a Spartan-IV Combat Form, and a shrunken-down Gravemind.

Dark Fiddlesticks-X

Fiddlesticks, having devoured Dark Matter, an X Parasite, and the soul of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. Awaited Yellow Kirby, Darius, and Katarina (the two Noxians both played by Bolded1) atop a platform in the skies above Spiralblock Peak, and immediately started warping the entire Arena's environment upon his transformation, prompting Oca, Thor, Neuff, Sorin, and Kennith to join the fight. The Final Boss of Spiralblock Peak.
  • Didn't See That Coming: His reaction to Yellow Kirby's gambit actually working.
  • Rasputinian Death: In one round, he's swarmed by electronic drones, barraged by spears of darkness, pummeled by two Noxian champions unleashing their skills simultaneously, uppercutted by Mjolnir, and finally done in with a Yin-Yang Bomb of star shots fired by Yellow Kirby, who is at that point a Physical God. Word of God says he only ended the fight that round just because of how many attacks were coming at him from all sides at the same time.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Despite having powered up to a level where all other Champions have long been left in his dust, he's still bound by the laws of League of Legends, and so Darius' Apprehend ability is able to disarm him with little effort.

X Parasite Monsters

Clones of the adventurers fighting Dark Fiddlesticks-X, created by the scarecrow using X Parasites.

Oca Tuberosa-X

See Oxa Tuberosa's entry under the folder "Dragon Ball Characters and OCs" below.

Tri-Color Dragon X

Originally a Winged Dragon of Ra conjured up by Dark Fiddlesticks-X, he used X Parasites to give it a Red-Eyes Black Dragon head and a Blue-Eyes White Dragon head, turning it into a three-headed, three-colored nightmare dragon.

    The Gods (Bolded1) 
The mythological deities. Sentient pieces of the universe that rule over separate worlds with their own pantheons, they defend mortals against abomination, invading gods and conquerors from other worlds beyond their own.

  • Adaptational Heroism : Most of the gods's nastier acts are omitted or explained away, and they tend to defend mortals without questions. However, most are still high and mighty or rather petty.
  • Blue and Orange Morality : Some. While they fight off invaders, they don't really mind using mortals or other gods to further their own schemes. Also, gods from different worlds are forbidden from fighting each other, unless the other god is making an assault on the defending god's world.
  • God of Evil : Those exist, but they are content with the evil that is already spread across the world. They are the hardest gods to kill, because their domain is one of the hardest to destroy for good, but they tend to stay put to avoid any sealing.
  • Gods Need Prayer Badly : Inverted. The gods were born with the universe, and predate mortals by a long shot. They do not need prayers of any kind to function efficiently.
  • Our Gods Are Different : Sentient pieces of the universe with their own domains. They can't be destroyed by "weakening" their domains but they can certainly grow stronger with it (for an instance, a god of war will gain more power if conflicts rage on). Their human guise is just a matter of perception, and they adopt an automatic A Form You Are Comfortable With with any species they interact with. They are also linked to the universe, and grow stronger by meditating and understanding it.
  • Physical God : The strongest human weapons can't hope to scratch them, and they fight beings that can destroy worlds and more. All of them have godly strength, speed, senses and durability and are generally ageless. Some are immortal while others (like the Norse) needs other means to be immortal. They also have powers depending on their domains.
  • Zerg Rush : A phenomenon called the "Godwave" link the gods together and grant them more powers whenever they team up, which grant them immense power whenever they adopt that strategy. All the gods combined were strong enough to ''kill' the elder gods in their true forms.

ZEUS (Bolded1)

The Skyfather god of sky, law, justice, order and the thunder. While lecherous, extremely prideful and wrathful, this ZEUS is quite more heroic than his mythological self.

  • Abusive Dad : Mostly averted (shockingly enough) but he's very unsupportive of Ares and constantly dismiss, belittle and compare him unfavorably to Athena.
  • Adaptational Heroism : While he's a jerk, a cheating husband and overly prideful, this ZEUS is overall far better than his mythological self and regularly defends humanity from beasts from beyond. He also refuses to rape or harm his wives and his Abusive Dad streak is only limited to Ares.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking : The strongest of the Greek gods and their leader as a result. He can single-handedly take on enemies that terrorize the entire Greek pantheon and has been commanding their eternal respect since eons.
  • Caps Lock : How he communicate with others, and how his name is spelled.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass : Not really "moron" but when stuff gets serious, ZEUS drops the loud boasting attitude and gets to work.
  • Doting Parent : How he acts towards the children that impress him. He's extremely proud and lenient towards Herakles or Athena and usually goes out of his way to protect his children from Hera's wrath. That said, he has no interest in raising them and only step in when they are threatened by something beyond a human parent's ability, such as another god.
  • Hidden Depths : To fully evolve to the level of an Allfather, a god has to perfectly understand the universe around him. This means that ZEUS is definitely far more knowledgeable than he looks like, and is much smarter than he seems.
  • Large Ham: His flair for the dramatic and penchant for speaking louder than necessary have been lampshaded more than once.
  • Reality Warper : What his connection to the universe entails. At home, ZEUS can essentially do anything by willing it. In the Arena, he packs some esoteric powers along with his more usual abilities but he's far more restrained.
  • Shock and Awe : His main power.
  • Super Strength : Is strong enough to tear Typhon apart and spread his remains all over the sky, forming the stars themselves.

Thor (Bolded1)

The Aesir god of thunder, lightning, storms, the protection of mankind, oak trees, strength, and hallowing and fertility.

  • Large Ham: Be it in battle or even an ordinary conversation, he's quite fond of speaking as loudly and bombastically as possible.

Loki (Bolded1, Deceased)

The Asgardian (technically from Asgard but not recognized as an Aesir) deity of mischief and trickery. This particular Loki is quite a bit more evil than the others, using trickery or violence to achieve his goals of random destruction for the sake of his own pleasure.
  • Adaptational Villainy : Even compared to his original Myths self. This Loki is more than ready to plunge worlds into chaos if he wants, and is known as a colossal asshole across the lands even beyond the Nine Realms.
  • Big Bad : Of the "gods plot". Loki is the nastiest of the gods and is a threat to everyone in the Arena. Subverted when he turns out to be a Disc-One Final Boss for the true main villain, Set.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing : Present himself to Crazy Hand as a curious do-gooder, he's the exact opposite of that.
  • Can't Kill You, Still Need You : What guarantee his Karma Houdini status in his original world. Odin keeps him wrangled and use his intelligence to directly increase Asgard's power as well as his own. This means that killing or harming Loki would trigger the full wrath of Asgard and its allied realms, preventing the other gods from taking action.
  • Doomed by Canon : His eventual Fate Worse than Death is to get maimed at Ragnarok and suffer in the new world as Nidhogg's chewing toy until said new world fate too. Even if he survive in the Arena, as a result, he is bound to meet Karma at the end of all things.
  • Evil Redhead : A redhead very willing to torment poor souls for the sake of a few kicks.
  • Faux Affably Evil : Is always laid-back and composed, even while inflicting atrocities upon some unfortunate victim. He also refers to people as "pal" quite a lot.
  • For the Evulz : What his plans usually boil down to, when he's not on Odin's behalf. Meaningless torment is what Loki lives for.
  • Lean and Mean : Tall, gaunt-looking and as evil as they come.
  • Made Of Diamonds : Absurdly durable. While he can still be damaged and killed, it takes a truly fantastic amount of damage to even make Loki re-consider his options, and he can casually get back up from horrifying beatings. Even god slaying weapons, while they can kill him much quicker than any regular weapon, needs several blows to do the jobs themselves.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: He possesses all the maturity of a cruel spoiled brat. Narktus even outright describes him as such.
  • Smug Snake : Has shades of this. Loki rely on his sheer durability, his magic and Odin's protection to escape karma. When neither of those can save him, he'll quickly try to bargain for his life or even grovel.
  • The Bully : He does tends to target mortals with his "pranks", since unlike the gods, they can hardly defend themselves from him.
  • The Trickster : His whole job. Loki is skilled at tricking people about his intentions, though he usually tends to get a little careless and arrogant.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Once things began going downhill for him, his usual smugness gave way to a loud, violent temper tantrum.

    The Robotic Series (SymeSynth and Various]) 
Beings forcefully converted into robotic weapons by a malignant organisation, and mind-controlled to follow the group's every bidding. However, they soon successfully revolted against their converters, slaughtering the entire organisation. Now, most of them are wanderers, trying to pick up the pieces of what had been done to them.

Tropes applying to the group as a whole:

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Before the revolt, they were perfectly obedient killing machines that would wipe out entire civilisations without emotion nor remorse.
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: Zig-zagged. Some of the RS remain mostly as themselves, while others have lost grasp of their original personality.
  • One-Man Army: One of their chief traits is that even a single unit of the RS will prove enough trouble to take out. Take that idea and add more members, and you have a world-ending scenario.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Every single one of them, potentially, as they were explicitly designed by the Organisation to be extremely powerful weapons.

    Grimm Troupe (QuirkyTurtle and KiriK) 
A mysterious demonic circus troupe who have settled in Primordia, who serve double duty as the keepers and rulers of the Nightmare Realm. They usually only show up to perform the Ritual.

Grimm (QuirkyTurtle)

The leader of the troupe, Grimm is a vampire-like humanoid with pyrokinesis and teleportation. In truth, he is the Nightmare King, a being who is eternally reincarnating as long as the Heart of Grimm deep within the Nightmare Realm beats, kept alive through the Ritual.

Brumm (QuirkyTurtle)

An enigmatic character who seems to do nothing but play the accordion all day. Brumm is, in fact, one of the only troupe members to truly consider defying the Nightmare King an option, and has once before tried to stop the Ritual

Divine (QuirkyTurtle)

A queen of some unknown giant insect race, Divine is one of the newer members of the troupe. She resides outside of the main tent in a smaller one, partly due to preference and partly due to her habit of getting the floor covered in blood whenever she has lunch.

Nightmare (KiriK)

Newest member of the troupe, having joined up as Grimm's reward for participating in an Epic Event. A conglomerate of nightmares in the solidified form of a diabolical wizard. Likes to talk... and cackle maniacally.

    The Incarnates (Blackie) 
Once the first being felt emotions, the first of the Incarnates awakened. Over the last few thousand years, they have melded, formed and shaped their home dimension as they see fit for their survival.

Tropes regarding them all

Hope Incarnate

Love Incarnate

aka Golara

Fear Incarnate

aka Tare

Lust Incarnate

aka Doodle

Satisfaction Incarnate

aka Jack Satisfaction

Despair Incaranate

aka Serdiin

Wrath Incarnate

aka Tezin

    Independent Characters (various) 
These characters do not belong to a faction or place in particular, and are merely out for their own goals.


The New God from Apokolips, sent to engulf the Arena with The Unity, Steppenwolf was defeated and his invasion was repelled, with Darkseid himself destroying his body. However, Steppenwolf live on in his helmet and weapons, in endless agony, ready to be unleashed on the Arena again.
  • Asshole Victim : The unpleasant, world-destroying general's ultimate fate of eternal torment is unpleasant yet well-deserved one.
  • Adaptational Badass : A weird exemple. Most New Gods from Apokolips cannot use Mother Boxes because of the boxes's ties to The Source. Steppenwolf has one that actually lives on.
  • An Axe to Grind : Steppenwolf's main weapon is a powerful axe, capable of slicing through nearly anything. Since it's a Mother Box, it can also use a plethora of powers, but he stick to slicing.
  • Composite Character : Take a lot of inspiration from his Earth-2 counterpart, but his goal is somewhat similar to his movie counterpart.
  • Clipped-Wing Angel : His "True Steppenwolf" form is too strong to be mentally defied and is immune to physical attacks, but cannot interact with the world and force him to stay near his items. As a result, he's all but defeated when forced to assume this form.
  • Physical God : As a New God, he boast a power that surpass any mortal.
  • Made of Iron : While vulnerable to piercing or slashing attacks, Steppenwolf is very durable to blunt attacks. He can take all-out assaults from DIO, charged attacks from Varik (though not at full power) or blows from Mjolnir and keep fighting. Later on, he was able to take attacks from Thor, Areui, Kirue, Varik or Walter and survived being at the core of the explosion that wiped out his castle and devastated a large part of Cauldros, only being defeated for good after more blows from the heroes.
  • Soul Jar : His current state, whoever picks up his helmet and axe will be infected with True Steppenwolf's soul and will end up as his next vessel.
  • Uncertain Doom : Was last "seen" being taken away by a suspicious individual, in his helpless form.

Tyzii (Tyzey)

A phoenix that escaped human genocide twice over - as a result he is no longer trusting of humans very easily.

The Jambastion Mages (KiriK)

A trio of warrior cultists who once sought to revive their universe's Destroyer of Worlds. They hail from a time after the defeat of the Void Termina, and with Lord Hyness dead they have nowhere to go. A Heel–Face Turn looks to be on the horizon for them...

Alt.Demo (DevilPsyco)

Anna and Jake (DevilPsyco)

A merchant couple hailing from the Fire Emblem universe who've temporarily set up shop and smithy in the Arena.
  • Action Girl: Don't underestimate Anna because she's a merchant. She's more than capable of fighting.
  • Armor-Piercing Attack: Anna has the Aether skill, which, if it activates, will allow her to perform a consecutive attack, the second one of which pierces defenses.
  • Elemental Weapon: Anna wields the Levin Sword, which allows her to shoot lightning.
  • Energy Bow: Anna wields the Shining Bow, a bow that fires magically created arrows and, unlike nearly all other weapons she sells in her shop, cannot be worn out and break.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: They grew up in the same village and ended up falling in love.
  • Healing Hands: Anna can use healing staves with which she can heal people around her - though not herself.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Anna comes to form a close friendship with Nicole.
  • Money Fetish: Anna, hands down. She absolutely loves gold and will think of various schemes to get rich quick.
  • Plucky Girl: Once again, Anna, hands down. She's incredibly optimistic, rarely showing sadness or anger.
  • Secret Shop: While not nearly as secret as in the games, Anna's shop still carries the trademark name, and still sells incredibly rare items as well, like stat boosters.
  • Shock and Awe: Anna's Levin Sword, which channels lightning.
  • The Blacksmith: Jake's main job in the Secret Shop. While Anna sells weapons, Jake can forge said weapons to become stronger.
  • Wealthy Ever After: Anna's and Jake's end goal, for once they're done journeying around and settle down, so that they'll never have to worry about financial issues.

Omagi (DevilPsyco)

The Knight (QuirkyTurtle)

A small emotionless caricature of a race of giant insects, existing for no purpose but combat. Nevertheless, their entrance into the Arena has granted them something resembling a personality.

Herald (QuirkyTurtle)

A rather friendly anthropomorphic moth who serves as a vessel for Radiance, a god of light and the ruler of the Dream World.

Jaclyn + CH-4926 (QuirkyTurtle)

A Pilot and her Titan who found themselves in the Arena after accidentally dropping into a dimensional anomaly, they now mostly spend their time wandering around picking fights.

Ari Huntley (QuirkyTurtle)

A sniper and high-ranking operative of a guerrilla army, and a surprisingly nice person. Will add more as I use the character.

Reyna (KiriK)

A huntress of monsters who's... a little messed up in the head.

Galileo (KiriK)

A level 100 shiny Rayquaza contained within a Cherish Ball. It came to the Arena without its longtime Trainer, and Reyna (who tried to murder it when they first met) has become its new Trainer.

    Dragon Ball Characters and OCs (various) 






Played by KiriK, the God of Destruction is little to no different from his canon counterpart. Having been sucked into the Arena by the same time rift that brought Callis (look down a couple entries), he cares little for the quarrels of the Arena and just seeks to enjoy himself - sometimes in the form of issuing quests with big rewards, but complete destruction as the price for failure.
  • Readings Are Off the Scale: It's pretty ambiguous, but Beerus might be so powerful that his very presence breaks the Arena's innate power limiting. If this is true, then that means he's unaffected by the nerfs and is thus leagues beyond everyone else, even characters who could kick his ass in their original canon. However, if this truly does apply to him, then it must also apply to Whis and Zen'O, two characters far beyond him who have only made brief showings in the Arena proper.

Zelerie (Bolded1)

A Saiyan from Universe 7. Hailing from the golden age of the Saiyan empire, Zelerie is a powerful elite who take pride in the immense destruction caused by her actions. Having unlocked the legendary golden mode, she now aim for the godly heights of her race.
  • Action Girl : A woman, and the strongest Saiyan in her timeline.
  • Ax-Crazy : Gleefully destroy entire planets, slaughters Oca in a supposedly friendly match and wish to gruesomely murder him and Courne. Zelerie is crazy enough to make other Saiyans worried about her.
  • Big Eater : Enjoy food a lot. She actually only destroy planets after "visiting" their empty kitchens.
  • Golden Super Mode : Super Saiyan, of course.
  • Killed Off for Real: By Quator.
  • Hidden Depths : Actually dropped her guard after slaying Oca with Courne, hinting that she might actually see him as a genuine ally.
  • Physical God : Her end-goal.
  • Strong and Skilled: When not flipping out, Zelerie is very intelligent and can absorb techniques or fighting styles very easily. She combine her skills with all of her raw power, making her very dangerous. This trait is natural for all saiyans though.
  • Jerkass: Beside all the planets she destroyed, beside all of her natural cruelty and beside her nature as a saiyan, Zelerie is a thoroughly unpleasant person to anyone she meets.

Pera (Drileyx)

Callis (KiriK)

A Saiyan Time Patroller who got pulled into the Arena when she accidentally warped herself into a spacetime rift, and the first Saiyan OC with the power of Super Saiyan Blue to enter the Arena, immediately wowing fellow Saiyans Zelerie and Oca on arrival... only to be humbled herself by the sudden appearance of Lord Beerus. She's now on a mission from Beerus: Train at least two non-divine Saiyans in the Arena to achieve Super Saiyan God. The only condition for failure is giving up, and the only price for giving up... is destruction by Beerus's hand.

Kryo (Def Revenge 24601)

A Frieza Race Time Patroller who appeared in the Arena due to a clerical error. After completing the "mission" (which it seems a whole heaping of Patrollers are chosen for), he was given the job of managing alternate timelines, no matter how crazy they may be.
  • All There in the Manual: Most information seen here is not relayed upon Kryo's first appearance in the Arena.
  • Alternate Continuity: From a version of the Xenoverse plotline that expands on the idea of Multiverse Theory, including most fanworks as simply alternate timelines.
  • The Chosen Many: Was chosen for the special "mission"... along with what he later learned as all the patrollers in Conton City; they're all from slightly alternate timelines in which the only difference is who was chosen.
    • Also, there are quite a few people given Kryo's job, including the Supreme Kai Of Time from his universe.
  • Combo Platter Powers: Has trained under a variety of masters, which leads to him knowing and using a variety of abilities.
  • Who Watches the Watchmen?: Kryo does. He is given a position that has him watching over alternate timelines, including other versions of Conton City.

    Nuclearversers (Rbade) 

The inhabitants of an incredibly large, not to mention particularly long version of the Dragon Ball universe affected by massive amounts of Canon Welding and Patchwork Fic. Incredibly varied, though most of them either originate from the Great Offscreen War between the Kaidom and Chaos, or the main 'Seventh Apocalypse' setting on scorched Terra.

Aajaye (Rbade)

  • Achilles' Heel: Like most of her race, the bare fact that she has zip durability makes her easy to dispose of in a fight if she's caught unprepared.
  • A Hero to His Hometown: A well respected brawler in her hometown of the Muscle Xeno Ghetto, even if she never worked up the guts to go up against the mob.
  • Alternate Continuity: From the 'Nuclearverse'.
  • Arm Cannon: Can morph her hand into mimicking a gun, which surprisingly actually has an effect.
  • The Assimilator: Totally averted; it looks like only the original Majin Buu is able to absorb opponents and take their traits.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Like her distant ancestor, a jellylike mass of living goo in the shape of a humanoid that can be freely manipulated and regenerated. In addition, the 'head tentacle' (in this case her hair) expands relative to the amount of ki stored within her body.
  • Boxing Battler: A lot of her moves are punch-based.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Downplayed. While she's usually pretty serious and snarky, she can get pretty out there when excited or determined
  • Deadpan Snarker: Can be very sarcastic and deadpan.
  • Deceased Parents Are the Best: Her mother was killed by the local mob when she was very young, and her dad died of a brain aneurysm just a few years later.
  • Defense Mechanism Superpower: Averted for her, but played straight for her species at large. Very few Majin are actively able to take full advantage of their physiology’s malleable nature without either significant duress or intense focus. She, however, is relatively able to morph freely.
  • Eldritch Location: The inside of her body technically counts, warping space and not lining up with normal biological or physical principles.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Can eat anything. Period.
  • Fusion Dance: Accidentally engages in one with Ceres when they hear about the ‘Dance of the Dragon’.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Actually has mixed parentage; her mother was a fellow majin, but the dad that raised her was a plain sub.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Has no form of armor whatsoever. Her healing factor makes this completely moot.
  • Healing Factor: A basic attribute of her species, which has basically made them into the one of the dominant life forms on Terra.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Is crass with a moral interior, unlike Oca who can be affable but lacks in ethical considerations.
  • Lamarck Was Right: She, and the rest of the majin race, have inherited the abilities Majin Buu snatched from his absorbees.
  • Made of Magic: Like most daemons, her biology decidedly does not follow normal physical or biological laws. This allows her kind to circumvent normal biological barriers, however.
  • Magic Knight: Despite not being completely in her style, she nevertheless has several magical abilities which come in useful.
  • Player Inventory: Is this for Oca, who utilized her particular physiology to craft it.
  • Strong and Skilled: Pretty powerful and definitely skilled in melee. She combines this with her physiology for devastating combat effect.
  • Theme Naming: Following the majin trend, her name is derived from a 'magic word'; "aajaye".
  • Visual Pun: Her ‘Key Attack’. Oca almost had a conniption when she first used it.

Ceres Leigh (Rbade)

  • Alternate Continuity: From the 'Nuclearverse'.
  • Bandit Clan: Was taken into one of these once she ran away from her more noble life, though it mostly disbanded once they hit it really big.
  • Battle Couple: Oca and her make a devastatingly effective team, as Past!Trunks finds out when he drops in.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Honestly has the potential to be a very effective fighter on her own, but her happy-go-lucky attitude keeps her from being deeply motivated; and prevents her from unlocking the secret to the Super Saiyan.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: An unshameful straight up Earthbender.
  • Dumb Blond: Downplayed. She's not stupid, but... well, bandits didn't see the advantages of teaching her how to read. Or do maths.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Despite being the most morally guided of the group, she will still not hesitate to murder obvious villains.
  • Good Stepmother: Really doesn't care about (or understand) the origins of Zelerie Junior and Oxa, and treats them as beloved children regardless.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Inverted. A technically a fusion of multiple species, but all of them are either Human Subspecies or Human Aliens, and all of the mixing is far enough in the past to not be immediately notable.
  • Harmless Villain: Really never gave much of a damn about her bandito lifestyle; she only stuck with it for King, and to keep away from the main Yunzabitoplian aristocracy.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Downplayed. She was originally part of what was the setting’s Goldfish Poop Gang before straight up getting bored and joining the protagonists because Oca also got bored in a skirmish and asked if she wanted to see a movie instead.
  • Like Brother and Sister: Having spent half of her life working with him, she really does care about King. Even him turning into a vampire only puts her off momentarily.
  • Named by the Adaptation: Her and her entire lineage; the "Briefs" family get the surname 'Leigh' here.
  • Power Dyes Your Hair: Inverted. She dyes her hair because stupid people kept misinterpreting her blond hair as meaning that she was a Super Saiyan.
  • Royal Blood: Despite being an pseudo-outlaw, is technically part of Yunzabitopil’s aristocracy, and thus related to Vegeta Junior, though the relation is relatively distant.
  • Sexy Scandinavian / Southern Belle: Falls into both; she was part of the Yunzabitoplit The Beautiful Elite, but mostly raised in the south-styled Merland with her maternal cousins.
  • Smarter Than You Look: Acts pretty ditzy, but is generally competent.
  • Staying with Friends: Did this a lot when she was younger, as her parents fully realized how corrupt the Yunzabitoplian aristocracy was growing; enough that she has a Merlandian accent instead of a Yunzabitoplian one.
  • Token Good Teammate: Probably the only member of the group to be outright extroverted and morally righteous without any lacking ethics.
  • Weaponized Ball: Can use ordinary martial arts (and has some Earthman blood), but her main method of attack is a ball-and-chain.

Child!Oca Tuberosa (Rbade)

  • Alternate Continuity: Was from a quantum branch of the 'Nuclearverse'.
  • Alternate Self: Is one of Oca Tuberosa, though the only real difference is that he entered the Arena at a much earlier age.
  • The Artful Dodger: Acts as this in the Arena; compared to the Great Paozu Wastes, his new home of Primordia is damn near paradise and it shows in his new attitude.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Tried to be this to Ken Tahn, not knowing he was a professional crook in his own right.
  • Boring, but Practical: Often opts for the least flashy but most devastatingly effective tactic he can, such as learning to use slings or biting his opponent's throat off.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Manages to use a former Demon Den in a plot to off Lord Yao; to take his money, a'course.
  • Combat Pragmatist: An absolute necessity, considering the massive difference in power between him and damn near everything else in the setting (including baseline humans).
  • Everything Trying to Kill You: Sees literally every other being on the wastes as a deadly threat, and is mostly completely right.
  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Has had to learn how to do this.
  • I Hate Past Me: Adult Oca considers him pathetic in every way.
  • Innocence Lost: Running around in the Paozu Wastes has not exactly been kind to his idealism.
  • Phantom Thief: Knows his limits, but when he does go out for a steal he is almost never linked to it afterwards.
  • Puny Earthlings: Even compared to other Terrans he is puny, but especially compared to the mutants and daemons wandering the wastes.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: Stealing candy? Fine. Shooting a nice adult to take their supplies? Not so fine.
  • Used to Be a Sweet Kid: Before he was loose on the wastes he had a loving family; it's too bad bandits had to wipe them out.

Eggmet (Rbade)

  • Alternate Continuity: From the 'Nuclearverse'.
  • Chest Monster: One could be forgiven for thinking that this being was a spiffy ancient treasure chest or... well, a literal kaiju egg.
  • Emergency Transformation: Is somehow, after 'inputting' the konami code, able to transform into a mech.
  • Familiar: Acts as this to Oca, being the most notable of his 'captures' once he starts them up.
  • The Goomba: Its species the 'mythological' inspiration for the metools.
  • Mook–Face Turn: Once Oca captures it, it figures working as a legendary assassin's pet might increase its chances of survival.
  • Inexplicably Awesome: Is much tougher and more combative than most of its kind, though that could be explained by mutation.
  • Recurring Extra: Was this for a while, before Oca ended up snatching him up towards the end of the Limbo Saga in Seventh Apocalypse.
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: Has a thing against Slinger's pet terrier for some reason.

Eternal Kakarotto (Rbade)

  • The Ace: Widely regarded as the best fighter the Nuclearverse has to offer.
  • Alternate Continuity: From the ‘Nuclearverse’.
  • Always a Bigger Fish: While he tends to stay in Sector 7, if a daemon in another area grows too big of a problem for its branch of the CCP to beat off it will come face to face with the Primal God.
  • Berserk Button: Despite being immortalized in the universe’s memory, Vegeta had the last laugh. He is and forevermore will be known as ‘Kakarotto’.
  • Big Eater: Is technically capable of devouring worlds.
  • Challenge Seeker: Went out of his way to fight Middler out of sheer boredom.
  • Complete Immortality: Is pretty much impossible to off at this point.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Can be averted if he gets riled up enough, but for the most part he is so bored with fighting that he just wants it to be over as quickly as possible and will take the shortest route to end it.
  • Composite Character: An amalgamation of his incarnations from GT, Super, Zeroverse, and more.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Very common when you are fighting the Primal God.
  • Death Is Cheap: While he's pretty busy, if you're important don't expect to ever stay dead for long.
  • Deity of Human Origin: Well, saiyan origin, but he ascended to the ranks of Saiyan God and then Primal God.
  • Determinator: Despite growing tired of fighting, he still trained relentlessly, knowing that he couldn't allow his comrades of convenience to catch up to him.
  • Does Not Like Magic: Prefers not to use it, as it cheapens a fight even more than normal. However, if he actually has to… he is literally mostly Eternal Dragon.
  • Dull Eyes of Unhappiness: Can be seen with these frequently.
  • Fantastic Racism: No matter how many absurdly powerful daemons he offs, he will always be a filthy monkey to the rest.
  • Fusion Dance: Has essentially absorbed all the eternal dragons: Shenron, Porunga, Ultimate Shenron, and Super Shenron. And now pieces of Dark Shenron.
  • Next Tier Power-Up: Inverted. He has gone through damn near every single one possible and is now in the business of stacking them together.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: No matter how horrible things get or how brooding he becomes, he will never utter something that wouldn't be heard in a PG film.
  • Humble Hero: Still doesn't tend to brag outside of serious fights, and even then purely for intimidation.
  • Kung-Fu Wizard: He uses the Dragon Balls for mundane utility but is still able to kick physical and magical ass.
  • Odd Friendship: Is affable with Single. This is probably because Single both is not out to destroy the universe and eclipses him in power enough to give him an actual good fight.
  • Readings Are Off the Scale: He is fucking Goku, of course this applies to him.
  • Physical Religion: Is worshipped by the vast majority of the cosmos as an invincible deity.
  • Shrouded in Myth: Not much is really known about him or 'his butler Pickler'.
  • Spirit Advisor: He meets with his original primal predessecor Purimalitus towards the end of the Zeroverse Saga, and learns the truth about the saiyans' ancient origins.
  • Wave Motion Gun: When he really needs to kill something dead but isn't serious enough to just unexistify it, he can distill the power of the Super Dragon Balls into a raw beam of energy.
  • Victory Is Boring: Fighting just doesn’t hold the same appeal after having gotten too capable of it. As a result, he generally acts far less energetic than his canon self.
  • Weredragon: Is a fusion of Goku and the Eternal Dragons, and can pick which body he manifests in at will.
  • The Worf Effect: Was barely able to put up a fight against the XX in the Baseline.

Gold!Oca (Rbade)

  • Alternate Continuity: From the Golden Ending of the Nuclearverse.
  • Alternate Self: One future version of Oca, from a world where he just screwed off when the March of Chaos began.
  • Badass Grandpa: Getting into his fifties, and well above the average power level of even the most powerful characters in the original series.
  • Crapsack Only by Comparison: Inverted; his version of events is only Golden by comparision. His world’s fate could be considered the black ending of many other settings, but compared to the ‘’actual’’ black ending and the neutral canon ending it's damn near beautiful.
  • Crapsack World: The inhabitants are sturdy, so their actions don’t usually indicate it, but this is the best possible ending he could have gotten outside the Recusoline.
  • Grumpy Old Man: Definitely this. He can still be goofy with his oldest friends but he is usually ornery, and the life has been sucked out of his demeanor.
  • Happily Married: Perhaps surprisingly, his relationship with his version of Ceres is stronger than ever.
  • Nanomachines: The vast majority of his body is made up of these.
  • Old Friend: Sarah and perhaps GE!Thor are this to him, and as a consequence are among the few people he talks to relatively frequently outside his base.
  • Retired Badass: Rarely engages in any sort of action other than nuking the shit out of tresspassers.
  • Scale of Scientific Sins: Has gone up and down the list several times in his lonely life in the arena.
  • Screw This, I'm Out of Here!: The only reason he survived. His more heroic Black Ending self was smote instantly, and his more reasonably loyal Baseline self was caught in a bolivian army ending.
  • Spacetime Eater: The daemon that brought his world to an end. Luckily it seemed content to just ice that particular cosmos and isn’t moving for a while.
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill: Has taken this motto fully to heart; why have a guard dog when you can have automated railguns?
  • Transhuman: Ridiculously powerful compared to his present self, and almost entirely mechanical.

Giree Gearson (Rbade)

  • Alternate Continuity: From the 'Nuclearverse'.
  • Big Eater: Like most characters in the setting.
  • Breath Weapon: Uses several variants of it, including fire breath and straight up lasers.
  • Broken Bird: He can hide it but his brutal time in the wastes really broke him; though to be fair, that isn't uncommon if you're dumb enough to travel without a caravan.
  • Emotional Bruiser: Remains timid despite being strong enough to smash a planet in half.
  • Extreme Omnivore: Meat, veggies, empty soda cans... if it has any sort of value it can be downed as a snack for the big guy.
  • Flight: One of the few characters who uses powered flight instead of levitating through some sort of energy or magic.
  • Instant Roast: Does this often to whatever food supplies he has on hand.
  • Lazy Dragon: Him, like most of his kind, tend to be a little slothful. Probably why they have those beer bellies.
  • Liquid Courage: Picked up a Hetap habit from Oca, and drinks heavily. Well, eats cans of Hetap heavily.
  • Meaningful Name: Totally averted. He’s named after what is technically another entity in the setting, but it has no important meaning whatsoever.
  • Mood Dissonance: Common in a setting where the apocalypse is just normal life. The tone in general is similar to the original Dragon Ball despite the objective grimness. Only Giree really takes notice of it.
  • Morality Pet: Downplayed, but he’s still one of the few people Oca would be willing to help unconditionally.
  • Nervous Wreck: He deals pretty poorly under pressure, and tends to shy away from conflict.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Inverted. He’s certainly draconic, but actual dragons also exist in the setting, so he is classified as ‘not one’.
  • Rage Breaking Point: Well, he seems timid, but provoke him enough and you can see just how unstable and violent he can get.
  • Stout Strength: The bruiser of the group, and also definitely the largest.
  • Subverted Innocence: Is honestly rather unstable under his veneer of timidity. Growing up on the wastes will do that to you.
  • Supernatural Martial Arts: While not quite a mage some of his moves can be pretty out-there, like the Electric Body Slam.
  • Super Spit: Can projectile vomit sticky-giras-gum to incapacitate opponents.
  • Theme Naming: It's pretty basic, but like most of his kind his name starts with 'G'.
  • Walking the Earth: Was this for quite a long time after leaving his hometown of Giras City.
  • Whole Plot Reference: His backstory is modeled after the plot of The Protomen almost up until the end.
  • Unknown Rival: Spent a huge chunk of his life trying to prepare for a return to Giras City to overthrow the Terrordactyl. The Terrordactyl didn’t even know he existed until Giree kicked open the door to charge him.
  • You Killed My Father: He really has a grudge against the Terrordactyl for killing his pop, and his older brother.

King (Rbade)

  • Amusing Injuries: Subject to these frequently, due to his infinite regen.
  • Bandit Clan: Was a part of a rather large one of these back in the day with Ceres.
  • Cannot Cross Running Water: Inverted; this only applies to holy water, which is particularly... uncommon.
  • Desert Bandits: Was a fairly well-known bandit back in the day.
  • Fat Slob: Definitely isn't quiet at the dinner table, though that isn't exactly uncommon for anyone in this world.
  • The Fellowship Has Ended: The old bandit clan had a good run, and one day they hit it real big. Then... everyone else settled down; only he and Ceres kept at the life for a while longer.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampire: A valued member of the community of Paozu Central he settled down in, since he wipes out mutants in exchange for getting to devour them.
  • Football Hooligans: Is particularly enthusiastic about matches of Calcio Storico. He favors the Upper Paozu Punchneks, and in turn is not a fan of the Lower Paozu Bourgeoisie.
  • Furry Reminder: Gets infanticidal urges upon looking at babies.
  • Fur Against Fang: Defied. King is a beastman who signed up at the local Vampire Guild for conversion.
  • Goldfish Poop Gang: Was a head of this with Ceres before they split up; one to join Oca's party, and him to become a vamp.
  • The Heart: Surprisingly, he was this to his old bandit clan; Ceres would've been happy to just kill and run, but King always steered his partners towards comfortable nonlethal means.
  • Hunter of His Own Kind: Part of the Vampire Guild's duties involves taking out any more asserive vamps that might give them a bad name.
  • Immortality: Unless attacked with a particular weakness or outright atomized, he can pull back from damn near any attack nigh-instantly.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite having been a bandit and now a vampire, was always a bit of a softie underneath his grumpy persona.
  • King of Thieves: Inverted. His name is King and... that's about it, he was more 'that wacky loner' than anyone feared or respected.
  • Magical Society: Where he works now; he joined up with the Vampire Guild, though he's kinda regretting it.
  • Missing Reflection: Only applies in the very specific circumstances of being digitally recorded or the reflective surface being holy or 'pure'. Otherwise averted.
  • Must Be Invited: Totally averted for vamps in the setting.
  • Nice Hat: Wears a massive sombrero to shield himself from sunlight. Subverted in that Oca constantly mocks him for it.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: Can survive in daylight for a bit but doesn’t like it, and can devour any fluid, not just blood. Also, is able to consciously control whether or not a bite results in the spread.
  • Power at a Price: Vampires can be extremely effective in combat. Unfortunately, this means he is totally unable to use ordinary ki force anymore.
  • Revive Kills Zombie: Ki is almost useless to him, and holy magic actually deals damage to his body.
  • The Rival: Was a more comical one to Oca while they were tailing him, in addition to the cyber's mild rivalry with Aajaye.
  • Rivals Team Up: Actually engaged in this with Oca when they were booted out of Yunzabitopil at Vegeta Junior's command and seperated from their respective parties.
  • Smarter Than You Look: While a bit of a brawler, is actually a rather competent strategist. Unfortunately, he isn't that smart but he's at least competent.
  • Stronger with Age: Will eventually become quite formidable, enough to make it on the Counter Chaos Force at least.
  • Super Smoke: Goes with this a lot, but due to being a rather popular guy where he hangs out he opts for a bat in more casual situations as a party trick.
  • Vampire Variety Pack: While the Vampire Guild accepts all comers, he is a primary 'infection' type of vampire ala classic movies.
  • Weakened by the Light: Pretty intensely, though given that he lives in the underground Paozu Central it's only really a problem when he goes out.

Marrioni (Rbade)

  • Abnormal Limb Rotation Range: Due to mostly being made up of ball joints, she can swivel her head around like she's possessed.
  • Alpha Bitch: Could have been this but was far too aggressive for even the most cruel cliques to handle.
  • Ancestral Weapon: Her buster, the designs for which are orders of magnitude more ancient now than they were for any Mega Man.
  • Arm Cannon: One of her few forms of self defense if caught without any prep time.
  • Artificial Human: A reploid.
  • The Berserker: Surprisingly (or perhaps not so much) takes up this fighting style the first time she's loand a mech.
  • Blood from the Mouth: Sometimes spurts some of this when hit hard, though it's kind of ambiguous between blood or oil.
  • Cranial Processing Unit: Pretty much all repliroids operate like this, though other varieties of android might vary.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: She really didn't care for most of the party when they first showed up, save Ceres since she looked the most 'normal'. She's grown fond of them, however; at least on the inside.
  • Easily Detachable Robot Parts: Averted, it'd take hours to splice a fallen arm back into its socket.
  • Eating Machine: Does enjoy food, though it really isn't necessary like it is for carbons.
  • Fantastic Racism: Was really not too fond of 'nonhuman's coming in to Penguinopolis, though most others didn't seem to mind.
    • Inverted relative to androids like herself; the developement of AI (and all the controversy that comes along with it) happened so damn long ago that not only is AI Older Than Dirt, they're honestly seen as closer to humans than most others.
  • Fiery Redhead: She has bright red hair and she is fucking FIESTY.
  • Free the Frogs: Tried to do this, only to realize that they came pre-killed.
  • Identical Stranger: Downplayed, but she does like strangely similar to Neuff, albeit before she got her big haircut and without ever wearing glasses.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Swears frequently and screams a lot, but she really does care about the members of the party.
  • Naïve Animal Lover: Just didn't get until it was almost too late how fucked up the outside world has been, especially all the mutants.
  • Naïve Newcomer: Didn't quite grasp how the world outside her hometown works, or just how horrible it can be.
  • Nature Loving Robot: With a huge dose of dramatic irony on top of it, seeing as how the only 'nature' she knew were the small Penguinopolite parks and the rest of the world is a hellhole.
  • Non-Action Guy: Almost a necessity, seeing as how she is incredibly fragile compared to most others present.
  • Pet the Dog: Well, not literally, but her tegu Wuffles is the only being she shows absolute unconditional love towards.
  • Ridiculously Human Robots: Despite being made of metal is able to eat, cry, and vomit.
  • Robot Girl: Well, duh.
  • "Second Law" My Ass!: Given how the difference between repliroids and carbons in this setting is almost cosmetic, she's pretty much human.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: For a seemingly small and cute girl, holy shit is she profane.
  • Skewed Priorities: When Galeem snapped up almost half of the people squatting on Purater, her first order of business was to mourn her pet tegu instead of any of her friends.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: She and Oca really seem to like getting on each other's nerves. Fortunately, they're just playing. Mostly.
  • The Smart Guy: Great with mechanical stuff, able to reliably put together and repair borderline hypertech.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Had this really bad when it comes to the abominations, and even just normal warriors, in the outside world.

Mecronon (Rbade)

  • Alternate Continuity: From the 'Nuclearverse'.
  • The Assimilator: Managed to get enough of his potential reunlocked to actually be able to do this, ala Majin Buu.
  • Boomerang Bigot: Was an Eldritch Abomination who ended up founding a racist organization against non-Terrans.
  • Magnificent Bastard: For all the shit he did and the shifty reasons for doing it, you have to admit that how he brought the Nuclearverse to its knees was pretty impressive.
  • Posthumous Character: While having a massive impact on leading the Nuclearverse to the era of Seventh Apocalypse, he was Killed Off for Real several centuries ago and is unlikely to make a return... then again, this is the Arena.
  • Smug Snake: Was a petty bitch throughout his life, and never really admitted inferiority until under heel.
  • Wicked Cultured: Was a bastard, but a fancy bastard. Also had a really long nose.
  • Xanatos Speed Chess: Was basically flailing in a panic towards the end of his plans, but every flail was carefully calculated to perfection.

Merlaine Leigh (Rbade)

  • Adorkable: Not the most competent of socializers.
  • The Ageless: Well, not quite, but mers do tend to live longer than baselines or carbons.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Subverted. Her dark green skin may seem like this, but it turns out to be on the ordinary spectrum of mermen skin tone.
  • Bathtub Mermaid: Averted. With ki she can easily fly around in air without needing transport.
  • The Clan: Actually a member of two, having blood from the Merlandian royal family and the Yunzabitoplian nobles. She's pretty low on both pecking orders, tho.
  • Friend to All Children: Gets along pretty well with ZJ and, if he counts, Oxa.
  • Green Around the Gills: Ironically, gets pretty carsick and seasick.
  • Human Subspecies: Specifically Laruvir corium aqua, or a mermaid.
  • Satellite Character: To be honest, only really exists to give Ceres and King an excuse to follow the main party to Merland.
  • Seashell Bra: Well, she has other clothes, but this is something in her closet.
  • Super Not-Drowning Skills: She is fully able to breathe underwater. However, due to her relative lack of magic, she isn’t able to get that much oxygen form the water and is usually pretty sluggish.
  • Water Is Air: Averted. She prefers breathing air to water, and can see in it better.
  • Wizards Live Longer: If she actually gets any better at wizardry she might see centuries, but at the least she can expect a rather long lifespan even as she is.

Oca Tuberosa (Rbade)

  • Above Good and Evil: Downplayed. He is perfectly able to understand and even abide by ordinary moral standards. However, this does not impede him much, as the only times he truly abides by them when violating them would result in repercussion. He makes a distinction between things he wouldn’t do because they cross standards, and things he simply finds unpleasant and doesn’t want to do for reasons other than morality (such as not being willing to kill Neuff, not because of moral considerations, but simply because likes her).
  • Alternate Continuity: Surprisingly averted. The version used in the RP is the primary incarnation of the character.
    • In regards to Dragon Ball canon, however, the his homeworld definitely is this, taking a slash-and-burn approach to shoving most official continuities into a semi-coherent timeline.
    • It also shares elements of Patchwork Fic and Canon Welding on massive, cross-franchise scales.
  • The Beastmaster: Downplayed. He likes to collect animals, and is perfectly willing to send them out to delay an enemy in his stead.
  • Blow You Away: Thanks to Yellow Kirby, he has acquired a mutated form of Super Saiyan referred to as Bluster Saiyan: This allows him to use his ki blasts to immediately nullify any opposing blast that isn’t too strong, and redirect his own blasts with little to no effort.
  • Collector of the Strange: Has amassed a large collection of items and creatures, including demonic jewels, Dark Dragon Balls, mutants, nuclear weapons, and more.
  • Dragon with an Agenda / The Starscream: He had absolutely no real loyalty to Troa. He was only helping her because he found it amusing to be playing the role of an outright villain; he didn't give a damn about what she did or didn't want.
    • Actually managed to completely forget he was working for her and didn't check in for several weeks.
  • Friendly Enemy: Considers people like Zelerie friends despite being at almost total odds with them. Even though Zelerie is obviously insane and has already murdered him once. The only people in the Arena he really hates are Ganondorf and Goku Black.
  • Foil: Almost the opposite of Goku. Goku is a pureblood Saiyan, while Oca is a hybrid of several species (and a cyborg). Goku was a kind talented fighter, though Book Dumb, who trained all the time. Oca was a weak but ruthless brawler, who used book smarts to find alternative means of improving his abilities. And of course, he has a more realistic hairstyle.
  • Forgot About His Powers: A lot of his cyborg augments. His ki and magic based powers have grown so strong and versatile that a lot of his old weapons and gizmos have fallen into disuse, via being outmoded. They still find use in specific circumstances, but a lot more often it’s simpler to fire a Kamehameha.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Inverted. While he is a hybrid multiple organisms, most of those are Human Subspecies. In total, he is mostly Homo sapiens carbonem with in degenerating order, Homo sapiens humus (’Earthman’), Saiyan (which are Human Aliens), and with a bare sliver of Elegrant/Zarbon’s Race (which is so small it is of literally no import).
  • Hired Guns: Was perfectly willing to work with anyone who will compensate him, including Troa, the Time Patrol, and independents who want someone dead.
  • Lack of Empathy: Not to sociopathic levels, but while he is generally affable, he usually won’t hesitate to turn on anyone if he has the right motivation. The only real exceptions are his closest friends.
    • This even extends to himself. He is willing to put himself through excruciating pain if he thinks it will give him an edge (i.e., experimenting on himself for his research, or removing his genitals because they’re a weak point).
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Somehow has managed to make it very far without hearing a single word about The Assassins. The only thing keeping him from breaking out the game breakers is his (seemingly legit) theory of how the arena punishes unfairness.
  • Matter Replicator: One of the few gizmos he has which sees regular use. It creates homogenous or smaller items far faster than more complex items; for example, generating a scouter takes exponentially longer than a blob of plasma.
  • Munchkin: Will attempt to take advantage of anything he finds. Depriving him of new resources is one of the ways to legitimately end up on his shitlist.
  • Master of None: More competent than most examples, but falls into this. He can fight in melee, use weapons, use highly advanced technology and gadgets, summon minions, fire ki blasts and create ki constructs, basically firebend, and even use minor magic. However, his actual skill in most of these areas is lacking, especially in melee combat, and he tends to react to the action at hand rather than actually strategize.
  • Motherly Scientist: Accidentally got attached to his creation, Zelerie Junior, and now considers it his son.
  • Next-Gen Fic: A bit farther removed than most. It takes place several millennia after the events of Dragon Ball Z.
  • Playing with Fire: Managed to pick up what is essentially fire bending from a character in the Arena. He can affect his blasts to make them fiery, literally force ki constructs to burn, and created the modified 'Frostfire Kaioken', which scorches anyone who gets too close.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Even if he gets a better offer from Troa or the Assassins, he wouldn't really work with them. At this point, after helping the Sisters so much, going turncoat would probably result in a more painful lynching than if he had just been a villain from the start.
  • Satisfied Street Rat: Despite acknowledging that his earlier years messed him up big time, he believes they've hardened him into a more worthy survivor.
  • Super Empowering: Is able and willing to teach anyone, including Troa, the kaioken.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Inverted. It's not the people he's with that make it hard to work with; he just generally isn't impressed with tag battles in general. Working with others in other areas is usually fine, though, or if the battle can be broken up into sets of 1v1s.
    • Subverted with the members of his main party and the Time Patrol, though, he's mostly gotten over it with them.
  • Troll: Enjoys fucking with Zelerie (and Mara), to the point where he named his genechild Zelerie Junior just to piss her off. He even drew an approximation of her face on it in crayon. While not a primary motivator, he takes amusement from others' anger or suffering.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Ghosts. He absolutely hates them, and the ideas that they can possess him and/or be immune to physical damage.

Ochimo (Rbade)

  • Affably Evil: General kind and polite while he’s trying to summon eldritch abominations.
  • Apocalypse Cult: In the business of worshipping and summoning Chaos Daemons.
  • Cold Ham: While generally pleasant and calm, he still tends to pose and use things like the "WARPSTONE OF DEATH FUCK FUCK".
  • The Gadfly: Playfully reminds Neuff of the time he tricked her into summong Super Fucking Rat Satan upon bumping into her at the market.
  • Playing with Fire: Able to manipulate fire and fire blasts. Also has a fiery sword, though it seldom sees use.
  • The Quiet One: While most of his peers would rather crank the ham up to eleven, The Ochimo of Fire remains silent, communicating through broken sign language.
  • Resurrective Immortality: He can be slain, but unless you sever his spiritual ties to his immortality he will come back.

Overclock (Rbade)

  • Brilliant, but Lazy: A monstrous daemon with Oca’s broken powerset, who for a while preferred to dick around in the Realm of Chaos rather than attack anybody.
  • Boring, but Practical: Does he rile up a full blown incursion? No, his first order of business is to telefrag the Supreme Kais.
  • Demon of Human Origin: The result of Oca fusing with a Dark Dragon Ball.
  • Fake Charity: Despite causing the end of many a timeline, never gave a shit about Greater Chaos's real goals. He just wanted to get his mitts onto his base's sweet, succulent soul.
  • Literal Split Personality: After some Kakaroto-shenanigans, a fully separate entity from Oca.
  • Mechanical Abomination: A being composed of corrupted flesh, daemonic energy, and twisted metal frames and gadgets.

Oxa Tuberosa (Rbade)

  • Best Friend: Miles is definitely his; though he doesn't really get out much, when he does there's a good chance its because he wants to hang out with Miles.
  • Body Backup Drive: He was one, for Oca. He was originally a clone created from an X Parasite, but Oca managed to put him into containment, and was attempting to install a backup of his memories into him.
  • Cloning Blues: Completely averted. Oxa doesn't give a damn about such depressive things.
  • Dumbass Teenage Son: Only relatively. He only really cares about gaming and lazing around, in stark contrast to his father's For Science! attitude.
  • Evil Knockoff: Was one for Oca, created by Dark Fiddlesticks X. Though, he was less evil than lacking a personality and with less psychological limits.
  • Has Two Mommies: Considers both Oca and Fiddlesticks his parents, though Oca gets the moniker "Old Man Template" instead of dad.
  • Sole Survivor: Was the only one of Fiddlesticks's X clones to survive his first few minutes of life. Thinking about his siblings caused some angst.
    • Until he actually managed to bring them back and imbue them with personalities of their own.
  • Tangled Family Tree: Has an enormous number of people he could consider cousins, aunts, or stepparents.
  • Ultimate Lifeform: The original Oca considers him this, fully having all his mechanical capabilities while remaining almost entirely organic.

Trigo Shinhan (Rbade)

  • Alternate Continuity: From the 'Nuclearverse'.
  • The Atoner: In general. He’s given up on his general humanitarian work and is more focused on survival, and ‘’maybe’’ helping a few people along the way. He’s taken a vow of silence, and is attempting to raise a ‘’certain cybernetic saiyan’’ to be more righteous.
  • Background Magic Field: A basic component of physics in the Nuclearverse, both for magic and ki, though tapping into it is difficult.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: The Kikohameha, which fucking annihilates the users’s genki.
  • Elective Mute: Has taken a vow of silence, and only communicates through telepathy. Something like ‘If my actions are to be unclean, at least allow my thoughts to be pure enough for all to see’.
  • Fantastic Racism: Utterly despises anything relating to chaos or daemons. Also not too fond of offworlders and mutants, though he can tolerate them.
  • Jade-Colored Glasses: The reality of how monumentally shitty the world of the Late Fourth Millennium is pretty much broke his idealism. He’s still a relatively good person, but is convinced that no amount of ordinary work can overhaul the overall state of the world.
  • Magic Knight: Can whup ass physically and with magecraft.
  • Magic or Psychic?: Is both a powerful mage and ESPer.
  • Really 700 Years Old: At least a thousand years of age.
  • Psychic Static: Inverted. While he is fully capable of shoving an opposing psyker out of his braincase, in general his mind is wide open and constantly broadcasting his thoughts.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Cereal is the one thing that can break his stoic persona. Probably reminds him of life before the Terran Crusades, Apocalyptic Wars, and Third Coming of Chaos.

Percel (Rbade)

Vegeta Junior Leigh (Rbade)

  • Alternate Continuity: From the 'Nuclearverse'.
  • Butt-Monkey: Nobody likes him for anything other than his position, which is fine with him because he doesn’t like them either.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Despite his weak mental fortitude and low power, he is surprisingly skilled with a blade.
  • Dirty Coward: Will not hesitate to run at the first sign of combat, though if you offend the honor he supposedly has you can enrage him enough to stick around until its too late to back out.
  • The Drag-Along: Isn’t here even just for the money. He’s only ‘helping’ because Oca abducted him and won’t bring him back to their homeworld unless he helps out.
  • Laser Blade: His main weapon isn’t quite this, but he can make it an approximation, and fire Frickin' Laser Beams from it.
  • Royal Brat: A terrible person, and kind of a coward.
  • Nobody Calls Me "Chicken"!: Calling him out on his cowardice is one of the few things that can legitimately incense him to fight.
  • The Un-Favourite: If any of the original Vegeta lineage knew of him, they would probably despise him.

Shiba ‘Slinger’ Pauzon (Rbade)

  • Alternate Continuity: From the 'Nuclearverse'.
  • Friend in the Black Market: A mutual relationship with Oca, with them regularly hiring each other to perform jobs: Oca hires him for what he considers mundane, and Slinger hires him to acquire exotic weapons and items.
  • Furry Confusion: Has a pet terrier named Squattish. At least they aren't the same breed.
  • Furry Reminder: Averted. Despite his biology, his psychology remains essentially human.
  • Gun Fu: Is very proficient with his rifle, being able to use it as a firearm, bayonet, or laser cannon.
  • Had To Be Sharp: Like most people in the setting, but even more than the others here, because he lived up in Paozu Central, which is essentially the least hospitable civilized area to live in. At least in Doomed Villages the inhabitants are inclined to work together instead of stick each other up for megamutant jerky.
  • Hunter of Monsters: Hunts and kills megamutants, partially in defense of Paozu Central and Muscle City, partially for profit.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Inverted. Firearms in Dragon Ball are either not used or incredibly ineffective, but his signature accessory is a hunting rifle.
  • Only in It for the Money: While he does enjoy a fight and has moral considerations, his primary concerns are the profits of a job.
  • Rocket Jump: If he fires an explosive blast out of his rifle and towards the ground, he can propel himself like this.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Beastmen tend to not take center stage in Dragon Ball.

Single (Rbade)

  • Alternate Continuity: From the 'Nuclearverse'.
  • All-Powerful Bystander: In and of itself comprises one of the three major factions of the setting, but does not give a damn about pretty much everything.
  • Time Abyss: Subverted. Despite its power and relative ancientness, it is FAR younger than the two other primary factions, only a couple million years old. Compare that to the eons old Kaidom or Primordial Chaos.
  • Call a Human a "Meatbag": Inverted. The human race is one of the few species it respects enough to not call them this.
  • Intrigued by Humanity: Already held them in special regard since they created it, but seeing Kakarotto attain such levels of power without augmenting himself has really given it some food for thought.
  • Mechanical Abomination: While the form it uses in the arena can be considered an ordinary robot, its main body is essentially a computer which spans galaxies and dimensions.
  • Odd Friendship: Has an amicable relationship with Eternal Kakarotto. May have something to do with the fact that it is one of the few beings legitimately stronger than him that ISN’T out to destroy the universe.
  • Readings Are Off the Scale: At least in the Nuclearverse, is several orders of magnitude more powerful than Beerus was: Beerus was the bottom entry level for SS Tier, Single is almost top X Tier.
  • Willfully Weak: Is only doing this for the entertainment value in it (and because Oca ‘sold out’ to it). Which means it is restricting itself to using a single, incredibly primitive robot as a ’node’.
  • The World Is Just Awesome: Holds a worldview akin to this. Despite capable of being jaded, it is still fascinated by all the ridiculous phenomena permeating the universe that it never could have envisioned back when it was just a hard drive on Terra.

Twenteen (Rbade)

Zelerie Jr. (Rbade)

  • Clone Degeneration: Invoked. He uses Oca’s DNA and physiology, but was degenerated to the point where he can’t be considered a threat (or even


  • Subverted now, as he's been upgraded to a humanoid body.
  • Free-Range Children: Accidentally. Oca kept forgetting about it, and it just sort of spent a lot of its time flying around the Arena.
  • Guinea Pig Family: Oca didn’t have any family, so he created this thing for that express purpose.
  • Neural Implanting: Originally meant to be a test subject, Oca accidentally got himself attached to it. The guy's pretty much sapient now.
  • No Mouth: And yet is somehow still able to eat grass and cans of Hetap.
  • Stone Wall: Can barely dish out, well, any damage by Dragon Ball standards, but is durable enough to withstand godly levels of punishment.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: Was technically human, but not quite sapient and definitely not humanoid.

Sedecco the Chaos Daemon (Rbade)

  • Alternate Continuity: From the 'Nuclearverse'.
  • Always Chaotic Evil: Even moreso than most of his kind. He isn’t even sapient, more like an incredibly powerful animal than an evil warrior.
  • Armor Is Useless: Averted. In fact, it’s tough armor is the only reason it isn’t considered F Tier.
  • Boisterous Weakling: Despite it’s incredible aggressiveness, it’s barely a D Tier fighter.
  • Cousin Oliver: Inverted. He is related to a canon character from an altogether different, not to mention mythological, canon (he’s related to Apophis the Chaos Serpent).
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Well, more like enslavement, but close enough.
  • Hellfire: Spews this shit willy nilly.
  • More than Three Dimensions: How his biology works, as he is capable of traveling through it. Though inverted as it is a fourth spatial dimension: ‘higher’ up and he tints blue until he can’t be seen, ‘lower’ and redshifts until he is invisible.
  • Primordial Chaos: Hails from this era/area, but got kind of lost.



̷̵́2̶͡fį̕͟ (Rbade)

  • Alternate Continuity: From the Nuclearverse.
  • Always Chaotic Evil: Definitely not the daemon to take out to dinner. Or kick in the balls.
  • Boisterous Weakling: Acts as this normally, considering the absolutely massive amounts of power being thrown around in the Third Coming of Chaos. However, in the arena, it’s kind of a different story.
  • Boring, but Practical: He could spend half a minute charging a beam of erasure, or just smash you to death with his skyscraper-sized tentacles.
  • Combat Tentacles: Likes to slam these around.
  • In-Series Nickname: Nobody likes pronouncing his name, so they call him ’The Prohibiter’.
  • Kill the God: Has the distinction of being one of the daemons present for the annihilation of the Nuclearverse’s incarnation of Beerus.
  • No-Sell: Has the ability to shrug off Destruction and with some resistance can resist Erasure.
  • Readings Are Off the Scale: On a level of power comparable to Beerus the Destroyer, being in SS Tier.
  • Primordial Chaos: Kind of made up of it.
  • Smarter Than You Look: Doesn’t exactly look bright, but he isn’t an Almighty Idiot.
  • Wave Motion Gun: A good number of his attacks qualify as this.

Deputy (Rbade)

  • Alternate Continuity: From the Elclectiverse, and incorporated into the Nuclearverse.
  • Always Chaotic Evil: By design: He isn't even a full daemon, he's a split-off of an A Tier's essence.
  • Back for the Dead: Apparently survived Raditz's rampage, only to get offed by Callis.
  • Flight: Unusually for this franchise, actually uses wings instead of energy levitation.
  • The Corruption: Some of the gunk it can spew can turn materials into transformative!daemons.
  • Playing with Fire: Breathes actual daemonic fire instead of using ki like most.
  • Truly Single Parent: Of his minions, Enforcer and Scout.

Enforcer (Rbade)

  • Alternate Continuity: From the Eclecticverse and adapted into the Nuclearverse.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Far more expressive than the mere mook he was in Mythic Descent, this incarnation is abrasive and formal.
  • Flight: Totally averted. He has to make do with walking: Rather slowly, in fact.
  • Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: The responsible, practical sibling to Deputy’s speedy lunacy.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Out of basic necessity. He acts on the side of the ‘materials’ for the sole reason that he is in their domain and has no way to get back to the Realm of Chaos.
  • Mighty Glacier: Slow as he may be, his physical strength is absolutely insane. He could shred his former Greater Self in close combat within seconds.
  • Recruiting the Criminal: Is actually a full blown Time Patroller now.

Scout (Rbade)

Taro (Rbade)

  • Alternate Continuity: From the Utopiaverse.
  • Assimilation Plot: Had one to devour the souls of every incarnation of Trunks across the multiverse. Has expanded to borderline Omnicidal Maniac levels.
  • Ax-Crazy: Straight up believes that he is the one true god. Something which clearly isn’t remotely true.
  • Knight Templar: Somehow convinced himself that wiping out the universe is for the greater good.
  • Space Master: His disturbingly enchanted sword allows him to rend and warp space itself.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: Despite not having any transformations higher than a basic Super Saiyan, was at one point able to go toe-to-toe with Super Vegito.

     The Sky Noah (DefRevenge24601) 

The Sky Noah is a giant airship led by Adelheid Bernstein, son of Rugal Bernstein. Originally just carrying a few members, The Sky Noah has become a faction of respectable size in it's own right.

Adelheid Bernstein

  • Adorkable: Can come off as this from time to time.
  • Bishounen: Definitely.
  • I Am Not My Father: While they share a lot of techniques, Adel is on the opposite side of the fight of good vs. evil, assisting the heroes in his home world and being a primary heroic force in the Arena.
  • SNK Boss Syndrome: Well, consider who his father is.
  • Wave Motion Gun: The Kaiser Cannon can count as this.

Christopher Robin, Harbinger Of Winter

Gary The Penguin

  • Cute and Psycho: Not completely crazy, but he's easily off-the-wall, cute as a button, and one of the most ruthless members of the team.
  • Drop the Hammer: Wields the Gary Hammer, an offshoot of the Dedede Hammer.
  • Original Generation: One of two characters that completely fill this trope.


Rozwel Gustab


Rose Bernstein

     Cracked Egg Carrier (DefRevenge24601) 

The Cracked Egg Carrier is the personal airship of Omelette Robotnik, niece of Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. They take a square Anti-Heroic position in the Arena, although Omelette plans on taking over someday.

Omelette Robotnik


Silver Sonic 2.5

Maelstrom Hatchiyak

Susie Haltmann

     Bowser's Castle And Associates (DefRevenge24601) 

Bowser's Castle is exactly what it says: The castle run by Bowser, set up in Primordia and currently minding it's own business.


Shingo Yabuki


Koopa Bros.


Wheelie Bike

     The Travelers (DefRevenge24601) 

     Gravitas and Freelancer Corporation (both KiriK) 

Immigrants from the original draft of another massive crossover, Gravitas is an interdimensional empire and Freelancer (no relation to the group of the same name from Red vs. Blue) is a private military contractor under its payroll. The vast majority of characters in both are taken from existing works of fiction, save for the leader of Gravitas, who is an Original Generation character of sorts.




Baby Vegeta/Baby Vegito Black (Deceased)

Star Dream



  • The Heavy: For the Self-Insert Gang's first quest, being the member of Gravitas sent to dispose of them - and to summon the Warrior so he can fulfill his own ambitions of razing his Earth and becoming its God, thus fulfilling Gravitas' end of their contract.

X (DefRevenge24601)

  • Adaptation Expansion: AND HOW. For more context, this is not Maverick Hunter X, but X, alias of Sonic.EXE. This takes his character (coming from only the first installment) and runs with it, including all aspects. Yes, including the rampant Sonic fanboyism.
  • Adaptational Badass: Another meta example, as while he is actually weaker in the Arena, he is written much better while still keeping the cheesy essence of the character.
    • He now plays this straight in-universe; In the pasta, he didn't actively warp reality, and most of his actions were assisted by the Cult Of X; In the Arena, he actively warps reality (mostly teleporting and changing his appearances, but not always), is a master of Meito Keiken, has multiple Super Forms using the Chaos Emeralds, and is currently studying Tetris Magic.
  • A God Am I: Comes with the territory, really. X is a textbook example, even if this is slowly being shattered by the power of even some of his stronger comrades.
  • Ax-Crazy: Is this in spades.
  • Clipped-Wing Angel: He has full control over his own world; this would be great, if he was in his own world. Thus, he's really only Sonic with a few new bells and whistles, even if his base power is definitely greater than most of his fellow hedgehogs.
  • Evil Is Hammy: Quite. He has all his quips and quirks from the creepypasta pretty much intact.
  • Eldritch Abomination: In the form of Sonic The Hedgehog, no less.
  • Outside-Context Problem: A meta example: One of two Gravitas members not played by KiriK.
    • In-Universe too; While most members of Gravitas are strong, X is the only true Eldritch Abomination of the bunch, and tends to flaunt it. He's also the only one legitimately terrifying without his power, although outside of universe, YMMV applies.
  • Noble Demon: While X is totally evil, he's also surprisingly nice and has a shred of honor.There's a reason he made the SCOU Ts the way they were; If they're not sentient, they're inherently expendable, but actual sentients under his oversight are much more valuable.

Metallix (DefRevenge24601)


The boss of Freelancer Corporation, and the legendary assassin of Universe 6.
  • The Dreaded: Narktus fears getting on his bad side. Narktus, the unstoppable hero-breaking conqueror who gave Baby Vegito Black a headache from trying to sense his power level, fears his Time-Skip, as he has no way to counter it while also halting Hit's ability to rapidly improve and adapt over the course of a single battle.

Ainz Ooal Gown (OmegaShadowcry)

  • The Ghost: Largely unable to appear in any great capacity because reasons. Was stated to be at a meeting of Gravitas' high authority and Freelancer's top members, then left with the other Freelancers without saying a word.



     Gensokyans (Arachnos) 

Various notable denizens of Gensokyo. A lot of them hail from an alternate universe to the mainline Gensokyo from a roleplay Arachnos once participated in, where a cataclysm ravaged Gensokyo and the surviving characters became even stronger than they were previously.

Cirno, Cryomancer Queen

  • Alternate Universe: Notably, while she hails from an AU and is vastly more powerful than the original Cirno, she does not hail from the same AU mentioned above. Very little is actually known as to where she actually came from and how she came to be this powerful, though a Mirror Universe is not out of the question.
  • An Ice Person: Well duh. And she's far more proficient at it than she has any right to be.
  • Cold Ham: Pun aside, she's still as confident and sure of herself as the normal Cirno is, it just manifests itself in a very different way... but it's there alright.
  • Ice Queen: Much in contrast to the childlike enthusiasm of the regular Cirno, this one is much more mature in her behavior and actually follows her elemental stereotype.

Konngara, the Astral Knight

  • Blood Knight: She loves to fight and sees every battle as a chance to improve her skills.
  • Body Horror: Blood constantly drips from the base of her "horn", as if it were a spike shoved through her forehead.
  • Dispel Magic: With her ability to burn away anything, her fire is very good at burning away even the most powerful corruptions.
  • Dual Wielding: Can pull this off with katanas!
  • Game-Breaker: She almost always holds back the full power of her ability because on most characters, it is effectively a One-Hit KO. However, certain entities outclass even her, as when she used her full power on Dark Enmity, she successfully set it on fire, but the damage actually dealt was negligible.
  • Honor Before Reason: Her only confirmed death in the Arena was by committing seppuku because she couldn't forgive herself for losing herself in the heat of battle and killing a foe while they were stunned by someone else's attack, going against her principles of honorable one-on-one combat. She's also the only one who refused to retreat and let Star Knight deal with Void Enmity on his own, despite being immensely outclassed in the battle.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Her weapons of choice for melee combat, and she likes to set them on fire.
  • Multiple-Choice Past: It's not entirely clear exactly what she is in canon, and the same goes for her here. She is likely a yasha (a sort of divine spirit), but it's not outright out of the question that she's an oni (in fact, it would explain the Honor Before Reason), a ghost, or even an alien! Whatever she actually is, she is not telling. This even applies to her world of origin, as it is not stated whether she is hails from the canon Gensokyo or the alternate one.
  • Playing with Fire: Her signature ability is to burn anything. This applies not only to people and objects (even those that are normally not flammable), but also to things like intangible corruptions and even emotions. Good thing she is normally Willfully Weak!
  • Teach Me How To Fight: Although she's already a powerful and experienced fighter, she was so impressed by Star Knight's power (the one who defeated the aforementioned Void Enmity, which she could barely scratch) that she asked him to make her an apprentice.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: She despises greed and materialism and seeks to lead the way to a society focused on the pursuit of spiritual values. While she is mostly reformed now, it has been mentioned many times that there used to be a time where she considered the destruction of the very structure of society and the wholesale slaughter of millions acceptable steps to the accomplishment of this goal.
  • Willfully Weak: Comes with being an honor-bound warrior as she is, no matter how much she outclasses the opponent, she will always give them a fighting chance.

Alt!Mystia Lorelei, Voice of Angels

  • Beware the Nice Ones: She acts like a Proper Lady and is typically very pleasant to everyone. But get in her way or, worse, harm Psycho!Ness, and nothing can save you, as a certain demon overlord found out at his expense.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Downplayed, but some shades of it are there. She's genuinely nice to people and nothing but ceaselessly kind to her adopted child Psycho!Ness... so it's easy to forget that her wealth comes from essentially mind controlling everyone on her planet and that she has no particular qualms about eating people. Some of this results from a sort of Blue and Orange Morality as a youkai, though.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Unlike Konngara, with whom she seems to have a bit of a rivalry, she is not above using dirty tricks to get an edge in combat - be it summoning enemies to the battlefield, using poisoned weapons, or using Compelling Voice to leave her opponents wide open.
  • Compelling Voice: One of the newer applications of her vocal power, which is what she used to get extremely rich.
  • Fiction 500: She is obscenely rich and she's not too shy about letting people know it. She essentially bought her way into the Arena, for one.
  • Fragile Speedster: In her base form. She's fast and agile, but her defenses are lacking and she does not dish out too much damage. When she uses her Siren form, she becomes more of a Lightning Bruiser that is also a Magic Knight.
  • Friend to All Children: She managed to get two kids away from very dark paths: Psycho!Ness and BE!Ninten. This is partially due to her obscene amounts of money allowing feats that no one would think possible and the fact that she can willingly move from the Arena to her world, but she was still willing to hear them out in the first place. This was especially evident in BE!Ninten's case, as Mystia actively had to stop Viserys and Wanda from killing him on the spot.
  • I Am A Humanitarian: As a youkai, she prefers the taste of human flesh, and used to actively hunt humans in the past. Nowadays, she no longer eats unwilling humans, but occasionally buys very fresh corpses to indulge her desires.
  • Impractically Fancy Outfit: She is a fan of extremely elegant and obviously expensive dresses, and has been called out over how easy it would be for them to get ruined in a combat-focused Arena. She doesn't seem to care.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Another application of her voice, and the one she uses when a situation calls for high firepower.
  • Support Party Member: In her base form, she is more focused on supporting allies and crippling enemies with the various powers of her voice than she is on dealing damage. In her Siren form, things change.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifter: Besides her base form, she also has a siren-like form which increases her melee capabilities and boosts her voice to Make Me Wanna Shout levels.

Alt!Rumia, the Shadow Saint

Alt!Tokiko, Scion of Thoth

  • The Archmage: Oh yes.
  • Badass Bookworm: As someone whose power comes from books of magic, you'd best believe she's one.
  • Cold Ham: She rarely even raises her voice, but she's still distinctly theatrical, and every single one of her spells is a spectacle. Even so, she may occasionally dip into regular Large Ham territory as well.
  • Deadpan Snarker: She has a sharp mind and an equally sharp tongue, and when someone is acting in a way she deems to be illogical or stupid, she can deliver absolutely merciless verbal lashings on top of her onslaught of magic.
  • Equivalent Exchange: It is implied that the reason her wings look like ragged stumps is because she sacrificed them to an unknown entity for further magical knowledge and/or power. She is still able to fly, but only through magic.
  • Expy: Arachnos channels Momonga to a great extent while writing for her, down to some of the names of her spells.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: In a world full of powers like inducing death with a thought and outright Reality Warping, her signature skill is the ability to understand any book. This includes anything that can even remotely be classified as a book, in any language, from any dimension, on any subject, including books that would normally drive one mad from merely glimpsing them, and beyond simply being able to read them, she is able to gain a deeper understanding of the contents. This allowed Tokiko to become a versatile wizard with hundreds of spells at her disposal in a matter of a few dozen years.
  • Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards: Her power comes pretty close to being godlike, and with such a wealth of spells at her disposal, there is little she cannot do.
  • Seen It All: She has so much combined experience and knowledge that few things even faze her nowadays. When something does break her composure, that's a very bad sign.
  • Squishy Wizard: Downplayed, as she has a plethora of spells to boost herself, but she is still not the most durable combatant nor (at least by Gensokyan standards) the most agile one.

    Self-Insert Gang and Associates (various) 

A group of, well, self-insert characters who gained supernatural powers in one way or another, most of them from exposure to the Arena, and who would eventually band together.

Miles (GamerXZ)

  • Ascended Fanboy: This is pretty much a given, especially considering the Arena allows him to interact with a number of his favorite heroes.
  • Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu: Was among those who helped put an end to the threat of Void Termina...but the severity of his wounds meant he wound up experiencing his first death in the Arena.
  • Chekhov's Gun: That 3DS Miles is seen with on occasion? It ends up being what Zero uses to survive his original body's destruction by transferring his consciousness into it. At least until the group gets him a Robobot Armor.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: As the only self-insert made before OOC plans were made for a small group of these characters, Miles is the only one who had supernatural abilities before entering the Arena. He also had different powers at the start.
  • Heroic BSoD: Has been hit with this a couple of times throughout his adventures in the Arena, but two of the most prominent were likely when he was unable to save Meta Knight and was forced to watch his storyline's villain, The Doctor, seemingly kill off the Sisters by absorbing them.
  • Invincible Hero: Played With, and Subverted. The number of fights Miles straight-up loses can be counted on one's hands but there are a number of outside factors to consider, including how he rarely fights alone and, regardless, almost always has to put in a lot of effort and tends to get beaten up in some way. There's also the fact a number of his fights end without a clear winner.
    • The subversion comes during the fight with Void Termina where the severity of his wounds leads to him dying.
  • Magnetic Hero: Crosses over with Odd Friendship in some cases, as Miles has a tendency to draw people together and seems capable of forming connections quite easily in most situations.
  • Nice Guy: Miles is, for the most part, a very pleasant and respectful young man.
  • Odd Friendship: Has a number of these, ranging from the more reasonable like Moneyfists, Thor, and Nebula and the insane like being friends with flipping Mazinger Zero...who has become the lad's personal Robobot Armor. Yeah, to say it's weird is an understatement.
  • Screw Destiny: It's all but stated throughout the narratives that Miles' presence in the arena has altered a number of events that were supposedly set in stone.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Despite how he feels towards certain villains, Miles does on occasion show shades of this towards certain individuals, especially if he sees they're just folks who never got the right help, or are making a genuine effort to start over. Its effectiveness is....debatable, to say the least.

Nebula & Corona (GamerXZ)

  • Character Development: Both get a fair amount as although they most certainly weren't bad people starting out, they could come off as Innocently Insensitive and weren't afraid to hold grudges, but as they met more people and learned their stories they both gradually realized just how complicated life could be and what holding onto hatred can do to you. As a result, they become more patient and understanding.

  • Creepy Twins: Downplayed, as they lean more towards Creepy Cute especially when in their humanoid states.

  • Disney Death: During the final battle with Mazinger Zero, the duo are seemingly killed off and absorbed into the Doctor, but later thanks to Miles tapping into Zero's Reality Warper powers, they're freed and given humanoid forms of their own, crossing this trope over with Came Back Strong.

  • Reality Ensues: It don't matter if you're in a world where when you die, you might be revived. The ones you leave behind still have to deal with the fact that THEY JUST WATCHED YOU DIE so, of course, they're gonna have a breakdown and need time to recover.

  • Sibling Team: Are very much this, especially since they are rarely seen apart and can unleash more powerful attacks when working together.

  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Nebula is the more blunt and snarky sister while Corona is the timid and soft-spoken sister.

  • True Companions: Although they may question Miles decisions on occasion and get upset when he does something reckless, it's made clear they both deeply care about him, see the lad as family and will never betray him. He himself reciprocates these feelings.

  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: After their revival, they can freely transform between their Doll forms and their more humanoid forms.

Mazinger ZERO (GamerXZ)

Yes, THAT Mazinger Zero.

  • Adaptational Wimp: Downplayed and in a way, has shades of Adaptational Badass. On one hand, he's no longer a timeline-devouring Mechanical Abomination, but during his boss fight, he was still capable of going toe-to-toe with Myth!Thor, Moneyfists, Neuff, Tokiko, and Miles, who at the time, had a watered-down version of Void Termina's powers. The scary part? He managed to deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle to that last combatant...and Ret Gone said powers out of existence.

  • Brain Uploading: How he manages to survive his original body's destruction.

  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: His whole reason for tagging along with the good guys after a near physical annihilation of his original body is because he wants to understand it.

  • Heel–Face Turn: Downplayed. After the Doctor's defeat, he does stop being an antagonist and joins Miles' group, but it's made clear he's not doing so out of good will but in the hopes of growing his own power by understanding the force that makes Miles and company so capable of defying what should be set in stone.

  • Knight of Cerebus: Although Miles and the Sisters personal story had its serious moments, it wasn't too bad...but when Zero finally takes center stage, the story gets ALOT darker and the stakes are risen big time. It helps too that he shows up around the time the "World Of Light" storyline begins.

  • Lesser of Two Evils: Surprisingly, yes. Zero maybe an Eldritch Abomination whose main concern is amassing power, but it's clear that there's still some part of the old heroic Z within him and although he's the one who gave Doc access to the Mazin Powers, he does NOT approve of how he's wasted them and even switches sides when he realizes he can become even stronger by tagging along with Miles and company.

  • Redemption Demotion: Downplayed. Although becoming a Robobot has limited him in some ways, he is still incredibly powerful and, although they're not at full strength and he needs Miles presence to utilize them, he still has his Mazin Powers.

  • Superpower Lottery: Even amongst his fellow Mazingers, he won big time. On top of being a Flying Brick with Eye Beams, Blow You Away, among other tricks, his Mazin Powers give him a wide array of abilities including a potent Healing Factor, Energy Absorption, Adaptive Ability, Combat Clairvoyance, Shapeshifter Weapon, and is a Reality Warper under the right circumstances.

  • Token Evil Teammate: See Heel–Face Turn above. He's only helping them to learn.

  • Took a Level in Kindness: Is much easier to get along with after being revived and having his consciousness uploaded into a Robobot.

  • Villain Takes an Interest: Villain is a bit of a stretch, but it's made clear that he is very intrigued by Miles and the Sisters ability to convert their bonds into power and defiance even in the face of impossible odds.

  • Walking Spoiler: Very much so, especially his pseudo-Heel–Face Turn.

Rey (KiriK)

An ordinary boy from Earth (well, an Earth) whose TV turned into a magical vortex into which he jumped, absentmindedly bringing a pair of Vive controllers with him. Somehow, in the process of crossing over to the Arena, his controllers became shapeshifting weapons, although he needs to grow stronger and learn how to better focus his energy to achieve new forms. At their most basic, his controllers are essentially lightsabers, drawing upon Beat Saber VR. The next level up is the gauntlets from GORN which can transform into the weapons from the same game, and whatever lies beyond has yet to reveal itself.
  • Godlike Gamer: At VR games, which is what KiriK believes he would end up as were it not for this wiki. Naturally, this gives him a benefit over the other self-inserts at the start, as he knows exactly what he can do with his powers, and his skill and physique are enough to match blades with a genuine Grey Sith right off the bat despite lacking Force sensitivity.
  • The Leader: In a de facto manner, as it is his presence that prompted Rhea to help him and Rbade, he was the first one on the scene that led to the complete formation of the team, and he opted to suggest they all stay in the same hotel when preparing to set off on their journey.
  • Morph Weapon: His VR controllers.
  • Younger Than They Look: Being KiriK in appearance, real name, and personality, he shares this with his real-life counterpart. He’s 17 at the time of his debut, 6'2" with long unkempt hair and a rough beard - in short, he looks like he’s in his 20's.

Rhea (KiriK)

In an alternate Dragon Ball world that came about as the result of KiriK's Dragon Ball Fusions playthrough, the Kaiju tree of Universe 7 bore a golden fruit from which a new West Supreme Kai was born, resulting in the first new Supreme Kai since Majin Buu nearly killed all of Universe 7's cardinal Supreme Kai and the Grand Supreme Kai. She went on an adventure that was pretty much just the events of Dragon Ball Fusions, then found herself in the Arena. After a few more encounters and helping to defeat Taro, she met Rey and Rbade, and was instinctively driven to help them.

  • Big Good: Is part of a Big Good Duumvirate of sorts, being the one who keeps the rest of the gang alive, safe, and well-armed for the battles ahead. She also unlocked the latent potential of three of the members, and the only reason she didn't also unlock Omega's is because his Stand apparently is his latent potential.

Rbade (Rbade)

Another budding high-schooler who was sleeping in his Halloween costume (an amalgamation of other costumes, including but not limited to: a Proto Buster, a Scouter, a Gatorade bottle poorly disguised as an E-Tank, and a carapace with the Soviet emblem on its plating) when his bed got sucked into a portal and dropped into the Arena. His CPAP also suffered a Portal Cut, but Rhea's stashing the stuff he left behind in her own world so the Arena doesn't despawn it. The first person he met was Rey, another self-insert who first showed up only seconds before he did. Like Rey's controllers, his costume gained supernatural properties in the transition to the Arena, but more straightforward than Rey's evolving weapon - each piece of his costume does what the thing it's supposed to represent was meant to do (except the carapace which is just really sturdy lightweight armor).

  • Alternate Universe: To the real world, at least; it is generally agreed that the world they come from is identical except that it doesn't have its own version of the Arena thread.
  • Big Eater: If there is food, it is his food or you can talk to the sound of him already eating it.
  • Canon Welding: His (at the time brief) history of the arena apparently includes the time he was used in another campaign, The Armpit.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Tends to operate on slightly skewed logic; such as including 'SKELETON HATCHING' on a list of fighting styles.
  • Combo Platter Powers: To be expected when you apply Clothes Make the Superman to a Halloween costume made by stealing stuff from other people's costumes.
  • Dirty Coward: Is well aware of how low on the power scale he is, and probably wouldn't stand for any sort of trouble without his durable shield or carapace. This is less of a problem due to respawn, but still... getting hurt hurts.
  • Munchkin: Manages to be one in-universe due to the real-life player's obsession with physics and metaphysics translating into his self-insert who is in a world with relatively easily-exploited physics and metaphysics.
  • Protagonist-Centered Morality: If its a choice between one of his group (or him for that matter) and an innocent, it won't be much of a choice unless there's a witness.
  • Rage Against the Author: Well, he certainly fears this happening due to his creations running rampant in the arena, and coming from a... less than stellar setting.
  • Seen It All: Certainly feels like this due to the clusterfuck that his ordeal in The Armpit was.
  • Summon Magic: Among Rbade's magical Halloween costume parts is a Poké Ball containing a Wolverine Bakugan, which transforms into a sentient Humongous Mecha when released. Yeah, it's weird.
  • Super Mode: As if Wolverinekugan wasn't bizarre enough, Rbade has unlocked a transformation from a side adventure in a closed-off dimension called The Armpit: Ultra Sheen Mode, achieved by absorbing all his stolen costume parts into his being for an immense power-up - which also makes him look like a glowing-purple Sheen, of all things.

Omega (OmegaShadowcry)

A college student who tripped on a Stand arrow and was gifted with the power of a Stand, initially dubbed "Spooky Scary Skeletons" or S3 but eventually starting to evolve through various Acts, with the final "true" name being Master of Darkness.

  • Bad Powers, Good People: Tell me, does an evolving Stand that turns its User into a skeleton and can otherwise Make Them Rot with its touch D&D-style when it manifests separate from the User sound like a hero's ability?
  • Character Tic: JoJo poses apropos of nothing. Word of God is that part of Omega's Stand ability is coming up with and striking poses at will, but he's still inexperienced with controlling his Stand, which means that the poses come involuntarily until he can master his ability.
  • Fighting Spirit: As is the stock fare for just about every single Stand User in existence. The one twist is that in its first Act, the Stand manifests purely as a transformation of Omega's body into a walking skeleton/lich; ie. it can't do the fighting on its own, similar to Oasis, Epitaph, or White Album. Grows out of this by the second Act with the option to toggle between transformation and independent entity, though.

Dylan (DefRevenge24601)

A high-school student who fell from the sky in front of a Dairy Queen, Dylan was soon revealed to be a self-insert like the others, and joined the group after the Shobijin requested their presence and Rhea unlocked his potential.

  • The Baby of the Bunch: In terms of general age and exposure to the Arena.
  • Cloning Blues: Sort of. For you see, there are two more DefRevenge24601 self-inserts running around who are a part of their own separate universes: Defense, his namesake character (So, his technical REAL Author Avatar), and Revenge from Tropers: The Series. So it gets a bit confusing at times. Except when it doesn't.
  • Genius Bruiser: Is this after his potential is unlocked by Rhea, at least compared to the other Self-Inserts.
  • Ordinary High-School Student: The most prevalent example of this, since he appears mere minutes before the opening to the Gang's first major adventure.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Again, one of the most prevalent examples (but far from the only one), as the longer time spent in "their world" means more time to absorb media that could be possibly ran into in the Arena. Also, he's the only one who canonically after the release of Smash Ultimate, and he just so happens to be a character who spawns in the middle of a World Of Light arc for the Arena.
  • Pungeon Master: Downplayed. They're all reactive and horrible.
  • Stance System: Instead of a typical powerset, Dylan has the Color System, a set of modes similar to the Monado Arts where he gets a set of buffs in exchange for a set of nerfs.
  • Super Mode: The yet to be unlocked Golden mode is the only mode with no drawbacks.
  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: Shows shades of this.
  • Younger Than They Look: Can pass for a college student around 19 with his height and build, yet is only 16.

The Shobijin and Mothra (KiriK)

    Shepherds (Bolded 1) 

The group originating from Fire Emblem Awakening. Made out of Fire Emblem characters pulled out of different timelines as well as warriors from Fire Emblem Fates. The sheperds fight against the threat of the Einherjars but are also helping against Galeem and Dharkon.

  • Action Mom/Action Dad: Samsara, Miriel, Gregor, and Frederick, amongst others.
  • Badass Crew : While weaker than some of the other factions in the Arena, they're still not to be messed with. They took down several armies, contributed to the defeat/demise of the fell dragon and are active in dealing with the Einherjar, taking down some of the fiercest villains and heroes of their own franchise.
  • Badass Family : Some of them fight alongside their future children.
  • Battle Couple : A couple of them fight together with their spouse. Samsara is the only one to have her husband with her though.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer : Most of them tends to be quirky, but underestimating them would be very unwise.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something : A lot of them (Ryoma, Camilla, Xander, Takumi, Lucina, Emmeryn) are royalty and they are amongst the strongest of the group.
    • Gangrel also somewhat count, even if he's fallen out of grace.


A custom Robin with long, pink hair. Because of the circumstances, her behavior are a bit different from canon Robin but she shares an interest in books and strategies and is still a kind person. Specializes in swordplay and is very good at using the Brave Sword.

Class : Grandmaster.

  • Animal Motifs : Gangrel tends to compare her to a rabbit. She herself does not really appreciate the comparisons.
  • Battle Couple : With Donnel.
  • Berserk Button : Anything that has to do with Grima doesn't quite set her off, but she still tends to be on-edge and a bit more aggressive than usual with them.
  • Big Good : Is this to the Sheperds, as the local Robin. She isn't exactly the strongest member but they still trust her and she tends to be in charge of the group.
  • Eyes Always Shut : Her eyes are constantly shut for reasons that have yet to be explained. It doesn't seem to hinder her much, if at all.
  • Fragile Speedster : Absurdly fast and can quickly damage her opponents with her sword, but it takes her time to recover when struck even once.
  • Guilt Complex : Started out regretting her refusal to sacrifice herself against Grima in her world. She eventually grew out of it thanks to some words from Anna.
    • She also somehow blame herself for Anna and friends's vanishing during Galeem's attack.
  • Only Sane Woman : Sometimes feel that way in regard to the other sheperds's "quirks".
  • TeethClenchedTeamwork : Has to work with Gangrel, her former enemy. While initially outright hostile, she's able to at least respect his skills.
  • Troll : Has her moments, particularly with Gangrel.
  • Weapon of Choice : The Brave Sword.
  • Workaholic: Works a lot : most of her non-action moments involves her attempting to complete an objective or leave instead of taking a stroll. A bit less of a flaw than in the game since her health is never impacted by it.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair : Pink hair.


A brave villager who took up arms. While initially weak, he quickly progressed in ranks thanks to his aptitude and became a strong warrior in his own right. Married to Samsara.Class : Hero.

  • Battle Couple : With Samsara.
  • Born Lucky : Is the luckiest out of all the Sheperds, to the point of being game-breaking within his own game.
  • Bucket Helmet : Still wears it to this day, even when going up against legendary weapons or powerful magic.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats : Compared to the rest of the physical sheperds. Not as fast as Samsara or Gangrel, not as strong as Lucina or Ryoma, not as tough as Camilla or Kellam and not as skilled as Xander or Frederick but he still reach a pretty healthy balance that allows him to compete reasonably well against all sort of enemies.
  • Life Drain : Sol.


Chrom's daughter from the future. Wield the Parallel Falchion and is one of the leaders of the group. Seemingly married with Laurent.

Class : Great Lord.

  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade : Canon!Lucina already has a lot of things to be sad about, but in this timeline, Most of the Second Generation actually died before they went back in time. However, she's moved on a little, though she still get emotional when she sees them.
  • The Ace : Somewhat. While she has a lot of contenders as of now, including the other royals or Samsara, she's seen as one of the strongest members of the group. She takes a very active part in fighting Einherjars but is also involved in the fight against Puppets and Spirits or Ridley and Ganondorf.
  • Armor-Piercing Attack : Aether's second attack allows Lucina to ignore part of the enemy's armor.
  • Battle Couple : Fight alongside her husband, Laurent.
  • Cool Sword : Parallel Falchion.
  • Lightning Bruiser : In contrast to her allies, Lucina can take hits and can somewhat heal herself with Parallel Falchion and Aether. She's also fast (though she's a bit slower than Samsara) and strong by human standards.
  • The Dragonslayer : Thanks to her sword, she is this, being able to inflict more damage to dragons and manaketes, making her dangerous to draconic foes.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair


Miriel's son from the future and one of the leaders of the group. Wed to Lucina, he has some authority over the rest of the group and is efficient at coordinating them.

Class : Mage.

  • Adaptational Badass : Managed to develop a spell to travel to the arena, something that his game counterpart never did, obviously.
  • Badass Bookworm : Efficient with tomes and can defend himself if necessary.
  • Battle Couple : With Lucina.


The scholar of Ylisse and the last leader of the Sheperds. Diligent and hard-working, though she's not as approachable as the other leaders.

Class : Mage.

  • Action Mom : Fights alongside her children.
  • Glass Cannon : Can dish out a lot of damage but is quite vulnerable if caught off guard.
  • Widow Woman : Her own Robin sacrificed himself to take down Grima for good, erasing himself out of existence. It weights heavily on her but she does not quite express it.


The Plegian King. "Killed" years ago, he's actually still alive and in the Arena, where he works with the sheperds. He dislikes his "teammates" and they are quite eager to return the favor. However, he's a valuable asset when he gets going.

Class : Trickster

  • Butt-Monkey: Unsurprisingly, Gangrel's antics have resulted in him being put in his place on several occasions.
  • Cool Sword : The Hagakure blade, earned after defeating Sumeragi (albeit with Samsara's help)
  • Fragile Speedster : Gangrel is very agile and speedy, being able to keep up with Sumeragi or Lucina. However, he can't take much of a hit.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: After making a particularly mean-spirited and uncalled-for comment about Lucina, he received a well-deserved kick to the royal jewels from Pietro.
  • Troll: Lives to tease and trick his team-mates.
  • Token Evil Teammate : Serves as that to the Sheperds : Nobody amongst them has any kind of positive link with him and only Emmeryn, who's all-loving, appreciates him.


The former Exalt who seemingly gave her life years ago. She somehow survived but lost her memories and is a shadow of her former self, though she is still kind to everyone.

  • Easy Amnesia : Nope. Her memories are shattered and there’s no easy way around it.
  • Nice Girl : The kindest of the shepherds. She's willing to fight, but would happily talk both sides down if she could.


A mercenary with a particular way of speaking. While somewhat comedic, he's still a pretty fierce warrior and has a lot of experience in wars.

Class : Hero.


Tharja's daughter. She's still shy and nervous but is a bit less so after the end of Awakening. Her second personality is a little less present than usual.

Class : Sniper.


Miriel's daughter and Laurent's sister. A bit saddened by her father's vanishing but she's still cheerful and her sadistic traits have gone down a little.

Class : Tactician.

  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade : Has some issues with her mother and is saddened about her father's vanishing, causing her to be a bit angsty.
  • Daddy's Girl : Worships her father and was close to him before the final battle. His demise hit her the hardest.
  • Disappeared Dad : Vanished after killing Grima. While all the surviving family members are affected, she's been hit the hardest and struggle with it.
  • Easy Amnesia : Nope. She still hasn't recovered her memories.
  • Odd Friendship : With another Morgan, of all people. They led very different lives and are technically enemies, since he's with the Grimleal of all people. She's interested in seeing how they can influence each other.


The crown prince of Hoshido, placed in the Arena before the events of his game. He helps the sheperds in their quest against the Einherjars and evil in general. His lightning sword, Raijinto, is comparable in might to Lucina's Parallel Falchion.

Class : Swordsmaster.

  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork : With Xander, since they are both enemies. However, both men are eventually able to work together, though in a grudging manner.


The younger prince of Hoshido. A skilled archer wielding the legendary Fujin Yumi. Has some attitudes problems but mean well... except with Nohrians.

Class : Archer.

  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork : Even moreso than Ryoma. He has heavy prejudices against the Nohrians and getting him to work alongside them is Samsara's current objective.


Takumi's retainer. A woman with hatred against the Nohrians, she skillfully wield a naginata in battle. Known for her "Demon Face", she also enjoy clothing and fashion.

Class : Spear Fighter.


Nohr's crown prince and the first of the non-Awakening Fire Emblem character to arrive. Strong and wise, he takes up his legendary sword, Siegfried, to fight on behalf of his allies... and the Hoshidians.Class : Paladin.

  • Cool Sword : Siegfried, his legendary, laser-shooting sword.
  • Only Sane Man : His fellow Nohrians in the arena tends to be very quirky, in contrast to Xander's cool-headed demeanor.
  • Heroic BSoD : Xander's reaction to Smash!Corrin's decision and the multiple reveals about his father. He's able to keep going by virtue of either trying not to think about it or dismissing it as lies.


One of Nohr's princesses. While she looks like a flirt, Camilla is actually a fearsome warrior, capable of dealing out death threats with a smile. Adapted quickly to the Arena.

Class : Malig Knight

  • Troll: Teases Takumi and Oboro constantly and care little about their threats and anger.


Elise's retainer who came along with Camilla. After a spectacularly unlucky entrance, he joins the sheperds. Acts like a comic-book superhero.

Class : Fighter.

  • Born Unlucky : His special quirk beside his love for justice. In his introduction to the sheperds, he severely mishear Ryoma, sets off two traps (after barely missing the Sheperds's fort) and has to be rescued by Laurent.
  • Made of Iron : Withstand two explosions that launch him into the sky.


A knight sincere to a fault who joined the sheperds. Serves Lucina as he served her father, Chrom. A very vigorous knight who demands efforts from the other sheperds.

Class : Great Knight


A man who's nearly imperceptible to others. Joined the Sheperds early on but nobody remarked him and he apparently never felt like introducing himself. Pretty nice in spite of this.

Class : Knight.

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