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This isn't for the Current Party, all of the old, dead, or lost characters I'm putting here. Even Connery. Villains too, it works because their also dead. Or undead.

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Former Members of For Justice

    Kaiden Eterali Half-Dragon Initiate of Bahamut who rejoins the party shortly after his death. Remembers almost everything from his previous lives, but somehow forgot how to use his wings and breath weapon.
Class: Sorcerer 13


A Sorcereress clad in full plate. So far she hasn't made the wisest decisions.
Class: Sorcerer 13

A Catfolk fed up with boredom. Deadly with a bow
Class: Fighter 4

Class: Bard 11
A Bard obsessed with gold and treasure.

     Vinchenzo Antonio 
A Pelorite Crusader, brought into the party by Frankie.
Class: Crusader 10

     Cymoril Eterali 
Half-Dragon Swordsage and twin sister of Kaiden who is basically opposite him in almost every way possible.

    Doc Spire 
Class: Rogue 7
Our Rogue. He's sketchy sometimes and lived through the entire Dwarf Fortress mostly by not being there. He used to a Phasm, a subterranean ooze that could assume different forms. His original body was lost to Blood Rot, and he was reincarnated as a frail Elf. After the death of Connery he became De Facto leader of For Justice

    Jenkins "Leroy" Jenkins 
NPC Cohort of Connery, he started off as a level 1 warrior but went off to train with his uncle. He has since returned taking multiple levels of badass from Complete Warrior. Leroy is spelled with one "e" to differentiate from the Trope.

    Connery Macgregor
Class: Cleric 9/Infused Spellcaster 3
Cleric of Apollo, a minor noble of Anatharan, and current leader of For Justice. He has an ancient artifact embed in his left hand, causing Chronic Hero Syndrome. Sometimes plays Only Sane Man sometimes holds the Idiot Ball

Class: Survivor 4
First he was afraid, he was petrified, kept thinking he could never live without his party by his side. But he spent many nights, thinking of what they did wrong, and he grew strong. He learned how to carry on. Moonspeaker is the last survivor of his original party, he's been surviving on his wits and his ability to summon chickens alone for almost an entire century. For Justice found him down there, and he became their guide. Moonspeaker planeshifted out of the dungeon with the rest of the party and has since become an informal member, at least until we can find him a permanent home.

Class: Druid 9
A half-elf druid. He had the shortest run as a member of For Justice On his second night he found a sickly red substance that he gave a taste test too. Nothing bad seemed to happen until a few days later when he exploded into a red sludge.

Class: Bard 7 / Marshal 2
Pixie Half Air Elemental Bard. Was trapped in the Air elemental Plane for a number of years. Hyper active, Likes to Dance and Sing...usually in combat. Has the best overall stats (by a lot) but is sabotaged by her short attention span. Eventually left the party some time before Connery got killed, she may or may not be in Ravenloft.

Class: Hexblade 7/Dragon Deciple 2/Sword Outsider 7
Hexblade/Dragon Deciple, formerly Chaotic Evil now trying to go straight...well True Neutral at least. Call him Loki, everyone else does. Became a Buddhist and got reincarnated as a Rakshasa, the epitome of an evil spirit in Buddhist culture. His new form wouldn't last long though, he was permanently put down by an Atropol during the climax of the Dwarven Fortress Arc. Acted as the The Big Guy and The Lancer to the party.

Class: Druid 6
Druid raised by wolves, has this whole Alpha Female Complex, recently lost her little brother

Class: Ninja 6
An ancient elven queen. She's a ninja that harbors deep seated resentment towards the current Kings of Anatharan, was lost to the shadows in a Dwarven Dungeon

Class: Fighter 5
a Half Giant Were Elephant! Neutral Good, with a Goku from Dragon Ball Personality, killed in a random encounter, never was able to start his Journey to the West

Class: Rogue 4
A hapless Elven Rogue. She proved to be pretty much useless in Combat, Trap Finding, and well breathing. She fought Xill on her own, ended up pregnant and subsequently burned to death by Kaiden...probably by accident

Class: Fighter 3
A fighter and Anatharon Soldier, was drafted to the front line, and Demoted to Extra

Class: Henchman 10 henchman given to Connery specializing in not being seen and quietly carrying the party's luggage. He was lost in a mishap and is currently lost in a subplot on the Plane of Elemental Air. Eventually Connery eventually paid for him to be rescued by another adventure team, he's currently back on his own plane, recovering at the Henchman's guild.

The Grand Character Alignment Grid

As defined by their players, not their actions. Since this is a Dungeons and Dragons game, the alignments are explicit and not subject for debate. Even if they don't really fit with the actions of the characters. (Cough-Cough-Meinashouldbechaotic-Cough)

Allies and Other Factions

Class: Wizard 20
A wizard we found hiding from the Dwarven Abomination in a tiny sub dimension. He vowed to help the party in anyway he could.

    Uncle Jenkins 
Class: Shadow Sun Ninja, and a whole bunch of other shit. ECL 20
The adventuring uncle of Leroy Jenkins. His soul was trapped in a crystal deep inside a prison in Dis.

The leader of the Church of Three. He's vying to make it the Church of the Four
    The Church of the Three 
A church based entirely on machines and mechanization. They seem sinister though not overtly threatening. Their end goal is to take over the entire multiverse and convert them to the way of the three.
    The Dual Kings 
The leaders of Anatharan, They haven't been seen in many years.
    The Viziers 
The Highest Government Officials in Anatharan, second only to the king. They don't really seem to get along.

     The Erinyes 
A Devil who Frankie hired who help For Justice in Dis. She was eaten along with the rest of party and sent to the realm of Dalmosh. After brief time being "tortured" by Frankie, she was saved by Cymoril. She now travels with the party out of necessity. But only so long until she can get back to Dis.
    The Wizards of Wald 
A strong force in the world. To enter a spellcaster must have attained at least the fifteenth level. Their intentions thus far seem to be noble. This being Anatharan, this will probably change.
  • Aborted Arc: Averted. Flint asks Connery to help clear his name. Two years in real time later, Frankie does.
  • Brick Joke: All the wizards tend to put up these signs that with very small writing. Upon closer examination they are Explosive Ruins.
  • Clear Their Name: Flint had a high bounty. We never knew away.
    • We probably should have figured out why first.
  • Disc-One Nuke: We fought Toggle, a level fifteen wizard when the party was only level three.
    • In Pokemon Red terms, it's like a trainer who just beat Brock inexplicably being asked to fight Mewtwo.
  • Lizard Folk: Grig is half lizard/half aberration
  • Magical Society
  • Mass Teleportation: Grig helped out the party this way once when we got really track.
  • Nice Guy: Flint might be the nicest guy in Anatheron.
  • Orphanage of Love: Flint ran one. And still does probably.
  • Robe and Wizard Hat: Toggle and Grig wore these.
  • Scaled Up: Toggle had a potion who could do this
  • Sirs Not Appearing In This Game: We haven't seen any of these guys in a long time.
  • A Storm Is Coming: Basically the common thought on helping Flint.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: Toggle served as this for the first party.

The Villains

Class: Bard 1/ Archivist 13
A Human Archivist and a really bad singer. He wears an eye-patch to honor Odin. Sinfjötli was once a party member. He eventually came to possess the Book of Vile Darkness, and fell victim to slow corruption. Ultimately he married the Snow Witch and became a villain.

    The Frost Giant Faction 
An Invading force. They are allied with Tharizdun and his church. The leaders of this faction are the Barbarian King, the Frost Archer, and the Snow Witch. Their goal is to harness the power of the mad god
  • Affably Evil: Frankie was on pretty good terms with the Barbarian King.
    • They treated the party very well, even when they were imprisoned by then, and then let to walk the grounds as they wished.
  • The Berserker: The Barbarian King
  • Cool Sword: The Barbarian King's +5 Lifedrinking Vampiric Bastard Sword.
  • Evil Is Deathly Cold: Seems like a theme of the Frost Giants
  • Face–Heel Turn: Sinfjtole
  • Happily Married: The Snow Witch and Sinfjotle.

    The Ogre Mage Trio 
These three were the final boss of Obsidian Spire. Their job was to summon the Prince of Elemental Air. Each of the three had class levels in a different tier one casting class: Druid, Wizard, and Cleric.
  • Coup de Grâce: Frankie attempted this on the Druid, but was stopped by the wizard.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Frankie took out the Druid in the first round.
    • Darla and Sinfjotle took out the Wizard in two.
  • Fate Worse than Death: Being shifted to the Plane of Positive Energy with no way to escape.
  • Fireballs: Darla threw some particularly large ones.
  • Flight: At will.
  • Healing Factor: They each have this, they can only take lethal damage from fire or acid.
  • Invisibility: At Will
  • Kill It with Fire: Basically the only way to go about fighting ogre magi.
  • Kill It with Water: The Fate of the Ogre Druid.
  • The Medic: The Cleric was able to completely heal the Wizard after he was defeated the first time. But not the second.
  • Talking to the Dead: The Wizard divulges some pretty nice info about the inner-workings of Tharizduns forces a few days after he was killed.
  • Terrible Trio

    The Dread Lich 

     Lord Visitas 


    The Atropal


    The Obsidian Spire Servants 


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