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Characters / Elcenia

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Rhysel Allera Camlenn. The Protagonist of Summons.
Ehail. A Shren and the Protagonist of Silver.

Talyn Casten. A Innate Kyma and aprentice of Rhysel's master.
  • Guile Hero: Talyn uses magic to solve most of his troubles, but prefers to do it diplomatically.
  • Idiot Ball: tampering with the social fabric of a extremely xenophobic nation? What could possibly go wrong?
  • Long-Lived: As a Barashin halfblood, he'll live about 800 Elcenian years, making him tastier to his vampire girlfriend than an Elcenian elf, but not as much as an Elcenian dragon. To fix that last bit, he steals ten years of lifespan off thousands of people in war-torn Ryganaav, on the grounds that probably none of them were going to use it anyway.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!.
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  • Power Incontinence: He can't help but read the minds of people around him.
  • Superpower Lottery: Innate Kamai is really awesome.

Ilen. A Jade Shren and babyminder in his Shren house.

Secondary Protagonists

Tekaal Kithen. An Elcenian elf and teacher in the Binaaralav Academy.

Leekath. Elcenia vampire girl that Talyn dates, she is also a hearer.

Gyre Dyrnlen Camlenn. Rhysel's younger brother, he dates Ehail and marries her

Hallai. Copper Shren, she is Ilen's girlfriend and the House projector in Kep Island.



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