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"I don't want to look like an idiot in front of everybody!"

At age 16, she is the eldest child of a Key-Stone member of the Village High Council; therefore, Tanna has been raised uder a strict and watchful eye. Rather than molding her into the model princess, it has caused her to rebel against the social expectations of her upbringing. Tanna dreams of joining the Village Guardians to protect her home from any monster, trespasser, or spy that has the audacity to cross the village boarders. With this in mind, she practices long and hard for the day when she can finally prove herself with the bow, despite certain others laughing at her. Yes, this is partially a way to rebel — but she also just likes doing it and being her own person. She tries her hardest not to be cast as the High Councilman's daughter.

  • Archer Archetype: Not quite. She aspires to be better than Luero (the very first pages of the comic are her practicing shooting), but isn't very good yet — though she believes herself to be. She doesn't have the calmness and patience associated with being an archer, which contributes to this.
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  • Absolute Cleavage: When Tanna is used for fanservice in the first Q&A page. She is not exactly impressednote  with her new outfit. A smaller image of her (apparrently nicknamed the "Anti-Tanna" by the artist) wearing the high elf robe is here, which makes the gap in her flimsy dress nearly to her waistband clearer.
  • Dope Slap: Tanna semi-frequently hits people on the arm when they're being stupid.
  • Flower in Her Hair: She doesn't like wearing the wreaths of herublossoms at the Taurëcuiva Festival like the other women and girls, but Rolan thinks the flowers suit her.
  • The Obi-Wannabe: She wants to teach things to Elon, but he would rather learn from a "real" warrior.
  • Rapunzel Hair: She had this when she was young, but now the longest her hair gets is to her mid-back.
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  • Too Many Belts: Her concept art has two functional belts and three decorative ones, along with numerous other buckles on her boots.
  • Training Montage: She gets a downplayed version when Luero is describing what Guardianship training will be like. One panel on that page has a few doodles of a miniature Tanna training and learning archery, as well as serving and obeying her superiors — specifically Luero himself, much to his great glee.

"Go back to the part about how honorable I am."

Master Archer of the Guardians of Eytherlia, he is also the master of stroking his own ego. He finds his way leaning towards Tanna more often than not, and when not with her he is nearly always in the spotlight. He is a master ranger, and has proved himself with the bow and in close combat. Tanna strives to gain scouting talents like his, since they are almost beyond belief. Though he is the second in command of the order of guardians, he has taken it upon himself to become the protector of Tanna. He is also not a great dancer.

  • Archer Archetype: He's known for his great archery and tracking skills, can use a bow at close and long range, and will work hard and stay focused on a given task (usually). This does lead to arrogance regarding his abilities, though!
  • Big Brother Mentor: To Tanna. He's one of the Guardians and will protect her (even when "babysitting" Rolan) but he's also a good friend who she has fun with.
  • Big Man on Campus: He even has fanboys. Lots of them.
  • Oddly Visible Eyebrows: In the banner at the top of site, the outlines of his eyes and eyebrows are seen through his thick red fringe. It's also very clear in the comic here.
  • Rapunzel Hair: He has hair to just below his knees, and only pulls it back when tracking/fighting.
  • Shirtless Shot: He has his moment here, demonstrating that he's in his prime despite being 77 (see Really 700 Years Old on the main page). When announcing the second Q&A page, the artist reprises his lack of outfit here. Zalanna is shocked at his behavior — surely it's highly inappropriate for innocents like Myari to see!
  • Sinister Silhouette: He is introduced like this. Sitting in a tree, he watches Tanna (though she doesn't see him), but we don't learn the identity of that black shape until most of the way through chapter 3.

"Allow me a single request..."

His full name is Drethalrolan, but he was nicknamed by Tanna early on. Rolan is one of the last known High Elves of Fidar. He lives by a strict moral and civility code, and honor has a strong hold on his heart. To most of the Wood Elf women he is a dreamboat, but to Tanna he is just that air-headed jerk who ran into her. He seems to be very genuine in his words and actions, though some believe it to be part of an unknown scheme. His mannerisms are purely based on his native culture, so he does not mean to embarrass Tanna with them in public, but some wood elves tend to poke holes in his attempts at friendship — and perhaps courtship — with "Princess" Tanna.

"Did you just refuse a dance invitation?!"

As the honored daughter of the High Councilwoman Veronna, blood descendant of village founder Gysseundlin and eventual head of his founding house, Zalanna was born into a position of honor, power, and high expectations. Poised, proper, and well-educated, she happily takes her place as 'noble' among her people. She puts Tanna in awkward positions at times, but really is only looking out for her friend; she wishes Tanna wouldn't rebel and tries to push her into the traditional role she herself is comfortable with. She tends to judge those around her before she truly meets them, a pattern first seen in how she calls the outsider wood elves "feral" and repeated with Rolan. She is quick to step in for Tanna in a pinch, though the latter is not always appreciative of her help.

  • The Dutiful Daughter: Very much so. She also sometimes lectures Tanna about it: "As daughters of the founding families, it is our duty- nay, our birthright to set an example for the common folk."
  • Flower in Her Hair: She always has a few choice blossoms (pink) gracing her blond hair.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Her straight blonde hair symbolizes her status and how she embraces it, and provides contrast with rebellious Tanna's messy and short(er) brown hair. The embracing of her status means she is very graceful and feminine.
  • Rapunzel Hair: This is part of her characterization as high-born and such; also see above.
  • Sarcasm-Blind: She is shown to be this in this exchange.
    Zalanna: Did you get my joke? It is because your mother would never kill you, but I exaggerated the extent of her fury. It was really quite quick on the draw. It was really cleaver [sic] of me!
    Tanna: Yes Zalanna. You are quite the jester.
    Zalanna: I am? It is a talent I never knew I possessed! How positively exhilarating!

"... What's the fun in that??"

Excitable, energetic, easily-distracted, impulsive... These are only a few terms one could use to describe Myari, and even that wouldn't give you the full effect of her rather large personality. Prone to interrupting conversations, jumping headfirst into situations, and breaking out into song, Myari isn’t easily ignored. She is growing up side-by-side with the more responsible and cautious Elon, which has allowed these qualities to multiply tenfold (much to his dismay). Though she has a short attention span, her knowledge of the history of the elves is higher than the rest of the children her age — this may be due to the influence of her grandfather, an elder and historian. She shows great promise with the knowledge she posses, but disappoints her grandfather because of her frequent absence from his lectures.

"My eyes don't bug out!"

For everything that Myari is, Elon is the exact opposite. Methodical, cautious, and a bit of a worrier, Elon has been tasked with the care of his "best friend" Myari (and what a task it is). When not Myari-sitting, Elon enjoys relaxing and sleeping and other such things that are impossible to do with Myari around. Being raised with Myari, Elon's personality is pretty intertwined with hers. However, he secretly dreams of one day being seen as his own person rather than the other half of the pair. Elon has also come to greatly admire Luero, both in his combat and his great self-confidence.

  • Battle Strip: In this guest comic (canonocity unknown), it's revealed that his diary has a story about him being The Hero, ripping off his shirt, and saving the day when Luero is conveniently defeated.
  • Big Brother Instinct: We're introduced to him when he's searching for Myari after she's run off into the dangerous forest. He gives her a severe talking-to, but has her best interests at heart.
  • Casanova Wannabe:
    • After seeing how all the ladies loved Rolan, he tries to act smooth. It doesn't go very well.
    • His diary (canonocity unknown) shows that he wants to be The Hero and have a make-out session with Tanna and Zalanna. Tanna, the one who found and was reading the diary, didn't like the ideanote .
  • Comical Angry Face: Definitely has one. Myari finds the eyes of his angry, shouting face funny, and wandered into the forest specifially to trigger it since she knew he'd give her a lecture (see Big Brother Instinct above).
  • Elfeminate: Elon has long, feminine hair kept in a ponytail with bangs framing his face. He also has a long tunic and stylish coat.
  • Primal Fear: Cautious and sensible, he's afraid of heights (or at least, walking across a log above a river of indeterminate depth and swiftness). Naturally,the others don't share in this fear.
  • You Gotta Have Dark Green Hair: It's similar to his sister's hair in that it's green, but the darker shade shows that he's much more cautious.

"You talk funny."

Also more affectionately called Donny by his sister, Donn is Tanna's younger brother. Donny is, in some respects, the foil of Tanna. Where she is the rebellious outdoorsy tomboy, he is often found inside studying. His main reason for venturing outside is merely to watch his sister, following her around asking questions. He does not do this to annoy his older sister (though he can sometimes succeed), but rather to learn.



This mysterious Druidic wood elf (of the clan Dwin'annia, one of the five ruling clans of the village), like Tanna and Zalanna, seems to have a deep and rich history amongst the Wood Elves of Eytherlia. Within dialogue he speaks very slowly, adding to his mysticism. He protects the creatures of the forest as part of his Druidic role, for instance by trying to settle Tanna's mother so she does not scare innocent rabbits.


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