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EDITING NOTE: Please go to the forum page before putting your character here, folks.

To any participants of this game, please do not try to pimp your character without even contributing. Searching for useful information, learning how to use our fighting game engine MUGEN, (download it here) finding someone who can do sprites for us, we're in a tough situation right now as a whole, so we can't do everything for you so easily. Also, try to make things less difficult on us, adding all those thoughts about special moves and talking about alternate costumes isn't something we're gonna handle right now.


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     Lūnulae Lucifer 
Lūnulae Lucifer est Lux Maximus
The Incorrigible King of Knights

The most beautiful angel based on the opinion of all the residents of Heaven, Lūnulae Lucifer est Lux Maximus is a soldier with confidence in his strength and appearance, in both war and peace. Once kind and merciful to anyone, until he saw those he loved near being ravished, which instantaneously betrayed his perception of a decent world and made him ruthless and vicious towards those he now knew that he could hate without guilt, and due to his status as an angel, there was no need for him to restrain himself in human society. He hides his face now as he believes not enough people deserve to witness his beauty, and his helmet allows him to read the thoughts of any mortal during the action he found abhorrent they committed. His rebellion against God for creating a system that allowed such disgusting events was fruitless and pointless, and now his only hope for a world he considers better is on the planet he landed on after his fall.

He encourages others to damage those that damage them, both so that he won't have to deal with them himself and because he believes people should handle their own problems. He will look for the most efficient method he can use to dispose of those he considers trash, and his main goal is to quarantine such people from those he loves, which are considered fragile treasures, and thus have no place in a pile of waste.

Despite his status as an angel, he is rather mundane in some actions, such as using magic for multiplying food he bought from the grocery store, and isn't very active unless he has a bad day or something that just gets him too pissed off to not do something about it and take out his anger on people he hates. He likes exciting but not very stressful things, like watching a cartoon with sound effects that don't hurt his ears.

On the blood month where there are no gods, he attempts to ambush Heaven with tricked humans under his banner which he uses as shields. Also causes...accidents to certain humans, even his allies, because he just hates them that much. And he likes traps. Is also the creator of Carnwenann.

Edmania's character.

  • Bling of War : He wears gold colored armor.
  • BFS : His executioner's sword.
  • Knight In Sour Armor : His goal does not change from before the event that led to his state now and afterwards, where he is coated in cynicism and full of distrust.
  • Our Angels Are Different
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me : And it will also...
  • Shield Bash : great as a blunt side-weapon.
  • Mighty Glacier : 70% speed, 130% damage/strength/attack/whatever.
  • Everything's Better with Spinning : One of his moves does this so far.
  • Badass Cape
  • Longhaired Pretty Boy : Not that you ever see his face, but still.
  • MacGuffin : Maybe.
  • Unholy Holy Sword : His sword, Pandaemonium, was a healing sword that turned into a weapon that would not break as long as the wielder did not hesitate in his chosen path, and it will be a healing tool that no medical science could ever hope to best in efficiency or a blade that rivals heavy artillery in the damage it may cause, depending on if the owner's desires are mainly fueled by love or hate. It is named Pandaemonium when it is red and black and powered by hatred, and it is named Regnum Dei when it is a healing sword that looks like it is entirely made of diamond when it is powered by love.
  • Leitmotif : Perhaps something like this, depending on how we will choose our music.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast
    • ...until you realize that part of his name is very close to the word for a specific part of a fingernail, where there is much potential narm to be had.
  • Artificial Limbs : Technically, they aren't man-made, but he has prosthetic arms cause his original ones broke (well, at least the lower arms did) when he landed on them after getting locked and kicked out of Heaven. This doesn't mean his body is fragile, after all only that much broke when he fell from the highest place to exist to some random planet. Also not like this more like this.
  • Cool Helmet : For one, it's a golden knight helmet. It's also actually a computer, one much more advanced than ones we use these days.
  • Celibate Hero : Well, not exactly, he understands romance and consensual, safe pleasure, but he cannot understand why anyone would desire it forced or painful at the same time, no matter how much pleasure would come to them as a result.
  • Morality Chain : Broke rather fast. Or rather took too long, depending on what point of time you are viewing it from.
  • Fallen Hero
  • Glowing Eyes : While this isn't actually the case, it looks that way with the red light that comes out of that opening in helmets that cover your face designed for allowing vision.
  • Bloodstained Glass Windows : Literally, the part that's supposed to be a hollow opening in his helmet is instead blood red stained glass.
  • Revenge Before Reason : Of course, the reason itself probably wouldn't stop him much anyway, but there is a reason why he instantaneously lost his hope for a good world from his point of view.
  • Neutral Good (?) + Knight Templar
  • Orcus on His Throne
  • Final Boss (?)
  • Satan is Good (in a sense)


Siegfried von Liechtenstein

Blessed Swordsman, Keeper of the Way, Scourge of Thrones

A knight of Germany's Holy Roman Empire, Siegfried scours Dystropia looking for a way to get back to his own time and place. After doing battle with a powerful daemon, he was flung into the past with only a Habsburg sword and enough armour to cover his left arm. But he has one clue; since before his time in Dystropia, an angel has been visiting his dreams. Now, Siegfried seeks this angel in the hope that his faith in God might purchase a way back to his own time.

Seeking to test his skills and with no further clues to go on, Siegfried seeks the so-called "Lightning Swordsman". Perhaps defeating such an adversary would curry the favour of God?

Madass Alex's character.

     Seino Furiko 

Seino Furiko

Precognitive Pugilist

Fifth in line for the headship of the famous Seino Clan of prophets, Furiko would probably be more comfortable in a family of Legitimate Businessmen; a 20-year-old delinquent, she's a NEET who makes her living off racetrack winnings and stock market dabbling. Most weekdays she doesn't leave her room unless she wants to bake something or pick a fight with the local boys. She's received job offers from organizations on both sides of the law, but rejects all of them.

When her mother has a vision of a knight from another time in need of assistance from someone who can navigate the timestream, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to kick her lazy daughter out to make something of herself. Little does she know she's sending her unruly child into the one fight she might not be able to survive...

Furiko Maru's character.



Lightning Swordsman

A wandering swordsman plagued by guilt over the death of his lover... no, wait...

A gambler, a womanizer, the charismatic and oft-shirtless captain of the Jellyfish Pirates... wait, wait, that's not right.

Quiet and aloof, he is captain of one of the 13 Court Guard Squads wait
is seeking to unleash the Demon World to prove his power no hold on, that's not it either
is running away from his past while serving as a makeshift bodyguard hell with it.

Blackmoon learned to fight with a sword at an early age; he had joined a dojo teaching the ways of Zoukeibukai-ken Iaijutsu, who emphasized his whole life through the importance of knowledge. Their credo is that knowledge is power, and that to defeat an enemy, you must first know an enemy. Seeing knowledge as the key to victory his whole life through has had three simple consequences:
1) He's a fairly learned scholar— knowledgeable in many disparate fields, but not excelling in any one in particular.
2) He's taught himself to be sneaky and deceptive to scrounge up information.
3) When asked to share knowledge on a subject, he is extremely tight-lipped... until you can pay his exorbitant prices.

Naturally, having heard that there's an honest-to-god angel wandering around, he decides he'll have to do his research; after all, someone may want that information, including Blackmoon if things get ugly.

Blackmoon's character (duh)



Eccentric Firearm-Wielding Esper

A crazy Otaku that craved power, and got her wish. The power at her disposal caused her to realize that she could do anything, and then became a serial killer with a taste for human flesh. Responsible for framing The Space Phantom for murder.

Awesome Zombie 22's character.

    Dr. Arnold Wicksburg 

Dr. Arnold Wicksburg
Self-appointed Head of Biochemistry

A deranged former Med School student who was suspended, fled to a Ruritania, created a dangerous steroid in his quest to discover immortality and decides to go hunting for test subjects. While there, he captured and experimented on the loved ones of Milos Stefanovic. While Milos chases after him, Arnold decides to hunt down Lūnulae, believing the angelic figure to be the key to immortality.

Rocket Dude's character.

  • Applied Phlebotinum: The aforementioned steroid is "Transfusaline," which, when combined with blood from someone and then injected into someone else, gives the recipient increased strength and stamina for a while.
  • Improvised Weapon: His main weapon is a bonesaw.
    • MacGyvering: However, it's actually not a bonesaw, but a weapon fashioned out of a hacksaw, a syringe and a scalpel.
  • Morally Ambiguous Doctorate: While the "Doctorate" part is debatable, since he technically never completed Med School, he definitely ignores parts of the Hippocratic Oath.
  • Mad Doctor: Even while he was studying, he was slightly unhinged, and, having fled his birthplace due to being ordered to see a Psychiatrist, descended into further madness.
    • Deadly Doctor: While in hiding, he deduced how to use surgical equipment to harm and/or kill.

    The Space Phantom 

The Space Phantom
Street Brawler

A normal guy until he was framed for murder by Jordan, The Space Phantom went on a quest to find out who framed him and kick their ass.

thespacephantom's character.


Fetterless Beast

A nameless man driven by nearly-superhuman fury to destroy all who cross his path for seemingly no purpose. Labelled 13 for both the number carved into his forehead and the awful fate awaiting all who encounter him. 13 is host to a monstrous entity, which drives him onwards in his path of bloodshed in order to realise it's own goals.

Dark Decapodian's character.

     Tre Listman 

Tre Listman
The Slasher Slacker

A skinny, slightly flighty guy of fourteen years, Tre was just your average tech-obsessed teenager until someone stole his (very expensive!) headphones. Pissed, Tre sets off to find the thief and teach him a lesson... and possibly mow down anyone who gets in his way.

Tre's character.


     Milos Stefanovic 

Milos Stefanovic
The Insane Avenger

Born in a third-world Ruritania, this man's life was nothing but a series of unfortunate incidents, one after another. After losing everyone and everything he cared for at the hands of Dr. Wicksburg, feeling that he has nothing to lose, he embarks on a quest of vengeance against everyone he deems guilty for his life's sorrows, his ultimate target being Dr. Wicksburg himself.

Milos Stefanovic's character


Grappling Rival

A young civilian who believed that Lünulae Lucifer is his rival / enemy, he became the intern of Dr. Arnold Wicksburg to fight Lünulae Lucifer. However, he doesn't know if Lünulae Lucifer is actually the enemy. His main goal is to take out Lünulae Lucifer by any means possible, but he can be redeemed by the good guy... If Lünulae Lucifer decides to let him live, that is. However, if he can take down Lünulae Lucifer, he will be rewarded with fame. Kyousuke is very bitter, and he doesn't know if he is doing the right thing or not. He wants to do the right thing for his organization, but there are other things in his mind that he isn't sure about.

Att Obl's character.

Only In It For The Money

Once an ordinary office worker in a third-world Ruritania, Michael led a boring life, growing cynical and jaded until he decided that his life needed a desperate, revolutionary makeover. Armed with a mail-order katana and pistol inherited from his grandfather, he set out to the Wretched Hive of Mai Hem, to either get killed or make it big. Suffice to say, his Heroic Resolve, quick wits and willingness to apply his "universal solution" (20% logical thinking, 80% brute force) to the problem at hand (sometimes disturbingly cheerfully) allowed him to gain quite a reputation in Mai Hem... and beyond.

Not-So-Badass Longcoat's character.

Anti-Apocolaypse Rider Soldier

Carnwennan is an attempt to create the perfect lifeform by Lunulae Lucifer est Lux Maximus. Due to it being created with great care, he sees his creator as a good father figure and always remains well behaved, and is considered one of Lunulae's loved ones. With his high intelligence and detachable weapons designed to be capable of breaking through Heaven's gates even as an unfinished prototype, it is the best Lunulae has accomplished so far, even as a creation made with worse resources compared to the first attempt Lunulae tried that he was punished for by banishment from Heaven. He has no desire to fight and is still incapable of socializing with anyone that isn't his creator, as Lunulae is currently not capable of access to the magic needed for that himself. Due to how close Lunulae and Carnwenann are with each other, Lunulae is reluctant to use him as a war machine, even if the finished product were invincible.

Later on, he is possessed by the abandoned, corrupted spirit (which may or may not be physical?) that is the remains of Lunulae's first attempt to create a lifeform to be closer to Godhood, and Lunulae's status as an angel makes him incapable of removing the spirit named Ino'zariel from Carnwenann, for if he tries, his overpowered methods will destroy the machine he made so well. Ordinary humans are too weak to survive, so only certain fighters are capable of removing the evil spirit without causing significant damage to the body and it's pure mental and emotional state.

The True Final Boss.


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